Brianna - Mother uses Son for Sexual Gratification (Not as Good as Dick)

Brianna is texting a hell-hung potential lover while sitting on her son’s face. Her son is locked in chastity. Mommy wears the key. Brianna is very excited to rendezvous with the generously endowed man. Not only is his dick huge, he also works out and has a fantastic body! Brianna becomes more and more excited the more she looks though his photos. She sits on her son’s face as her panties become wetter and wetter. Her son squirms underneath her because he can’t breathe. When her son moves too much Brianna punishes him by squeezing his neck between her thighs. He needs to hold still for mommy while she enjoys the photos and videos of the attractive man. At the last minute, her well-hung date cancels. But she is too horny! Brianna decides to use her son’s face for her pleasure in her date’s absence. She, of course, would have preferred his nice big dick, but her son’s face will have to do. Briana uses her son’s face for a nice orgasm, leaving him locked in chastity, of course. She climaxes as her son thrashes about desperate for air. (10:58 long)


BP - Three Princesses unlock a Loser for Cum Lick Up Humiliation

Kaylie, Natalya, and Rachel have a loser locked in chastity. They decide to let him out to edge. He’s been in chastity so long his penis is very small and shriveled when they unlock him. All three girls tease the loser with their perfect asses. The loser has been locked so long he has difficulty getting hard. He ejaculates, while still soft, into a bowl. Then, the girls force feed him the mess with a spoon. Forced cum eating is the price of an orgasm in the presence of three beautiful Princesses. They all spit in his face and laugh at him. (8:39 long)



Nika - Crabby Princess uses her Loser for Foot Worship and Cash

Nika ignores her chastity boy while he worships her feet. She lets out a big bored sigh. “I’m crabby,” she says. The worshipping boy is silent. Nika plays with her chewing gum. “I said I’m crabby.” Her boy knows this is going to be bad. “Fix it.” Nika wants her beta boy to make her less bored and crabby. She starts fucking his throat aggressively with her feet. Still bored. Nika wants a Benji. Her boy knows its not a tribute or rinse day, but Nika wants one hundred dollars anyway just because she is in a mood. The beta boy gives his Princess one hundred dollars from his wallet. Nika clutches the bill and goes right back to gagging him with her feet. Nika still isn’t happy. She wants another hundred. Still not satisfied, Nika demands a third, then a fourth. Nika is upset that her beta did not just offer the full four hundred dollars his wallet to her the instant she mentioned she was crabby. He’s displaying selfishness, which is an ugly quality for a beta. As a punishment, Nika marches him straight to the ATM. She wants a drain now, where she will take out the maximum withdrawal. Nika started out crabby, but now she’s furious. A beta boy should always obey his Keyholder and do his best to keep her happy. After the drain, Nika expects to be driven to her boyfriend’s while her beta pulls some extra hours at work. (13:43 long)



Platinum POV - Cuckold Husband worships Wife’s Ass before her Date

Platinum wants you to stay put in the bathroom while her date fucks her. She makes you look at her outfit and asks, “If you were a real man, would you fuck me in this?” Platinum wants you to listen with your ear against the bathroom door (it adjoins the master bedroom) and guess how many times her date makes her cum. You are her husband. She keeps you locked in chastity. Platinum only wants you for your money, not your dick. Platinum makes you kneel and kiss her ass before her date. So pathetic for a husband to be cuckolded by his wife like this! If you can’t guess the number of times her date makes her cum, she will keep you in chastity even longer. Don’t forget that this weekend you have an appointment with your chastity councilor. Your wife wants another tightening. (8:07 long)


Nika - Sexy Princess uses a Losers Face

Princess Niki sits on her chastity boy’s face and ride it for her own enjoyment. She giggles, bounces, and grinds while the loser boy squirms. His chastity jingles while she pleasures herself. The boy can’t breathe with his face buried in Nika’s ass and pussy. He better catch a big, deep, breath whenever she allows him to have one. Nika rides her chastity boy’s face to a nice orgasm while he holds his breath and waits for her to finish using him. Of course, even after she finishes, he can’t cum at all. (10:09 long)


