Lizzy and Sablique - Submissive Girls Face used for Multiple Orgasms

1080 HD Petite Lizzy Lamb is so much shorter than the statuesque Sablique Von Lux. Sablique seduces Lizzy into taking a submissive role with her sexually. The small, meek, girl is happy to have been selected by a woman so Dominant and stunning. Sablique mounts Lizzy’s face and pleasures herself with it. She grabs Lizzy by the hair and pulls her face even deeper into her ass. Sablique denies Lizzy air, smothering her with her body. She scissors Lizzy’s neck to display her physical power. Then, she straddles the smaller girls face and rides it to orgasm. Sablique enjoys the orgasm so much that she treats herself to another. Lizzy is exhausted but Sablique is insatiable. She cums all over the submissive girl’s face multiple times, then dismisses her. (9:52 long)


Alexandra - Nephew begs Auntie Snow for Chastity Release

Alexandra’s nephew would like a release from chastity. He feels as though he has earned it by serving his aunt well sexually. Alexandra is furious. Her nephew is never to ask her for anything. Alexandra takes her nephew over her knee and spanks him with her bare hand and her hairbrush. Her nephew begs her to stop hitting him. Alexandra punishes him even harder for not having learned his lesion and for continuing to ask her for things. Alexandra makes him kiss her hands and thank her. Then, she inspects the chastity device. Alexandra decides that her nephew’s chastity is too big. He’s shrunk in there from being locked for so long. It’s time for him to be fit into an even tighter one. They will order a new, smaller, chastity for him right away. Alexandra sends her nephew away to wash the laundry. He obeys his aunt. (6:30 long)


Natalya POV - Back Again to Worship My Ass (1080 HD)

1080 HD Back again to worship my ass? Of course you are! It’s irresistible and you’re weak. It’s ok, though. I enjoy admiring myself almost as much as you do. And I know just how to make you even weaker for my sexy curves. I’m going to oil up by beautiful ass and let you stroke to it. But you have to do exactly as I say. (10:04 long)


Natalya POV - Ive Been a Brat My Entire Life

1080 HD I’ve been a brat my entire life. I’ve always gotten whatever I want. It’s because I have a perfect body. My favorite pastime is using my looks to get what I want. I was born perfect, and that’s what makes using losers come so natural to me. You’re going to be my bitch, fork over your cash and max out your cards. My perfect body deserves to be spoiled because I’m pretty and I’m better than you. Once I’ve used up your money, I’m going to toss you away like a useless piece of trash. You’re only good to a girl like me for your wallet. (14:33 long)


Natalya POV - Make a Worship Puddle for my Sexy Oiled Ass

1080 HD Here you are again, masturbator! Eager to jerk it once more to my undeniably sexy ass. I know, I understand what you are. It’s ok, masturbator. I know what you need. I’ll tell you just how to jerk yourself to my sexy ass as I oil it up for you. I’m going to keep you on the edge for a long time, so that you really take time to appreciate my beauty. I’m spoiling you with all this attention, and I want you to spoil me back. I want you to take care of my needs, too. I deserve things. After all, I’m perfect. You’re going to make a nice big worship puddle in honor of my perfection on my count. Then, you’re going to show me true devotion and eat every last drop. (17:49 long)



Macy Cartel - Put on the Chastity and Lick

Macy demands that her cuck slave put on a strict metal chastity device. Her slave, Marcello, complains and doesn’t understand why. Macy tells him that she is sick of looking at his nasty little erection. She won’t let him be around her unless he agrees to wear chastity. Marcello has some concern about Macy losing the key to the device’s lock but agrees to wear it for her. Once Marcello is in the device Macy takes a few humiliating photos to share with her girlfriends. Macy tells him that he is going to be locked up for a long while. Even though Marcello will not be having orgasms, Macy can still have hers. Macy makes Marcello worship her pussy while in the new chastity device. The device gets tighter and tighter for him, but Marcello can no longer get a full erection while wearing it. From now on it will be all about Macy’s pleasure. Macy climaxes using her slave’s tongue. After the first, she wants a second orgasm. Marcello lays on the floor and labors at licking as Macy climaxes over and over. She can cum and he can’t. Marcello finally understands his place. (11:42 long)



Christina Crystal and Vanessa - This Humiliating Video Will Pay for Our Vacation

Previously Unreleased!

