Ava - I want a Live in Cuck

The ultimate end of all this jerking to femdom humiliation porn is being a cuckold.  This clip takes you through some truth about your life.  I tell you what I want my cuck to do.  I always get my way.  Every time you jerk, the resistance to being a cuck is lowered.  Cum eating, chastity, financial domination, ball kicks, and extreme humiliation are discussed.  Video and audio cut-ins are used to fuck with your beta head.  The music is soft and relaxing, and the mood is dreamy.  This is used to lower your defenses to help the poison down into your skull.  You were meant to be a cuck.  I tell you what I want my cuck to be like and duties and responsibilities.   (19:07 long)


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Ava - Cuck Try On Fantasy

You're my cuck that comes with me to the mall as I try on lingerie for my boyfriend to fuck me in. Is it hard to watch me try on all this sexy lingerie that you know you don’t get to fuck me in? lol.. Especially when i'm swiping your credit card to pay for the lingerie my boyfriend will be getting to enjoy seeing me in and fucking me in. I love teasing you as my cuck because I know you're locked in chastity anyways. I love seeing how frustrated you get when I tease you in this sexy lingerie. I just know the cashier girl knew you were a cuck. She knew I would never fuck you. How humiliating is that for you hahaha. She watched me swipe your credit card and then you carried my bags as I continued talking about how alphas going to fuck me in the new lingerie tonight... I try on all the different lingerie that you bought, deciding which one I want alpha to fuck me in later.... Since you're in chastity you're allowed to undress and dress me. It's just another way for me to tease you hahah... I have a surprise for you after I try on all the lingerie, you're super excited but also nervous to see what it is. Watch the whole video to find out what the surprise is. Hint: It has something to do with a sex tape.. This is a super bratty video with a lot of teasing and cuck play. If you love being a cuck for a super hot brat with a perfect ass and tits then you will love this video!


- Ava


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CD - Cuckold Watches and Cleans Up After Date

Cameron loves to humiliate her cuck.  He makes cuck Marcelo watch as he fucks the hell out of her.  Marcelo holds her legs and rubs her feet while her Bull fucks her with his cock.  Cameron whimpers and moans in pleasure while her Bull fucks her.  Cameron lets the cuck know how useless of a man he is compared to her Bull.  Her Bull grabs her hair and neck and fucks her roughly from behind.  The cuck can only watch.  Eventually her Bull enjoys an orgasm.  He cums all over Cameron’s body.  The cuck is told to lick it up.  Cameron looks on while her cuck obediently laps up her Bulls cum load.   This is real cum clean up.  No editing! (14:38 long) 

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CD - Cuck Humiliated by Her Date

The shame.  Marcello is forced to watch Cameron make out with her hot date Tommy.  She makes him worship her feet while she gives Tommy all of her attention.  She stops just to slap his face and spit in his mouth.  Cameron rubs it in his face how Tommy will be fucking her later tonight after they are back from dinner.  The dinner that Marcello will be paying for.  Cameron takes out his wallet and empties it.  She leaves Marcello alone for the evening and makes him wear a pig mask while she is out. (6:39 long)


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CD - Dress Me Slave

Mistress Cameron uses her cuck to help get ready for her date.  She ties Marcello to the bathroom vanity to begin the humiliation.  Cameron teases and humiliates Marcello with each outfit.  The chastity tube keeps Marcello from getting hard during all the outfit changes.  Cameron loves humiliating Marcello.  Tonight is the night Marcello will have to lick her clean.  She is going to maximize his humiliation.  (6:55 long)


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CD - Cucks Mouth Used as Garbage Can for Bulls Condoms

The clip starts out with Cameron kissing her boyfriend while her cuck licks the bottoms of her shoes.    Cameron explains to the cuck that they are going out tonight and will come back and fuck in front of him. Her cuck is starting to get used to the new mask she makes him wear.  Cameron just before leaving straps a dildo gag into the hole in his mask and locks it in place.  Her cuck will have to say in the room with a dildo gag in his mouth.  Cameron empties the cucks wallet of cash and head out for dinner.  A few hours later they return.  They basically ignore the cuck while they fuck.  Her bull fucks Cameron and is pretty rough with her.  The cuck can do nothing but watch helplessly.  He can’t even speak with the dildo locked in his mouth.  He easily fucks Cameron to an orgasm.  The in it is the bulls turn.  She removes the condom from his cock and brings it over to her cuck.  She unsnaps the dildo gag and pours the cum into his open mouth.  She squeezes the condom until every drop goes into his cuck mouth. She then drops and stuffs the used condom into his mouth.  She quickly snaps the dildo gag back into place.  He will sleep on the floor at the foot of their bed with condoms in his mouth all night long.  The only time he gets any break is for when she adds another. Real cuckolding no edits. (7:52 long)


