Amber - Sweaty Ass Facesitting Hell

Betas are so stupid! I can literally work out and get ALL SWEATY and then make a super-hot face sitting clip of me in my dirty sweaty gym clothes. After making Andy drink my sweaty foot water (IN ANOTHR CLIP) I locked him the smother box for my own amusement! After working out my clothes were damp and FULL of my sweat! Since this loser was locked up, he had NO CHOICE but to sit there and smell my stink hahahaha Every time I pump him up, his face gets pushed further into my sweaty ass. It’s so funny how he gasps for air. You can see him breath in my stink, until he can’t breathe anymore LOL. (But this dink knows better than to complain!) I find it so amusing that I can just use a beta to sit on and make content after sweating from my workout. It’s so funny how his face fits PERFECTLY beneath my ass, and his nose fits right BETWEEN my CHEEKS! The trick to a perfect stink smother, is to seal its mouth and then lean forward just enough so he can only get a little bit of air. It will have to do a deep inhale from its nose right from your ass! It must smell it! HAHAHAH. I often switch positions to find the BEST angle for my content and move the camera when I feel necessary (I KNOW MY BEST ANGLES) I make sure to use my FULL WEIGHT on the beta’s face. Even if it’s not a perfect seal, its SOOOO HARD for them to breath LOL. Plus, I look so good sitting on it!


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Jennifer and Sara - Step Daughter Gets Birthday Gift of Castration

Sara takes her step-dad to the clinic to see Jennifer. Jennifer runs a castration clinic. She is really good at what she does and believes that certain men don’t deserve to have balls or a penis. Sara bought this service as a birthday gift. She is so excited. She has never done this before but she knows its necessary to keep her step-dad under her control. Jennifer explains to her how to do it. How she needs to snip really hard and then she might have to keep cutting til it eventually falls off. She was just gonna cut off his balls but quickly made the decision to cut his penis off too. She is going to make jewelry out of it. So when he looks at her he will be constantly reminded of the power she holds. His screams were so loud as his balls drop into their little pot. No more penis and balls for that step-daddy!


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BP – Extreme Female Domination with Spitting and Ball Shocking

Nika brings in her little mutt for a fun domination session with the other girls. He is a mutt. A stupid pathetic beta who gets completely destroyed by the girls. He begs to kiss and worship their boots. He is made to lick the bottom of their boots clean. The girls humiliate him to the extreme. They are in total control of him. The girls have some fun toys to play with. A pouty lip gag that keeps his mouth open wide and makes him look completely ridiculous, a tight ball thong and a ball shocker. The girls take turns spitting in his mouth and shocking his balls. His balls look like they are going to pop. They are so tight and with every shock it becomes more and more unbearable. He is being totally dominated by multiple Brat Princesses.


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Chloe - I Want Total Submission

Chloe, like any good keyholder, is interested in total submission.  She wants danni to experience a full FLR.  Danni must trust that Chloe knows what’s best for them.  Chloe carefully weighs every decision to make sure what is best for making Chloe happier.  Danni is best just letting go and putting Chloe in charge of everything.  This is when Danni will begin to experience some orgasms again.  He must submit completely!  If Chloe senses any resistance, he will get more chastity.  Foot worship, scolding, humiliation.

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Ava – Tied Up Slave Used for Foot Cleaning

Ava spent the day at the beach. She took a long walk on the beach and now just wants to relax and have her feet cleaned. Her slave is bound up on the bed and can’t use its arms or move. He is basically like a chair for her to sit on. Her slave must lick and suck her feet and toes clean. While he is busy cleaning her perfect feet she is going to look at all the pics she took today. Eventually, she turns around and is bent over with her ass up in the air and her toes in her slaves mouth. She knows this will torture him and make him even more weak for her. Being able to see her ass from that angle and picturing her on the beach with her new bikini she just bought with his credit card is so crippling.


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Cherry - Texts Boyfriend while Cuck Worships Pussy (1080) (2021 Remaster)

Cherry texts her boyfriend while her cuck licks her pussy. Cherry uses her bare feet to push the cuck’s head further between her legs. She laughs at some funny pictures her boyfriend is sending while the cuck works to pleasure her. Cherry’s boyfriend starts sexting. He sends some pictures of his cock. Cherry reminds the cuck that her boyfriend’s dick is huge. Cherry explains to the cuck that, technically, what they are doing is not cheating because it’s not like she could ever have feelings for a cuck. She texts some of her girlfriends to come over. The cuck is on duty to serve Cherry tonight. He’ll have to serve Cherry’s friends as well. Cherry doesn’t want to hear any complaints about worshiping her friend’s pussies, too. If, that’s what her girlfriends choose to use him for. Whatever her girlfriends want, it’s the cuck’s duty to provide.  (7:45  long) 

