Face Slapping

Kat POV - I Want you to Eat Cum for the First Time for Me

Kat’s here to guide you through swallowing your own cum for the first time for her. Nobody really wants to swallow their own cum, but Kat will make it easy for you to do it for her. She’s so sweet and sexy. She knows you’d do anything for her, even if it’s a little degrading or gross. You can’t resist her perfect ass and perfect feet. Don’t you want to make her happy and humiliate yourself for her amusement? Kat seductively counts you down and coerces you to lick it all up. (10:00 long)


BP-Wheel-of-Misfortune-4-of-4 (4K)

4K:  Girls love to play “Brat Princess Wheel of Misfortune”.  The two teams, team “Brat” and team “Princess”, each consists of 2 ladies and a male.  A girl spins the wheel of misfortune and then applies the punishment to the other team’s male trying to get him to break.  If he breaks, then the girls get a point.   When on offense, the ladies spin a colorful wheel and then apply that punishment to the other teams’ girl’s male.  They slap, kick, punch or stomp as hard as they can to get the male to break.  The girls cheer each other on. “Kick harder Kaylie!”  “…as hard as you can Macey!”.

Defense is very important in the game.  When it is their male being slapped, punched, kicked, and stomped, by the other teams’ girls the girls cheer on their male and offer words of encouragement and or threats of additional punishment.  The male will stand longer while being attacked if the girls cheer him on or threaten him with something worst!  The male will make a decision to carry on with its beating or to break and lose his team a point and gain the wrath of the girls on its team.  Sometimes the girls will threaten their male before the punishment to not break.  The male hears his girls cheer and threaten him while the other teams’ girls encourage their teammate to hit harder.  So much fun!  Clip stars Kaylie, Mariah, Kat and Macey.

Part 4:  Face slapping, trample, face slapping, whipping, ball kicking, ball kneeing, thrashing, spin again double up, lashes, face slapping, ball kicking (14:12 long)


BP - Three Princesses Face Slap a Servant (1080 HD)

1080 HD Alexa, Kayla, and Natalya are very cruel to their house servant, which they keep naked and in male chastity. The servant is just trying to sweep the Princesses’ floor, but they want to face slap him instead. Slap after slap after slap! The girls giggle. Slapping the servant in the face is a lot more fun than watching it clean. The servant tries to go back to sweeping the floors, but the Princesses keep interrupting its housework to slap it in the face some more. It’s very difficult for the servant to do its work when it keeps being interrupted to get slapped in the face. The girls don’t care. They slap it until its face gets very red, then make it go lay down on the bathroom floor so that they can use its mouth as a toilet. (5:15 long)


Amadahy and Sasha - Face Slapping Contest (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy and Sasha are having a face slapping contest. Each Princess thinks that she can slap her slave in the face harder and more times. The girls each go one round, plus a final bonus round. The number of slaps from each round are tallied. The bonus round is timed. Each girl tries to get in the most slaps possible before time’s up. At the end of the game, both girls decide to reward themselves for winning and punish the slaves for being losers. We had a lot of fun playing this game! (9:45 long)


BP - Bikini Face Slap Trio (1080 HD)

1080 HD Mariah, Natalya and Sasha want to play Princess tennis. It’s sort of like regular tennis, except they use a slave’s face instead of a ball, and they use their hands instead of rackets. The girls giggle as Sasha slaps the slave in the face. After she hits him, Sasha sends him crawling to Natalya, so that she gets a turn to slap him. Natalya slaps the slave in the face, then sends him over to Mariah for more. The girls all giggle and are having a great time using their slave’s face like a human tennis ball. They are all wearing sexy bikinis, and they enjoy making the slave kiss their shoes in addition to getting slapped in the face. The slave is very humiliated by the whole ordeal. The Princesses love using slaves in humiliating games for their amusement. They practice their forehand and their backhand swings on the loser’s ugly face. They all hit hard. They slave’s face gets very red. The girls can’t wait for the bruises to show up. The hot girls love beating their ugly loser. He deserves it. They slap the slave in the face until he falls-down and stays down. They smile and laugh while he suffers in pain. (9:09 long)

Chloe and Sasha - Femdom Lawn sports Badminton with Human Shuttlecock (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe and Sasha play badminton on the lawn with a human shuttlecock. The shuttlecock has to run back and forth between the girls. When he arrives, he gets slapped in the face. The face slap is his signal that he is to go to the next girl. There is no scorekeeping. The only loser is the slave. It’s a win-win for the girls just to watch the idiot run back and forth to get slapped. The game ends with a speed round. In the speed round the girls slap the shuttlecock in the face as hard and fast as they can. The final face slap literally knocks the slave over. (4:58 long)


Jennifer and Mia - Face Slap Abuse Extreme (1080 HD)

Mr. Woodman is being held accountable. He has to learn how to properly greet a Princess. Whenever a Princess comes in the room he has to kiss their shoes.  The girls make him crawl around and kiss their shoes and they slap his face hard to remind him.  The face slapping in this video is INTENSE.    Mr. Woodman is humiliated by the girls. Then they unload vicious face slaps on him.  This is the most extreme face slapping we have ever done.

Jennifer and Lola - Woodman Gets His Face Slapped By Angry Students (1080 HD)

Jennifer hates Mr. Woodman.  She first makes him crawl over and kiss her shoes.  The girls enjoy controlling the older male with their shoes.  Then the slapping begins.  Jennifer slaps the math right out of him.  She hates math and she hates Mr. Woodman.  They know he is a pervert and can slap him as hard as they want.  Jennifer really goes hard on Mr. Woodman.  She uses an alternate hand face slap technique.  She slaps full force alternating with both hands which sends Woodman’s head back and forth.  Minion Lola just laughs as Jennifer beats up her teacher.   (6:49 long) 

Jennifer, Lola, face slapping



Crystal and Jennifer - Face Slaps for a Toilet Slave (1080 HD)

Crystal and Jennifer have to deliver punishment to a lowly toilet slave.  This toilet slave is backing up and that is not tolerated.  The idiot fat human toilet stands there as Crystal and Jennifer slap his face as hard as they can.  Jennifer face slaps as hard as she can.  Crystal holds his head while Jennifer slaps his face.  The slave is powerless against the girls.  This clip is amazing.  The girls make fun of his fat belly how it is all full of their waste.  The slave grunts as Jennifer give his face a robust slap workout.  The slaps reign down and the ugly toilet slave just takes it. (9:08 long)

Jennifer - Vicious Slaps for her Least Favorite Teacher (1080 HD)

Princess Jennifer really dislikes Mr. Woodman.  She hates him.  In this clips Jennifer slaps the cr*ap out of his stupid ugly face.  She slaps him too many times to count.  Mr.  Woodman has to take it.  Jennifer was especially crabby this day.  She takes it out on Mr. Woodman. Face slapping fans will LOVE this clip! (8:09 long)