Natalya POV

Natalya POV - Back Again to Worship My Ass (1080 HD)

1080 HD Back again to worship my ass? Of course you are! It’s irresistible and you’re weak. It’s ok, though. I enjoy admiring myself almost as much as you do. And I know just how to make you even weaker for my sexy curves. I’m going to oil up by beautiful ass and let you stroke to it. But you have to do exactly as I say. (10:04 long)


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Natalya POV - Ive Been a Brat My Entire Life

1080 HD I’ve been a brat my entire life. I’ve always gotten whatever I want. It’s because I have a perfect body. My favorite pastime is using my looks to get what I want. I was born perfect, and that’s what makes using losers come so natural to me. You’re going to be my bitch, fork over your cash and max out your cards. My perfect body deserves to be spoiled because I’m pretty and I’m better than you. Once I’ve used up your money, I’m going to toss you away like a useless piece of trash. You’re only good to a girl like me for your wallet. (14:33 long)


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Natalya POV - Make a Worship Puddle for my Sexy Oiled Ass

1080 HD Here you are again, masturbator! Eager to jerk it once more to my undeniably sexy ass. I know, I understand what you are. It’s ok, masturbator. I know what you need. I’ll tell you just how to jerk yourself to my sexy ass as I oil it up for you. I’m going to keep you on the edge for a long time, so that you really take time to appreciate my beauty. I’m spoiling you with all this attention, and I want you to spoil me back. I want you to take care of my needs, too. I deserve things. After all, I’m perfect. You’re going to make a nice big worship puddle in honor of my perfection on my count. Then, you’re going to show me true devotion and eat every last drop. (17:49 long)



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Natalya POV - Ass Addict JOI Endurance Training with Edging

1080 HD Get this clip and edge it to my perfect ass. You can’t actually get close to me, but you can imagine worshipping my beautiful Princess butt. I oil it up as I tell you exactly how I like to have it licked by slaves like you. Follow my edging instructions as you jerk to my beautiful body. I’m going to keep you on the edge today for a very long time, ass addict. This is your endurance training. Follow my instructions exactly and follow through to the end. If you make it through the full 20 minutes of edging to my ass, will I let you cum? Only really dedicated jerkers who make it to the end will find out… (23:56 long)




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Natalya POV - I Want a Bikini Slave for this Season

1080 HD It’s bikini season! It’s my favorite time of year. I wear a bikini so well, it almost doesn’t matter which style I choose, but that still doesn’t stop me from wanting a good variety. I love this cheeky little thong number because I can oil up my butt and get a nice even tan. I want more just like it, but in different colors. I’m going to need a laundry slave too, someone to wash and care for all of my nice new bikinis. I try on a few new bikinis, purchased by losers just like you. I’m so happy trying on my new bikinis! I oil up my butt in each one. Wouldn’t you love to be the loser who buys me the bikini that I win the bikini contest in? You can! You can be that loser! Just go to my wish list and buy several. The more you buy, the better your odds are at picking the winner. I look great in anything I wear. I can pull off any bikini. That’s why you have to pay attention. It’s going to take the greatest bikini ever to impress me, since I already have so many that I like. (19:05 long)


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Natalya POV - Youre so Easy (1080 HD)

1080 HD You’re so easy. Look, you’re already hard. Well, stroke it. A loser like you could never land a woman who looks as good as me. I’m going to tell you exactly how I want you to jerk it. You can’t say no to me. I know you’re going to do exactly what I say. Why wouldn’t you? I’m perfect. I’ve got a nice fat ass and I know how to control you with it. I’ve got a special thing I want you to do for me today. I know you’ll do it. (9:07 long)


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Natalya POV - Thanks for Being My Foot Wash (1080 HD)

1080 HD I love having you lick and suck my toes and soles. It feels so good for me. Especially the way you do it. It’s obvious you have feelings for me. I like when you worship my feet, but I don’t have feelings for you like you do for me. I’m never going to date you because you just aren’t like the guys that I date. But you are a great at giving a foot wash. Foot worship is relaxing and fun, and I like that it’s nothing serious. That’s what’s nice about it, right? Thanks for the worshipping, foot boy. You’re a great friend. (10:55 long)



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Natalya POV - Im Going to Put you in a Vice (1080 HD)

1080 HD I’m sick and tired of you complaining about chastity. I’ve got to make it worse for you, so that you realize how good you’ve had it. I’m changing your chastity device. You’re going in a tighter one. You’re going in the vice. The vice has a fun accessory, an extra piece that makes getting an erection even more painful. So, quit your whining. Chastity’s about to get much worse. (9:09 long)



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Natalya POV - I Want you to be My Fart Slave (1080 HD)

1080 HD My tummy is very gassy. I need a fart slave, and I’ve decided you’re it! It’s so generous of me to give you a part of myself, even if it is my smelly broccoli farts. I shove your face under my skirt and fart a few times, just so that you know how bad it will be for you. I want you to learn to smell, appreciate, and take in my farts. Later, I’m going to tie you down so that I can get my stink all over you. It makes me so happy just thinking about you laying there, unable to get away as I unleash my farts on your face. You don’t deserve anything more from a beautiful girl like me. (7:56 long)


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Natalya - I Can Control Your Edge Just Like I Control This Goon (1080 HD)

1080 HD I want to show all you losers at home just how much control I have over this goon. It’s been under lock and key for weeks, totally helpless. I let the desperate goon out of chastity. It has to do exactly as I say. I make it edge to my perfect body. It’s such an idiot. The goon gets dumber and dumber while stoking for my ass. I make him stay on edge for a very long time. He cannot handle it. I love how much control I have over its mind and its wallet when I deny it’s orgasm. The more I deny it, the more devoted it becomes. I make the goon kiss my ass and beg. The whimpering goon edges once more. I don’t let it cum. I keep it right on edge until I lock it back up. I have complete control over this devoted idiot. I could control any of you losers at home, just like I control this one. (16:09 long)


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