Jessica - I used a foot slave and I liked it

Jessica is a new Freshmen at the Brat Princess house and is a little curious about the whole foot slave thing.  She finds out her Chemistry teacher Mr. Kim is a foot slave for the girls!  In her first clip Jessica is a littler nervous but she already can tell she has Mr. Kim wrapped around her big toe!


Ivory Kat and Platinum - Daughter and BFF Worship Hot Moms Feet

Ivory and Kat were caught by her mom in the last clip.  In this clip Goddess Platinum enjoys having her feet worship by her daughter and her BFF.  The tone is very sensual.  Mostly just sighs and slurping.  Great wrinkled soles shot and amazing foot worship by 2 hot girls and a hot mom.  (Surround sound mix)


Ivory and Kat - Best Friends Worship Each Others Feet

Ivory and Kat love having their feet worshipped.  Not all footboys know how to worship feet they way the girls like.  Ivory and Kat worship each others feet in only a way a girl can.  Then suddenly they are interrupted by Kat’s mom!  Who is it?


Ivory - I want More Step Daddy

Ivory is such a brat.  She has her step dad wrapped around her finger.  Locked in chastity, her old horny fool step father is completely at her mercy.  She makes the rules. Then she changes the rules.  Locked in chastity for a day, then she changes her mind and it’s a week.  She nicknames her step daddy Humbert.  Ivory loves to tease and torment Humbert in her hand job games. She wants more!  More dresses, more outfits, more shoes, and yes, even more bikinis!  Ivory tells Humbert she wants more and ruins his orgasm just to be brat.  Humbert has got his hands filled!  This is a slow teasing sensual handjob with playful bratty flicks of the cock head.  Teased and ruined!


Ivory and Kat - Chastity Cycling for Sorority Contest

Kat asked Ivory to help her train her idiot for this spring’s sorority chastity contest.  Kat has idiot locked in chastity tube and lets him out to edge for her.  After the old idiot gets to an edge, Kat gives the “chastity” command.  The old idiot now must get into its chastity tube as fast as he can.  Ivory times it.  The girls would like him to get it under 20 seconds tonight. Kat is the boss of the old idiot.  She decides.  She decided she wants the old idiot to squeeze into a Vice Mini chastity tube.  Ivory takes measurements before and after to show off how much compression the Vice Mini gives a male.  Kat wants to win: longest in chastity, shortest time edge to locked, tightest tube, and most edges in an hour.  The old idiot has a long tough winter obeying a strict chastity training regimen ahead of it.  

Kat - 5 Edges and then its the ATM for you

Kat is destroying this slave with chastity.  The long weeks of full chastity in this TPE relationship is really taking its toll on her old fool.  She only removes the torment of the cage so it can edge for her.  It makes her laugh.  The idiot almost cums when she dangles her shoe, but he holds off for her.  It edges with just a finger underneath the tip. LOL!  She wants 5 edges this time and then it’s the ATM.

Clip contains: Chastity, Edging, financial domination


Adrienne - Red Bottom Shoes Extreme Trample Terror

Goddess Adrienne loves to watch her slave “mutt” suffer for her.  She obviously knows standing full weight on its chest with her red bottom shoes is agony for it.  She is the Mean Diva and DOES NOT CARE!  Mutts cries of pain are tough to watch without feeling some pity.  The Mean Diva shows mutt no mercy! Mutt is destroyed by her heels.  The rest of the video is equally sadistic without her heels. She stands on mutt’s chest the whole time.  Eventually mutt is left wheezing and close to passing out.  Production Note:  Mutt was wheezing badly and almost out, and the Mean Diva grudgingly stepped off ending the clip.  Mutt continued with agonizing wheezing for 20 minutes afterwards!  Mutt suffered for the Mean Diva well past its breaking point.  This clip is amazing!  This clip also has a great Trample highlight from another video!


Nika - Greedy Sugar Baby Gives Ruined HJ

Nika is a nightmare for a sugar daddy.  This very slow and sensual HJ is so frustrating after a long day of spoiling. Nika ruins it in the end.  She coaxes a ton of frustration tears with just her thumb!  Then it is back into chastity.  But this time even longer!

