Alexandra - Trained to serve at Aunties Tea Party

Auntie Alexandra has some girlfriends coming over for tea. She is training her nephew, Ellis, to serve. Ellis is kept naked and in chastity by his Aunt. Alexandra is training the boy to be a good sissy maid. Alexandra goes over her nephew’s posture to make sure that he is presentable before her friends arrive. Ellis will need to take all the ladies’ food and drink orders and even clean their shoes upon arrival. It’s going to be a lot of work. Before her guests arrive, Alexandra wants her nephew to lick her shoes clean. Ellis is very disgusted to be made to lick shoes, but this is his responsibility. Alexandra reminds her nephew that this is just the first pair of many. After worshipping his Aunt’s shoes, Ellis must worship his Aunts feet next. Ellis is very sad. His sister is not subjected to the same training and he feels that it isn’t fair. Alexandra tells her nephew that soon he will be a girl, too. The surgery has been scheduled. (13:51 long)



Sadie - Sadie and her Lover use Husband for Clean Up

Sadie is so happy to be spending quality time with her lover. She calls her submissive husband into the room to help her out. It’s her husband’s job to catch and swallow all the excess spit she works up from blowing her real man. Sadie and her lover laugh at her cuckold husband while humiliating him. She makes her husband kneel and watch while she pleasures her man. Her husband would never get the same treatment a real man gets. Sadie’s husband lays on the ground below she and her lover, locked tightly in chastity. She strokes and sucks her Alpha man right over her submissive husband’s face. Sadie strokes her man until he cums in her mouth. She then spits it into her husband’s mouth and makes him swallow. (15:20 long)



Raven Hart - Under Desk Foot Worship

Raven Hart has decided to let Marcello go from his job. She wants to replace him with a more attractive, young, intern. Marcello is desperate for work. Raven decides that she can keep him on but offers him a new position. She needs an under-desk foot boy. The office could really use something like that for the ladies in heels. Raven decides to test Marcello out with her feet right away to see if this new position will be a good fit for him. She discovers that Marcello loves worshipping shoes, so this job will be perfect for him because it allows the weirdo to follow his true, eccentric, passion. Marcello will go from desk to desk worshipping and massaging the girls’ feet all throughout the workday. The foot boy position will pay much less than Marcello’s original job, but at least he gets to follow his dreams and do what he truly loves. (12:17 long)


Kawaii - Strapped Behind Kawaiis Ass

Kawaii has got her slave strapped into her new Mastermind Crafts ass smothering harness. The slave’s arms are bound. She makes the bound slave crawl behind her ass. The slave can barely breathe. Kawaii pulls the straps even tighter. She pulls the straps so tight that the slave really has no means of escape. It is smothered, so deeply, in Kawaii’s ass as he crawls behind her. After some walking around and tightening of the straps Kawaii decides to lay on the bed. Without a choice, the slave follows behind her onto the bed. Kawaii lays flat as the slave’s head is pressed even deeper into her ass. She ignores the slave and updates her social media. The ignored slave is so deprived of oxygen that he nearly goes out strapped deep in her cheeks. Kawaii is indifferent and giggles at posts as she scrolls through her online feed. (13:09 long)


Chloe and Natalya - Masturbation Opportunity ends in Cum Eating Humiliation

It’s time to inspect Natalya’s slave’s chastity. He’s been in there awhile! Natalya and Chloe want to see him goon for their amusement. They unlock him and let him stroke. The slave goes wild for the girls in their sexy, shiny, outfits. He’s a slave for shiny. Beta males don’t get to see girls naked! They stoke to the censorship of tight, shiny, material. The slave can almost see everything in the skimpy outfits, but not quite! Natalya is going to let her slave cum today, but only because she wants to subject him to cum eating training. The slave jerks himself into a tiny glass as instructed. It’s a huge saved-up load! Natalya spoon feeds her beta its disgusting cum from the glass. She reminds him that he is a total loser for swallowing hot cum like a bitch. Then, she locks him back into chastity and the girls send him away. (9:37 long)


Becky - Released from Chastity for an Edging Game

Goddess Becky is bored so she lets her slave out of chastity for an edging game. The game is just to amuse her, and the slave is not allowed to cum. The kneeling slave looks up at Becky’s amazing ass. It is very difficult for him to stay on edge and not climax. Becky demands that her slave increase her tribute. The slave can hardly afford her weekly tribute as it is! Becky does not care. She wants what she wants. She deserves it! The slave is desperate to cum. It begs. Becky just laughs. No means no! The slave should be grateful for whatever it gets from her. Becky offers the slave a choice. He can lock himself up and take her shopping, or he can climax. There is one obvious correct choice. Will the slave pick the right answer? (11:24 long)



