Ass Worship

Jazmin Luv - Brat Demands Ass Licking

Jazmins boyfriend has a big cock! He always rips her when they fuck. So, it’s a good idea she uses this dumb ass to get her prepped. He is willing to do anything. Cause he’s a fucking freak and no one likes him. He eats her ass and pussy to get everything wet and ready for her boyfriend. He moves her thong side to side so he can get it really wet everywhere. She should probably orgasm once just to make her pussy really really ready. Jazmin looks down at him. She is wearing his chastity key. She laughs seeing how tight his cage is on him. Nice n snug. No room for movement. So, he was clearly in agony while eating her out.


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Amber - Smother Harness Torment

Sometimes ( most the time ) Amber hates seeing her betas face. He is so ugly he just needs to be hidden in a dark space. UP HER ASS! The smother harness is really good for that. Amber gets ready. She is about to go meet up with her friend. She lectures him on how he needs to not embaress her!!! He is such a failure he will probably fuck up somehow.


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Jazmin and Penelope - Remember to Flush him Ass Worship

Fluffy eats ass. That’s the only thing he is good for. And even that he fucks up. Jazmin and Penelope are just relaxing. Making plans for the night. They want to go out to eat. Jazmins boyfriend wanted to watch football, so they aren’t going to hangout. So, the girls decide where to eat. Mexican? Italian? They cant make up their mind! Fluffy will be home with his mouth open. Waiting to eat their shit!!

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Natalya - Excessive Use of the Smother Harness

He is no longer a human. He is an object. Subjected to her ass. Her big beautiful perfect ass. That’s all he can smell. He breathes in her ass and no outside air, all while she takes selfies! When you look hot you take selfies. DUH! But sometimes these betas squirm around and ruin the picture. Fucking rude. So she straps him in tighter. Its where he belongs. Especially now that she already took his credit cards and is getting excited to go for margaritas with her friends. Girls love margaritas.


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Ashley Edmonds - Wimp Husband Manipulated into Second Job by Chastity and Ass Worship

Ashley is a very strict wife. She controls the marriage and does whatever she wants all while making her husband do whatever she says. She wants more. More money and more gifts. She just wants him to give her EVERYTHING. Its never enough. She knows he is weak for her ass. He loves smelling it and eating it. He will do anything she says especially if she puts her ass in his dumb loser face. He must get a second job. It’s funny because he’s stupid!


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Nicole Sage – Face Fucks Stepdad til Orgasm

Nicole is such a little brat. She takes after another dominant bitch in the family. Slaves ex wife. He would always be used as a cuck beta bitch. She handed him down to her. He is all Nicoles now. She is going to use him in every way. Today she went to the gym and got SO sweaty. She makes him lick it all clean. As he is licking he tastes something. CUM!!! HE tasted cum. Because last night Nicole fucked her hot boyfriend. So now beta is slurping up sweaty ass and old cum. LOL! What a dumb cuck. Its all he will ever be.


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Nicole Sage - Little Bitch Cuck Eats Goddesses Ass

Nicoles stepdad is such a little bitch! He’s always whining about having to clean up her pussy and ass after she gets fucked. He is a dumb cuck! He is used to being a cuck for his x wife, but he knows in his head that Nicole is going to be much more ruthless. He does whatever she says. He eats her ass so good. He knows he likes being right in there.


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Nicole Sage - Stepdaughter Takes Over Chastity Key

Nicole Sage just became a keyholder. A keyholder to a really special type of loser. Her stepdad! It had been a long time coming and she finally got to keep the keys. He doesn’t know what he is in for. Nicole is such a brat and is going to bring him down to his knees! She’s going to use him and make him so weak. She is going to get whatever she wants. She wants her ass ate. She bends over and he shoves his face deep in. He loves the taste of her ass. She sits on his face. He squirms because he needs air. But he is falling in love with the scent of her pussy and ass. He sticks his tongue out so she can ride back and forth so he licks it all over. She has her stepdaddy wrapped around her finger!!


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Jazmin - Ass Eating by Step Brother

Jazmin has a step-brother! Her mom is dating his dad. Jazmin put him in chastity because he never listens. He has to go to work in an hour, just enough time for him to lick her ass. SO humiliating. Having to lick his step-sisters asshole!!! He licks it good. Up and down and in circles. Jazmin just wants more money. So she makes him get more shifts at work. As he is eating her ass, her mom sends her a pic of his dad eating her ass! THEY ARE BOTH BETAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Licking asses while in chastity. That’s SO beta. Fucking losers.


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Jazmin - Foot and Ass Worship While Making Mud

Jazmin is sitting on the toilet. Doing #2. This loser nerd is laying in front of the toilet licking her feet clean as she does what she has to. How humiliating!! She would never do anything like that in front of her boyfriend. Betas don’t deserve respect! When she is finished she stands up and demands he lick her asshole. He uses his tongue to clean her asshole out. Getting everything nice and perfect again. LOL human toilet paper.


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