Ass Worship

Riley - Ass Licking Cuck Humiliated Before Date

Riley has a cuck. She really enjoys teasing him and making him weak. Its like her secret pet. She is getting ready to be fucked by her boyfriend. A REAL man that will make her orgasm over and over. He could never. Because he isn’t a real man. Riley really likes keeping her cuck locked in chastity for long periods of time. She likes to tease him and make him worship her big beautiful ass. Seeing how swollen he gets through his cage makes Riley so happy. It makes all Princesses happy. Its our goal to have all the slaves and cucks standing there weak with their little dick hurting inside of their cage with cum dripping out. Tonight he will be secretly put in the closet and forced to watch her and hear how loud she gets while she is being pounded out.

  • Princess Crystal


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Ava - Puts Idiot Through a Gooning Workout

Watching this old man makes me disgusted. This old fool is an idiot for shiny. Locked in chstitity Ava puts the idiot through a gooning workout. The old fool is easily exploited by shiny. Ava makes sure she takes away even more self esteem. Laughing as he goons to her perfect body. Why would he ever be allowed to cum to her? Because he is a fucking idiot. And he is old. Its even more fun to show the old men they now never have a chance at life.

-Princess Crystal


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Natalya - Makes Her Cuck Prep her for her Boyfriend Tonight

Natalya is going out to dinner tonight. She knows she is going to get fucked too. She loves when her boyfriend destroys her insides. She tells her cuck how he will be sitting in the closet opening more credit cards for her as he hears her screaming from sex. He doesn’t deserve to stick his dick in her and fuck her. She makes him rub lotion on her ass as she gets ready for her night. A nice lotioned ass and his credit card is going to make for a great time.


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Mariah and Riley – Get their Asses Licked Clean for their Dates

Mariah and Riley are busy getting ready to go out with their Alphas. Of course while they are getting ready they utilize their slave. He is an ass cleaner and needs to lick their asses clean before they head out. The girls look so hot. Riley is wearing her bright red lipstick and Mariah is wearing a sexy neon pink outfit that she knows her hot man will love. Normal guys don’t have to lick asses clean. Only losers.


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Natalya - Armpit Worship

Natalya is wearing her sexy shiny latex body suit. Stupid slave gets to lick her arm pits clean. It’s disgusting every time she can feel him breathe on her! Later on, he will have to eat all the girls shit. All the girls go to the bathroom in his mouth because they hate him. He has to do all the dirty jobs and shouldn’t be allowed to breathe so Natalya rides his face.


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Alexa Kane - Lick My Ass Stepbrother

Alexa Kane manipulates her stepbrother into licking her asshole. It’s a dirty trick, but their stepmother says that when she’s gone Alexa is in charge! Whatever Alexa says her stepbrother has to do. It’s very humiliating for Alexa’s stepbrother to lick his stepsister’s asshole, but he doesn’t want Alexa to tell their stepmother that he was smoking in the garage, so he will have to do whatever his little stepsister says. Alexa seems to really like the way it feels to have her stepbrother tongue her asshole! She’s so pleased with the way he has made her feel that she decides not to tell on him for smoking! So humiliating what a guy has to do just to get himself out of trouble! (12:38 long)


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Becky - Ass Worship in Bathroom

When Becky snaps her fingers that means she wants more money. Becky snaps. You look at her incredible ass and know that means you must send. You have to edge to her beauty. You know how expensive edging can get for a beta. Becky calls her slave into the bathroom. She wants the slave to lick her ass. You wish that you were as lucky as her slave in the video. You would love to lick an ass as nice as Becky’s. You are stuck at home watching. You have to tribute her for the honor of watching another slave Worship what you can’t have. Becky makes her slave kiss where her boyfriend gets to fuck her. The slave is locked in chastity while he kisses and licks. Becky knows how to make betas horny and miserable. Slaves are very pathetic. Becky’s slave will stay locked in chastity while her boyfriend gets to fuck her. (10:33 long)


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Macy Cartel - You Can Orgasm from Ass Licking

Macy admires herself in the mirror. She looks so great in the shiny leggings that her chastity cuck buys for her. She gets so turned on looking at herself in the mirror that she wants to see if she can cum from just having her ass licked. She tells the cuck to get to work licking and kissing her ass. The cuck does as it’s told. Macy enjoys having her ass worshipped. It turns out they were right! You can have an orgasm from ass licking! (9:50 long)



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Sadie - Dressed by Cuck and Gets Ass Worship Before Date with Bull

Sadie is getting dressed for her bull. She is so nervous! Sadie hopes her bull likes the outfit her cuck got for her to wear. After straightening her garters, Sadie needs her chastity cuck to lick her ass one last time before her date. The chastity cuck makes sure that her ass is nice and clean before her date with her bull. (5:45 long)


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Becky - Ass worship Bitch

Becky is a very spoiled girl.  She hates selfish males and likes to be spoiled.  She is very greedy when it comes to getting orgasms.  All the hard work of being hot allows her to be very demanding of chastity service males.  Sore tongue?  Painful neck?  STOP BEING SELFISH and THINK ABOUT HER!  In this clip Becky enjoys ass worship from a chastity service male.  She is rich arrogant and bitchy.  After while of mild disobedience, she uses the ass worship belt to hold her chastity service male in place.  Strapped to her ass he has no choice but to try and please her. The only path out of this for the service male is to service her. Spoil her. Make her feel special.  Beck keeps tightening the straps ensuring a tighter seal, and increasing her personal pleasure.  The male begins to groan in agony as its neck is getting so sore.  Becky does not care about the service male’s tongue or back.  HOT CLIP!


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