Macy and Raquel - Macy Acquires a New Chastity Stray

Macy is hanging around Raquel’s office waiting for Raquel to take her lunchbreak. Raquel has one more beta to see before she can take her break. The beta comes into Raquel’s office for his appointment. He wants to be remeasured. He thinks that the Department of Beta Control made a mistake last time. Raquel is skeptical, but she agrees to remeasure the beta. She takes a caliper and measures the testicles. Very nice and swollen! Raquel orders the beta to remove its chastity cage. The beta now has five minutes to develop an erection so that he can be remeasured. If his dick truly is big enough, then he will no longer have to be labeled “beta” and can enjoy the full privileges of an Alpha. Macy is intrigued by the beta. She discovers that he is a stray without a Keyholder. The beta is remeasured, and of course, is determined to be too small to be considered Alpha. Macy takes a liking to the little stay beta and decides that she wants to keep him. The beta agrees to become Macy’s slave. Macy and Raquel start the paperwork to make the beta Macy’s property officially. They go over the terms of his agreement. Raquel tells Macy that she has another stray beta coming in after lunch. She wouldn’t be surprised if Macy wants to stay to meet him and take that one, too, the greedy girl. (10:58 long)


Lola - Frustrating Edge and Ruin

Lola has a slave bound to a chair. Its cock is wrapped and tied to a post. Only the head of the penis is left exposed. Lola stimulates just the head. The cock bondage gets tighter as the slave becomes more erect. No stroking! Just enough stimulation at the head to stay on edge. Lola sits on the slave’s face and smoothers him in her ass. The cock gets very hard and the slave is right on the verge of an orgasm. The slave is so frustrated his whole-body visibly shakes. Then, with just minimal manual stimulation, the slave climaxes. His sudden orgasm takes Lola by surprise! (15:27 long)


Brianna - Mother Straps Dildo to Sons Face and Fucks it in Frustration when Date Cancels

Brianna is mad that her date canceled on her. She will have to rely on her beta-son for an orgasm now. Brianna straps a dildo to her son’s face. The dildo is not as big as her lover’s cock, but it will do. Her beta-son is locked in chastity, of course. His little penis would never do to satisfy any woman. Brianna has her son lay on the bed so that she can use the dildo strapped to his face for an orgasm. She thinks about her lover while riding the dildo strapped to her son. Using her son for an orgasm is ok because he is in chastity. She explains to her son that it is ok to fuck mommy with the dildo so long as he remains locked. The chastity cage bounces and jingles while Brianna’s son fucks mommy with the dildo. After Brianna has climaxed, she makes her son kneel beside the bed with the dildo still strapped to his face. She wants to take a little nap. One orgasm may not be enough. She may want to use him for another when she wakes. (8:37 long)


Kaylie - Lick my Shoes and Feet Pathetic Old Loser

Kaylie makes an old loser lick her dirty shoes. She wants them clean! She slaps the stupid loser and spits on his ugly face. Then, Kaylie makes her old loser take off her shoes and lick her sweaty feet. She giggles and pushes her toes up his nose. Suck on my foot! Kaylie tries to get her entire foot inside her loser’s mouth. Pretty, young, girls can get fat, old, losers to do anything. Kaylie gags the old man with her feet. How humiliating for him, but fun for her! It he does a good job he might get let out of chastity for an orgasm, which of course, he will have to lick up for her amusement. Kaylie slaps her loser in the face and reminds him that he is very pathetic. (11:36 long)



Kat POV - I Know what a Foot Fetishist Needs

Kat knows what you like. She knows that you are obsessed with her feet and that’s ok. Kat knows what you need. She knows you need to stroke to her pretty feet. Kat oils them for you and scrunches and spreads her toes. She knows you love her feet and ass. You can go ahead and stroke. Kat loves when you paint her soles with your hot cum. (8:53 long)


