Lola and Noe - Tease Chastity Cow Conditioned Not to Cum Part 1

1080 HD Andy has already spent his five hours on the milking bench and he’s ready for a nice rest in secure bondage. But Lola and Noe have other plans. They want to see if they can make Andy cum while wearing his chastity device. The girls attach electrodes to Andy’s testicles. Noe sits on Andy’s face while Lola runs a current. Andy has been conditioned not to orgasm from his many years on the milking bench. Andy gets a throbbing erection inside his chastity cage. The girls are pretty sure that Andy won’t be able to achieve orgasm from the chastity teasing. They wager that if Andy can’t cum, he will have to spend an extra six hours on the milking bench next shift, just to give him some motivation to try. The girls are very amused that they have set Andy up to fail at a nearly impossible task. Lola stimulates the skin around Andy’s chastity with one finger and the girls laugh at how pathetic it is that he becomes so aroused by such little contact. Then she gets a vibrator and vibrates the chastity cage. The girls play at the cruel teasing game until they get bored. They declare Andy the loser and tell him that he will have to spend extra time on the milking bench the following day. (10:14 long)



Macy Cartel - Teased by machine for Hours and Hours Part 2

1080 HD Macy has been left alone with the cow while Kat has gone to change her outfit. The cow is very in love with Macy, especially her pretty eyes. Macy does a good job of holding down the fort while her shift partner, Kat, is away. Macy shocks the cow and makes it tell her that it loves her. The cow begs teaser Macy for mercy. Macy keeps the cow strapped to the bench and ignores its pleas. The cow will keep edging for her over and over. Macy teases the cow with her body and shocks it when it is bad. After ten minutes, teaser Kat returns and Macy leaves to change her outfit. (11:09 long)


Kat and Macy - Teased by machine for Hours and Hours Part 1

1080 HD Kat and Macy are teasers in Brat Princess’ milking warehouse. They are going to edge the cow by machine for hours and hours. This is the beginning of the first hour. The machine is very sophisticated and designed to keep the cow on edge for a very long time. The cow is very enamored with its teasers and stimulated by their beauty. He can’t help but help but stay aroused as they edge him endlessly. When the cow approaches orgasm, he is shocked with electricity. This way he can never reach climax and can be edged indefinitely. Every ten minutes or so the teasers change their outfits to keep the cow interested. (11:03 long)



Lola - Vice Unboxing

1080 HD “The Vice male chastity device” has just arrived at Brat Princess Studios. Lola decides to make an impromptu unboxing video. This is a cute little product review. Lola shares some of her thoughts and opinions on the new male chastity stock. This video is sexy and informative. Lola guides the viewer through assembling and preparing the “The Vice” for wear. Then, Lola brings in a male slave to model the device for her viewers. (8:29 long)




Lana Luxor - Suffer from These Strong Thighs

1080 HD Lana is a very strong woman, but she is always conditioning her body to build even more strength. That is why she regularly uses her male slaves as sparing opponents. Lana knees her slave in the balls to goad him into a fight with her. After dropping him with the single kick to the testicles, she throws him onto the bed and places him into a lock between her strong thighs. She throws him into lock after lock as he struggles to break free. The slave submits and eventually gives into Lana throwing him around like a rag doll. Lana is good at building her strength, but her weak opponent needs to work just as hard on building his tolerance for pain. After using him for her strength training, Lana lets the exhausted slave take a nap underneath her ass. (13:00 long)



Kat and Nika - Foot Gagging and Trampling in the Pool

1080 HD Nika has her chastity slave underneath her lounge chair in the pool. She gags him with her feet while sunning herself. Nika thinks it’s funny to watch the slave suffer while she enjoys the beautiful day. Later, some of her girlfriends are coming over for a pool party. The chastity slave will have to serve every girl at the party and be humiliated by them for their amusement. Kat is the first pool party guest to arrive. She joins in the fun and the girls trample the chastity slave in the pool together. It’s hard for him to hold his head above water with the weight of two girls on his chest. Then, Kat sits on his face and ass smothers him in her bikini. The girls’ boyfriends will be arriving for the party soon. They make the chastity slave get up and rub oil on their bodies so that they look great when their boyfriends arrive. (9:52 long)



