Human Ashtray

Mariah and Riley - Human Ashtray gets Scrotum Burned

Mariah and Riley enjoy their cigarette while talking about their hair and nails. They don’t use ashtrays. They use a slaves mouth. Its basically the same thing. They take turns ashing their cigarette and spitting in his mouth.



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BP - 4 Girls Use a Beta Bitch Boy as an Ashtray

Spit and ashes is whats for dinner for this fucking nerd. He begs on his knees waiting to feed. He is their own personal human ashtray. The girls are such bitches! They don’t care or even notice this beta. They laugh as they smoke and talk about life. The girls then make him swallow their cig butts. LOL! Choke it down bitch.

  • Princess Crystal


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Natalya - Personal Wallet Slave used as an Ashtray

Natalya, a fucking goddess dressed in sexy purple has a matching purple collar for her personal slave. Her human ashtray. She walks him all over and makes him do everything. Right now the task is to sit with his mouth open, ready to catch ashes and spit. He is gross. So, he should get treated like it. He is basically a trash can. LOL! Fucking freak! He probably loves the taste of cigarettes. Especially cause her spit rolls on his tongue and slides down his face. Open wide little beta. I hope you like your dinner.

  • Princess Crystal


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Riley - Head in Table Human Ashtray

We moved our table outside for our smoke breaks in between making content. Sometimes after a long day of being hot as hell we need a nice break outside. Of course, one of our slaves is always outside doing yard work, rubbing oil on us or being used as human furniture. Riley smokes a cigarette and uses her slaves mouth as her ashtray. He is so lucky. She even gifts him with her spit. Inside his mouth and on his face! We don’t like him so we don’t care. He barely deserves our smoked ashes!

  • Princess Crystal


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Natalya – Outside Human Ash Tray

It’s cold outside today but Natalya wants to enjoy a cigarette. So, she drags her slave outside and uses him as her ash tray. She doesn’t even let him wear a jacket. LOL ! Oh well, he will get warm by having the hot ashes fall in his gross ass mouth. Natalya is such a princess. She sits right on his stomach and stuffs his mouth with her feet. He actually has a purpose in life now. Her foot wash and personal ash tray. Natalya blows the smoke in his face and spits down his throat. He is a slut for PRINCESS spit. If he could, he would probably bathe in it. LOL When Natalya finishes she makes him eat the cigarette butt and swallow it.


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Natalya - Human Ashtray is a Dumb Old Male

This was shot on a quick break during shooting.  The males are always used as ashtrays for the girls.  Lots of spitting ashing and posing.  The footage looks amazing!  The clip is around 6 minutes long.  The rest of the clip involves highlights from 3 other videos.  Just the best parts!  Human ashtrays will love this clip. 

Simp NOTE:  If you are a simp this is a great way to get a leg up on the competition for your girl!  Imagine the look on the other simps faces when they see you being an ashtray for her and her friends!  They will be so jealous!  You will make her laugh and make her feel special that you let her use your mouth as an ash tray.  She will show you off to her friends and it could be the start of a social life!  Sort of.  It takes some getting used to, but being an ashtray for your girl is a great “in”!  Enjoy! 

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Natalya - Fart and Ashtray Slave Used Outside

This clip shows how little Natalya thinks of lowly submissive beta males.  The video starts off with a fart right in his face she makes him smell.  The rest of the clip is dumping ashes and spitting right in his stupid faggot face hole.  The clip ends with her cruelly putting the cigarette out on its tongue and making him swallow it.


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Kaylie and Lilah - 2 girls One male Mouth Swallow our ash and our butts

Princess Torie’s daughter Lilah happened to drop by last weekend! She just turned 18 and was using a human as an ashtray we went ahead and filmed it.  This clip has a ton of spitting, ashing in mouth, smoke blowing, and swallowing. Kaylie puts out her cigarette on its tongue and Lilah tells it to swallow the butt and ash. The male chokes it down but Lilah is impatient.  I have to ash! Hurry Eventually her male swallows the one butt and Lilah burn its tongue while putting it out. It swallows her butt as well. The girls giggle as they watch it choke down their butts. Lots of spitting and ashing! Yes, this is really Princess Torie’s daughter! (5:47 long)

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BP - Smoking and Spitting on Ashtray Slave

Natalya, Mariah and Alyssa take a smoke break while on set. They use a slave’s mouth as an ashtray and spit all over him. This slave isn’t good for much, but he can be used for waste. The slave obediently holds its tongue out for the girls to ash. The girls make plans for their evening as they cover the slave’s face with their spit and put their cigarettes out on its tongue. The make him chew and swallow the butts. Then, the girls surround him on all sides and spit all over his face. They make the pathetic ashtray slave beg for their spit. The pathetic spit-covered slave begs. The girls cover his face, then abandon him. (10:40 long)


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Mariah and Natalya - Coffee and Cigarettes with Human Ashtray

Mariah and Natalya enjoy morning coffee and cigarettes on their outdoor patio. The girls spit all over and ash their cigarettes into their human ashtray’s mouth. He’s such a loser! The girls make some lunch and shopping plans for later in the day. They talk about some of the new stuff they want to buy when they go to the mall all while they spit and ash all over their pathetic slave. Pretty girls can get losers to do anything! Even swallow their cigarette ash. The girls plan their next manicures. Then, they put both of their cigarettes out on the slave’s tongue and make him chew and swallow the butts. They take the losers credit card and head out together for a day of spending. (8:23 long)


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