Nika - Facesitting after a Trip to the Bathroom

Nika has just used her beta as toilet paper. She made him lick her pussy and ass after going to the bathroom as part of his training. Now, she wants to ride his face. Nika shoves the beta’s face deep into her ass. She bounces and grinds while he stays locked in chastity. Nika takes off her jeans to tease the beta with her perfect body even more. He is so close to a pussy that he could never fuck! Nika is very cruel and loves reinforcing to the beta male it’s place beneath her. Nika rides her beta’s face to an orgasm, then has to pee again. Time for more toilet paper training! (13:15 long)



Macy and Raquel - Entertain themselves by Humiliating beta while Boyfriends watch Sports

Macy and Raquel are bored because their boyfriends are busy watching sports and not paying any attention to them. They half-heartedly train their chastity beta to suck a dildo for at least some entertainment. The girls girl-talk while directing the beta to suck the cock. Occasionally they glance over and correct the beta’s form. His humiliation is at least good for a laugh or two. Macy brings up a study she read that found that Alpha cum can help a beta’s penis grow. She whispers it to Raquel to peak the beta’s attention. The girls decide that they want to test the findings of the study for themselves. What beta wouldn’t want a bigger penis? The beta protests. He does not think the study is real and does not want to have to eat cum. The girls insist that his little penis might grow if he just eats the Alpha cum. The beta knows that this is all probably just a sick joke on him, but what can he do? Besides, if the study is real, then maybe he can grow his penis big enough to be considered Alpha. Without much regard for the beta’s wishes, the girls start dumping the contents of their boyfriends’ condoms down his throat. All together there are like five condoms that the girls have collected from recent fucks. The girls are finally, briefly, not bored. They make the beta go back to sucking the dildo and giggle at their cleverness. (17:40 long)


Macy - Trains a slave to Worship feet for Her Pleasure

Macy wants to train her beta to worship feet the right way, for her pleasure. Sometimes Macy and her sister have very long days shopping at the mall and when they come home, they want to have their tired feet pampered. Macy is sometimes sweet and sometimes cruel to her beta. When she gets mad, she gags him with her toes. The beta is there to serve Macy and her sister. If he forgets his place or messes up, he will be back out on the street, so he better follow Macy’s instructions closely. (8:21 long)


Lizzy and Nika - Hot Girl Totally Breaks a Slut

Nika writes SLUT right across Lizzy’s forehead with marker. Then she writes CUM DUMPSTER across Lizzy’s chest. She draws an arrow pointing to Lizzy’s mouth and writes COCK HOLE. Nika is going to take Lizzy to her first frat party and Lizzy will have to go with all this degradation written on her body. This is so the boys will all know that she is a slut and she is for their sexual use. Nika points out how fat Lizzy has gotten. Lizzy did not realize that she had gained so much, but the truth is that this is where all her low self esteem has gotten her. Fat and slutty. Nika writes GLORY HOLE on Lizzy’s pussy because tonight her most special body part will be used just like a glory hole for any boy that wants it. Nika makes Lizzy look in the mirror. Lizzy cries. She can see how pathetic she is, especially when compared side by side to a popular girl like Nika. Nika drags Lizzy by the hair to the toilet. Lizzy screams and protests while Nika dunks her head in the toilet. It seems it’s not even possible for things to get worse for Lizzy, but they will later on at the party when she is forced to have lots of sex against her will. Nika will mentally and break the inferior female completely for reasons no sane person could comprehend. (11:00 long)



Lily and Macy - Heiress Sisters train Skinny Punk boy for Foot Service

Heiresses, Lily and Macy, are continuing their training of a homeless punk boy that they found busking for change in the mall parking lot. Today he is going to learn how to worship a rich girl’s feet. The sisters have him start by licking the dirt from their expensive shoes. The boy does not want to have to lick shoes, but he also does not want to be dismissed from his position and return to living in his friend’s car. The sisters talk about the hot guys they are fucking while ‘the help’ licks their shoes. After the girls have their shoes cleaned, they want their feet licked as well. The girls’ feet are very different in size. Macy wears a size 8, but her sister wears just a 4 ½! The help must clean both sisters’ feet. Macy wants to see if her sister can fit her whole tiny foot in the help’s mouth. She laughs as Lily shoves her foot in deep. After he cleans the rich girls’ feet, they make the poor boy gargle and swallow an old condom full of a random hook-up’s cum. The girls can’t believe the desperate boy actually swallowed! Being homeless must suck! They could seriously get him to do anything to avoid being back out on the street. (13:39 long)


