Kaylie Lilah Mariah - Nasty Boot Licker and Spit Drinker

Eww.  Gross.  Pathetic.  Repulsive.  These are just some of the words hot girls use to describe sexually unwanted beta males.  The girls love to humiliate this male.  They have it lick their disgusting boots clean while on its knees.  The entire video the girls are spitting into a glass for him to drink at the end.  The slave drinks all their spit at the end.  Eww!


BP - Three Girls Spit on and Insult Loser (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe, Lola and Mariah want to take away some more of their loser’s self-esteem. The three circle and surround him. Each girl takes turns insulting the loser and spitting in his face. The loser must repeat each insult back to the girls, so that the messages sink in. After several minutes of insults the girls make the loser go sit in the corner with his face covered in spit. He must repeat the insults over and over while kneeling in the corner. (8:39 long)



Carmella - Edging Humiliation Trains slave to Serve as Human Toilet (1080 HD)

1080 HD Carmella wants to play an edging game with her slave. He may even get the opportunity to cum. The slave is so excited! He hasn’t been out of chastity in nearly a year and has almost completely forgotten how to masturbate. Carmella reveals that she has only allowed the slave out of chastity because she wants it to learn to be her toilet. It’s going to have to learn to lay on the floor and drink all of Carmella’s and her girlfriend’s pee. Carmella slaps and spits on her filthy slave. It truly disgusts her. Serving as a human toilet is perfect for a slave that is so naturally revolting to women. Carmella puts a funnel into her slave’s mouth and spits in it. The funnel is going to stay in the slave’s mouth when she and all her friends use it as their human toilet.  Carmella does not allow her slave to cum. She locks it back up in chastity and leaves it on the bathroom floor with the funnel in its mouth. (12:46 long)


Natalya and Lola - Food and Spit Humiliation (Eat Off the Floor, Fat Pig!) (1080 HD)

1080 HD Lola is behind the camera, filming Natalya in a clip. A slave enters the kitchen and interrupts the girls while they are recording.  The girls are mad he interrupted them, but curious as to what he found so important. The slave is hungry. It is not allowed to eat without its food being blessed with Divine spit. It’s been hungry for a long time and wants the girls to spit in its meal so that it can finally eat. The girls make the loser beg for spit. It has to crawl back and forth across the floor and endure a lot of cruel humiliation to earn the sacred spit to bless its food. Once the food has been blessed, the girls make the fat loser eat the food from the floor like a piggy. They continue to verbally humiliate and fat shame the disgusting slave while it eats the food from the floor. They humiliate and fat shame the loser for awhile before dismissing it so that they can go back to filming their original idea. (19:28 long)


BP - Leg Scissor its Neck and Cover its Ugly Face with Spit (1080 HD)

Anytime is a great time to abuse a slave. After dinner, for no reason, Amadahy grabs the ugliest slave in the household by its neck. She puts the slave into a scissorhold, which causes the slave to start tapping immediately. This slave is completely disposable to everyone in the household. Everybody hates it. No one cares one bit if it stays around, so all the girls just do the worst things they can think of to it. The slave hates scissoring, but again, everybody hates this slave so nobody cares that he can’t really take it. Amadahy wants to end its existence between her thighs, but the other Princesses want to keep it around to watch it suffer a little while longer. Kendall pulls the slave’s ugly face into her as she wraps her thighs around it. Kendall makes the slave tap twice with her strong scissorhold. Natalya takes a turn next. Natalya spits right in the slave’s ugly face while squeezing its neck. Everybody hates this slave’s stupid face, so all the girls spit on it. The spitting’s really fun, so they keep doing more and more of it. The slave gets totally ganged up on by the three hot girls. They completely overpower him. Soon, ugly is totally covered in Princess spit. Amadahy’s had strep throat and she wants her most despised slave to get the infection. Soon, he’ll be suffering alone in his cage with the horrible pain, fever, and chills she and Natalya have had. The worst slave ever will either prove its devotion to the household, or perhaps expire quietly in the night from lack of medical treatment. Nobody cares which.   (11:18 long)  

Edyn and Mia - Spit on and Trample Loser (1080 HD)

