Sadie - Cuck Cleans up Mess While Goddess Vapes

 This is a casual day in the life of real cuckoldress Sadie Holmes.  Sadie submits fully to one of her alpha boyfriends and lets him take her and enjoy her body while her cuck is forced to watch.  After the Alpha finishes inside Sadie he takes a nice hot shower leaving the cuck and Sadie to take of his mess.  Sadie vapes and enjoys her tongue bath from her chastity cuck while her stud showers.  The stud comes out and looks dismissively at the cuck as he cleans Sadie’s cunt.  Later he comes back and kisses her goodbye while the cuck laps away.  Sadie must be clean! She has another boyfriend coming over soon!

Macy Cartel - Convinces Boyfriend to Let her Keep a Cuck Slave

Macy’s boyfriend wants to break up with her because he found out that she has a slave. Her boyfriend thinks it’s weird. Macy explains that he shouldn’t be jealous of a slave. She is only using him for his money and not for sex. Macy explains that she keeps the slave in chastity all the time. He pays the rent on her apartment and gives her a weekly allowance.

Macy wants both, to be able to keep her slave and her boyfriend. To prove to her boyfriend that she loves him she tells him that she wants to have sex with him in front of her slave. This way the slave will understand his place and her boyfriend won’t be jealous.

Macy begs her boyfriend to allow her to keep the slave. Her boyfriend concedes and agrees that cuckolding the slave could be hot. Macy lets her boyfriend fuck her right in front of her cuckold slave. The slave sits in his chastity and watches as Macy’s boyfriend fucks her to multiple orgasms with his amazing Superior cock. Macy makes her slave hold her legs back so that her boyfriend can fuck her deeper. The slave is very sad and jealous of Macy’s boyfriend. He has never fucked a girl the way Macy’s boyfriend can fuck. Macy’s boyfriend cums inside her. Then, she makes her slave eat it out of her pussy. After cleaning up her boyfriend’s cum for her, Macy sends her slave to the ATM to bring her some cash. (24:09 long)


Sadie - Throws Crumbs to Starving Cuck Husband with her Boyfriend

Sadie and her boyfriend humiliate Sadie’s cuckolded husband. She has been starving her husband all day. Sadie and her boyfriend throw potato chips and make the hungry cuckold chase after them. Sadie did not marry for love, or cock, and her husband knows it. She tells her Alpha boyfriend the backstory about how she met, married, and cuckolded her rich husband while they humiliate him together. Sadie inspects her husband’s chastity. She throws more food on the floor for him. Then, she makes him go fetch his wallet. Sadie removes all of the money from it so that she and her boyfriend can go to dinner. Sadie instructs her husband to clean the house while she and her boyfriend have their meal. If the cuckold cleans well, the Alpha couple may allow him to watch them fuck when they return. Sadie makes her husband kiss her, and her boyfriend’s, shoes. Then, they leave to have their meal. (9:31 long)


Nikki Brooks - Financially Dominated Cuck Worships Feet

Nikki is on the phone with her boyfriend, but her idiot cuck wants attention. He interrupts her to ask to be released from chastity. Nikki stuffs the cuckold’s wallet into its mouth to shut it up. Nikki’s boyfriend tells her that he didn’t get the shoes they wanted the cuck to order for him. Nikki punishes the cuck by making him worship her feet. He was going to be released from chastity, but now he will have to worship Nikki’s perfect feet while locked. Nikki’s cuck needs to be reminded of his place. If he doesn’t learn, he will have to learn to worship more than feet. He’ll be made to suck the cock of her girlfriend’s slave as an even bigger punishment. The slave does not want to have to do such debased things and becomes more compliant. Nikki sends the slave away to the ATM to get her and her boyfriend some more money. (12:52 long)


Macy Cartel - Help Me Please Him Cuck

Macy’s cuck is her helper. She wants to give Alpha a blowjob and cuck is there to hold her hair back while she sucks him. The cuckold must be careful to not pull her beautiful long hair and hold it very gently. Macy gives her Alpha an incredible blowjob while her cuckold has to watch. Cuckolds and Alphas get very different treatment from pretty girls. Macy works very hard deepthroating to please her real man, even though taking his huge cock down her delicate throat isn’t easy. She will do it for him, though. Meanwhile, the poor cuckold is all locked into a strict chastity. He must catch the spit and drool that Macy works up while sucking Alpha’s huge cock and isn’t even allowed to touch himself. Macy sucks her Alpha until he cums in her mouth. She spits all of Alpha’s cum into the cuckold’s mouth and makes him swallow. Then, Macy has to pee. She uses the cuckold’s mouth for that, too. (16:47 long)


