Ass Worship

Jazmin - Ass Eating by Step Brother

Jazmin has a step-brother! Her mom is dating his dad. Jazmin put him in chastity because he never listens. He has to go to work in an hour, just enough time for him to lick her ass. SO humiliating. Having to lick his step-sisters asshole!!! He licks it good. Up and down and in circles. Jazmin just wants more money. So she makes him get more shifts at work. As he is eating her ass, her mom sends her a pic of his dad eating her ass! THEY ARE BOTH BETAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Licking asses while in chastity. That’s SO beta. Fucking losers.


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Jazmin - Foot and Ass Worship While Making Mud

Jazmin is sitting on the toilet. Doing #2. This loser nerd is laying in front of the toilet licking her feet clean as she does what she has to. How humiliating!! She would never do anything like that in front of her boyfriend. Betas don’t deserve respect! When she is finished she stands up and demands he lick her asshole. He uses his tongue to clean her asshole out. Getting everything nice and perfect again. LOL human toilet paper.


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Natalya POV - Ass Smothering Training

You know you have a weak spot for her ass. Her beautiful, tight ass. Prove yourself. Show that your worthy of being close to her gorgeous delicious ass of hers. I know your getting hard right now just watching this preview. Natalya loves to smother little bitches like you. If you wanna earn a place beneath her ass you need to with stand everything it dishes out. She will sit on your face over and over til your out. No complaints. This POV will help you practice. Get ready for the real thing.



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Ava - Little Danni Sacrifices for Keyholder Sister and Friends

Danni has been a good beta. He has been making his payments on time. Soooo that means……  he gets to come out of chastity! Ava is so cruel. She decides she needs one more task before being freed. She seduces him by making him rub oil all over her perfect body. She has a huge ass and beautiful hips. She gives him his choices. Cum on the bathroom floor and eat it or bring her and her sister to the mall and fuck his wallet. He leans towards the cumming option. He just wants to cum so bad. But he also wants to make the girls happy. He needs to willingly give up his orgasm to take them shopping. He is so vulnerable.


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Ava - Submit to My Ass

This clip is meant for Beta’s trying to step up their ass addiction game.  Great clip to edge to over and over on Friday or Saturday nights when normal men are out on dates.  Brat Princess Audio, Video cut ins, and words flash on the screen and really do a number on your brain.  This will make you submissive to ass and open your beta brain to the idea of giving in and submitting unconditionally to a girl that will never fuck you.  Extremely humiliating!  The truth hurts!


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Ava - A Brat with Ass Like this will Destroy You

You love brats with asses. Its so hard for you to resist my perfect ass. Especially when its all oiled up in your face. Swaying back and fourth, jiggling, twerking, teasing you...Making it so hard to be in chastity. You beg to be let out. Kiss it, lick it, beg for it. It's so funny how desperate you are. You're an ass addict. You love jerking to ass. Goon and send. Show me how much of an ass freak you really are. I know how hard it is for you to have all this ass in your face and you can't do anything about it. My boyfriend gets to fuck me, you don’t because you're BETA. It makes you feel so stupid but you know you're a loser so you deal with it. My ass gets me whatever I want. If I want your money you send it. You can't help it. I want to be spoiled!! Listen to me talk about what a loser you are and how you'd do anything for hot girls with asses. Make me happy beta.

- Ava

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Ava - Best Gooners Goon Right After Work

Goon for me Freak!! A mesmerizing clip with special effects. Flaunting my perfect body in a bright pink sexy bikini sliding my fingers across my ass and cupping my tits with my hands making them bounce up and down. Wearing one of my favorite expensive pair of red bottoms and stomping my foot to make my ass jiggle. You become so weak just by thinking about my ass and now your even weaker watching it move around on your screen. You want to cum so bad! BUT NO cuming just sending! One hand is on your cock and the other is on SEND. Listen to my demanding voice and follow my voice instructions. Send when I say so. I love watching you be a pathetic humiliating loser gooning for me as your just sending me all your money! HAHAH!.. You hear some audio inserts of my voice mocking you and urging you to spoil me and goon for me! There are also other clips of my amazing ass, body and tits that will make you and your wallet explode! This video is another reminder at how perfect I am and how pathetic you are. You're reminded how hot girls use you and you will never be a hot alpha. You're beta for life! Just gooning away and opening up your wallet to hot girls like me. You realize that is your only purpose in this world. So keep gooning for me loser and send tributes!

- Ava

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Ava Bikini Brat has Beta Boy Rub Baby Oil on Big Bubble Butt

Dani is in the other room doing dishes, but Ava NEEDS him to come rub oil on her right now so that she can go to the beach. He asks if he can come with her. What the fuck kind of question is that?! LOL Why would a hot girl dare to be caught in public with a puny little loser like him?! So, Dani asks another dumb question. He asks if he can be let out of chastity while she is away because he is getting really sore. Dani rubs oil all over her while he sits in pain with a throbbing dick. He knows he is going to miss her so much when she is gone. He just wants to be let out so bad. But its not up to him. Ava makes sure she teases him before leaving. LOL Pure agony. Now time for Dani to go to work. BYE LOSER!

After you watch Ava taunt Dani with her ass, its YOUR TURN! Get brain cleaned by Ava’s radiant body. STROKE IT. YOU KNOW HOW BAD YOU WANT TO STROKE. DO IT. Just listen to Ava and watch her body. You are obsessed now. !

  • Princess Crystal


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Nika – I will Tighten the Strap as Much as I Want

Nika lays on her stomach looking beyond sexy wearing black lingerie. Her slave is being stuck up her ass by a harness. He is laying on the bed struggling to breathe. His head is so far up there. Its pure agony for him because he knows this is as close as he will ever get to her pussy. He won’t ever get to fuck her. He is an ass eater and that’s all he will ever be!!! A loser beta who gets bossed around and told what to do. Nika will tighten the harness as tight as she pleases!


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Cherry - Texts Boyfriend while Cuck Worships Pussy (1080) (2021 Remaster)

Cherry texts her boyfriend while her cuck licks her pussy. Cherry uses her bare feet to push the cuck’s head further between her legs. She laughs at some funny pictures her boyfriend is sending while the cuck works to pleasure her. Cherry’s boyfriend starts sexting. He sends some pictures of his cock. Cherry reminds the cuck that her boyfriend’s dick is huge. Cherry explains to the cuck that, technically, what they are doing is not cheating because it’s not like she could ever have feelings for a cuck. She texts some of her girlfriends to come over. The cuck is on duty to serve Cherry tonight. He’ll have to serve Cherry’s friends as well. Cherry doesn’t want to hear any complaints about worshiping her friend’s pussies, too. If, that’s what her girlfriends choose to use him for. Whatever her girlfriends want, it’s the cuck’s duty to provide.  (7:45  long) 

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