Scissor hold and wrestling

Ava – Wrestles little Fluffy

Princess Ava is so strong and superior than Fluffy. She has a big beautiful ass and body. Its so fun for her to do different wrestling moves on him. Her favorite is watching his face and head get so red. She doesn’t care if his head pops off or if he chokes to death.


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Spidey Amber - Leg Scissors Innocent Citizen for Training

Radioactive Spider…. Ewwww

Spidey Amber finds herself on the good side as a superhero but still finds a way to be bad.  She captures a helpless little male citizen to practice her powers on.  The small male citizen has no chance against Amber and her superpowers.  Spidey Amber’s legs are too strong for the citizen.  In the end, the citizen is retired.  Spidey Amber is enthralled by her new powers.


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