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Sara Luvv - Brat Lies to Parents and simp to get Wrecked by Stud

Sara is Brat who loves her using her simp and being wrecked by her alpha.  In this previously unreleased cuck clip Sara Luvv lies to her parents and her “boyfriend” about where she is.  She gets destroyed by Ike every which way.  In this clip there are a few reminders for cucks and simps that this never happens to you. Only Him. 


Production notes:  This clip was supposed to be a cuck cleanup clip but her simp chickened out on set.  There was a problem with her cuck wandering into frame that we had to mask out.  Does not detract from the cock sucking action.  The simp had to pay afterwards.  She gave him a big kiss with Ikes cum dripping from her mouth.  He was humiliated!  But this is NOT on camera.  Figured we would release what we have.  Sara Luvv fans will LOVE this clip. 


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CD - Cuck Licks His Key Holder on His Knees and Under Her Dress

Cameron is waiting for her boyfriend to come back upstairs from gambling.  She is bored and frustrated.  She looks out the window of her hotel suite and calls for her cuckold.  Marcelo comes running with his chastity tube clicking!  Cameron loves the sound of a cucks chastity tube clicking when he runs around.  She orders Marcelo to lick her asshole while she looks at the cars and little people below. She loves her life.  She has amazing boyfriends and has turned Marcelo into an excellent cuck.  It was just a few months ago she saw Marcelo had potential as cuck.  He was just a simple mark then but she knew she could exploit him.  He had money, a decent foot fetish, low self-esteem, and a tongue that never tired.  Once the chastity tube was locked on she quickly cuckolded him. Cameron enjoys Marcelo under her dress while he laps away at her ass and pussy.  She gets turned on but she cannot cum like this.  It is time for her boyfriend to finish the job.  The cuck will clean up their mess afterwards.  Note that some of the footage is shot from under Cameron’s dress.  You get a cuck eye view of the scene.   (6:49 long) 

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CD – Cuckold Licks Pussy During a Light Lunch

Cameron orders Her cuck to lick Her pussy, while She enjoys a light lunch.  She told the kitchen servants: “No cheese!” But they put cheese on Her salad, anyway.  Cuck’s pussy licking must be putting Her in a good mood, because She doesn’t get too bothered by the mistake.  Regardless, the poor cuck still gets nothing to eat but pussy.  Not even a scrap of food under the table for the hard little worker.  Cameron tells the cuck that because he is doing such a great job, She may actually let him out of chastity for a little bit tonight.  Just for a few minutes, but still, it’s a treat!  Pretty soon Cameron forgets about Her salad and wraps Her legs around the cuck’s head.  She climaxes.  When She has finished, She immediately dismisses the cuck.  Cuck needs to go straight to the store for condoms and cigarettes for Her boyfriend.  “Go now!” She commands as She returns to Her light lunch.  (11:24  long)

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CD - Bubble Bath

Cameron's cuckold draws her a bath. Cameron sits in the carefully prepared tub. She teases the cuck's chastity with her finger nails. She reminds him that her boyfriend will be arriving soon. The cuck will have to eat her boyfriend's used condoms, again. But this time, if the cuck is good, he may have a chance to earn his release. First, the cuck must choose an outfit for Cameron. It has to be an outfit that Cameron's boyfriend likes. She sends the cuck for her wine. He returns with her wine and she tells him to wash her next. Cameron monologues about her exciting night ahead as the cuck washes her back. The cuck moves on to Cameron's ass. She asks the cuck about his past relationships and finds that he has never had a girlfriend want him for anything but his money. Cameron is not surprised by his history. Cameron notices the cuck admiring her body while he washes. She knows her body excites him. She teases his chastity some more, this time with her foot. He's been in chastity so long. Cameron wonders where she's even placed the key. The cuck is not surprised that his key may be lost. He knows his place. He is so accepting of his lot, he's certain he could learn to live out the rest of his days in the chastity device. Cameron is pleased with his understanding. She proposes a toast. She allows the cuck to draw himself a glass of her bathwater to drink. They raise a glass to Cameron's boyfriend. The cuck drinks down her dirty bathwater. He brings her a clean towel before heading out to find an outfit Cameron's boyfriend will like. (11:15 long)

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