Brianna and Kat - Bratty Sister Measures Locks and Teases her Brother

1080 HD Kat’s has had her brother, Ellis, locked in chastity for her for several months. Today she and her mother, Brianna, are very excited to take Ellis out of the chastity to measure him. They are sure that after several months his penis has shrunk. Kat unlocks her brother to the measure the atrophy. They are so excited to move him into a smaller device! He’s experienced so much penile atrophy that his mom and sister think they can get him into the mini! Maybe the micro mini! They lock him back up and Kat decides to tease her brother. Mom makes Ellis lay on the bed and his sister hops onto his face. The women want to check to see if Ellis can still get aroused after so many moths of disuse. Kat bounces and grinds on her brother’s face while he is instructed by his mother to smell his sister’s ass. Brianna dangles her son’s chastity key in front of his face while his sister teases him. He’s experiencing erectile dysfunction, which is exactly what the women want. A beta male’s penis needs to be trained to remain flaccid, since an erection is unnecessary and inappropriate for a beta. They are proud that he can no longer get erections and tell him that they are taking him to have his shrunken, flaccid, penis fit into a smaller device. Ellis protests, but he really has no choice. (6:01 long)



Amadahy and Mia - Sorority Girls Take a Break on Human Furniture (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy and Mia have had a busy day. They relax and have some drinks and fresh fruit while sitting on their human furniture. The girls have some casual conversation with each other while ass smothering their slaves. They toast to the sorority and to themselves. They are truly living their best lives. Their days are spent enjoying great sex with their hot boyfriends, plenty of leisure time, and delicious meals. Slaves do all the drudge work so the pretty, young, sorority girls can enjoy the best of everything. (9:30 long)


Macy - Uses Slaves Face as Sex Toy

Macy uses a bound slave as her sex toy. She doesn’t care if the slave can breathe while she rides his face. Macy sits on the slave’s face with her full weight. The slave is locked up in chastity. Macy bounces and grinds her ass on his face. Macy puts a leash on the slave’s chastity. She has complete control over him. Macy bounces and grinds on the chastity slave’s face for her pleasure, then leaves him tied up for another girl in the sorority to use next. (13:03 long)


Kat POV - Stroke it to My Perfect Soles and Toes

Kat knows that you are obsessed with her perfect little feet. You can’t stop thinking about them and that’s ok. Get this clip and you can and jerk to Kat’s perfect sexy soles now. Stroke it to her feet and ass. Kat gently guides you through your masturbation session. Stoke just like she says while gazing at her flirty perfection. Cum on her count and paint her perfect toes with your hot load. (9:46 long)


Kat and Nika - Chastity Slave Deceived into Heavy Ballbusting

Kat and Nika’s slave is very excited about his seasonal release. The slave thinks that he is going to be allowed an orgasm, but the girls did not let him out of chastity for that. They are going to ballbust him! After just a few kicks the slave rolls around on the floor in agony. He complains that this is very unfair. Release day should mean that he gets out of chastity for an orgasm, or even just edging. The girls tell him that they only promised him time out of chastity. They never said anything about how that time out of chastity would be spent. The slave starts to beg to go back into chastity. If release means this kind of horrific pain, then he never wants another release from chastity again! The girls mock his suffering. They make him kiss their shoes and then finally, after many hard kicks, lock him back up. (6:48 long)


Kat and Natalya - Humiliation Spin Game

Kat and Natalya want to play a humiliation spin game with their slave. They release the eager goon from chastity. He is allowed to stroke for the pretty girls while they play. The girls have made a wheel of fortune for the game. All sorts of humiliating tasks have been added to the wheel. The girls spin. Whatever the wheel lands on the slave must endure. First up is face slapping. The slave gets two hard face slaps from each girl to start. The girls continue to spin the wheel and the slave racks up many humiliating tasks, required worship edges, and financial tributes. By the end of the game the slave has made a big fool of himself and spent quite a lot of money. The girls don’t care how much he’s entertained them or how much he’s spent. They deny the slave an orgasm and lock him back up in chastity. (15:38 long)


Brianna and Kat - You Must Lick your Mother and Sisters Shoes and Feet

Ellis must worship his Mother’s and sister’s feet. Mom’s shoes are very dirty, and Kat makes her brother lick them. Then, Brianna makes her son remove her shoes so that he can worship her feet. His little sister will hold his key for now, but Ellis is being prepared to go out into the world and find his own keyholder one day. Kat slaps her brother in the face for insubordination. After the slap, Ellis must tell his sister he loves her. Brianna teaches her daughter how to train a boy while also training her son to serve a Keyholder. Both of Brianna’s offspring are receiving an education from their Mother. Kat and Brianna show Ellis how they each like to have their feet worshipped. He must remember the way his Mother and sister like it. When his sister has her friends over, he must also remember how Kat’s girlfriends like their feet worshipped, too. Ellis must kiss his Mother’s feet while telling her that he loves her and thank her for giving him to his sister. When Brianna and her daughter are satisfied with their foot worship, Brianna decides to teach her daughter how to fuck her brother in the ass. (9:40 long)



