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Lexi and Nika - Savage Beating of Lizzy Lamb


Lizzy deserved it, though.



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Kat Soles - Blue Ribbed Bodysuit and Fishnets Full Weight Smother

* Membership exclusive*

... perfect little clip to get you started ;) 

Beautiful Kate Soles is wearing sexy fishnet stockings and a sexy shiny bodysuit. She has black heels with studs on them and her hair is so pretty and blonde. Her ass looks so perfect with the thong riding up over the tights. So sexy!!! She has her slave in the kitchen. Laying on the incline bench. He is laying there in chastity. LOVING his life. Who wouldn’t wanna be under that amazing beautiful ass?! He is so lucky. This is probably the best moment of his whole fucking life. LOL He enjoys this way too much. So back in the cage he belongs!!!!!

  • Princess Crystal


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Mariah – Asshole Cleaned with Tongue while Face Sitting and Orgasm


Mariah uses her slaves mouth on the daily. She controls his face and mouth and can use it for whatever she wants or needs. Today she really wants her asshole LICKED CLEAN. She gets on his face with her huge beautiful ass and starts riding him. She demands that he sticks his tongue out. He sticks his tongue out and licks her clean. His face is deep in her asshole. She starts grinding and humping harder and faster. It feels really good for Mariah. To be riding his face while his tongue is in her asshole. She keeps going until she orgasms. Because his tongue feels so good, she tells him she is going to put him in the smother box next and really use him!


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Amber - Hoses down slave in freezing weather

Membership Exclusive:  By popular demand here is the clip and story.  Amber wanted to enjoy hot cocoa outside by the firepit.  She told the slave to light the fireplace for her. He went outside and the lighter was not working.  Slave went back into house to get another lighter.  During that time Amber had gone outside and was waiting by the fireplace and was cold.  After slave lit fireplace, Amber instructed slave to get into cage so he could be cold like she had to be waiting for Her fire to be lit.  We turned the camera on thinking this might get good.  He was in cage for about 10 minutes.  The clip starts at that point. Not sure if it was totally because of the slaves complaining that Amber turned the hose on it.  It might have been once the camera was on Amber felt more cruel.  Anyways the slave complained about how long he would be kept out there and Amber turned the hose on it!  Hysterical!  Air temperature was around 20F, hose water temp around 33F.  So this is the video and the story behind it!



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Riley - Blow Harder I Need them to Dry Quickly

Riley uses her slave as her foot rest so she can paint her toes. She’s busy later and doesn’t have time to let them dry so she makes her slave blow on them. He isn’t blowing hard enough. Probably because he loves the way her feet look. He is a slave to her feet and needs to cater to them. And do it faster because she has important things to do.





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Amber - 9x16 Red Coral Face Bounce

Just a short portrait mode video of behind the scenes.  Let us know if you want to see more short portrait style videos!

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Mia - Uses Slaves Face to Hump and Grind

Mia really enjoys sitting on her slaves face and riding it. Even though she knows he can’t breathe and is being smothered. It doesn’t matter because she likes doing it and it makes her happy.




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Nika - Tries on bikinis while slave is in chastity

(Exclusive Membership Video!!! )


Nika wants to look super hot for her boyfriend that she’s going to fuck later. Fluffy her slave gets to help dress her so she can try different bikinis on so she knows which one her boyfriend will love the most. She looks so hot and her boyfriend actually deserves her because he isn’t a little beta bitch like her slave. Fluffy helps her and sits in agony having to look at Nikas sexy ass and big tits. His chastity gets tighter and tighter.



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Chloe - Footage with Countdowns and some Findom

MEMBERSHIP SITE EXCLUSIVE:  This is some basic B Roll footage of Chloe that seems pretty hot and a waste not to be seen.  Great ass addict scenes!  Not much audio in it.  Kept it bare so you can guys can think of what you want while stroking.  We just added some countdowns to help you remember you should be stroking. At the end we put a Chloe FINDDOM dream she has.  Let us know if you like these simple relatively short simple B ROLL type clips to jerk to.


CashApp:  Chloe Francois  $ChloeFrancois


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Chloe - Jerk Training for Cum Eating 4K

MEMBERSHIP SITE EXCLUSIVE! (Until June 1st , 2021) This clip features Chloe and teaches a beta simp mutt how to come to terms with his revulsion to eating his cum or the cum from a boyfriend or even another beta.  It takes you through several edges via red light and green light.  Each time several images and audio clips of other Brat Princesses play. Several countdowns through the edges.  At the end we count you down and it goes into a period of cum eating urging.  Extremely humiliating.  Lots of laughter, countdowns, and JOI and CEI!


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