Becky - Hot Red Pants Scissor and Bounce AND Suck My Toes Loser Double Feature

Hot Red Pants Smother and Bounce

1080 HD Becky locks a slave’s neck between her thighs. She squeezes as tight as she can. The slave begs her to stop. Becky does, but gives him something even worse. Becky bounces on the slave’s face with her full weight. She does lots of high bounces and comes down hard on his face over and over. Ass bouncing in tight, shiny, red pants. He’s nothing but her plaything! (5:06 long)

Clip Contains: Becky, Female Domination, Facesitting, Ass Bouncing, Scissorhold

Suck My Toes Loser

1080 HD Becky is sure that her loser is a virgin. He’s so pathetic. She makes the virgin loser worship her feet. Becky demands the loser’s wallet. She takes all the cash from it and makes him keep sucking her toes as she counts it. This is just the beginning. Becky is going to take all his money and keep him locked in chastity. (4:43 long)

Clip Contains: Becky, Female Domination, Foot Worship, Virgin Humiliation, Financial Domination

Total clip length (9:49 long)


Macy and Kat - Teased by machine for Hours and Hours Part 5

1080 HD The cow is very tired. He has been on the milking bench for hours and hours. He doesn’t think he can take anymore. The girls encourage him to keep going by shocking him with electricity. Kat enjoys riding the cow’s face. She reaches her climax while the cow remains on edge. The cow again begs the teasers to stop. They draw him back in with their wiles and encourage him to do more. The girls begin the end of shift protocols. The cow begs to be allowed to have an orgasm before being locked back into chastity. The girls do not allow him an orgasm. They make him edge one more time. Then, they run the erection removal protocol. The teasers wait with the chastity ready for the cow’s erection to be removed. The electric shocks become increasingly stronger as the erection dwindles. Once the erection is negligible the cow is locked into chastity and sent into the holding area. (11:55 long)


Macy and Kat - Teased by machine for Hours and Hours Part 4 (1080 HD)

1080 HD Kat has changed into the cow’s favorite outfit. Macy leaves to change hers and leaves Kat alone with the cow. Kat gives the cow a prostate shock. Despite the pain, the cow is still on the edge of orgasm. He is so aroused by his cute teaser. He can’t help but edge for her. Kat troubleshoots an issue with the software, which results in extra shocks for the cow. Macy returns and sits on the cow’s face. Kat shocks the cow so that Macy can feel a tingle while she rides him. Macy loves the tingle, but the cow is in agony. The cow begs the teasers to stop. They won’t. Macy grinds on the cow’s face to make herself feel good. The cow’s session is over, but the girls want to start the edging program again. They tell the cow that they are resetting his edge count and that he’ll have to do another twenty edges for them. Kat hops onto the cow’s face to take her turn. She wants to grind herself to a climax. (11:28 long)



Platinum - Princess Edges Chastity Goon

Goddess Platinum is cranky. She hasn’t been getting enough sleep lately. She wants to play an edging game with her idiot goon to cheer herself up. She lets the ugly old goon out of chastity to let him edge for her. Humiliating him brings a smile to her face. The goon is actually her ex-husband whom she has divorced and forced to live in the basement. The ex-husband must always wear a hood over his face so that Platinum never has to look at him. Platinum tells her gooning ex that she is taking their daughter and leaving town with all the money she got in the divorce settlement. Her ex-husband is right on the edge of orgasm when she tells him the news. Platinum has completely ruined him, and he has no choice now but to continue to be strung along. She denies her goon an orgasm and locks him back up. Platinum slaps him in the face and heads off to the bank, wearing his chastity key. “Enjoy being homeless,” she tosses over her shoulder as she heads out the door. (9:49 long)


Mariah and Natalya - Were you Trying to Breathe Stupid

1080 HD Mariah and Natalya sit on a loser’s dumb face. He is just a seat. The girls get mad that the loser is fussy and trying to sneak breaths. They are Princesses and he is the throne! The male is very pathetic and helpless. The girls hold him down and ass smother him. They really have no regard for him. They smash his face hard with their asses and giggle. (10:08 long)


