Anabelle Ava and Eve - Bored Brats Play with Slaves

The girls are bored. SO BORED. They’ve already used their slave all day. They went to the mall…cards got maxed. They went to the park. BORING! They already got their nails done and tanned for 2 hours. So now they don’t have anything else to do. Looks like their only option is to play with them. Playing with them is fun. We get to ride them like a pony! AND we get to whip them. Sometimes I don’t know if its play or if we just do it to get our anger out because we are so bored. Either way it puts them to good use.


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Amber and Ava - Whipping Brats GET HIM WHEN HES DOWN!

Amber is dating Avas brother. And they are going away on vacation. So, Amber asks Ava to keep her cuck occupied. Her cuck is so stupid. He is such a beta. Amber wants to make sure that he doesn’t do anything stupid while she is gone. Amber shows her the ropes. She shows Ava exactly what she does when he misbehaves. Always have the ball shocker on you. They take turns shocking him. It is so funny. They make him kiss their shoes. Then Amber shows her how to do a good whipping. He really squeals loud when he gets whipped. There will be more of that if he doesn’t listen to Ava while Amber is gone.


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Kat and Lilah - Brats Whip Old Man for Fun and Practice


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Amber - Dink Whipped for Fashion Catastrophe

Amber is having fun with dink. She enjoys humiliating the old fool. She makes him shake his chastity and then makes him lick the bottoms of her shoes. She spits in the idiots face after he swallows dirt from her shoe. Amber is in such a good mood! Dink humiliates himself just to see Amber smile. Suddenly the mood changes. Amber is upset! Amber gets a text from Princess Lexi! Lexi is wearing the same colored dress to a party! Amber is getting more and more frustrated. Amber picks up a whip and dink knows he is in trouble. Amber takes out her frustration on dink. She begins to whip dink. The evening was just going so well a few seconds before and know he is being thrashed. The fight grows and dink pays for Amber’s frustration. Dink tries to beg for mercy but he gets none. Dink is beaten. Its back is welted more and more.



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Lexi Nika and Lizzy - Spanked and Thrashed in front of Beta Friend

Nika is Lizzy’s boyfriends key holder. Goes without saying cause look at him. He clearly needs to be locked up and some push over level 2 girl would never know how to control a freak like that. Stupid ugly pathetic Lizzy approaches Nika and Lexi and asks if her beta boyfriend can be freed. How fucking dare she ever even have the audacity to ask the worlds dumbest question. She gets punished for her stupidity. Beatings, spankings, whippings and humiliation is what she deserves. Her own boyfriend won’t even stick up for her because he is so scared. Watch Lizzy get her fucking ass beat!


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Amber - Dink Blamed for Boyfriends Action Part 2 of 2

This clip starts off with me watching dink clean the floor on his hands and knees.  It is satisfying seeing a beta twice my age, naked, in chastity, with a ball shocker on, cleaning my floors.  It is so empowering!  I chat with dink about some comments my friends made about how I treat dink.  I share with dink some of the apple I am enjoying.  I like to test dinks floor cleaning by spitting food on the floor.  It knows it will have to lick spit or food off the floor so it better keep the floor spotless else it will have to eat the dirt as well.  I send my boyfriend a cute picture and he doesn’t respond with a like or better yet a comment.  This enrages me.  So annoying.  I think dink has something to do with it.  I interrogate him vigorously and painfully. Dink denies all involvement!  Spoiler alert it turns out it was just a silly misunderstanding.  It was still a productive afternoon.  My whip arm got a good workout and I really made dink howl!  Even if dink is “innocent” of what I thought he did, I was still angry, and it genuinely made me feel better while I beat him.  Dink loves to make me happy so it is fine with taking it.  I love when beta’s just take it.

 - Amber

Part 1 contains some spitting, shoe licking, and general mistreatment.  Part 2 is where the heavy interrogation begins.  It is legal to beat a beta if you are trying to obtain information from it.  Complete version is the best value!

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Amber Riley and Lizzy - Put in Place by Beating

Amber and Riley look hot as fuck. Getting ready to go to an exclusive club. Lizzys dumbass runs in wearing a hideous black dress and short heels. The girls stunned when they realize Lizzy actually thinks she is going with them! What a fucking idiot. She is a level 2. Amber and Riley are a level 1. She just cant seem to understand this. So the girls teach her a very long hard lesson. Lizzy begs and pleads for them not to beat her. They make her lay n the bench and they start whipping her. Tears roll down her face as she shakes and anticipates the next whip.

  • Princess Crystal


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Kat and Mariah - Long Sadistic Beating of Old Man

Again….again and again… the beatings continue for this old man. He needs to be taught a lesson. They want MORE money. Harder and harder maybe it’ll get imprinted in his stupid loser brain. Smack!... it sounds SO good. Whipping is one of our go-to punishments here in the BP basement. So, you better have your fucking wallet ready or your next!!!



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Amber - Dink Complains See What Happens Next

I’m looking SUPER hot in my new blue sparkle dress, taking some selfies before heading out for the night. Since I have a little extra time I decide to let goon out of chastity to goon for me for a few minutes. This pathetic dink has been locked in chastity for a while and hasn’t been allowed a “release” in MONTHS! (Which only makes it funnier when I tell him all about how my alpha boyfriend is gonna DESTROY this dress with his cum!) Dink tries to control his orgasm as best as he can (since he will be in a WORLD OF PAIN if he cums without permission, DUH!) I find it hilarious how hard dink is trying to contain his beta load. The more I laugh at him and HUMILIATE this loser, the harder he goons. How fucking PATHETIC! HAHAHAHAHA Eventually my boyfriend arrives and I command dink BACK into chastity before he get the chance to cum or whatever. Loser dink starts questioning WHY he has to go into chastity before releasing when he did everything “right” (as if I need a fcking reason!) You won’t believe what dink does next… he gets EXACTLY what he deserves!!!! But like every good key holder, I make sure he understands why I had to do what I did…. and then proceed to do it more to post on my socials.

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Amber - New Keyholder gets Her First Old Slave Part 1

In part one of this video, Princess Amber gets her very FIRST OLD slave. Princess Amber shows slave Andy its new home, where she gets ready and where its resting place is. As a new key holder, Princess Amber makes sure to follow all the steps to taking on her NEW used slave. Because of its age, its had other key holders before Amber. (Amber knows that she will likely be its last lol) Like any good key holder, Princess Amber puts her new slave through some tests. This is a great way to see if the slave has any “resistance” to obedience, along with any bad habits it may have picked up throughout its loser life in chastity. (Face slaps are a good first step. Then comes the whipping & shocking) Princess Amber goes through all the protocols: checking its chastity cage (making sure its small enough), testing out the ball shocker to monitor its pain levels, testing out the new whips to see which elicit the best responses (all the usual stuff) Princess Amber has NEVER had her own full time live-in slave, so there’s A LOL that she has to go over with this new loser! Like how to serve her, teaching it commands, and explaining what kind of key holder she’s gonna be. For its first day under Amber’s reign, Andy is ALREADY learning a lot… PHYSICALLY & mentally! Hahah

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