Amber – Its Your Fault I’m Off the Team

I'm just getting back from cheer practice and I'm in the WORST MOOD EVER! It was such a bad day, and the only thing that could be responsible for something so awful is this idiot Dink. I'm OBVIOUSLY pissed off and waste NO time taking it out on Dink. I shock its ball and whip its back to let out all of my anger. Shocking and whipping this idiot helps me to calm down. Eventually I command dink to lay on its back so I can sit back and relax while shoving my perfect sweaty cheer feet down its throat. It doesn't even matter WHY I was kicked off the cheer squad, all that matters is that Dink is somehow responsible and I make him PAY for it!!!!!

- Amber


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Jennifer and Mia - Lola Humiliated and Whipped by Cheerleaders Part 2 (1080 HD)

 In part 2, Lola is beaten.  She is beaten for being poor and not apologizing sincerely to Princess Mia for being poor.     Lola is forced to crawl around and kiss the girls cheer shoes.   The mean girls play with Lola as if she were a toy.  Jennifer and Mia are the type of girls that break their toys.  Jennifer makes Lola apologize over and over for being poor and stupid.  Jennifer decides to whip Lola until Princess Mia is satisfied that her beating is adequate.  Mia demands the beating continue harder and longer.  Lola cries but the whipping continues.  This is one of the most intense Brat Princess videos ever.   (13:10 long)

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Jennifer and Mia - Lola Humiliated and Whipped by Cheerleaders Part 1 (1080 HD)

Lola always wanted to be on the cheerleader team.  She was too poor and has to work to pay for school.  The girls were out of the house and Lola was hanging up some of Jennifer’s clothes that she had washed.  She saw a cheerleading uniform and tried it on.  Then the girls came home early from practice.     The girls tear her uniform off and put her on her knees.  Jennifer wants Lola to smell her cheerleader feet.  She eventually shoves her feet in Lola’s mouth.  They force Lola to worship their feet. (14:29 long)

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Mia and Victoria - Blackmail a Math Teacher with a Foot Fetish (Part 2) (720 HD)

The mean girls use their power over their teacher to settle a score with a student.  Mia and Victoria do not like Janet.  They want her to get D’s.  It is not enough they get A’s they want an annoying girl to get bad grades as well.  The girls say they will tell if e does not do what they say.  They have complete control over him and they know it.  He will lose his job if they tell.  The teacher continues to lick their feet as the girls giggle and snap their gum in his face.  They tell him they plan to literally walk all over him.  Victoria stands on him and shoves her toes in his mouth.  The mean girls spit in his mouth and make fun of his soccer ball head.  The girls laugh and abuse their teacher.  They know he has to do what they say.  They place to stop by his office to use his mouth rather then the regular girls bathroom.  Mia puts on her Uggs back on and stands on his chest and wipes her Uggs off on his tongue.  The teacher is completely humiliated and is now at the mercy of these freshmen.  Clip contains:  Foot worship, school girl humiliation and black male of a teacher, Uggs licking, trampling, mean girls, brat princess, cheerleaders, gum snapping, giggling, and spitting.  (10:58 long)

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