Cali Carter - Two Cucks Dress Princess for Date

Cali is really excited about her date tonight. She uses two chastity cucks to help her prepare. Cali orders the first cuck to iron her date’s dress shirt. She use the second cuck to choose her outfit. She tells the cuck to dress her in what he would like to see her in, were a real man and not a pathetic cuck. Princess Cali is dressed while her French manicure dries. The cuck pulls red panties over Cali’s prefect ass. Cali uses the cuck as a chair while she puts on her matching bra. The other cuck continues to iron Cali’s date’s shirt. Cali admires herself in the mirror. She asks each cuck for their thoughts. The first cuck answers that its Princess looks very beautiful. Cali asks the second, if he were a man, would he fuck her? The cuck answers yes. Cali becomes increasingly anxious about her date. It has to be perfect. Cali no longer likes the first outfit. She needs another. A cuck brings a second outfit. Cali hates this outfit as well. She sends a cuck for a third. A third outfit is brought. Cali is dressed by her cuck. The third outfit is perfect. Cali asks each of the cucks if they would fuck her in the third outfit. They answer that if they were men, they would. Cali has the cucks kiss her feet and lick the bottoms of her shoes. She inspects their chastity. Cali leaves a list of instructions for the cucks while she is out with her date.  (13:14  long)

NOTE:  This was shot in only 720 HD.  Sorry!

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Sadie - Some More Q&A Thoughts from Cuckoldress Sadie

Here’s another interview with cuckoldress Sadie! She answers: What are your solutions for chastity whining? What is your routine for getting ready for a Bull? How do I get my cuckold to eat my Bull’s cum? What is the importance of edging in long-term chastity? What do you do if your cuckold wants to go on vacation with you? How do you change a cuckold so that he no longer tries to act like a man? Hear her answers for all these exciting questions in this fascinating interview! (13:45 long)


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Sadie - Gets Fucked by her Bull while Cuck must Watch

Sadie is hooking up with her real man and her pathetic beta cuck must watch. She sucks her Alpha’s cock while the beta cock looks on with envy. The Alpha tells Sadie to strip out of her clothes and she immediately does what the Alpha says. Sadie would never take her clothes off for a beta male like the cuck. She makes her cuck sniff her panties while the Alpha starts to pound her. The Alpha’s cock hits her in places a beta male never could. Sadie spits in her cuck’s face while her real man fucks her. She reminds the cuck that he is a loser and that’s why he is locked in chastity. The Bull suggests that Sadie have her cuck hold her legs back so that he can fuck her even deeper. The cuck must do what the Bull says. The cuck does not do a good job holding Sadie’s legs back and the Bull gets angry. The Alpha has an orgasm on Sadie’s vulva. Sadie makes the cuckold lick her clean. After cleaning her up it is time for the cuck to serve as Sadie’s toilet. (22:51 long)


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Amilia Onyx - Has Cuck Clean her after Getting Fucked

Amilia just had a great date. The guy was a little bit of an asshole, but he was very cute, and the sex was fantastic. Now she’s back home with her cuck-husband, Marcelo, who she keeps in chastity. Amilia expects her husband to do cleanup duty with his mouth. He must taste a real man. Amilia told her date about how she keeps her husband in chastity. Her date thought that it was very funny. He plans to come over sometime and humiliate Amilia’s husband with her. She also schedules Marcelo to go over to her girlfriend’s house to clean her after she has her date. Amilia finishes having her husband clean her and then she sends him off to work to make her more money. Amilia reminds Marcelo to not disturb her when he gets back home from working the late shift. He will, of course, sleep on the couch like always so as not to wake her. (10:33 long)



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Sadie - Another Q & A with a Real Life Cuckoldress

In this video Sadie Holmes answers some questions about what it’s like to be a real life cuckoldress. Questions include: Why is it important for a cuck to clean up after a bull? Besides tighter, stricter, chastity what is the best way to punish a cuck? Do you share your cuck amongst friends? Do you use a punishment from a distance device? I’m having trouble getting my cuck to work extra shifts. Any advice? Where does your cuck sleep? How do you feel about long-term vs short-term chastity? Watch the video to hear Sadie’s answers! (11:40 long)



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Sadie - Swallow his Cum and then Buy us Dinner

