Nerd Abuse by Mean Girls

Natalya and Nika – Extreme Bullying with their Little Puppy Mutt Shoe Slave

He looks so adorable and so cute after Natalya and Nika put their slaves face in the leather puppy mask. Its his calling. Being a puppy for two beautiful hot girls that would never ever fuck him. He lives for this. To be a good boy for his masters. He takes their heels off and does his little puppy tricks. He is a happy puppy. He shows them how happy he is by panting and begging. He knows he must spin faster and faster and do tricks to entertain these hot girls. He is being taught how to fetch. Fetch for their heels and lick their beautiful feet. If he were a real dog he would be treated better. But he is an ugly slave loser who deserves to get his nose shoved into it spit and dirty smelly feet.  Puppies love their owners no matter what. That’s what a loyal mutt does. And this mutt is very loyal for them.


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Amber - Beta Cocks Deserve To Be Caged

I went out on a date and had one of MY pathetic beta males meet at the restaurant and pay for the whole thing before driving ME home. This dumb idiot thought this was a REAL DATE! HAHAHAH 

Apparently boy isn't very self aware and thought he would end up lucky and takes his clothes off... only to reveal a SUPER UGLY BETA COCK! I couldn't contain my laughter and nearly burst into tears at the sight of it... boy was embarrassed and tried to leave, but I just KNEW I had to help him and offered my expertise. I put boy through a series of humiliating tests to "help" with his gross dick issue. I knew there was NO helping him, but I wanted to get a good laugh out of it before implementing my hidden agenda. Besides, no girl would EVER let him fck her with that thing, EW!

I slap boy, smother his face with my ass and even kicked him in the nuts for the VERY FIRST TIME! (No one had EVER gotten that close to him LOL) The look on his face is priceless! Eventually I tell boy there's ONE last thing to try..... CHASTITY! I make boy put it on and lock him up for good. He was pretty upset to find out he's gonna be a VIRIGIN LOSER (FOREVER), but I just couldn't help myself..... BETA COCKS DESERVE TO BE CAGED! HAHAHAHAHA


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Alexis - Short Small Male Suffers Hand Over Mouth Abuse from Amazon

This was a short clip filmed a few years ago.  Alexis was just noticing how small Danni’s hands are and wanted to do some Hand Over Mouth Abuse.  This clip is mostly that.  Hand Over Mouth making it difficult for Little Danni to breathe.


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Amber - Small boy on Campus Targeted by Greedy Keyholder (Part 2 of 2)

The clip starts off with cruel laughter of boy’s penis and his chastity predicament by hot girl Amber.  Boy has been locked in chastity by the government and faces life in chastity unless he finds a keyholder.  Some betas get kind keyholders and allow them some dignity.  Maybe an Aunt or cousin. This beta got Amber.   Amber explains to boy her Keyholder Transfer Fee to get control of the key from the government.  She takes lots of pictures showing her girlfriends how small boy is.  Amber now is boys keyholder.  Only she can authorize a transfer.  Boy is Amber’s until she decides to sell him.  Amber puts boy through his paces with foot worship and gagging.  “Don’t bite it!  Take it!  Or I will remove your teeth!”  Keyholders can do what they want with betas. Boy now has a chance for chastity relief but first he must make Amber his priority.  She must be made happier. Great catch by Amber! (8:50)


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Amber - Small boy on Campus Targeted by Greedy Keyholder (Part 1 of 2)

All the hot girls have seen this beta boy walking around campus.  Obviously, a beta locked in chastity by the government for having a less than 6 inch penis.  (Sorry we have to draw the line somewhere!)  He seemed adorable!  He has everything a Greedy Keyholder looks for in a beta.  A great slouch, silly hair, socially awkward, super smart, shy, and a job!  All the girls have been trying to become his keyholder, but Amber has his key now!  In this clip Amber humiliates Brian as she takes control of him.   She hates the name Brian.  She thinks its gross.  Amber decides to name the boy herself.  But for now, he is referred to as boy.  She takes pictures of his beta smile and slouch and sends it to her girlfriends.  They are going to be so jealous.  Amber makes boy smell her socks and worships her feet.  “Have you ever gotten this far with a girl before?”, as boy takes off her sneaker.  She completely humiliates boy.   At the end of Part 1 she instructs boy to take off his clothes so she can mock his penis size. (8:41)


