Natalya Gross Spit and Snot Eater

Natalya got sick. UGH. So that means her slave needs to be sick. If she feels bad then he needs to feel bad. She spits in his mouth repeatedly and swallows it proudly. She blows snot in his mouth, and he chews it down.  He gets spit all over his face but he doesn’t care. He must get sick with Natalya.


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Amber - Dink Blamed for Boyfriends Action Part 1 of 2

This clip starts off with me watching dink clean the floor on his hands and knees.  It is satisfying seeing a beta twice my age, naked, in chastity, with a ball shocker on, cleaning my floors.  It is so empowering!  I chat with dink about some comments my friends made about how I treat dink.  I share with dink some of the apple I am enjoying.  I like to test dinks floor cleaning by spitting food on the floor.  It knows it will have to lick spit or food off the floor so it better keep the floor spotless else it will have to eat the dirt as well.  I send my boyfriend a cute picture and he doesn’t respond with a like or better yet a comment.  This enrages me.  So annoying.  I think dink has something to do with it.  I interrogate him vigorously and painfully. Dink denies all involvement!  Spoiler alert it turns out it was just a silly misunderstanding.  It was still a productive afternoon.  My whip arm got a good workout and I really made dink howl!  Even if dink is “innocent” of what I thought he did, I was still angry, and it genuinely made me feel better while I beat him.  Dink loves to make me happy so it is fine with taking it.  I love when beta’s just take it.

- Amber

Part 1 contains some spitting, shoe licking, and general mistreatment.  Part 2 is where the heavy interrogation begins.  It is legal to beat a beta if you are trying to obtain information from it.  Complete version is the best value!

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Ava and Riley - Hair and Spit Feeding for Male Stuck in Table

UGH! Its such an inconvenience to stop what we are doing to feed our hungry slave. According to the department of beta control, we technically aren’t allowed to let them go that long without eating. SO, in between feedings of our scraps he can eat our hair from our hairbrush and our spit! Taste good right? Every time the male complains he is hungry this is what is on the menu! We are always so caring and so giving. We love feeding the needy. And it keeps our brush clean!


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Lola and Natalya – Slave is Fed Spit on Food

Lola is shooting a POV video for Natalya when they get so rudely interrupted. Their fat pig of a slave is hungry. He knows he is not allowed to eat unless his masters have blessed and spit on his food. So, like a good piggie he comes crawling in with his food bowl in his mouth. He is ready to beg and do ANYTHING for their spit. He is so hungry and wants to eat his bowl of fettucine alfredo. But what he really wishes he could get filled up on is their spit. We don’t know whats wrong with him. He is a fucking rabid animal who scavenges around the Brat Princess house begging for spit, food, shit, piss. He is a fucking weirdo and if he could, he would live off of their spit. Is he worthy enough to get spit on food? Maybe if he begs hard enough. And oinks for us. When the fat pig finishes his meal he is humiliated because they make him sexually licking the bowl clean. This is the only action he is allowed to have. LOL pathetic. Now that they fed their ugly house pet they can go back to shooting. : )

  • Princess Crystal


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Becky and Natalya - Use Male as Human Ashtray

Becky and Natalya are enjoying a cigarette outside in the nice weather. They use an ugly male to ash their cigs. They let him wash it down with their spit.


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Crystal and Megan - Extreme Verbal and Spit Humiliation of a Mutt

A blast from the past! Brat Princess Crystal and Megan are back with their first shoot in several years! Both Crystal and Megan really love the brat lifestyle and are glad to be back. They humiliate the fuck out of this old stupid worthless male in this new classic.  They use him as a boot licker and spittoon.  The end contains 2 highlights from previous videos of theirs!  Buy this clip and we may see more classic BP girls! 12:32 long

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Karly Salinas - Overpowered Tied up and Spit on

This old fool thought he would get a wrestle session with Karly Salinas, beat her and then not pay her.  He was so confident he could beat a girl he did not even bring any money.  He could not believe how powerful she was! She kicked his ass and then tied him up and lets him know he is going to pay.  She slaps and spits in the fool’s face.  Spitting fans will love this clip. Karly looks amazing in her outfit.


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Kaylie Lilah Mariah - Nasty Boot Licker and Spit Drinker

Eww.  Gross.  Pathetic.  Repulsive.  These are just some of the words hot girls use to describe sexually unwanted beta males.  The girls love to humiliate this male.  They have it lick their disgusting boots clean while on its knees.  The entire video the girls are spitting into a glass for him to drink at the end.  The slave drinks all their spit at the end.  Eww!


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BP - Three Girls Spit on and Insult Loser (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe, Lola and Mariah want to take away some more of their loser’s self-esteem. The three circle and surround him. Each girl takes turns insulting the loser and spitting in his face. The loser must repeat each insult back to the girls, so that the messages sink in. After several minutes of insults the girls make the loser go sit in the corner with his face covered in spit. He must repeat the insults over and over while kneeling in the corner. (8:39 long)



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Carmella - Edging Humiliation Trains slave to Serve as Human Toilet (1080 HD)

1080 HD Carmella wants to play an edging game with her slave. He may even get the opportunity to cum. The slave is so excited! He hasn’t been out of chastity in nearly a year and has almost completely forgotten how to masturbate. Carmella reveals that she has only allowed the slave out of chastity because she wants it to learn to be her toilet. It’s going to have to learn to lay on the floor and drink all of Carmella’s and her girlfriend’s pee. Carmella slaps and spits on her filthy slave. It truly disgusts her. Serving as a human toilet is perfect for a slave that is so naturally revolting to women. Carmella puts a funnel into her slave’s mouth and spits in it. The funnel is going to stay in the slave’s mouth when she and all her friends use it as their human toilet.  Carmella does not allow her slave to cum. She locks it back up in chastity and leaves it on the bathroom floor with the funnel in its mouth. (12:46 long)


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