Sadie enjoys giving her Bull a blowjob. She calls Marcello into the room to help her. Marcello is surprised to see his Dominant wife on her knees giving another man oral! Sadie calls her husband an idiot and reminds him that she is free to do whatever she wants, including suck a cock that is bigger and better than his. Sadie makes her pathetic husband lay on the floor and spits into his mouth while she sucks her Bull. Marcello cannot control his wife. He does not satisfy her and that’s why she has locked him into chastity. Sadie is a slut-wife who just needs more and more dick. Her husband could never satisfy her like a well-endowed male, or several, could. Sadie’s Bull throat fucks her. She kneels over her husband’s mouth so that he can catch the drool. Sadie loves cheating on her husband with her Bull. Her husband lays on the floor covered in his wife’s spit. Sadie lets her Bull use her mouth for his orgasm. The Bull cums inside her. Sadie spits the cum into her cuck-husband’s mouth and makes him swallow. Sadie makes her husband give her the credit card. He is going to pay for his wife’s dinner with her Bull. After dinner, they will come back to Sadie’s house to fuck. Sadie’s husband, of course, will have to watch. (14:39 long)


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Natalya - Gives her Alpha Boyfriend a Blowjob while Cuck Worships her Feet

Princess Natalya Vega gives her Alpha boyfriend a blowjob while her cuck, Marcello, worships her feet. Natalya makes her cuck stand and display its chastity device to them. The cuck’s penis is so much smaller than Natalya’s boyfriend’s. That’s why he’s locked! The cuck must worship his Princess while she pleasures Alpha. Natalya makes the cuck kiss her ass. She straddles the cuck’s chest while she finishes giving her boyfriend a blowjob. Natalya’s boyfriend cums in her mouth. Natalya spits it straight into the cuck’s mouth and makes him swallow for them. (13:10 long)



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Sadie - Cuck Cleans up Mess While Goddess Vapes

 This is a casual day in the life of real cuckoldress Sadie Holmes.  Sadie submits fully to one of her alpha boyfriends and lets him take her and enjoy her body while her cuck is forced to watch.  After the Alpha finishes inside Sadie he takes a nice hot shower leaving the cuck and Sadie to take of his mess.  Sadie vapes and enjoys her tongue bath from her chastity cuck while her stud showers.  The stud comes out and looks dismissively at the cuck as he cleans Sadie’s cunt.  Later he comes back and kisses her goodbye while the cuck laps away.  Sadie must be clean! She has another boyfriend coming over soon!

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Macy Cartel - Convinces Boyfriend to Let her Keep a Cuck Slave

Macy’s boyfriend wants to break up with her because he found out that she has a slave. Her boyfriend thinks it’s weird. Macy explains that he shouldn’t be jealous of a slave. She is only using him for his money and not for sex. Macy explains that she keeps the slave in chastity all the time. He pays the rent on her apartment and gives her a weekly allowance.

Macy wants both, to be able to keep her slave and her boyfriend. To prove to her boyfriend that she loves him she tells him that she wants to have sex with him in front of her slave. This way the slave will understand his place and her boyfriend won’t be jealous.

Macy begs her boyfriend to allow her to keep the slave. Her boyfriend concedes and agrees that cuckolding the slave could be hot. Macy lets her boyfriend fuck her right in front of her cuckold slave. The slave sits in his chastity and watches as Macy’s boyfriend fucks her to multiple orgasms with his amazing Superior cock. Macy makes her slave hold her legs back so that her boyfriend can fuck her deeper. The slave is very sad and jealous of Macy’s boyfriend. He has never fucked a girl the way Macy’s boyfriend can fuck. Macy’s boyfriend cums inside her. Then, she makes her slave eat it out of her pussy. After cleaning up her boyfriend’s cum for her, Macy sends her slave to the ATM to bring her some cash. (24:09 long)


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Sadie - Throws Crumbs to Starving Cuck Husband with her Boyfriend

Sadie and her boyfriend humiliate Sadie’s cuckolded husband. She has been starving her husband all day. Sadie and her boyfriend throw potato chips and make the hungry cuckold chase after them. Sadie did not marry for love, or cock, and her husband knows it. She tells her Alpha boyfriend the backstory about how she met, married, and cuckolded her rich husband while they humiliate him together. Sadie inspects her husband’s chastity. She throws more food on the floor for him. Then, she makes him go fetch his wallet. Sadie removes all of the money from it so that she and her boyfriend can go to dinner. Sadie instructs her husband to clean the house while she and her boyfriend have their meal. If the cuckold cleans well, the Alpha couple may allow him to watch them fuck when they return. Sadie makes her husband kiss her, and her boyfriend’s, shoes. Then, they leave to have their meal. (9:31 long)


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