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Alexis Grace and Meana – Loser Makes Love to a Toilet (Jerk Off Humiliation)

It’s milking time! Losers get to cum only when a Princess says so. When they cum they have to do it in the toilet. This loser only gets to cum once a month. A loser will never be allowed pussy. Losers are pussy free! The toilet is almost like a girlfriend to a loser because it is the only thing a loser can cum inside. The loser has to lick Alexa’s ass before it cums in the toilet. The girls put a ball gag in the loser’s mouth. Losers are a downer! Alexa spits on its penis. Time to stroke! The loser is very nervous to make love to the toilet. He so timid he can’t even keep an erection to cum in a toilet! No wonder girls hate him. They lock him right back into chastity. No release this month! (6:42 long)


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Amber and Lexie - Andy’s Valentine’s Day Verbal Bratdown

This is sort of a behind the scenes.  It was just going to be a simple foot worship clip.  The camera was turned on but Amber wasn’t ready to go. She was texting her boyfriend.  Amber and her boyfriend were having a little text fight, something boyfriends and girlfriends do all the same.  Andy in his infinite wisdom decides to white knight for Amber and says, “if you were my girl, I wouldn’t treat you that way.”  What was a simple text fight between Amber and her amazing boyfriend has had gasoline thrown on it.  Amber has been insulted that Andy thinks there is some universe in which Amber is “his” girl.  Amber has a big, but totally justified, fit.  Amber really puts Andy in his place with a deeply humiliating verbal beat down, ball shocks, and face slaps.  A Bratdown.  Amber leaves in tears and then it is time for Lexie to step in.  Lexie and Amber are besties!  If you hurt one you hurt both.  Lexie takes revenge on Andy.  Andy has a shock collar on his balls and Lexie uses it to punish Andy with full force shocks.    In the end Amber and her amazing boy friend made up.  Amber was taken out for dinner and they had a great evening.  Andy paid for it.  This clip has extreme verbal humiliation, face slaps, and ball shocks.  Andy is left feeling worthless.


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Ava - Self Esteem Destroyer Mind Straightener with JOI

This is a beautiful relaxing clip that will help straighten a beta/mutt out.  The clip bastes your brain with insults and humiliation while at the same time teaching you to let your stroking be controlled by a bunch of brats.  Self esteem removal does not need to be harsh.  It can be romantic in a way.  This clip is like having Brat Princess walk through your brain with stilettos.  Each step the heels sink into your brain matter.  The resulting damage really adds up!  The clip brings beta’s to edges and then shuts em down quickly after a countdown. This repeated blue balling and gooning will really do a number on you.  The clip features Brat Princess Ava and with the voices and appearances of many other Brat Princesses.  This clip is great to watch before a binge or a reckless cash tribute.  We will loosen you up and breakdown resistance to increasing your porn addiction and submissiveness to brats. This is a must for any beta/simp/mutt who struggles with their lot in life.


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BP – Alexis Humiliates Danni with Wrestling holds while Pretty Girls Watch

1080 HD Alexis is looking for a fight and Danni seems like an easy target. He’s already naked and in chastity! How difficult could he be to overpower? Cameron and Lola watch Alexis put Danni in tight wrestling holds with her strong legs. Danni can get really close to Alexis’ pussy while in the leg locks, but his penis is still locked up! Once Danni is tired Alexis passes him to Cameron. The girls all laugh while Cameron shoves Danni’s face into her pussy and pins him to the floor. There’s no way Danni can get out of this one. He’s way too tired to fight back at all. Alexis is the one to finish the fight. She smothers Danni with her boobs until he’s disoriented. Alexis and Cameron both take a victory pose with Danni dazed on the floor. (13:26 long)


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Kawaii - Wrestles a Small Fry on Bed

Kawaii is bigger than Danni and that means that she is the boss! Kawaii throws her weight around in a wrestling match just to make Danni know his place as a weak, pathetic, loser. He must be reminded that he is a skinny little twerp and that wimps must submit! Danni begs Kawaii for mercy, but she will not hear it. He can squirm all he wants but she will not stop doing as she pleases. She reminds him that she could easily just break his neck. Danni asks Kawaii why she insists on humiliating him and she says, “Because I can!” (10:16 long)


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