Human Ashtray

Natalya - Fart and Ashtray Slave Used Outside

This clip shows how little Natalya thinks of lowly submissive beta males.  The video starts off with a fart right in his face she makes him smell.  The rest of the clip is dumping ashes and spitting right in his stupid faggot face hole.  The clip ends with her cruelly putting the cigarette out on its tongue and making him swallow it.


Kaylie and Lilah - 2 girls One male Mouth Swallow our ash and our butts

Princess Torie’s daughter Lilah happened to drop by last weekend! She just turned 18 and was using a human as an ashtray we went ahead and filmed it.  This clip has a ton of spitting, ashing in mouth, smoke blowing, and swallowing. Kaylie puts out her cigarette on its tongue and Lilah tells it to swallow the butt and ash. The male chokes it down but Lilah is impatient.  I have to ash! Hurry Eventually her male swallows the one butt and Lilah burn its tongue while putting it out. It swallows her butt as well. The girls giggle as they watch it choke down their butts. Lots of spitting and ashing! Yes, this is really Princess Torie’s daughter! (5:47 long)

BP - Smoking and Spitting on Ashtray Slave

Natalya, Mariah and Alyssa take a smoke break while on set. They use a slave’s mouth as an ashtray and spit all over him. This slave isn’t good for much, but he can be used for waste. The slave obediently holds its tongue out for the girls to ash. The girls make plans for their evening as they cover the slave’s face with their spit and put their cigarettes out on its tongue. The make him chew and swallow the butts. Then, the girls surround him on all sides and spit all over his face. They make the pathetic ashtray slave beg for their spit. The pathetic spit-covered slave begs. The girls cover his face, then abandon him. (10:40 long)


Mariah and Natalya - Coffee and Cigarettes with Human Ashtray

Mariah and Natalya enjoy morning coffee and cigarettes on their outdoor patio. The girls spit all over and ash their cigarettes into their human ashtray’s mouth. He’s such a loser! The girls make some lunch and shopping plans for later in the day. They talk about some of the new stuff they want to buy when they go to the mall all while they spit and ash all over their pathetic slave. Pretty girls can get losers to do anything! Even swallow their cigarette ash. The girls plan their next manicures. Then, they put both of their cigarettes out on the slave’s tongue and make him chew and swallow the butts. They take the losers credit card and head out together for a day of spending. (8:23 long)


Natalya and Veronica - Sorority Girls Share Human Ashtray (1080 HD)

1080 HD It’s Veronica’s first week at college and she’s met a new friend, Natalya. Natalya invites Veronica back to her sorority house and shows her around. The sorority house is full of slaves, each of which has been assigned a specific role. Natalya shows Veronica the ashtray slave. They keep him out in the cold garage of the on-campus house. Natalya explains that they keep the ashtray slave’s face covered because he looks poor. The ashtray slave swallows the cigarette ash of the rich, bratty, girls. This is what happens to puny beta males who get into college with a needs-based scholarship. Wealthy sorority brats turn them into human ashtrays in the opulent sorority house. The girls giggle while they put their cigarettes right out on the financially challenged beta male’s tongue. They even make him chew and swallow the butts. (7:29 long)



Lizzy and Natalya - Slave Let Out of Cage to Serve as Ashtray (1080 HD)

1080 HD Lizzy and Natalya let a male slave out of its cage, so that it’s mouth can serve as an ashtray. The slave must swallow all the girls’ smoke, ashes, and butts. He is just their air filter and ash receiver, nothing more to them. The girls plan a shopping trip while smoking. They will put the slave back in its cage before they leave. He is never allowed out of the cage while they are gone and is only let out when he is used for a specific purpose by the girls in the household. The girls force their cigarette butts into the slave’s mouth as he gags and coughs. They spit all over his face, then lock him back up. (7:22 long)


Natalya - Uses Human Ashtray in the Snow (1080 HD)

1080 HD Natalya sits on her human furniture to keep her butt warm while smoking a cigarette outside in the winter. She keeps her toes warm by keeping them inside the loser’s mouth. When it’s time to ash her cigarette she uses its mouth for that, too. Natalya smothers the loser with her feet so that it can’t breathe. The loser is pretty useless, but Natalya keeps it around to do things like keep her toes warm and dispose of the cigarette ash. At least that’s something. Natalya covers the nearly-useless loser’s face with spit. When she’s finished using the slave’s mouth as an ashtray, she tells it to carry her back inside so that her precious feet do not have to touch the cold ground. (7:55 long)


Skylar - Smokes Two Cigarettes on Balcony with Human Ashtray

1080 HD Princess Amber, of The Mean Girls, looks very sexy using her loser slave’s mouth as her ashtray. Amber is very mean to the slave. She spits right in its face and makes it swallow all her ash. Amber treats the slave like the lowly thing it is. She makes the loser swallow the first cigarette butt of the day. Amber goes out to the patio a little while later to smoke a second cigarette. She makes the slave follow her out again, but this time stripped totally naked and collared. They are out in the open and people in other buildings can see the loser’s humiliation of being naked, collared, and used as an ashtray. Amber burns the slave’s tongue with her lit cigarette and stuffs the remaining butt into its mouth. “Chew it!” She commands as she heads back into the penthouse with indifference. (6:25 long)



Chloe and Sasha - Humiliated with Ashtray Servitude (1080 HD)

1080 HD This clip is a double feature. In the first part, Sasha uses a slave’s mouth after she and Chloe have just ballbusted it. Chloe sips a cool drink while both girls enjoy the breeze. The slave’s mouth fills with ash from Sasha’s cigarette. Chloe spits in the slave’s mouth. The girls talk about how great it was to have just busted the slave’s balls. They decide that after the smoke break they want to whip him next. The girls laugh at how filthy the ashtray slave’s mouth has gotten. Sasha puts her cigarette out on the slave’s tongue and both girls head inside with the slave to whip him.

In the next section, Sasha uses a sissy slave’s mouth as an ashtray. The sissy is about to compete in a shoulder riding competition. Sasha wants the sissy to win the race. Chloe come out on the porch with the slave that she’s about to race. Chloe makes her slave do push ups so that it will be strong for the shoulder riding. Sasha puts her lit cigarette into the sissy slave’s mouth, and the girls giggle as everyone gets ready for the race to start. (7:01 long)


Veronica - 19 Year Old Cheerleader Uses Step Father as Human Ashtray (1080 HD)

1080 HD Veronica hates her step-dad so much but can manipulate him because she is a 19-year-old cheerleader and he is a pervert. Every once in awhile the old fart gets out of line and tries to act like a real dad to Veronica and lay down the law. But he’s isn’t Veronica’s real dad and she knows that she doesn’t have to listen to him. Veronica’s step-dad asked her to please stop smoking in the garage. Veronica will do as she pleases, and in fact, she will use her perverted step-father’s mouth as her ashtray. Veronica puts her cigarette out on her step-dad’s tongue. She makes him swallow the butt and all the ashes for her so that mom won’t find out she’s been smoking in the garage, again. Her step-dad is such a pushover. He does exactly as his 19-year-old step-daughter commands. (4:47 long)