Riot - Scissorholds New Slave to Agony

This loser is in for it. Its his first time getting a dose of Riots strong sexy legs. She lays him on the bench and begins the scissor holds. She is so flexible and can easily get in different positions to bring his body limp. Tighter and tighter she squeezes. The strength is unbearable. He shakes and tosses around as he fights for air.


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Macy and Riot – Face Sitting Queens

The queens ae back and ready to put their beta through a rough day of facesitting. The girls are gonna use him for OF. They will use him to make THEM money. And then probably go fuck an alpha. But right now  they wanna make him red like a rose. When he twitches and moans it vibrates their pussy its like hes wearing their ass like a mask. The girls really wear him down. Bounce, grinding and hardly any air he gets to lay and feel big sexy asses smack his face back n forth. He better not tap out. They need him as their prop for OF. They are gonna ride his stupid little nose into nothings.


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Ava and Eve – Mean Girl Heel Cleaning and Humiliation

The girls are bored time to play with beta. They yell for him to come in the room. He must get on his knees. He can never be taller than the girls. Ava and Eve are so mean. They make fun of him and make him clean their heels with his mouth. I mean, look at him. That’s what he fucking deserves. Now he better suck the heel. He sucks it like he is sucking dick. He is used to sucking dick. OMFG, he scratches Avas heel with his stupid gross teeth while he was deep throating. This is all his fault. The girls spit on him and face slap him. Ava walked through the garden today. So he has to clean them. This is a serious matter. After this cleaning session he is left with 2 options. Number 1, be used as a human toilet all day or number 2 eat their boyfriends used condoms. Which will he pick? Find out!

  • Great clip for someone who enjoys feet/heels, spitting, slapping and humiliation!


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Ava - Black Thong Bodysuit Bondage Smother

This clip is for any beta who dreams about face sitting…. Ass addicts and femdom junkies. Beta is all tied up. His dick in a cage and his arms secured in. Ava sits her big juicy ass on his stupid face. I wonder if he can breathe ok? Who cares? None of us at the sorority house give a fuck if he is suffering. Its funny because her ass turns him on and he can’t even get a hard dick because chastity. Its getting so tight, its been on their for months now. The combination of being turned on and fighting for air drives him crazy.  Face sitting him keeps him in line. Trains him to be a better beta.


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Macy - Caged Cuck Eats Boyfriends Cum

Macy got fucked again. While Fluffy the slave was locked in its cage. Time for some ball shocks. He moans in pain. She shocks him as many times that she orgasmed. She teases this dumb mutt by telling him details about her sex with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend even got him something! A nice little disgusting snack for a disgusting loser. His cum filled condom. She puts it in his mouth. Wait til you see his face and what it looks like. His expression is so funny! Macy is so nice. She put a straw in it so he can drink it more easily. Slurpy SLURP! He needs to make sure he swallows.

After eating jizz its time for him to service Macy. He eats her ass while she lays like a princess. After that she laid him down and started riding his face til she came! She has had so many orgasms today. Beautiful princesses deserve to cum, while betas deserve to eat cum.


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Eve - Leash Training Humiliation

The sorority girls are going to a Beta Male Dog Competition. Looks like Eve needs to start training her beta. Of course she makes him wear a pink collar and leash. It brings out the pathetic in him! LOL How embarrassing. She guides him back and forth through the room and even makes him bark! She really wants to win so he better start learning. There is still so much work to do. He licks her feet. This is what he was made for. To be a humiliated beta forever.


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Ava - Snap and Send Wallet Workout

Snap and Send! Let's practice your snap and send beta. Good boys send as soon as they hear a snap. Stop whatever you're doing and send. Follow my commands to this snap and send video. Do you think you can handle watching my perfect body tease you as I snap my bodysuit lingerie and you must send? My whole titties and pussy are so visible in this video. Something you have never got to experience before. Duh because you're beta. You only get to look at pussy you will never get to fuck pussy. That's for my alpha to experience. You want to make me happy don’t you? Keep stroking and send when I snap. Only send when you hear snaps. We're building you up with each snap and send. Just like how I make you build up a good edge then tell you to STOP before you can cum. It's all about the anticipation. I keep hitting you with more and more sends. I start off with small tributes then when I feel like you're starting to get the hang of it I increase the tribute. Really good snap and senders know about the double snap. Do you think you could ever reach that level? Let's see how good of a snap and sender you can become and I just might let you cum. That's only if you send all triple digit tributes. 

