Mena Mason - Slave Suffers Between Strong Thighs

Mena has some seriously strong legs. So muscular. She could totally control, and even injure, any man with the power of her ass and thighs. She demonstrates her might on a male slave. He can barely breathe as her legs wrap around and crush his throat. She almost chokes the life out of him. The slave tries to wiggle away, but Mena captures him. She traps his neck in a figure four, from which there is no escaping. Then, she gets him in a scissorhold.  She tells the slave to say her name, but he cannot answer with the pressure to his windpipe. Mena’s amazed by how weak he is. (8:04 long)


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ChiChi and Kendall - Advanced Scissoring Techniques Part 1 (1080 HD)

1080 HD Kendall has been scissoring her slaves for a while now, but she wants to learn more. Today, Chichi is going to give Kendall a lesson in some advanced hold techniques. Kendall demonstrates to Chichi the moves she’s familiar with. They’re good and effective basics that she’s mastered, but Kendall wants to learn more. Chichi does know some more creative ways to scissor a slave into submission. She starts demonstrating some different moves for Kendal to see. Chichi shows Kendall how to do a figure four hold, and then transitions into a crossed ankle move. That’s a good one because it really crushes the slave’s skull between her powerful thighs and pulls its head deep into her ass. Kendall is excited about the new moves! She tries them out next and really enjoys the effect they have on the slave. So much compression on the slave’s neck with these new positions! He seems to really hate it, but there’s even more to teach and learn. The girls aren’t done! This teaching session is hard on the slave. He taps out over and over again from the strenuous holds Kendall is learning. Some of the techniques are very athletic and really show off how powerful and strong the girls’ bodies are. After Kendall has practiced her new techniques, the girls decide to double face sit the slave. They wonder just how much he can handle, so they smother him beneath the weight of both their asses. The slave cannot handle being smothered under the weight of two girls. They decide to punish him by going back to the scissorholds. The slave just can’t catch a break! Every time he tries to catch a breath from the scissoring, the girls start to smother him under their asses. The weak slave grows even weaker as he is denied air. Kendall decides that the slave is ready for a nap. She wants to try putting him out with one of the scissorhold techniques she just learned from Chichi. Chichi is very excited to see Kendall demonstrate what she has learned today. Kendall puts the slave in a figure four hold that he really cannot handle. He’s fighting too much, and the girls want the slave to just go out quietly. Chichi jumps on and really dazes the slave with one final reverse scissorhold. The girls are so happy to see the slave finally go out between the strength of their powerful asses and thighs. They love the scissoring and knocking out weak losers together! Girl power! 

Part one of this clip is wresting and scissor holds only.  (7:45 long)


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Alexis - Amazon Scissors Helpless Slave (720 HD)

The slave’s balls have been brutalized from a long day of shooting videos and the girls are still not done with him.  They will squeeze every dollar they can from him.  In this clip Alexis overpowers and squeezes the head of the ball kicking slave with her powerful legs.  The slave said it felt like his head was about to pop there was so much pressure.    (9:24 long)

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Isabella - Spandex Step Aerobics Princess

Bella wants to look great for the dance so she gets out her step daddy to be… well… her step!  How perfect!  She ties an elastic ribbon to his balls for arm exercises and pounds the cuck with her step aerobics.  The face sitting and splits are tough for the cuck to endure.  Isabella is her usual playful self.  (12:47 Long)

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