Nerd Abuse by Mean Girls

Jennifer and Sasha - Its Sissy School for the Boy

Sasha stops at her locker to chat with Jennifer.  Jennifer tells Sasha she needs a Sissy to practice on for her Sissy Training 101 class.   Sasha offers up her boy Danni to use. 

Sasha is Danni’s key holder.  She has him naked in chastity on a leash carrying all her books between classes.  She doesn’t need him for her next class Findom 101.  She usually puts him in her locker to stay during Findom 101.

The girls start bullying Danni when he says he’s a boy and doesn’t want to be a girl.  He is humiliated and shoved into a locker and the door is locked and shut.  Danni is in quite the predicament now.  The girls decided to skip class.  How long will his keyholder leave him in her locker? 

BP - He Brushes its teeth with his own Cum LOL

Brat Princess Natalya brought one of her personal slaves to the house so he could be humiliated by the rest of the girls.  Kaylie, Mariah, and Lilah all join in and destroy this boy’s self-esteem.  They make it goon in front of them while putting their feet right in his face.  All the girls spit on his dick for lube and laugh at his efforts.  The slave has been in chastity so long he blows a huge load.  Natalya requires all her beta bitches to eat their own cum.  It keeps the boys in their place.  Natalya further emasculates the boy by having him brush his teeth with his own cum.  Eww!  The slave scrapes up a dollop of cum on the brush and brushes his teeth with his own filth while the girls laugh right in his stupid beta face!  What a loser!


Jessica and Natalya - Brats Humiliate Mr Kim their teacher

Freshman Jessica is learning about Mr. Kim.  They are both skipping Gym class and Natalya takes the time to show Jessica what they can do to him.  Mr. Kim is utterly humiliated being forced to lick their gym heels.  The girls make Mr. Kim fail Chloe which will certainly result with him getting into trouble with Her.  These brat girls are ruining his life!  He is so weak!  This clip has lots of forced foot smelling, dirty shoe licking and outrageous brat princess behavior!  This clip is a humiliation, foot smelling, shoe licking, epic!


Macy - Tramples a Boy by the Pool while Other Girls Take Pictures

Macy tramples a small boy by the pool while two other girls take pictures of his humiliation. She tramples the little guy’s chastity and abdomen while she poses in her bikini for the cameras. Macy is a tall and muscular girl. She weighs more than the skinny guy she is putting her full weight on! She looks so sexy using the tiny boy to showcase her own size and strength. The comparison is unbelievable. Her big toe is bigger than his little locked-up penis! Macy bounces on the tiny boy so that her tits and ass look good for the cameras. The girls all giggle as the little guy cries out in protest and pain. The humiliation is brutal, and the girls all know that this clip will make them a lot of money once it’s on the Internet. (7:18 long)



Kat and Natalya - Humiliation Spin Game

Kat and Natalya want to play a humiliation spin game with their slave. They release the eager goon from chastity. He is allowed to stroke for the pretty girls while they play. The girls have made a wheel of fortune for the game. All sorts of humiliating tasks have been added to the wheel. The girls spin. Whatever the wheel lands on the slave must endure. First up is face slapping. The slave gets two hard face slaps from each girl to start. The girls continue to spin the wheel and the slave racks up many humiliating tasks, required worship edges, and financial tributes. By the end of the game the slave has made a big fool of himself and spent quite a lot of money. The girls don’t care how much he’s entertained them or how much he’s spent. They deny the slave an orgasm and lock him back up in chastity. (15:38 long)


Chloe and Natalya - Wrestle and Scissor Brother in Bed (1080 HD)

1080 HD Natalya’s brother, danni, is very wimpy and scrawny. The girls don’t understand how it can be that they are much bigger and stronger than him. The girls call danni into the bedroom, where they have been talking about him. Danni wanders in wearing only his chastity device. The girls wrestle danni onto the bed and overpower him. Natalya and Chloe pin danni down to the bed and Natalya sits on her brother’s face. The girls laugh at how easy it was to overpower scrawny danni. With her brother’s face pressed into her ass, Natalya threatens to fart on him. Natalya’s friend from school, Chloe, sits on danni’s face next. Natalya really wants to muster up a few farts to unleash in her brother’s face, but she doesn’t have any fuel. Just the threat of getting farted on is enough to humiliate her brother, though. Instead of gassing him, Natalya decides to smother her brother in her crotch. She straddles danni’s face and controls his breath. Then, Natalya locks her brother into a scissorhold. She shows Chloe how to do it, so she can too. Chloe gets danni into a scissorhold and dazes him with the strength of her thighs. Natalya tells danni that she’s going to eat nothing but broccoli and cheese later, so that she can be sure to add farts to the mix next time they pin him down. Danni is very humiliated. The girls were right. Danni can easily get beat up by a girl. (11:20 long)


Chloe and Natalya - Dannis Toy Cars Crushed by Mean Sister and Friend (1080 HD)