Kat - POV Footjob in Yellow Sundress

1080 HD Kat oils her pretty size 6 ½ feet for you. She slides her oiled feet up and down your cock. Kat teases you nice and slow with her slippery toes. She knows you love it when she milks your cock with her feet. Kat strokes your shaft with her feet until you paint her toes white with your cum. (11:24 long)


Brianna and Kat - Little Brother Mandated into Chastity by Department of Beta Control

Kat is so excited to measure her brother! As stated in the guidelines set by the Department of Beta control, a male must measure 6” or more in order to quality as a “real man.” Anything less and Kat gets to lock her brother up in chastity! Kat really hopes that her brother turns out to be a beta, because she would LOVE to wear his key. Kat’s brother only measures 3.” He is definitely beta! Ellis begs his Mother and sister not to lock him up. The women tell Ellis that rules are rules. The State mandates that if he is a beta he must be locked. The females send Ellis into the bathroom and tell him to put the chastity device on. When Ellis emerges from the bathroom, he must hand the key to his sister. Ellis must learn to obey and serve his sibling Keyholder. He cries while he licks his sister’s dirty flip flops. The females are totally indifferent to his misery. In fact, Mother and daughter both seen to enjoy it. (8:43 long)


Platinum - Wife Controls Foot Fetishist Husband Completely

Goddess Platinum controls her husband completely with her perfect feet. For awhile now he has been sleeping on the floor of their bedroom. Platinum tells him she thinks it’s best that he moves out of the bedroom completely. Her husband disagrees! He wants to return to the marital bed and sleep beside his wife! Platinum explains to her husband that normally a husband would sleep next to his wife, but he isn’t normal. He is foot obsessed, and Platinum knows that because he is foot obsessed, and she has perfect feet, she can get her husband to do anything. Platinum allows her husband to worship her feet. She tells him that he will be sleeping in the laundry room from now on. She would let him have the spare bedroom, but she and her daughter, Kat, need that space for their extra-large shoe closet. Platinum gets mad that her husband has not been keeping her daughter’s room clean. Her husband agrees to do a better job keeping Kat’s room tidy. Platinum tells him that if he does not do a better job, then she and her daughter are going to ballbust him. Finally, Platinum reveals to her husband that she intends to lock him in chastity. Her husband protests, but he has no choice. (9:20 long)


Natalya - Ass Smothers a Human Chair

Princess Natalya smothers her human chair. She keeps him locked tightly in chastity while she sits on his face. The chair is squirmy because he cannot breathe. Natalya controls his breath completely. She jingles the chastity keys around her neck. The chair struggles for air. Natalya doesn’t understand the struggle. He only has one job and it’s literally just to be motionless. Natalya decides to smother him until he’s out. Once he’s limp, then he’ll be still. (8:52 long)


Lola and Noe - Tease Chastity Cow Conditioned Not to Cum Part 2

1080 HD Lola and Noe come back later into Andy’s rest period and decide to let Andy out of his chastity cage. Playing with Andy during his rest time was just too much fun the first time, so they come back just to mess with him a second time. Lola teases Andy’s erection with a vibrator while Noe sits on Andy’s face. Lola ties the vibrator to Andy’s erection and leaves it there. With rope constricting Andy’s penis and the vibrator pressed against it tight, Lola stimulates only the head with her fingers. Lola then squeezes the cock between her thighs, stimulating herself with the vibrator bound to the penis, while slowly stroking just the head. Lola then removes the vibrator and the cock bondage. She squeezes Andy’s penis between her thighs, making him fuck her spandex leggings. He’s been in chastity so long he’s very happy to fuck thighs. Andy, desperate to cum, tries to fuck Lola’s thighs back. The girls titter at Andy’s sexual desperation. Lola takes Andy right to the edge of an orgasm with thigh fucking. She stops abruptly and slaps him hard in the face and reminds him that he’s a cow and is not allowed to cum. The chastity goes right back on. Thankfully for Andy maybe now he can finally take a nap. (11:20 long)