Natalya POV - Thanks for Being My Foot Wash (1080 HD)

1080 HD I love having you lick and suck my toes and soles. It feels so good for me. Especially the way you do it. It’s obvious you have feelings for me. I like when you worship my feet, but I don’t have feelings for you like you do for me. I’m never going to date you because you just aren’t like the guys that I date. But you are a great at giving a foot wash. Foot worship is relaxing and fun, and I like that it’s nothing serious. That’s what’s nice about it, right? Thanks for the worshipping, foot boy. You’re a great friend. (10:55 long)



Natalya POV - Im Going to Put you in a Vice (1080 HD)

1080 HD I’m sick and tired of you complaining about chastity. I’ve got to make it worse for you, so that you realize how good you’ve had it. I’m changing your chastity device. You’re going in a tighter one. You’re going in the vice. The vice has a fun accessory, an extra piece that makes getting an erection even more painful. So, quit your whining. Chastity’s about to get much worse. (9:09 long)



Natalya POV - I Want you to be My Fart Slave (1080 HD)

1080 HD My tummy is very gassy. I need a fart slave, and I’ve decided you’re it! It’s so generous of me to give you a part of myself, even if it is my smelly broccoli farts. I shove your face under my skirt and fart a few times, just so that you know how bad it will be for you. I want you to learn to smell, appreciate, and take in my farts. Later, I’m going to tie you down so that I can get my stink all over you. It makes me so happy just thinking about you laying there, unable to get away as I unleash my farts on your face. You don’t deserve anything more from a beautiful girl like me. (7:56 long)


Natalya POV - Losers Pay the Cum Tax (1080 HD)

1080 HD I know that it’s a dream come true to have the opportunity to jerk to beauty like mine. You’re a lucky, lucky, loser because today I’m going to let you jerk for me. Get on your knees.  A good loser belongs on its knees. Remember, it’s not polite to touch yourself while looking or even thinking about a woman without her permission. That’s like stealing. When a loser cums, he has to pay the cum tax. You don’t get to cum for free. Losers pay the cum tax. I’m going to let you cum. But it will cost you. (13:13 long)



Natalya - I Can Control Your Edge Just Like I Control This Goon (1080 HD)

1080 HD I want to show all you losers at home just how much control I have over this goon. It’s been under lock and key for weeks, totally helpless. I let the desperate goon out of chastity. It has to do exactly as I say. I make it edge to my perfect body. It’s such an idiot. The goon gets dumber and dumber while stoking for my ass. I make him stay on edge for a very long time. He cannot handle it. I love how much control I have over its mind and its wallet when I deny it’s orgasm. The more I deny it, the more devoted it becomes. I make the goon kiss my ass and beg. The whimpering goon edges once more. I don’t let it cum. I keep it right on edge until I lock it back up. I have complete control over this devoted idiot. I could control any of you losers at home, just like I control this one. (16:09 long)


Jessica - I used a foot slave and I liked it

Jessica is a new Freshmen at the Brat Princess house and is a little curious about the whole foot slave thing.  She finds out her Chemistry teacher Mr. Kim is a foot slave for the girls!  In her first clip Jessica is a littler nervous but she already can tell she has Mr. Kim wrapped around her big toe!


Nikki Brooks - Boot Licker Welted

Nikki beats her boot licker. She whips him very hard while he licks her tall, black, boots. The boot licker is in a lot of pain, but he must stick to task. Nikki wants her boots to shine. The slave must kiss Nikki’s ass in her tight and shiny leggings. Nikki is heartless in this clip. She whips the slave with no mercy. Even with fresh welts across his pathetic hide, the slave must worship. Nikki dangles the slave’s chastity key. She allows him to unlock his chastity. Nikki has only allowed the slave out of chastity because she wants to ballbust him. No stroking himself just kicks. Nikki kicks him brutally. The slave takes all her abuse and thanks his Queen. (19:14 long)



Lana Luxor - Slave Trained to be a Human Throne for Giants

Lana is selling a male into slavery in her home country of Womanda. When he arrives his first job as a slave will be to serve as a human throne for the Women. Lana explains she is quite small for her people. In general, the Women in Womanda are very large and very demanding of their human thrones. Lana really tests her slave’s limits. She smothers him in her ass and bounces on his face hard. Her plan is to break him in before selling him. Lana makes the slave lick her ass. She tells him that before shipping him off she is going to liquidate all his assets. His wife and family will not know what has happened to him. He’s simply going to disappear. The slave really struggles underneath Lana. She completely controls his breath. If he does not make it as a throne, then he must serve as a human toilet. (9:04 long)


