Scissor hold and wrestling

BP - Leg Scissor on Human Workout Toy

The girls are messing around with their new workout toy! They are learning how to work it! They love a good workout. This special workout is going to get their legs so strong and sexy. They take turns doing different scissorholds. It’s funny because his head turns blue and lacks oxygen. Oh well. He doesn’t need to breathe anyways. His head might even pop off!!


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Sablique - Wrestle Beatdown of Tiny Frank

Sablique is basically a professional wrestler. And you do NOT want to fuck with a professional wrestler. Especially, if your name is Fun Size Frank. He is no match to a goddess like Sablique.  She has long strong legs and will rip your head with them. Little Frank is kind of a hazard. He is so small she can literally squeeze him so tight his head explodes. Little Frank the nerdy freak gets dominated. COMPLETE WRESTLING BEAT DOWN! 


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Marcy - Amazon Defeats and Flattens Tiny Male

Fun size Frank is NO match for Marcy. Marcy is big, strong and can snap him in half. He is so small and so pathetic. Like a little bug. Marcy will fuck him up! Its like he isn’t even trying. So weak and so little… he can’t even get up. He must fight for air.


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Natalya and Nika - Extreme Scissoring - WAIT TIL YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS

* Sexy face sitting and extreme scissor hold *

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Ava - Strong Python Scissor Hold for Lazy Beta

Avas beta was caught taking a break from his chores. She walked in the room and saw this lazy asshole just laying there. WHAT THE FUCK! He needs to be punished. So she gives him a punishment  by wrapping her legs around his stupid neck and squeezing. THIS WILL TEACH HIM! She puts him in different positions and scissor holds him and listens to his moans. What a loser. This is what he gets for taking a break.


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Raven and Scarlet - Leg Scissor Game Domination of 3 Slaves

Scarlet is showing Raven how to put slaves in their place. Bringing them to their last breath then giving them life again. Using their sexy long legs to wrap around their necks and do the ultimate scissor holds. She shows her different positions and then decides to play a game. Whoever taps first gets a point! All of their betas tap out because the girls are so strong. It’s so funny watching their heads get bright red and almost pop off. They have this scared look in their eyes. And it makes them laugh! LOL


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Sablique - Python Leg Neck Squeeze

Sexy Sablique just got done with her workout. Now its time to stretch. This little betas neck is exactly what she needs to get a good stretch in and to test the strength of her legs. Her strong sexy Russian legs. This is the only way he will ever be close to a beautiful woman. She tightly wraps her thighs around his neck. Her pussy is so close to him. She asks “ How does it feel to have a strong Russain pussy on your back?” He can barely speak. He is becoming weaker and weaker. She is making him all red and dizzy. She makes him kiss n worship her thighs and ass as he can barely sit up.


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Macy - Beta is Trained to be a Better Beta

This beta is in major denial! He doesn't think he is a beta. Macy really puts him in his place and makes him a BETTER BETA! He is supposed to do his Better Beta work book. He is slacking. He must be better. Macy over powers him and brings him to the ground and wraps her strong legs around his neck. He needs a beatdown. He needs to admit he is a beta. Macy demands he say it out loud. He refuses. Macy tenses her legs so tight. He is trying to tap. He is trying to breathe. He finally confesses. HE IS A BETA!


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Riot - Scissorholds New Slave to Agony

This loser is in for it. Its his first time getting a dose of Riots strong sexy legs. She lays him on the bench and begins the scissor holds. She is so flexible and can easily get in different positions to bring his body limp. Tighter and tighter she squeezes. The strength is unbearable. He shakes and tosses around as he fights for air.


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Riot - Scared Beta Gasps and Quivers from Scissorholds

Gasping for air, Riot squeezes her legs even tighter around this weak slave. This insignificant mutt is such a sucker for her thighs. Shiny leggings skin-tight on fit sexy legs, wrapped around this slaves throat. QUIVER! QUIVER! QUIVER! Do you think he will get any pity from her?! NO. Now back on the bench, bitch.


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