Kat and Kaylie - House Boot Cleaner

Brat Princess Kat loves to humiliate her boot licking slave.  It is kept hog tied in the entry way waiting to clean her boots when she comes home.  Kat wants to show off to Kaylie how fun it is to have her old teacher be her boot licker.   Kat tells Kaylie to stomp in the mud with her boots to make them really dirty.  Kaylie does not understand why she wants her boots to be dirty!  Kat marches up to the house and walks in.  Her boot licking slave has been waiting there for hours to clean her boots.  She kicks its head to start the cleaning.  They are so dirty with so much mud!  The old fool obediently licks her boots!  (This idiot use to be her teacher!)  Kaylie loves it!  After the slave licks most of the caked up mud off their boots they wipe the rest on his back like it was a door mat.  Then they walk into the living room and sit down on the couch.  Kat makes her slave slither to them!  It is so humiliating the old teacher slithers likes a snake up to the girls boots and continues licking them clean.  Then they take off their boots and make him smell their sweaty socks.  The girls even take off their socks and shove them in its mouth and hold their stinky toes underneath its nose.  It has to smell them!  The girls then make the boot licker worship and clean their feet before his is forced to crawl back into the entry way waiting for the rest of the girls to come home! This is a great behind the scenes view of a life at the Brat Princess sorority house and how males are used.  (23:41 long)


Nikki Brooks - Human Doormat for Femdom Holiday Party

Niki is hosting a holiday party for all her Princess friends. Of course, the party needs a male human doormat! Niki tests out one from the bunch to see if he passes muster. It’s a privilege to be selected to serve the girls at the holiday party as their doormat. The slave tries the best he can to pass the test, even though it’s excruciating when Queen Nikki digs her heels into his flesh. Nicki bruises his skin and rips it open with her stiletto heels. He cries out but she does not stop. Just when he thinks he can’t take any more trampling Nikki’s party guests begin to arrive. (12:18 long)



Lily and Macy - Big Sister Fucks her slave while Little Sister watches and Learns

Macy and Lily are two wealthy heiresses. The girls have collected several “servants” from off the streets. They do not pay the servants, but they are given some meals and shelter. Macy has been largely responsible for keeping the servants submissive, but today she wants to show her younger sister how it is accomplished. Macy selects a skinny punk boy that they found playing guitar outside the mall to demonstrate on. The skinny punk sees Macy’s strap-on and knows that ass fucking is a punishment. He protests that he did nothing wrong. Macy tells him she knows, but she is going to punish him with the strap-on anyway to show Lilly how it’s done. Lilly watches her big sister fuck the skinny little formerly homeless boy. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” the little punk cries. It’s all in vain. Macy tells him that if he doesn’t submit to her sexual aggressions he will be right back out on the street. Macy fucks the skinny boy in piledriver. The boy must look at his chastity key dangling between Macy’s expensive breasts while taking it in the ass from her. Little sis, Lilly, holds the boy’s legs back so her sister can get the dildo in his ass ever further. Macy makes the punk boy lick his own ass juices from the dildo. She asks him if he would rather go back to living in his car, busking for spare change, or continue to live in a mansion with two hot blondes. The homeless boy sucks Macy’s cock with renewed enthusiasm. He doesn’t want to go back to the life he lived before. As cruel as the girls are it’s better than homelessness. (11:31 long)

Lily is Macy Cartel’s REAL sister!



Ivory and Kat POV - Tease you with their Socks and Feet

This clip is for the truly foot-obsessed masturbator. Ivory and Kat know just how to tease you with their dirty socks and perfect feet. No one understands a foot boy’s needs better than Ivory and Kat Soles. The girls show off their pedicures and soft, fragrant, soles. You can stroke to them, but you must obey. Their feet own your cock! Follow their rules and Ivory and Kat will let you spill your load for their perfect feet. (12:07 long)


Kat - Uses Stepfather for Foot Worship while Mom is on Date

Princess Kat uses her idiot stepfather for foot worship while her mom is away on a date. Kat’s mom prefers real men to the one she married. Kat thinks that’s funny.  She humiliates her stepfather even further by making him worship her feet while mom is out. Amazing how Kat has her stepfather so under her control! The young brat could make him do anything! Tomorrow, her friend, Ivory will join her and her stepfather will have to worship both brats feet! (12:49 long)


Brianna - Mother uses Son for Sexual Gratification (Not as Good as Dick)

Brianna is texting a hell-hung potential lover while sitting on her son’s face. Her son is locked in chastity. Mommy wears the key. Brianna is very excited to rendezvous with the generously endowed man. Not only is his dick huge, he also works out and has a fantastic body! Brianna becomes more and more excited the more she looks though his photos. She sits on her son’s face as her panties become wetter and wetter. Her son squirms underneath her because he can’t breathe. When her son moves too much Brianna punishes him by squeezing his neck between her thighs. He needs to hold still for mommy while she enjoys the photos and videos of the attractive man. At the last minute, her well-hung date cancels. But she is too horny! Brianna decides to use her son’s face for her pleasure in her date’s absence. She, of course, would have preferred his nice big dick, but her son’s face will have to do. Briana uses her son’s face for a nice orgasm, leaving him locked in chastity, of course. She climaxes as her son thrashes about desperate for air. (10:58 long)