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Amber - Breathless Pantyhose Full Weight Smother

In this video, I completely dominate this beta male with my pantyhose covered ass. I have no real reason to use this losers face as a seat for my perfect ass other than because I can. Hot girls get to do whatever they want, and If I wanna use your face as a chair then I will. I just so happen to be wearing colored pantyhose, which makes this loser EXTRA weak for me. I find it amusing to just rub my ass and legs all over his face, barely even speaking to him. The few times that I bother letting this beta hear my voice is just to rub it in even more! I rock back and forth, snapping my pantyhose for him to hear, all the while taking his breath away with my perfect ass. The longer I sit on the beta’s face, more turned on with power I get. I treat him like FURNITURE! That’s how little I think of him…. Not even worried about his ability to “breath” lol. You can tell how badly he struggles with keeping his face berried so deep in my ass. I playfully rub my stocking covered feet on his arms while smothering him. His need to breath may not be as strong as his need to PLEASE ME! Hahahaha


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Amber - Clean My Sweaty Feet and Drink My Sock Tea

Ever wonder what goes through a hot girls head while she’s working out?  Probably what shoes she’s gonna buy next. What boy she’s gonna go out with that night… or maybe how sweaty her gym shocks get. After five miles of jogging, you can imagine how sweaty my feet would be! My socks were SOOOO sweaty that they’re all I could think about. EW! Normally I’d go home and have some loser take them off and wash them for me, but I had A LOT of time to think about what I wanted to do: Exploit beta males on camera, to make more clips to sell to other beta males, to make even MORE money, which makes even more BETA males want to serve me. They are so stupid! Hahaha

After my workout, Andy greets me like the good boy he tries so hard to be. I add another tally onto his arm before realizing there’s not much room left! I couldn’t believe how quickly the tally’s added up and decided to cash him out! It makes me happy taking Andy’s money, I can’t help but smile as he counts it out into my hand. It’s not long before he begs to take my shoes off. They are SO SMELLY that he offers to wash my feet for me (he knows I love to be spoiled) Andy brings a water bowl for my feet before sliding my sweaty sneakers off. I command him to sniff the stink from my sneakers! THEY REAK! I wouldn’t know for certain, but I SWEAR the foot stink makes him stupider lol. Andy takes each foot and washes it in the bowl, getting in between each toe and rinsing all the sweat off. It’s so nice having a loser to wash your feet! Once both of my feet have been thoroughly rinsed, Andy blow drys them with his mouth before dabbing them off with a towel. This idiot was ready to take that water bowl and pour it down the drain!!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE HE WOULD WASTE THAT PRINCESS GREY WATER!!!!! Good thing I stopped him in time to make him drink it!


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Harley and Kendall – Foot Slave Tryout

A loser slave sent an emailing saying how much he loves feet and begged to come and tryout foot worship. Its funny because they are gonna take all of his money and make him their new ATM and shoe cleaner. That’s what they do. Make slaves in debt. LOL.  They teach him to lick bottom to top and to suck each toe. They even step on him and his throat and make him continue licking and sucking their feet. Its almost like his mouth was made for their feet. This is what he now lives for. This is what he gets for being a loser.


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Chloe – I Said I Want More Danni

Chloe found out her friends slave gives her 50 % of his pay check. Chloe wants 50 % too. Danni doesn’t think he can afford it because of his bills. Chloe knows how to manipulate him. He is in chastity and she has the key. The faster he gives her 50 % then the faster he could MAYBE get out of chastity. Taunting him with the key and making him kiss her ass really makes Danni want to  negotiate.  Princess rubs her foot against his cage and his balls. That’s a sure way of having Danni give in. She is too tempting and at this point he will do ANYTHING for his princess.


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Amber and Nika – Ball Busting Bitches

Amber and Nika made their slaves fat stomach all bruised and bloody. The neighbors heard them shooting him so now they have to kick him in the balls. His dick is so tiny under his fat belly. His balls get so big and swollen because he keeps getting kicked. They don’t care how hard they bust his balls because its entertaining to them. His pathetic whimpers and moans are so funny. He is so humiliated that 2 hot girls have enough control over him to kick the shit out of his balls. That’s what he gets for being so fat, ugly and useless. Hot girls can do anything they want. Even make your balls explode.


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Ava – Red Vinyl Thong Body Suit

Ava’s boyfriend is at the sports bar. So, she is having a boring Friday night. I filmed this clip because I enjoy watching my friends gain control of their slaves. She decides to online shop while face sitting. Her slaves eyes bulge out of his head as she puts all her weight on him. If he moves she will bounce on him. Its so funny to watch. She makes sure he is really far up her ass. That’s where he belongs. Not only is he far in her ass but his small penis is in chastity with a leash. She can pull on it at any time. After I was doing filming this clip I went over and yanked on it a few times. LOL


  • Princess Crystal


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Harley Jade – Human Swing and Greatest Hits

This clip is for someone who is ready to jerk it to a perfect ass. Harley is so beautiful and will put you in a trance. Watching her use her human swing and ride her slaves face will make your cock so hard. You won’t be able to resist stroking faster and faster as it shows 3 scenes at once. If you like ass licking, ass worship and face sitting then watch this clip and become even more of a jerk off junky ass addict.


