Face Slapping

Ava Rowen and May - Extreme Face Beating Makes Beta Cry Real Tears

2 of our sexy new girls have an extra hot slap session. They are wearing the best lingerie and are ready to beat his face and humiliate him. Betas are normally always ugly. So, slapping him in the face is ok. No one cares about him. The girls slap him in the face over and over. They enjoy doing it. Its a fun sport. At the end they are surprised! They made him cry. What a little bitch. He cried real tears!!!! How embarrassing!


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Karly - Foot Face Slap Abuse

Pain slut is a great stress reliever. He can take a lot of pain so it’s fun for us girls to take him past his limit and make him cry. Karly kicks his face til its purple. She stomps on him while he is laying on the ground. You can watch her feet sink deep down into his body. She kicks his body, and he whimpers. Then the best part. She gives him her spit! He is a fat fuck who doesn’t need to eat anymore. He can be on a spit diet!! Have fun watching this beatdown!


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Karly - Weak Submissive Male Endures Heartless Face Slaps

Karly hates betas. Betas need beat downs! Especially this fat fuck. She slaps him over and over. Then surprises him with intense ball kicks. He is crying like a little bitch, begging for her forgiveness.


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Mistress May - Wimp Submissive Male Extreme Face Slapping

This slave is SO submissive. May can do anything she wants to him. And he will lay there and let her do anything while being so defenseless. He isn’t a real man. A real man would never let a beautiful girl push them down and slap them. He loves being USED. That is not a real man. All he is, is a punching bag. PATHETIC. He is nothing to her. She keeps slapping harder and harder. She wants to see how much he can take. His face gets red. She doesn’t care. She will go until she wants. Because he is a little bitch. A submissive toy. And no one would ever want a loser like him!


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Raven and Scarlet - Face Slap Lessons for a Beginner Princess

Today the girls are doing face slapping 101! Getting down to the basics. Its one of our favorite hobbies. Scarlet teaches Raven how to do a nice bitch slap. Once she gets the hang of it they play a fun game of face slap tennis. He crawls back and forth and bows down at their feet and awaits for their demand of sitting up to present himself for the slaps. Is SOOOO much fun!


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Crystal - Vicious Face Slaps

I slapped my slave over and over again until I saw his face turn purple and swollen. Even after I saw, I kept slapping him until I physically couldn't anymore because it was hurting my hand so BAD!!!! It hurt my hand so bad that it was covered in bruises and I couldn't even text! After this, I FUCKED UP his balls. I destroyed him that day. And it was so much fun !

- Princess Crystal

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Amber Ava and Nika - Humiliating Vulnerable Face Slap Training before Beatdown

-This video contains face slapping and extreme humiliation, along with some ass worship!

Beta slave walks in, wearing clothes. What a fucking idiot. He is a slave. That means crawl! Today the girls are teaching him “vulnerable.” VULNERABLE means on your knees staring up, hands behind your back and legs spread to present balls or chastity! He is wearing a pink chastity. How cute! Our fav color !!!

The girls make him practice VULNERABLE. They play face slap tennis all while humiliating the fuck out of him. He must crawl quickly and get in position and get slapped! He is a big loser who wears a micro chastity cause he basically has a clit for a dick. OH, and he is ugly. Even with a mask on he is ugly. He even has man tits. WTF!!!!!  The girls make him apologize to their asses. LOOK DIRECTLY IN THE HOLE AND SAY SORRY! Sorry for being disrespectful and so fucking dumb. After practice, it’s time for whipping and trampling….so he can really be put in his place! Watch his beatings in the upcoming clip!

Watch for “Amber Ava and Nika – Trample and Whip Beatdown for Vulnerable Beta” as a sequel coming soon!


  • Princess Crystal


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Amber and Lexi - Slapped Shocked and Thrashed Cruelty

I slap Andy's face so hard in this clip, I actually dislocated his jaw!  Slap after slap!  Full swings.  Then Lexi gets on and facetime with me and joins in on the fun! Lexi encourages me to slap harder.


"Harder!" "Again!" "Again!" "Vulnerable!" "Shock him Amber!  Highest level!"


Lexi has me move to the ball shocker to change things up!  It's super fun watching the dink cry out!  I then move to Andy's back and thrashed it as hard as I can.  He cries out!  The clip ends with some vicious face slaps. This is when the dislocation happens!  I felt bad for dink a little when I found out about the prank, but dink has no right to be disrespectful!  Sorry not sorry!  The joke was on him and about him.  it was funny and dink didn't like it. Well now he knows it was funny.  I don't feel bad at all about this.  He missed a shift of driving for Uber over his stupid jaw, WHICH WAS FINE! I want that shift money back!


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Amber and Nika – Brat Princess Face Slap Tennis

After a long day of kicking the shit out of their fat ass slave they decide he needs more punishment. Time for BRAT PRINCESS FACE SLAP TENNIS! He is so ugly. Maybe slapping his fat fucking face over and over might make some of the ugly go away. He is made to crawl back and forth between girls so they can slap his face. They smack him SO hard. Its actually starting to hurt their hands. I personally LOVE the slap sound. Nothing is more satisfying in life than hearing a loud slap. Especially if its to face or balls. He may kiss their shoes so his face feels better. LOL He is so dumb and fat and will always be at our feet.

  • Princess Crystal


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Amber - Behind the Scenes Slave Use and Abuse

Andy is an idiot.  In this clip I find a way to profit from his idiocy.  We were setting up for the next clip to use him in and he made me annoyed.  I began to correct him with hard slaps to his face which he tried to block. Which is infuriating! I slapped him hard to teach him.  I ordered him to the bathroom to lay down so I can piss down his throat.  (This is not seen but it is heard.)  He comes out complaining about his head and his stomach hurting.  I add the tally mark to his arm.  I make him pay be $100 for every time I use his mouth so the tally marks keep track.  I cash him out daily. It gets in position, and I go to turn the camera on so I can beat him and I realize Andy left the camera on!  Idiot.  But the footage of our behind-the-scenes life will be interesting to my fans.  The clip also has 4 Highlight clips!  Enjoy

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