BP - Three Princesses unlock a Loser for Cum Lick Up Humiliation

Kaylie, Natalya, and Rachel have a loser locked in chastity. They decide to let him out to edge. He’s been in chastity so long his penis is very small and shriveled when they unlock him. All three girls tease the loser with their perfect asses. The loser has been locked so long he has difficulty getting hard. He ejaculates, while still soft, into a bowl. Then, the girls force feed him the mess with a spoon. Forced cum eating is the price of an orgasm in the presence of three beautiful Princesses. They all spit in his face and laugh at him. (8:39 long)



Nika - Crabby Princess uses her Loser for Foot Worship and Cash

Nika ignores her chastity boy while he worships her feet. She lets out a big bored sigh. “I’m crabby,” she says. The worshipping boy is silent. Nika plays with her chewing gum. “I said I’m crabby.” Her boy knows this is going to be bad. “Fix it.” Nika wants her beta boy to make her less bored and crabby. She starts fucking his throat aggressively with her feet. Still bored. Nika wants a Benji. Her boy knows its not a tribute or rinse day, but Nika wants one hundred dollars anyway just because she is in a mood. The beta boy gives his Princess one hundred dollars from his wallet. Nika clutches the bill and goes right back to gagging him with her feet. Nika still isn’t happy. She wants another hundred. Still not satisfied, Nika demands a third, then a fourth. Nika is upset that her beta did not just offer the full four hundred dollars his wallet to her the instant she mentioned she was crabby. He’s displaying selfishness, which is an ugly quality for a beta. As a punishment, Nika marches him straight to the ATM. She wants a drain now, where she will take out the maximum withdrawal. Nika started out crabby, but now she’s furious. A beta boy should always obey his Keyholder and do his best to keep her happy. After the drain, Nika expects to be driven to her boyfriend’s while her beta pulls some extra hours at work. (13:43 long)



Platinum POV - Cuckold Husband worships Wife’s Ass before her Date

Platinum wants you to stay put in the bathroom while her date fucks her. She makes you look at her outfit and asks, “If you were a real man, would you fuck me in this?” Platinum wants you to listen with your ear against the bathroom door (it adjoins the master bedroom) and guess how many times her date makes her cum. You are her husband. She keeps you locked in chastity. Platinum only wants you for your money, not your dick. Platinum makes you kneel and kiss her ass before her date. So pathetic for a husband to be cuckolded by his wife like this! If you can’t guess the number of times her date makes her cum, she will keep you in chastity even longer. Don’t forget that this weekend you have an appointment with your chastity councilor. Your wife wants another tightening. (8:07 long)


Nika - Sexy Princess uses a Losers Face

Princess Niki sits on her chastity boy’s face and ride it for her own enjoyment. She giggles, bounces, and grinds while the loser boy squirms. His chastity jingles while she pleasures herself. The boy can’t breathe with his face buried in Nika’s ass and pussy. He better catch a big, deep, breath whenever she allows him to have one. Nika rides her chastity boy’s face to a nice orgasm while he holds his breath and waits for her to finish using him. Of course, even after she finishes, he can’t cum at all. (10:09 long)


Macy and Raquel - Macy Acquires a New Chastity Stray

Macy is hanging around Raquel’s office waiting for Raquel to take her lunchbreak. Raquel has one more beta to see before she can take her break. The beta comes into Raquel’s office for his appointment. He wants to be remeasured. He thinks that the Department of Beta Control made a mistake last time. Raquel is skeptical, but she agrees to remeasure the beta. She takes a caliper and measures the testicles. Very nice and swollen! Raquel orders the beta to remove its chastity cage. The beta now has five minutes to develop an erection so that he can be remeasured. If his dick truly is big enough, then he will no longer have to be labeled “beta” and can enjoy the full privileges of an Alpha. Macy is intrigued by the beta. She discovers that he is a stray without a Keyholder. The beta is remeasured, and of course, is determined to be too small to be considered Alpha. Macy takes a liking to the little stay beta and decides that she wants to keep him. The beta agrees to become Macy’s slave. Macy and Raquel start the paperwork to make the beta Macy’s property officially. They go over the terms of his agreement. Raquel tells Macy that she has another stray beta coming in after lunch. She wouldn’t be surprised if Macy wants to stay to meet him and take that one, too, the greedy girl. (10:58 long)


Lola - Frustrating Edge and Ruin

Lola has a slave bound to a chair. Its cock is wrapped and tied to a post. Only the head of the penis is left exposed. Lola stimulates just the head. The cock bondage gets tighter as the slave becomes more erect. No stroking! Just enough stimulation at the head to stay on edge. Lola sits on the slave’s face and smoothers him in her ass. The cock gets very hard and the slave is right on the verge of an orgasm. The slave is so frustrated his whole-body visibly shakes. Then, with just minimal manual stimulation, the slave climaxes. His sudden orgasm takes Lola by surprise! (15:27 long)