Kat and Lily - Face Hump a Beta Boy in Chastity

Kat has a new beta and she wants to take him for a test run. Lily has never facesat a beta before, so Kat shows her how. Kat stresses how important it is for the beta to be completely deprived of air. Facesitting is about control. The beta should not be able to choose when it breathes. And of course, the little beta is locked up in chastity. After watching Kat, Lily hops on for a ride. Lily humps the boy’s face. Then Kat jumps back on it, then Lily again. Lily discovers that the facesitting feels so good she can use the beta’s face for an orgasm. The little beta squirms for air as Lily rides his face. Lily climaxes and then Kat wants her turn. (14:48 long)


Ivory and Kat POV - Soles Sisters Edge you with their Perfect Feet

You can’t get enough of Ivory and Kat Soles! They know how obsessed you are with their stinky, perfect, feet. Get on your knees and stroke for them. You are so addicted and weak for feet. You will do anything for your fetish and these girls know it. The girls let you stoke right to the edge of orgasm before locking you up. Sure, you love feet, but what have you done for your Princess lately? Please them first, and then maybe you can cum to their incredible soles. (11:13 long)


BP - Platinum Raises her Daughter in the Femdom Lifestyle

Platinum has a conversation with her Alpha boyfriend on speaker phone while her daughter and her daughter’s best friend use John, a beta male, as a footstool. Platinum’s boyfriend thinks it’s weird that she always has John crawling around her house, licking her shoes and worshipping her feet. Especially around her daughter. What kind of impression does that give a young girl! Platinum explains to her Alpha that they need John to support them financially because he never has a job. Platinum needs Alpha fucks AND beta bucks to keep her happy. Platinum announces that she plans to keep John around until he is completely financially drained. Platinum’s boyfriend is concerned about what her daughter is learning from her mother. He just doesn’t think that the Femdom lifestyle is right for a young girl to be exposed to. Platinum tells her Alpha that she’s already given her daughter their beta’s chastity key to wear! Kat is Platinum’s daughter and she will raise her however she sees fit. The girls hang up on the whiny Alpha male and go shopping with their beta’s wallet. (10:14 long)


Nika - Bikini Princess has Chastity boy Orgasm with Feet then Lick it Up

Princess Nika looks incredible in her bikini. She asks her chastity boy to oil her up so the Alpha Males by the pool will fancy her. Nika wants her chastity boy to tell her how awful his life is. Her boy tells her that chastity is actually not so hard for him anymore because he has gotten used to it. Nika teases the chastity boy with her fingers. She doesn’t want chastity to get any easier, she wants it to get HARDER. Nika decides to let her boy out of chastity so that she can tease and deny him even more. She unlocks the cage and teases her boy with her bare feet. She knows how crazy her beta gets for feet. Nika oils her soles and allows her beta to fuck her feet. Nika laughs at her boy while he humps her soles. It reminds her of a horny chihuahua her mom used to have. Nika allows her little humper to come on her toes. Then, he has to lick it up for Princess’ amusement. So pathetic! Nika locks her beta right back into chastity so that they can head down to the pool and she can find a real man to fuck her. (13:31 long)


Kat POV - Rich Bikini Bitch wants More

Kat was born with beauty and privilege, but that still hasn’t stopped her from always wanting more and more of everything. She sits poolside at the resort that you paid for her to stay at, fanning herself with cash from your bank account. She’s enjoying her life while you slave away for her at a job you hate. Your only goal in life now is to keep her happy. But no matter how much you send; Kat spends more and more of your money. She just can’t stop shopping! Kat’s life is incredible and yours is so lame! Don’t you feel kind of stupid?! (6:32 long)


BP - Three Hot Girls Rinse One Lonely Loser (1080 HD)