1080 HD Natalya and her friend, Chloe, have just found her brother, Danni’s, old toy cars in a closet. Danni is very happy to see the toys resurfaced. Natalya hates to see her brother happy. Noticing that Danni is still so emotionally attached, the girls decide to destroy his old toys. Danni asks if he can hold his cars, but instead, the girls throw them on the ground and crush them with their shoes. Danni is visibly upset to see his favorite toys destroyed by his mean sister and her friend. The girls think it’s funny to see Danni so bothered. They crush the toy cars to smithereens while Danni gets emotional. Then, they leave Danni alone with his broken toys. Danni, crestfallen, tries to fit together the pieces of his destroyed cars. The girls reenter the living room to find Danni attempting to reassemble the cars. They rip them from Dannis hands and crush the toys until they are well-beyond repair.  Danni cries while the mean girls bully him. The girls laugh and have a lot of fun making Danni cry. When the girls are sure that Danni will never be able to put back together the pieces, they tell him to get the broom and sweep away the mess. Natalya laughs at her weak older brother while he sweeps the remnants of his beloved toys into a dustbin. (7:19 long)

Chloe - Dweeb Worships a Cheerleaders Feet (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe’s had a rough cheerleading practice. Her feet are very sweaty. Chloe makes nerdy little danni take off her sneakers and smell her socks. Dweeby danni does as he is told by the pretty girl. Chloe makes danni take her socks off and worship her feet. While danni is worshiping Chloe’s feet, Chloe tells him that he is going to be entered in a strap on contest. The contest is something she and some of her friends are doing for fun. Danni does not want to participate. Chloe does not care what danni wants. He is going to have to be a part of the contest anyway. Chloe loves to humiliate the little dweeb. She tells danni that the whole cheer squad is coming over later. He's going to have to worship the feet of every girl on the squad. Danni tries to complain, but Chloe reminds him that he does not have a choice. (8:01 long)

Chloe and Mariah - Abuse a Scrawny Nerd (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe was embarrassed by a loser at school. She let him carry her books once, and he decided to go out and get her a tennis bracelet. Chloe’s friend, Mariah, thinks it’s kinda sweet that the nerd bought Chloe a gift. And yeah, the bracelet is nice, but Chole didn’t want him to give it to her in front of the whole class. People will get the wrong impression if they see a little dweeb giving a pretty girl presents. Now, Chloe’s been publicly embarrassed. She did keep the tennis bracelet that he bought, but only because she really liked the bracelet itself. But still, the nerd needs to be taught a lesson. Chloe and Mariah invite him over after school. They chew him out for embarrassing Chloe in front of everyone. Chloe can’t let people think she would actually date a guy like him. It’s terrible for her image. She’s a cheerleader. She goes after jocks, not scrawny little nerds. Chloe and Mariah circle him and physically push him around. He doesn’t defend himself, but he asks the girls to “please stop.” The girls don’t. They can’t believe that he won’t even try to stand up for himself. The pretty girls tell him to kneel down and kiss their shoes. He does as the girls say and kisses their shoes. Chloe makes the nerd crawl back and forth between she and Mariah and kiss their shoes. She decides that she wants him to crawl around behind her all day at school tomorrow. She wants everybody to see the type of relationship they really have. He embarrassed her, now it’s his turn to be publicly humiliated. Chloe fits the nerd with a pink collar and leash. She trains him to crawl around behind her while on the leash. It’s good practice for the way he will crawl behind her in school. Chloe and Mariah are both wearing black, shiny pumps, and they like to keep them shiny. They decide to use the dweeb’s mouth to shine up their pumps. The nerd thinks it’s weird that the girls want him to lick their shoes. Chloe gets him to do it anyway. He does absolutely everything Chloe tells him to do. Chloe tells him that tomorrow morning, she wants him to meet her in the quad. She’s snapping the leash around his scrawny neck and then he’s going to buy her breakfast. (13:26 long)


Chloe - If you Were a Man Would you Fuck Me in This Little Black Dress (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe is trying on some new clothes. She looks very sexy in a new black dress. Her boyfriend will love it. Danni kneels in the corner. Chloe asks danni, “If you were a real man, would you want to fuck me in this dress?” Danni admits that the dress is very nice on Chloe, and were he a real man, he would want to fuck her. It takes some coaxing from Chloe to get danni to admit fully that he isn’t a real man, but eventually she gets the truth out of him. Once danni’s place has been established, Chloe wants him to lick her boots clean. Her boots are tall and black and very sexy. She wants them to look nice and clean for her boyfriend. Danni licks Chloe’s boots. Chloe is very excited to meet up with her boyfriend for date night. It’s Saturday night. Danni will be spending his Saturday night doing Chloe’s homework. Around 1 or 2 am, Chloe wants danni to make his way to the club. She wants him to lick her boots and her girlfriends’ boots in front of everybody at the club. Danni definitely does not want to be embarrassed in front of everyone, but he also doesn’t want to disappoint Chloe. Danni agrees to show up at the club, after doing Chloe’s homework, and lick her friends boots clean in front of everyone. This clip includes a bonus highlight at the end of a Chloe in “First Time Chastity Boy Complains after First Week.” (7:17 long)