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Amber Ava Katie and Nika - Blue Ball Party Stretching



The girls are having so much fun at the blue ball party. But they wanna have even more fun. Ball stretching time! They want to stretch them past his knees. They want him in tears. His balls are stuck in a stretching device that’s painful and cuts the circulation off. With each turn his balls pull down even more. This causes extreme dis color in the balls. They are a deep purple color. My favorite color! His nuts are about to explode. The blood vessels are being broke and his sack is about to bleed. This is so fun. The girls have a bat and a cane. They smack his balls and dick with the bat and strike him with the cane on the thighs and dick. That must really hurt. Oh well. Who’s next?


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Ava Kat Macy - Foot Slave Required to Smell Feet All Day Part 2

The girls had such a hard day today. Kat went shopping and Ava even went to the beach! Ugh. Looks like day 2 for beta. Time to sniff, smell and worship the girls feet. This time his mouth is wrapped and covered so he has no choice but to only inhale their feet through his nose and not even get fresh air through his mouth. He is such an idiot. INHALE DEEPER!!!!! Hopefully it burns. Inhale and worship every part. The heel, the toes, the arch. Really get in there.

Foot sniffers are going to love this clip! Part 1 previously uploaded. ENJOY!


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Ava Kat Macy - Foot Slave Required to Smell Feet All Day Part 1

Beta has quite the day ahead of him! The girls have SO many errands to run. Especially the gym. They have really nice socks and shoes that soak up all the sweat. So iin between the errands beta is going to be smelling and worshipping their stinky sweaty feet. ALL DAY LONG! Finally he is useful. The girls take turns going out while the other one puts beta through a smelly great time. First smell the shoes. SNIFF it! He can smell the sweat radiating off of them He inhales deeply. Next comes the socks and bare feet. The girls shove their foot in his face. Ugh what a foot freak! He worships them, licks them, sucks them and is in pure bliss.

Foot sluts are going to love this clip. Part 2 coming next. ENJOY!


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Amber and Ava - Smother Him and Fill His Head with Farts

This was meant to be a simple smother clip but then they realized how sweaty and stinky their butts were.  It turned into a different clip.  Fart fans may be disappointed with them being silent but deadly.  But the slave’s eyes rolled back into his head.  LMAO!! This clip features Amber Cam cut ins as well.  Amber’s cell phone footage is cut in at times so you get 2 angles at once!  Twice the porn!!! Clip has lots of Face Bouncing and complete smothers.  Ava just destroys his face.  Full weight big bounces!  The slave gets wobbly when they decide to fill his head with farts!  Smother box fans will love this clip!  5 star clip!!


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Lexi - Cute Demanding Girl has Fun with Her Pony

This horse looks fun! Says Lexi as she stomps in looking sexy in her heels. She is so dominant and bossy. She really knows how to ride. Kick it in gear. I wonder how fast they can go! He better not slow down. She has a riding whip so he listens to Lexis every command. He knows better. Lexi is having so much fun. She can probably do it all day.


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Amber – High Heel Trample for Dink

This is what Dink signed up for. He wanted to be in the lives of hot girls so he is going to have to do things he doesn’t want to do. He is locked in chastity with a leash yanking on it by goddess Amber. Its time to break him in. Small little increments they practice trampling. Amber looks beautiful so tall wearing her red heels and red skirt. Dink shrieks. He should probably just shut the fuck up. They must build up his tolerance. Watch Amber dig her heels deeper and deeper into this pile of worthless mush.


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Amber and Ava - Dumb Boyfriend Gets Another Dose

Part 2: Ava brings her dumb boyfriend back to Amber for another dose. His mind is so weak and is no match for the treatments. In this clip Mike gets another dose! Ava wants Mike to be her toilet paper and in and even smaller chastity. Ambers advance male training techniques work perfectly on a beta male. 