Edyn and Mia spit on a loser for no reason; just because they can. They spit on him a lot until his face is absolutely covered. The loser just takes it. The Princesses tell the loser to get on the floor. He does. Edyn tramples his chest and stomach in stiletto heels while spitting on his stupid face. Mia spits on him, too. The loser is suffering a lot. His slippery spit covered face gets red. Edyn tramples the loser’s crotch with her high heels. Mia tramples the loser with her heels next. The Princesses take off their heels and trample the loser together. Barefoot, Mia tramples the loser’s chest while Edyn tramples its crotch. They roll the loser over and make it lick all the spit off the floor that it missed. Edyn stands on the loser’s back while he licks the floor. The Princesses keep spitting on the floor while the loser tries to clean it all. The loser can’t get it all because the Princesses won’t stop spitting. When the Princesses are done toying with the loser, they make it crawl over and kiss their feet. The loser humbles itself at the Princesses feet. The Princesses tell the loser that they are leaving, but while they are gone, it has to shine the entire floor with its tongue.   (12:35 long)

Amadahy and Edyn - Slave Covered in Spit (1080 HD)

Amadahy and Edyn absolutely cover this slave with their spit. It is EXTREME spitting. They reach deep into the bottoms of their lungs over and over again to fully cover its face. The layer of spit is like a glaze. One long sticky string dangles from its chin. It keeps its eyes open as spit completely covers its left cornea. A lot of spit gets inside the slave too. He has to swallow it. This is complete and total degradation. It’s dehumanizing just to be spit on once, but this slave gets covered with continuous spitting for a full ten minutes. The Princesses look very pretty in their party dresses. Eventually they leave the pathetic nonhuman in its dripping spit mess to go out. It sits patiently and pathetically with the remaining reminder of its Princesses dripping from its face.  (10:13 long)

Amadahy and Edyn - Use Human Ashtray Spittoon (1080 HD)

Amadahy and Edyn make small talk while Amadahy smokes a cigarette out of Her bedroom window. They position a slave with its head on the sill of the window to serve as their human astray and spittoon. Amadahy ashes Her cigarette into the slave’s mouth. Both She and Edyn spit into the slave’s mouth and on its face. Soon the slave’s face is covered in spit and ash. The girls completely ignore him as they flirt with real men outside the window and discuss the weather, cars, and travel plans. Amadahy chain smokes two cigarettes and puts them both out on the slave’s tongue. Graciously, She tells the slave She will help it wash the cigarette butts down with Her golden. (15:26)

Jennifer and Jenna - Slap and Spit on Janitor (1080 HD)

Jennifer and Jenna walk up to their lockers and find a stupid janitor cleaning the floors.  Jennifer reminds him how he is supposed to greet girls here.   He has to get on his knees and kiss their shoes.  The girls think he is so ugly and stupid.  They start slapping his face harder and harder.  Its their right as hot girls.  They can slap ugly male’s faces.  The old male janitor is utterly humiliated by these brats.  They slap his face and spit on his face and mouth.  He is forced to thank them for the attention he is getting from pretty girls.  The only attention a loser like this would get from pretty girls would be to be slapped and spit on.  This clip is absolutely brutal.  Jennifer spits on the floor and makes the janitor lick it up off the floor.  Another Brat Princess classic video! (10:16 long)

Astro and Lola - Human Sink Training (720 HD)

Before a male is turned into a human toilet, he is first used as a sink. The clip starts off with the human sink in training.  It is tied to a pipe with a cruel drain gag tied to its skull.  The human sink has a toilet brush stuffed half way down its throat.  Lola enters and reams out its throat so she knows there are no obstructions. The girls want their tights cleaned!  They want their panties cleaned!  Lola washes the tights and panties and then rinses the grey water down the slave’s mouth.  It must swallow all the grey water.  Astro and Lola chit chat as Lola continues to rinse the tights and cheer shorts down the slave’s throat.  The slave struggles to absorb all the grey water. It gets the brush!  Lola reams out its mouth with the toilet brush.   In segment 2, Lola then shaves her legs and washes the legs shavings down the sinks mouth.  The slave has no choice but to swallow all the clippings.  When the slave is in actual use for multiple girls, a sink would have to flush down the hair clippings from 3 or 4 girls at once.  Lola pours the leg clippings and water down its throat.  The sink backs up and it gets the brush.  Astro giggles and laughs as Lola reams out its mouth again with the brush.  In the final segment both Astro and Lola brush their teeth and spit into the slave’s mouth.  The slave is learning how to be a sink. This clip also has a bonus highlight video at the end. (27:10 long)