Sadie - Cuckolds her Husband

Cuckoldress Sadie keeps her pathetic husband chained to the foot of their marital bed. She parades her boyfriend in and immediately starts sucking his Superior cock while her loser husband is forced to watch. A simpering Marcello asks his wife, “Why are you doing this to me, sweetie?” Sadie replies that she likes having his money to spend AND her boyfriend’s fantastic cock. Sadie’s boyfriend adds, to Marcello, that his wife’s mouth feels incredible. Sadie smiles and goes back to sucking him. Sadie gets fucked hard by her Lover while looking deep into her submissive husband’s eyes. She has her husband lick her feet while her Lover worships her pussy. She cums, and then, they make Marcello hold Sadie’s legs back so her boyfriend can fuck her pussy deep. Sadie deep throat’s her boyfriend’s cock while her husband licks her asshole. Her Lover grabs her hair from behind while Sadie moans right in her husband’s face. She tells her husband that he is not getting out of chastity any time soon. Sadie has her second orgasm on her boyfriend’s cock, then, masturbates herself to a third. Her Lover watches her climax, then he climaxes on the lips of her pussy. Sadie makes her husband clean up the mess with his tongue, then makes her husband lick her to a fourth orgasm. Sadie and her Lover leave right after to go chill in the living room, abandoning her husband who is still bound to the bed. (28:31 long)




Sadie - Sadie and her Lover use Husband for Clean Up

Sadie is so happy to be spending quality time with her lover. She calls her submissive husband into the room to help her out. It’s her husband’s job to catch and swallow all the excess spit she works up from blowing her real man. Sadie and her lover laugh at her cuckold husband while humiliating him. She makes her husband kneel and watch while she pleasures her man. Her husband would never get the same treatment a real man gets. Sadie’s husband lays on the ground below she and her lover, locked tightly in chastity. She strokes and sucks her Alpha man right over her submissive husband’s face. Sadie strokes her man until he cums in her mouth. She then spits it into her husband’s mouth and makes him swallow. (15:20 long)



Sadie Holmes - Interview with a Real Life Cuckoldress (4K)

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4K Ultra HD This is an interview with Sadie Holmes, a real life cuckoldress. In it she answers questions about her lifestyle. She candidly talks about her relationship with her real-life submissive husband. Sadie shares her thoughts on chastity, sex, and shares true stories from lived cuckold scenarios. This clip is an absolute must-have for cuckolds and cuckold enthusiasts! (6:00 long)


Sadie Holmes - Interview with a Real Life Cuckoldress (1080 HD)

1080 HD This is an interview with Sadie Holmes, a real life cuckoldress. In it she answers questions about her lifestyle. She candidly talks about her relationship with her real-life submissive husband. Sadie shares her thoughts on chastity, sex, and shares true stories from lived cuckold scenarios. This clip is an absolute must-have for cuckolds and cuckold enthusiasts! (6:00 long)



Nikki Brooks - Cuckold Takes a Beating (1080 HD)

1080 HD Nikki’s cuck is helping Nikki dress for her date with her boyfriend. She is so excited about the date, but then her boyfriend calls to tell her that he will be late. Now Nikki is mad. Nikki tells her boyfriend about the new dress she is wearing for him, hoping he will be as excited about it as she is. But Nikki’s boyfriend tells her he would have preferred it if their cuckold bought her the dress in blue. He thinks Nikki looks hotter in blue. Nikki, of course, agrees with her boyfriend. The idiot cuck should have bought the dress in blue. Now Nikki is very emotional and the cuck will feel her wrath. While yelling at the cuck, Nikki’s boyfriend calls again. He’s not just going to be late, he needs to cancel dinner entirely. Nikki is so mad and it’s all the cuck’s fault! He got the dress color wrong and that must have jinxed her. Now, the cuck is going to have to spend a lot of extra time in chastity. If Nikki has to be sexually frustrated by the absence of her bull, then so does the cuck. Nikki gives the cuck a hard beating. She is mad, and he deserves pain. 100 lashes to every part of his body. The more Nikki beats the cuck, the better she feels about the whole thing. Nikki’s boyfriend calls again, interrupting her rage. Turns out, he will be able to make it to dinner. Nikki is elated. She tells the cuck to dress himself and cover up the marks from the whip. She does not want her boyfriend to know how angry she can get. (13:21 long)