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Amber and Nika – Trample Extremely Fat and Stupid Slave

Their slave is never really useful because he is fat and ugly and can barely breathe. So, using him as entertainment is basically their only option for this fat piece of shit. Working out on him seems pretty fun. They can run on him and do squats on him. And maybe even try some yoga. But who the fuck would want to touch him? Not us. Ew, having to hear his stupid whiny voice and out of breathe moans was disgusting. I was filming this and laughing but then gagging because I can’t stand to see the sight of him. So, I guess that’s what he deserves. To be laying on the floor and stepped on repeatedly. I laughed so hard when the girls made him “oink” like a pig. It might look like its cruel but they just really wanted to squish his fat stomach in and make it flat.

  • Princess Crystal


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Riley – Smooth and Shiny Body Suit Face Sitting

It is a slaves dream to be underneath the ass of a girl wearing such smooth and shiny outfits. Something about the way it feels on a slaves face and body really make them weak. It shows her sexy fit body really well. Slaves always wonder if they are wearing underwear underneath. I always love face sitting in shiny suits because I know it makes it super hard for my slave to breathe. When Riley’s slave doesn’t listen to her she bounces. And she doesn’t feel bad about it. That’s a good rule. If  a slave moves it will get bounced on. Its face will be squished over and over again by her big ass in the smooth bodysuit. Everyone wishes they could rub against Riley.

-Princess Crystal


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Nika - Submit or I will Tighten the Harness Even More

There are so many slaves in Nikas DM’s. Begging to submit to her. So, when her slave tries fighting for air she reminds him how privileged he is and how he needs to just take it. Using a harness ensures that her slaves face will remain up her ass and on her pussy. He is so far in there that it is hard for him to breathe. Nika grinds on his face. But she gets disgusted if he touches her even on accident. She is only using him for his face. She loves rubbing her pussy on his face and tongue. He doesn’t have a choice but to make her orgasm because he is strapped in. Its been a long day for her slave. He just made her cum for the second time and in 20 minutes he will have to prepare for the next orgasm.


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Chloe and Natalya - Panty Wearing Danni Humiliated by Brats

The girls gave Danni a gift. Hot pink panties. Its so humiliating for Danni to always be wearing girl panties. But Danni is privileged enough to be able to help the girls get dressed for their night. He helps get them dressed but is so stupid sometimes that he can’t even do that right. Well, maybe its not because he’s stupid it’s because he can’t control himself. Danni is worshipping Natalyas ass and cums in his pink panties. He wasn’t even jerking off. See, he isn’t a real man. Real men don’t do that. Danni is so sensitive and gets so hard around hot girls. He needs to go see his psychologist. They give him a nice gift, and this is what he does. He ruined it! So now he gets to suck on his cum stained panties and go to the mall and buy himself a new pair. 


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Ava – Beta Tries to Film His Mean Brat Princess

Ezra is such an idiot. He is locked in chastity and Ava is extremely physically mean to him. He thought if he could film Ava beating him secretly he would have leverage on the girls and get some relief from chastity.

He sets up a secret hidden camera. Ava is in a bad mood and begins to punish Ezra. As it is her right. Then Ava notices the hidden camera and Ezras plan is ruined!


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Amadahy and Madison - Jerk off Junky Practices for Contest

1080 HD:  PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED!  Amadahy has a bet her slave can bust faster than Mia’s.  The girls are going to have a contest and see which one is more backed up. The one hornier and more backed up will cum faster proving the girl to be more ruthless to their slave.  The loser will have to eat the others cum and go back into chastity without release.  In this clip, Madison and Amadahy put the slave through his paces.  He is humiliated for being a helpless jerk junky.


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Lexi - Human Pony Kicked and Ridden without Mercy

Lexi loves the feeling of power sitting on top of a big dumb stupid male.  With a simple twitch of her thighs, she controls the dumb male’s direction. With a double kick of her boot, she controls the speed of the dumb male.  Repeated boot kicks to its sides trains, punishes, and allows Lexi to vent the days frustration.   If it is not excessive, it is legal for a brat rider to ride and discipline a pony hard. It only carries Princess.  It does not think of anything else but her safety and doing what she wants.  Shoulder riding lovers will love this clip!  Lexi, absolutely loves riding big powerful dumb males! 


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