Nerd Abuse by Mean Girls

Ava and Kat - Beta gets Humiliated by College Girls

The girls had held a measuring day contest. Where they measure the dicks of boys in college. If they are 6 + inches then they are alphas. If they are less than 6 then they are a beta! In their minds they had known slave fluffy was a beta. Look at him, he’s fucking ugly and dumb. Anyways, they had freed him from chastity before the contest and made him jerk off. LOL This would ensure his dick wouldn’t be 6 inches. They really got him good.

Anyways, fast forward the girls are laughing at him. He feels so embarrassed. Listen to what the alphas and hot girls did to him in school!


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Amber and Benny - Alpha Break up Leads to Beta Room Mate

Benny cannot believe his luck!  Amber is fighting again with her boyfriend but this time its for real.  Amber breaks up with him and now finally Benny has his chance. Amber needs a place to stay now.  She needs help moving all of her stuff as well.  Its so heavy!  Benny offers Amber to stay with him. Amber agrees but she has some conditions! Things are looking up for Benny!


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Amber and Benny - Best Friend Shopping Spree and Foot Domination

Amber and Ben are best friends. Ben has a super crush on Amber.  He likes her a lot.  In more than just a friend way.  Amber knows this but Ben is beta.  Socially awkward and not attractive.  At all.  Amber thinks Ben is a great friend and does not want to lose him as a friend, shopping buddy, uber, outfit tester, and foot masseuse.   Like most hot girls of today, Amber keeps a number of betas, simps, mutts, pay pigs, and cucks in her orbit for her to use.  Amber found benny as a beta and has him transformed into a simp.  She looks at Benny as an easy mark.  She will work him down to a cuck in 24 7 chastity eventually. 

In this clip, Amber let Ben take her on a simp date.  Saturday afternoons are great time for a simp date.  The simp buys outfits for dates with Alpha in the evening.  The simp buys outfits for the girl to wear for her Alpha!  This clip shows Amber coming home from being spoiled! A new pair of red bottoms!  Amber loves to take simp trophy pictures to her boyfriend.  It’s a major flex for a hot girl to her boyfriend.  Amber takes pictures and texts them to her boyfriend.  Amber and her boyfriend text about benny.  How stupid he is and how Amber will get him to pay his cell phone.  You see the texts pop up on the screen as they come and go.  It’s funny how an alpha couple talks about a simp behind his back and in front of his stupid face.  The simp is clueless.  Its funny because he is being taken advantage of. The boyfriend texts her to get the simp to pay his cell phone!  Amber meanwhile has moved the simp on to its knees. He has rubbed her feet, smelled her stocking, rubbed her bare feet and sucked on her toes.  The simp is being made fun of and he has no idea!  There are several Brat Princess audio cut ins reminding the viewer of things.  At the end the simp has to endure even more humiliation!  Stings doesn’t it? (24:33 long)


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Amber and Benny - oops you kissed my foot

Amber and Benny are best friends.  Benny is always there for Amber and she is always ready to take!  Benny crushes hard on Amber and is socially awkward and is terribly beta.  Amber likes to keep a lot of beta’s in her orbit to use as needs arise.  Things like car rides, help with annoying bills, a shoulder to cry on, and even help with chores around the house that need to be done.  Beta chores like lifting heavy things that need to be lifted, killing spiders (eww), changing light bulbs in creepy closets, fixing things, dishes, vacuuming, foot rubs, and even helping to pick out date outfits!  In this clip, Amber texts with her amazing boyfriend while her simp Benny gives her a foot rub.  Amber loves toying and teasing with Benny and she playfully has him kiss her feet.  Amber is humiliating him.  Mostly for fun, but also she has a long term plan to exploit him as much as she can.  The humiliation will pave the way for more submissive behavior in the future.  The way she texts her boyfriend about Benny is so funny!   If you are a simp and have ever been out shopping with a girl and you see her texting someone, now you can read what they say about you!! (11:25 long)

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Lexi and Nika - Beta Sold to New Keyholder

Stupid beta mutt is getting rehomed! He is getting a new owner. Nika is taking over! Lexi and Nika go over the new contract. He is all hers now! Lexi hands over the keys. Time to tell him about how the contract works. Amber is selling him to Nika for $10,00. And now he is in debt to Nika and WILL be paying interest. If he doesn’t make payments then he will indeed be kicked in the balls. Everything is signed everything is ready. Nika is now the new keyholder. Goodluck, BOY.


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Amber and Ava - Trample and Whip Exhausted Slave

After days of using their slave, Amber and Ava decide to give him another beating. He is all bruised and scarred from the days before. They look so hot in their shiny outfits. Their slave is made to lay on the floor as they inspect his bruises. Then they trample him in their heels and then make him roll over so they can give him a proper whipping. They want to increase his pain tolerance. So, they start counting their whips. He is being used fully for their satisfaction

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BP - Short Fat Fuck Piece of Shit Loser Gets Some Attention

One day I received a message in my Twitter DM’S. I read it and it was this beta begging me to let him be a slave. So, I met with him at a coffee shop. The second he walked in I literally spit my drink out and died laughing. He was the shortest, ugliest loser I have ever met! Automatically I just knew I had to bring him back to the BP house. He followed me there. I had called the girls on the way and I told them all about him and how they won’t stop laughing when he walks through the door. He walks through the door and instantly all of us are laughing. Bullying this little dweeb!!!! He was star struck. Being able to be in the house looking at half naked girls. He was so lucky that day. I don’t think he knew what he was in for. Everyone was so mean to him and made him cry. We verbally abused him and humiliated him. We decided he might be good to make content with. So, we put him through HELL. We spun him around til he almost threw up. We played tennis with him and shoved him back n forth while insulting him. We couldn’t stop laughing. It was a great time. After the camera turned off he was so scared and instantly escaped our house. And was never to be heard from again. LOL We scared the fuck out of that little munchkin elf boy. What the fuck. His ugliness burnt my eyes out.

  • Princess Crystal


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Nika – Shocks Rocking Pony while Teasing Table Slave

In this clip, Nika enjoys herself a human furniture session to make sure her slaves are obedient.  She has one of her betas locked in the table and in chastity. She sits on the table and taunts and teases him by spreading her legs right in his face. She bends over so her ass is in his face and he has no choice but to worship her beautiful ass and body. This is a part of training. Making a slave weak for you by turning them on but not letting them have control of their body or dick. Her mutt slave is on the rocking chair. He is strapped to it and is forced to rock back n forth while getting his balls shocked. This is a form of punishment for him. They both are in her despair and domination.

  • Princess Crystal


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Natalya and Nika – I just Want to Exploit this Nerd

Natalya and Nika have a new slave named BOY. He is very obedient. But it annoys them. So they taunt and tease him. Verbal humiliation and abuse. He is so fucking ugly and gross so they make him spin around naked so they can see his whole body and how not hot he is. He is locked in chastity of course. Maybe they will make him cry if they keep making fun of him. LOL!!!!!!!


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Ava – Beta Tries to Film His Mean Brat Princess

Ezra is such an idiot. He is locked in chastity and Ava is extremely physically mean to him. He thought if he could film Ava beating him secretly he would have leverage on the girls and get some relief from chastity.

He sets up a secret hidden camera. Ava is in a bad mood and begins to punish Ezra. As it is her right. Then Ava notices the hidden camera and Ezras plan is ruined!


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