BP - Facesitting Trio in Shiny Outfits

Macy, Natalya and Kat have decided to facesit a loser together. They all wear shiny outfits and tease the slave locked in strict chastity. The girls love denying him air and smothering his face with their asses. They all giggle while he is denied oxygen. The girls keep the slave’s chastity device on a leash. They pull on the leash tightly while riding his face. Kat tramples the slave’s stomach while Natalya sits on his face. He really can’t get a breath! He’s just their plaything. The girls decide that they want to climax with the loser’s face. The girls run a train, each taking a turn to have an orgasm with his face. After all three girls have climaxed they trample him. Losers should be grateful for whatever they get from hot girls, whether its sexual use or abuse. The loser can thank the girls for their attention with a round of pedicures later. (17:15 long)


Nikki Brooks - Sadistic Nude Ballbusting

Fully nude except for red high heels, Nikki Brooks kicks her slave in the balls over and over. She casually sips from her glass while she ballbusts him. Nikki makes her slave beg for more kicks. She kicks and punches him in the testicles as hard as she can. Nikki ballbusts the slave until he drops to the floor. Then, she tramples him with her high heels while he’s on the ground. Nikki admires the tremendous damage that she has done to his body. (13:44 long)



Mia - I am Going to Stomp you Even Harder

Mia wants to trample her chastity slave. The desperate slave will agree to do anything for its Princess. Pictures of his suffering under her heels will look great for Mia’s social media. Mia spits on her slave and digs her heels into his chest. He is in agony. Mia giggles. He thanks her for every stomp. The slave makes too much noise and Mia tells him to shut up. She will stomp him even harder. Mia is annoyed. She is sick of hearing him cry. He cries too much and his penis is too small. Mia bounces on his chest and spits more. She won’t stop kicking him until he stops crying. Mia stands with her full weight on his skull. Finally, the slave is quiet. (15:51 long)


Mariah and Natalya - Get Over Here and Lick Our Dirty Boots

Mariah and Natalya want a slave to lick their dirty boots clean. The girls almost completely ignore the loser while he worships and cleans. The play on their cellphones and have a conversation with each other. Natalya takes a few photos of the slave licking boots for blackmail. She makes sure that he licks all the dirt out of the boot’s treads. Then, the girls spit in the slave’s mouth to help him swallow all the dirt from their boot soles. (7:29 long)


Macy Cartel - Convinces Boyfriend to Let her Keep a Cuck Slave

Macy’s boyfriend wants to break up with her because he found out that she has a slave. Her boyfriend thinks it’s weird. Macy explains that he shouldn’t be jealous of a slave. She is only using him for his money and not for sex. Macy explains that she keeps the slave in chastity all the time. He pays the rent on her apartment and gives her a weekly allowance.

Macy wants both, to be able to keep her slave and her boyfriend. To prove to her boyfriend that she loves him she tells him that she wants to have sex with him in front of her slave. This way the slave will understand his place and her boyfriend won’t be jealous.

Macy begs her boyfriend to allow her to keep the slave. Her boyfriend concedes and agrees that cuckolding the slave could be hot. Macy lets her boyfriend fuck her right in front of her cuckold slave. The slave sits in his chastity and watches as Macy’s boyfriend fucks her to multiple orgasms with his amazing Superior cock. Macy makes her slave hold her legs back so that her boyfriend can fuck her deeper. The slave is very sad and jealous of Macy’s boyfriend. He has never fucked a girl the way Macy’s boyfriend can fuck. Macy’s boyfriend cums inside her. Then, she makes her slave eat it out of her pussy. After cleaning up her boyfriend’s cum for her, Macy sends her slave to the ATM to bring her some cash. (24:09 long)


Lana Luxor - Bound and Strapped Behind College Girls Ass

1080 HD Lana has a slave, with hands bound, strapped behind her ass. The slave must craw behind her on his knees. Lana pulls the straps on the smother harness, burying his face deeper and deeper. The slave must lick her asshole as instructed. She slaps him if he doesn’t do it like she wants. Lana needs to study for a class. She opens a textbook and reads while the bound slave in the smother harness continues to lick. The slave can hardly breathe, but Lana does not care. She pulls the straps tighter and tells him to lick harder. Then, she ignores him almost completely while she studies and he licks. (12:03 long)


Kat - Facesits and Smothers her Human Furniture

1080 HD Kat loves teasing beta boys. She sits on her chastity boy’s face and completely smothers him with her ass. Beta’s don’t even deserve to breathe! The tiny beta squirms underneath Kat’s butt. He struggles for air, but she has control. The beta can only take a breath if she allows it. What a fun teasing game to play with her locked little toy! Kat sits her entire weight on his face. The boy struggles for every breath and Kat just giggles. She’ll give him one when she feels like it. (8:03 long)