Kat - The Only way Out of Chastity is to Make me Happy

Kat’s dummy wants to come out of chastity, but the only way out of chastity is to make his princess happy. Kat wants a nice foot worshipping from her dummy. If he doesn’t do a good job, then he is staying locked for another month.  Kat’s dummy starts to worship, but she is not satisfied. She slaps her dummy right in the face. Do better! The slave does it’s best to please his Princess. Kat doesn’t have to deal with an apathetic or unenthusiastic foot slave. Droves of guys want the privilege to worship her perfect feet. She keeps the slave’s key and dismisses him. He will spend another month locked. (7:10 long)


BP - You will give Her half your Pay

Amadahy, Mia, Jennifer, and Taylor have decided that it’s payday. Danni has been paying the girls monthly, but they just learned he gets paid bimonthly. Mia wants one whole paycheck every month. Danni has been withholding from the Princesses because he wants to keep most of his pay for himself. The girls are not going to let him get away with that. They know that they are entitled to half his money. All the Princesses make Danni lick their dirty high heels. Danni tries to bargain with the girls. He tells them that he will give them half his pay if they agree to allow him out of chastity once a month. Is that a joke? The girls keep Danni in chastity for a reason! He can’t buy his way out! The girls are so mad that they decide to spit all over Danni’s face. Danni is so humiliated. The girls spit in his mouth and make him swallow. They all surround him and laugh. Since Danni is being noncompliant, the girls decide to march straight to Danni’s female boss. They know that if they ask nicely, she will direct deposit all of Danni’s pay into Mia’s bank account for the girls. Stupid. He should have agreed to half when he had the chance. (17:50 long)


Anabelle and Natalya - Long Edging Salon Session Leads to Frustrating Climax

Anabelle and Natalya have a slave tied to a bed in the basement of the Edging Salon. They plan to edge and tease him for hours. The slave is totally helpless, and the two girls are in complete control. Natalya sits on the slave’s face and rides it while Anabelle strokes. They tie up their captive’s balls with cute pink rope. The girls haven’t decided if they will let the slave cum today. Whatever they decide the slave will have to go along with because he has no choice. He might get an orgasm, or he might just get edged. Slave’s must learn that they are not in control of their own orgasms. Just as the girls threaten to lock the slave back into chastity with no release, the edging ends in a huge orgasm for the slave. Now, he’ll be locked back up after his monthly milking. (17:41 long)


Christina and Vanessa - Blue Jean Facesit

 Christina sits on a slave’s face while wearing blue jeans. He really can’t breathe at all underneath her! After Christina smothers the slave her friend, Vanessa. Vanessa takes a turn facesitting him in her jeggings. The girls laugh as the loser struggles. They start punching his balls while suffocating him with their blue jeans. So much fun! “Stop struggling,” they tell him. “You’re only making it worse!” (5:06 long)


Carmella - Uses Under Chair Shoe and Foot Cleaner

Carmella has placed her slave underneath a lounge chair. She talks to her boyfriend on the phone while making her slave lick her dirty shoes. She takes humiliating photos of her slave to send to her Alpha boyfriend. The couple laughs at the loser together. Carmella makes the loser choke and gag on her heel. She takes off her shoes and tramples his chest while spitting in his mouth. Carmella reminds the slave that he is destined to be just a beta bitch. His status has been coded into his DNA. He will never be like her Alpha. Carmella shoves her feet into the beta’s mouth while he chokes and gags. (11:20 long)


Alexandra - Cocksucking and Erection Reduction Training

 Goddess Alexandra want to make sure that her nephew, Ellis, is sucking cock skillfully. She wants to make sure that his dates with “gentleman callers” are going well and that the men are leaving satisfied with his work. Auntie Alexandra makes her nephew suck a cock in front of her and assesses his skills. She laughs as she fucks her nephew’s throat vigorously with a dildo. This is Ellis’ performance review. Alexandra makes Ellis deepthroat the cock and hold it there for a while. Later, she decides to let her nephew out of chastity. She assesses her nephew’s body and is pleased with the amount of shrinkage. Alexandra tests her nephew to see if he can still get aroused by her body. Ellis has shrunk to about one inch from his chastity regimen and cannot get hard, not even while looking at his auntie’s panties. Alexandra is very pleased. She knows that her nephew is now ready for his sexual reassignment surgery. (11:29 long)