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Amber and Ava - Dumb Boyfriend Trained to Obey

Part 1: Ava has a very dumb cheap boyfriend. He doesn't buy her stuff when she she says she wants it. He does not do the household chores. She wants him to do the household chores. She takes her boyfriend Mike to see Amber who is an expert on training dumb males. She convinces her boyfriend to go see Amber to "quit smoking". During the therapy session Amber takes advantage of his vulnerabilities and fixes him for Ava. Clip has music and special effects! Listen with headphones for best effects! 

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Ava and Eve - This is MY Real Life Slave

Membership exclusive! Only found here. 

Eve is new to the sorority house. She got accepted and moved in because she naturally is a dominant bitch. She is hot. A total level 1.  Ava shows her her slave. She tells Eve about all the tasks he does for her. And teaches her that all the slaves need to always give them money. They must work hard to afford to be a slave to a Brat Princess. Beta is wearing chastity. Which is a good thing. Keeping betas caged really makes them weak and crazy. The weaker the better. Because then we get everything we want! Ava is going to let Eve borrow her slave. Eve gets to now experience and have fun with her new toy. Hopefully she isn't too mean. ;) 

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Amber POV - I Want More Bikinis

How much do you LOVE seeing Amber in bikinis? There are so many bikinis with different colors, designs and styles. Theres just so many. Its going to be so expensive for you. Amber shouldn’t have to wear a bikini more than once. SHE WANTS MORE BIKINIS. Not one…but 5… or 10… or until your card is maxed out. Just spoil her already! You know what will make her so happy? MORE BIKINIS. For every bikini added to the cart is another stroke. JUST make her happy. How funny would it be to buy her new bikinis and then give her money for her old bikinis so you can jerk off to them? Stroking to them. Cumming all over those bikinis. BUT NO CUMMING UNTIL YOU BUY HER MORE! Add them to your cart if you want to cum. She said she wants ALL OF THEM. Stroke to her bikinis. Can your cock handle it?


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Ava - Take the Pussy Free Pledge Mesmerize

This clip is meant to explain, convince, and compel a beta to pledge himself to a Pussy Free Lifestyle.  I explains by chastity and findom is an important aspect of this lifestyle.  After the pledge is taken a celebration occurs. The clip ends with some brute force brain poison to seal the deal and to make the pledge hold.


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Ava and Kaylie - Brats Ball Bust Fat Loser

If you love mean bratty hot girls in tight shiny leggings with powerful sexy boots you will LOVE this clip. This clip is for loser idiots who get off on watching girls destroy balls. You know your balls are useless. You don’t need them. Every beta should get their nuts pulverized. We hate them. And we probably hate you too. We don’t care if we knock you to the ground while your eyes tear up. Its fun for us. So shut up and take it.

I added a bonus commercial at the end of clip!

  • Princess Crystal


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Ava - You are a Good Boy Making Your Sends

You've been a good boy this week. You made me so happy giving me my full allowance. I'm such a greedy brat and you love it. You know i'm a princess and shouldn't lift a finger to earn money. I love shopping and being spoiled which is why you're my devoted pay pet. Accept your beta status. I want to put my allowance towards my savings and convince you to send me more money so I can go shopping. I don’t want to spend my savings on a new pair of red bottom heels and a new purse. Just make me an authorized user on your credit card. Wouldn't it be so hot to be at work and you get a notification on your phone showing I'm out getting a pedicure on your dime or getting brunch and you're paying for mine and my friends brunch and mimosas? Hahah... Good boys get to stroke. Good boys that send and make me happy. I let you out of chastity to finally stroke and goon. It feels so good you're not even bothered Im taking all your money. You enjoy it so much you start stroking and sending. Now I have you a complete simp, stroking and sending tips. Stroke and send! That's right good boy!! Keep being a good boy and make me happy. Is it my perfect ass that makes you so weak? Or my bouncing titties? Maybe its my convincing and bratty demands... I will decide where you get to cum. ONLY if you continue being a good boy and sending throughout gooning. Keep listening to me and follow my demands. If you follow through and make me happy you'll get to cum where I tell you to... I tease you about how my boyfriends a real man and he gets to fuck my pussy and cum inside me. It would be so funny if you licked my boyfriends cum right out.

  • Ava


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