Platinum has a loser who is obsessed with her. The loser comes over and wants to have a talk. Platinum agrees to let him speak, but her daughter, Kat, and Kat’s best friend, Ivory, stay in the room. The loser blabbers on about how much Platinum means to him, but Platinum has had it with this loser. Ever since his credit card was declined over dinner, she’s been totally uninterested. The loser can’t afford to lose Platinum. He agrees to do anything to be near her. Platinum tells the loser to lick her shoes. Her daughter and her friend watch the pathetic display and giggle at the groveling man. The young girls join in and make Platinum’s suitor lick their stinky feet, too. Humiliated by Platinum, and Platinum’s daughter, and her daughter’s best friend. What a worthless loser! The girls won’t allow the loser any more time with them until he takes them shopping for matching mother/ daughter/ best friend outfits on a credit card that hasn’t been maxed out yet. (11:15 long)


Platinum- Goddess Rinses Foot Addicts Bank Account

Platinum has just met the man who will become her next husband. She really enjoyed shopping today with him. She got everything she wanted, except for a very expensive pair of boots, but she knows she will get those next time. Platinum’s new prospect massages her feet after treating her to a long day of spending his money. She suggests he get on his knees and call her Goddess. He thinks it’s kinda kinky but obliges because Platinum is just so fucking hot. Platinum asks her target to pay for her car payment, but the target thinks that’s too much to spend on a girl he just met. Platinum threatens to pout. The mark agrees to spend more on the Goddess. Platinum asks the mark to pay her insurance, too. That’s just too much! Platinum threatens to walk out and never see him again. The mark agrees to pay for everything Platinum needs, just so long as she doesn’t leave. The target becomes totally absorbed in worshipping Platinum’s feet. He is truly addicted to them and Platinum knows it. Platinum has all the power over the foot addict. Platinum asks him for an allowance so that she can quit her job. The mark resists at first, but eventually agrees to tribute her. Anything for those feet. (9:34 long)


Natalya - Good for Nothing used as Chair for Princess

Natalya has a worthless, good for nothing slave. She decides to put him in her smother box and use him as her seat. Natalya snaps some selfies while the slave below her struggles to breathe. A pump fills a bag below the slave’s head with air, pressing the slave’s face further and further into Natalya’s ass. Natalya keeps pumping the pump to ensure the slave only breathes when she wants him to. Natalya oils her ass and then sits back down on the slave’s face. She examines the slave’s chastity. So small! He is truly only fit to serve as her chair and her wallet. When Natalya is done riding his face she wants to go to the mall and spend his money. (12:56 long)



Macy and Raquel - Paycheck Holdout mean a Visit to the Edging Salon

HD Macy’s slave has been holding out on her. She wants his whole paycheck this week. Macy knows that her slave will get weak if she gives him an edging handjob at the Edging Salon with her friend and finance extraction specialist, Raquel. Macy and Raquel gang up on the slave and tease him together. The slave breaks down and can’t help but give the pretty girls everything they want. Males are week idiots who can be easily controlled through their sexuality and smart women know this and use it to their financial advantage. Macy’s slave has a very expensive orgasm denial before the women lock him right back into his cold metal chastity. As a treat for coming to the edging salon and being denied Macy and Raquel present the slave with two blue balloons that he gets to go home with. The blue balloons are his prize for getting blue balled. (15:05 long)



Macy - Tramples a Boy by the Pool while Other Girls Take Pictures

Macy tramples a small boy by the pool while two other girls take pictures of his humiliation. She tramples the little guy’s chastity and abdomen while she poses in her bikini for the cameras. Macy is a tall and muscular girl. She weighs more than the skinny guy she is putting her full weight on! She looks so sexy using the tiny boy to showcase her own size and strength. The comparison is unbelievable. Her big toe is bigger than his little locked-up penis! Macy bounces on the tiny boy so that her tits and ass look good for the cameras. The girls all giggle as the little guy cries out in protest and pain. The humiliation is brutal, and the girls all know that this clip will make them a lot of money once it’s on the Internet. (7:18 long)



