Foot Worship

Ava and Hannah - Best Friend Used and Humiliated

Princess Hannah introduces both of her best friends. Slave Pup Cup is a male beta shrimp dick best friend. Ava is impressed. She loves a good beta. They make fun of him and make him sniff their socks and worship their feet. Inhale and exhale!  He is so pathetic. But he will do anything for them. He is a foot freak.  Hannah has to yell at him sometimes because he acts so stupid. He just sits there like a little bitch and takes the verbalabuse. She is SO mean. She spits on him and smacks him when he acts up. They want to humiliate him even more. So, they tell him to take off his pants so they can inspect his chastity. Just what Ava expected. A small little dick. His chastity clearly needs to go down a couple sizes.


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May - Pathetic Simp Turns into a Foot Bitch

This loser is Mays simp roommate. The other day she found his porn stash. WHAT A FREAK. So, she looked into what it was. FOOT PORN! Are you kidding. Of course, a nerd like him would jerk to feet. May wasn’t too upset. Because he has been pulling his weight around the house. He keeps it clean and pays for everything. So, she decided to give him a glimpse of his fetish. She is so nice. She puts her foot in his face and tells him to give in. With her soft slow voice, she directs him what to do. He is melting inside. He is falling more in love with feet. He never thought his roommate would be doing this to him. This is natural for him. Fucking girls just isn’t his thing. May wants to take it further. She is going to fuck his mouth with her foot! He is such a simp.


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Hannah - This is what Friends are for

Hannah is so outraged. Her “friend “ hasn’t been keeping up with shoe cleaning. And she is so embarrassed because Avas best friend cleans her sneakers even in the courtyard. It’s so unfair. This isn’t acceptable. She can’t walk around with dirty shoes. EW. She tells beta how upset she is. He thinks she is being a mean friend. But she isn’t. She is the victim here. He loves being her friend but gets scared easily because she is so intimidating. So, he does everything she asks because he wants to be her best friend and Hannah said that this is what friends are supposed to do. Hannah holds the sneakers up and makes him scrape the dirt off with his tongue. She even gives him her spit so he can get them nice and clean! This is what friends are for!


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Hannah - Innocent Foot Worship Curiosity

Princes Hannah is fairly new to the sorority. She has been getting the scoop about how her friends have boys who kiss, clean and worship their feet. She has seen the videos. She wants to maybe try it. She approaches it slowly. Not knowing. They are both nervous. But deep down, Hannah has a dominant side. She talks about it with her loser friend. And he knows he is the beta in the situation and just wants to do whatever will make her happy. ( AS HE SHOULD. ) He starts with simple kisses and then works up to cleaning the parts that are dirty. In no time, Hannah falls in love with the feeling. Knowing she is above him and he worships her. She makes him feel at ease about it because all he wants to do is please her. He takes time licking the soles, the heals and sucking each toe. She always knew he was such a good friend.


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Sablique - Home Rental Comes with a Beta

Sablique just bought a house to rent out and make money. And the coolest part is it comes with a beta! She is going to include him with the rental. This will make this a luxurious experience for her guests. Duties include : helping with luggage, putting clothes away, meal preparation, feet cleaning, sex clean up and even being a punching bag! OH AND THE NUMBER 1 JOB…. HUMAN TOILET!  Sablique explains his tasks while she bosses him around. He is on a collar and leash and locked in his chastity. She makes him lick her stilletos and worship her pantyhose. He is nervous, but she is so excited for how much money her rental is going to rake in!


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May - Pretty Girl Uses Simps Teeth and Tongue to Scrape Grime off Bottom of Shoes

Slave pup cup is completely humiliated and used in this clip.  Mistress May wore a pair of heels up and down Bourbon street in New Orleans during dom con.  The soles got really dirty.  Caked in dirt and grime.  She decides to use Pup Cup to clean them.  His tongue is first used to get the loose dirt and to loosen the grime stuck in the treads of her hot girl heel. She then makes use of the simps teeth.  Both uppers and lowers are used to scrape the dirt clean.  SHe makes pup cup to keep his eyes open and to look into her eyes as she objectifies him and turns him into a shoe cleaner.  The heels were FILTHY!  May really wanted to clean them using Pup CUps mouth, toungue and teeth. "Look at me while I use your mouth!"  His tongue is blackened and the dirt eventually comes off. Probably the sexiest heel cleaning clip ever!

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Jordyn and Tokyo - Worthless Dirty Sneaker Addict

This beta is just a worthless dirty sneaker addict. He begs the girls for their dirty sneakers. So, they put him to use and make him clean them with his tongue. He loves it so much. He is a fucking slut when it comes to sweat and sneakers. The girls bully him. They kick him with their feet and taunt him. They spit on him and slap his face.  Making him feel even more worthless.


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Alex and May - Mean Bitches Use Betas Mouth for Cleaning Feet

Alphas fuck and betas clean feet!

This stupid beta decided not to obey the girls. As a form of punishment he must clean their sneakers, smell their dirty sweaty stinky socks and get gagged by their bare foot. They even kick his head. Boys like him are NOTHING!!! Especially when they don’t listen. They want their feet super clean because they are going to be with their alphas later. After he is done they chain him to the chair. So he can think about what he has done.



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Natalya - Simp gets Taken Advantage of and Learns his Role

Natalya spent the day dragging around Marcelo at the mall. He is great at carrying all her bags. And her friends thought it was so cool that she had a beta following her. Marcelo confines in Natalya and tells her that he never gets girls and that everyone always calls him a simp. Natalya has ulterior motives, so she makes him feel good and tells him its ok. He is shocked by how nice she is being, but he loves the attention and is really starting to fall for her. He tells him about a time where she was on a date and the date sucked her feet. She said it was weird at first but ended up enjoying it. She somehow persuades Marcelo to give it a try. She has been preying on him all day! He is so nervous but wants to do anything for her. He has already fallen into her trap and starts kissing her feet. He realizes he really loves it. Natalya directs him on how to properly suck her toes and feet. He is in awe and becoming really weak for her. This is the perfect time for Natalya to ask him to send her $600! He does it. No questions asked he does it because he has now turned into a foot freak and wants to be able to worship them. Natalya is a master mind and got him right where she wants him.


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Leya Falcon - Foot Worshipping Cuck Bitch gets Taunted with Feet

Leya is a very dominant princess. She always gets what she wants and she knows exactly how to manipulate stupid betas like this one. He is such a cuck bitch. That’s all he is good for. Worshipping feet, his wallet and getting taken advantage of in every way. He gets weak while licking her sneakers. Then he gets lucky. He gets to smell and suck her socks and then beautiful perfect feet.


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