Ass Worship

Natalya - Ass Addict Cow Programming

The edging of beta males on the milking bench can last hours.  During this time, the beta is fed all sorts of pornographic images and movies to strengthen and feed their addiction.   A robust long term chastity regimen should include forced mechanical edging to enhance beta frustration.  This clip shows one of the typical scenes that are fed into the brain of a beta via a VR mask while being edged on the bench.  This was made for one of Natalya’s cows to deepen its addiction for her.  The tone is soft and dreamy while the cow (you) is shown amazing cinematic of Princess Natalya’s ass in her textured leggings.  Intermixed in the footage are some mocking encouragement for you to jerk from brats.  This is a chance for you to view some actual addiction building porn that is used on our cows at the Edging Salon!  Watch it using headphones and follow along with their taunts to feed and grow your addiction!


Lana Luxor - White Male Toilet Paper Slave for African Princess

Princess Lana is from the African Nation of Womanda.  Her mother is a United Nations Ambassador living in New York City.  Princess Lana’s mission in America is to capture inferior white males to be brought back to Womanda where they will serve as personal slaves to the women there.  In this clip, and white male with a very small penis has already been placed in chastity and is awaiting transport back to the mother country.  This male most likely will be used as a bathroom slave.  Lana uses him as toilet paper after she uses the toilet.  Princess Lana teases the male in chastity and lets him know how he will be used.  The male licks her ass clean while Lana primps in the mirror getting ready for her Bull.  The white male slave even licks her arm pits clean. (8:09 long)

Clip contains: Ass worship, Armpit licking, Lana Luxor, Toilet Slavery, Chastity, interracial domination


Lana Luxor - Bound and Strapped Behind College Girls Ass

1080 HD Lana has a slave, with hands bound, strapped behind her ass. The slave must craw behind her on his knees. Lana pulls the straps on the smother harness, burying his face deeper and deeper. The slave must lick her asshole as instructed. She slaps him if he doesn’t do it like she wants. Lana needs to study for a class. She opens a textbook and reads while the bound slave in the smother harness continues to lick. The slave can hardly breathe, but Lana does not care. She pulls the straps tighter and tells him to lick harder. Then, she ignores him almost completely while she studies and he licks. (12:03 long)


Sadie - Gets Ass Licked by Cuck while Prepping for Date with Real Man

Sadie is prepping for her date with a real man. She asks her cuckold, “Would you like this dress if you were a real man?” The cuck responds that he would be happier if she didn’t see other men. Sadie reminds her cuck that she needs other men because his cock is useless to her. While fixing her makeup Sadie wants her cuckold to lick her ass. At least he is good for that. Sadie tells the cuck that after her date he is going to have to lick the cum from her pussy. The cuck does not want to have to do that, but he must do whatever his Mistress asks of him. Sadie decides to bring her date back to her place. The cuckold will have to hold her legs back for her while her boyfriend fucks her. Sadie locks her cuckold to the foot of her bed. He must wait there until she comes back with her date. (8:38 long)


Macy Cartel - Put on the Chastity and Lick

Macy demands that her cuck slave put on a strict metal chastity device. Her slave, Marcello, complains and doesn’t understand why. Macy tells him that she is sick of looking at his nasty little erection. She won’t let him be around her unless he agrees to wear chastity. Marcello has some concern about Macy losing the key to the device’s lock but agrees to wear it for her. Once Marcello is in the device Macy takes a few humiliating photos to share with her girlfriends. Macy tells him that he is going to be locked up for a long while. Even though Marcello will not be having orgasms, Macy can still have hers. Macy makes Marcello worship her pussy while in the new chastity device. The device gets tighter and tighter for him, but Marcello can no longer get a full erection while wearing it. From now on it will be all about Macy’s pleasure. Macy climaxes using her slave’s tongue. After the first, she wants a second orgasm. Marcello lays on the floor and labors at licking as Macy climaxes over and over. She can cum and he can’t. Marcello finally understands his place. (11:42 long)



Lana Luxor - Spoiled Princess Receives Ass Worship while Texting

Lana Luxor plays around on her phone, ignoring her slave while it licks her ass. Occasionally, she gives it some verbal instruction, “Go deeper! Lick harder!” The slave obeys. Lana is very demanding. She likes her ass worshipped a certain way. She shows her slave a picture on her phone screen, “Do you think my Bull will like this skirt?” She asks. The slave nods ‘yes’ and keeps licking. Lana is very bratty and demanding. The slave tries its best to do what she says. Lana is not satisfied with her slave’s worship. If it doesn’t improve, she will rack him up him, beat him, and then sell him to another. (10:27 long)


Macy Cartel - Enjoys Pussy Worship after Shopping Trip

1080 HD Macy has had an enjoyable shopping trip with her generous friend, Marcello. She has had a great day of being spoiled. After so much walking around the mall Macy wants her feet massaged. Marcello happily obliges. He is such a good friend and happy to do whatever Macy wants. Macy tells Marcello a secret. A guy once sucked on her toes and she liked it. Marcello thinks that licking and sucking a foot is a little weird, but he is willing to try it to make his friend happy. Soon Marcello is fully worshipping Macy’s feet and Macy is getting everything she wants. Marcello thinks that things are going well and asks Macy if maybe he can take her out to dinner some night. Macy doesn’t really want to have dinner but would like him to take her shopping again sometime. Macy moves her independently wealthy friend’s mouth from her feet to her pussy. Marcello keeps licking. While he worships her pussy Macy suggests to Marcello that he start giving her a weekly allowance for spending. Marcello is a little hesitant to give Macy the amount she wants. Eventually, Macy gets an orgasm along with her gifts and weekly $500 allowance. (12:55 long)


Macy - Stocking Leg Fuck Humiliation of Beta

Locked Betas can suffer from chastity blues which can reduce their work output.  Macy can sense her Beta needs a chastity release and allows it to hump her pantyhose leg.  The beta eagerly fucks her stocking leg and humiliates itself.  It just feels so damn good to the beta to be out of chastity finally!  Who cares what it looks like? The beta takes advantage of this rare release.  Macy likes to make beta suck on her thong to humiliate it more.  Then Macy lowers her pantyhose and tells the beta to eat her ass.  The beta is in heaven! 


Kendall - I am the Boss of you Now Kiss My Ass (1080 HD)

1080 HD:   Madam Kendall is very strict with her slaves.  She has no tolerance for disobedience of any kind.  In this clip, Bossy Madam Kendall puts her slave in its proper place by making him kiss her amazing ass.  “I will show you who the Boss is!”


Kendall - Little Servant Worships Ass of Bossy Girl

1080 HD:  Kendall loves being bossy.  She loves having her little servant tend to her ass.  He is forced to rub lotion on her amazing ass every day.  The loser has to be in chastity all the time.  She makes him kiss her amazing ass over and over to put him in his place.  “I want more oil!” she exclaims.  The servant tries to make his boss happy but Kendall is especially crabby today. (5:32 long