Kaylie Natalya and Rachel - Three Girls Humiliate Old Loser

Kaylie, Natalya, and Rachel have a weird old loser. Hot girls love to humiliate weird old losers. They spit all over Natalya’s boots and make him lick it off, then Kaylie’s, then Rachel’s heels. The girls inspect the slave’s chastity. It’s way too big for his tiny penis. He will need to get a smaller one. This is why he should never be allowed to make choices for himself. The girls spit all over their loser’s face. Then they slap him. He deserves degradation because he is so obviously inferior to the hot girls. They could do whatever they want to him, even use him as a toilet. He’s that lowly. The girls make him worship their boots and cover his face in spit. He disgusts the pretty girls. They hate him and everything he represents. (13:03 long)



BP - Three Brat Girls share a Human Couch

Ivory, Kat and Platinum have a piece of human furniture wrapped in plastic. The trio sits on him like a couch. The girls find the human furniture to be somewhat impractical and uncomfortable. Its lumpy. All three girls sit full weight on it. They want to squish all the lumps out of their couch. He’s not even great as furniture, which is pathetic because not much is expected from furniture. He’s a creaky, lumpy, antique. The girls poke and kick at it until they are satisfied that the lumps have dispersed. They decide to watch a movie. They start popcorn and settle in. (12:18 long)


Lily and Macy - Rich Heiresses Lock-Up Skinny Punk They Find in the Mall

Macy and her sister, Lily, are just coming back from their daily trip to the mall. Today they found nothing that they wanted, except for a skinny punk boy outside playing guitar for loose change. The little punk might make a nice plaything, so the wealthy sisters decide to bring him back to their enormous house. The skinny boy marvels at how nice the sisters’ place is. Two hot, wealthy, blonde sisters. It appears he has found himself in a fortunate situation, but unfortunately for him, not so. The sisters only took him home to humiliate and control him. The sisters find out that the boy is homeless. He has been living in his friend’s car and busking. The wealthy sisters think that is both funny and pathetic. The sisters decide that they want to keep the little punk as their servant. They know that they can get someone so poor and desperate to do anything for even just the slightest creature comforts. The boy agrees to move in with the girls very quickly. They have not only a house, but a nice one with big televisions! The girls will allow the boy to enjoy the relative comfort of having shelter, but only if he agrees to wear a chastity device. The girls need to keep him locked so that he focuses on meeting their needs and not distracted by the potential sexual excitement of being around two hot blonde sisters. The pathetic punk boy decides to allow the sisters to lock him up and presents them with the keys. Macy and Lily tease the formerly homeless boy with her sexy bodies to make sure that the chastity device is working properly and preventing him from getting any erection. Satisfied that the chastity is doing the job the wealthy heiresses decide to let the little punk boy stay with them. (13:05 long)


Ivory and Kat - Two Girls Facesit a Loser

1080 HD Ivory and Kat Soles facesit one of their pathetic, adoring, losers together. They admire each other’s perfect asses while they co-smother him. The girls both wear the highly fetishized Takara leggings from Carbon38. The sad, old, loser knows he is just a seat. Humiliation and objectification are the only ways he could ever get attention from a pretty, young, girl. They own him with their asses. The girls giggle as the deny him air. They tease his chastity device. His dick is so tiny! What a dud. He’s lucky he even gets abuse from girls this hot. The girls decide to take away all the loser’s air until he’s out because they can do whatever and the old sap will just take it. (10:35 long)


BP - Mother shows Daughter and her Friends how to Beat a slave

1080 HD Goddess Platinum is raising her daughter, Kat, in the Femdom lifestyle. She wants her daughter and her girlfriends to know how to beat a male properly, so that boys will fear them and do whatever the girls want. The young girls line up to hear Platinum’s lesson. Goddess Platinum selects a long bullwhip and a skinny slave from the household stable to demo with. The girl’s queue up to practice whipping the slave as hard as they can! They in a lot of damaging hits and painful wrap around the ribcage. The male slave should suffer and learn to fear pretty girls! Young hot girls can do whatever they want to surplus males! The girls pummel him, then leave his ravaged body in the cold basement and go upstairs for snacks. (12:38 long)