Christina, Crystal, and Vanessa are on vacation in Florida. They need to make some good humiliation videos while they are there to pay for their vacation, so they brought along a slave. Abusing him on camera and selling the videos on the Internet is sure to pay for the Florida trip. They need to make sure the video is extra-degrading, though, to know that it will really rake in the bucks. The cute young girls all laugh at the slave while he licks the dirt form Vanessa’s shoes. The girls taunt the slave. He’s licking shoes to pay for their vacation! What an idiot! Girls love making money for themselves with slave labor and licking shoes on the Internet is sure to make the girls a lot of money. They laugh and spit all over him. This video is so humiliating! It’s sure to make the girls enough money to pay for their fun Florida vaycay. (15:19 long)



Macy Cartel - Fucks the Cockiness Out of her Bitch

Macy is upset with her little bitch. He’s been acting too cocky lately. Macy has decided that the best punishment would be for her to get a little too cocky, too. She puts on her biggest strap-on. Macy’s bitch looks terrified. The dildo is WAY too big to go in. Macy disagrees. It will fit. No matter how much the little bitch protests he will have to take it. Macy’s little bitch squeals as she works the giant cock into its asshole. He complains that it hurts. Macy likes that it’s hurting him. She reminds him that he did this to himself. Macy doesn’t like all the whining and complaining, and so she fucks him harder. She makes the bitch hold its legs in the air while she fucks it deep. The bitch’s little chastity bounces while she drills him. If he continues to act cocky, Macy’s going to invite all her girlfriends over to run a train on him with their giant cocks, too. She reminds him that she is going to always keep the giant cock nearby from now on. Whenever he acts up, she is going to punish fuck him hard and deep with it. Macy’s boyfriend is on his way over. Macy reminds her bitch that an order from him is just like an order from her. The little bitch is going to have to obey orders and do whatever Macy’s boyfriend says. If he doesn’t obey him, things will only get worse. (15:19 long)


Kat - Ass Smothers Human ATM (Pay Me for the Air you Breathe)

Princess Kat ass smothers and bounces on her slave’s face. Kat decides to play a little game with her ‘human ATM.’ Any time it wants a breath he will have to pay his Princess for it. It will have to literally pay her for the air he breathes. Every precious breath is a twenty. Kat laughs at the loser’s plight. If he can’t pay, then she will suffocate him with her ass. Kat taunts him. The loser pays and thanks her for every breath. As the slave’s desperation increases, she increases the price. She wants to completely drain his wallet. Eventually the slave runs out of money. Kat is not satisfied. She will make him get more from his bank account, but first, she smothers him out while making him look at the cash she’s just collected. While he’s limp Kat counts the cash. Once he comes to she’s going to march him right to the bank to get more. (10:33 long)


BP - Brats Force Step Daddy to Worship Feet Before Taking his Wallet and Going to Concert

Chloe, Natalya, and Sasha want to go to a summer concert, but first they need money. The girls call Natalya’s stepfather into the room. Natalya and her mother have been keeping her stepfather in chastity and he has become very compliant to his bratty stepdaughter’s wishes. Natalya and her girlfriends measure her stepfather’s penis to see how much it has shrunk while in chastity. The bratty young girls all laugh at Natalya’s stepfather’s small penis. Then, they humble stepdaddy by making him worship everyone’s feet. The girls talk about the hot guy Natalya’s mother is fucking while he worships the girls’ feet. Sometimes Natalya’s mother even makes her husband watch her get fucked. The girls know about that and they humiliate Natalya’s stepfather by reminding him. The bratty girls cover stepdaddy with all their feet. Natalya’s stepfather has been humiliated by the girls in nearly every way. When the girls are sure his self-esteem is low, they send him away to get his wallet. They are going to stay out as late as they want at the summer festival and spend all his cash. (12:28 long)


Anabelle and Chloe POV - Perfect Soles Humiliation with Cum Countdown

Princesses Anabelle and Chloe know that you LOVE looking at their perfect feet. The girls tease you with their bare soles while laughing at your pathetic little manhood. They let you touch yourself and stroke to their perfection, laughing at how pathetic you are all the while. They know how badly you want to spill your load all over their feet, but first you have to edge yourself for them. The girls make you edge yourself a few times to their feet before letting you spill your hot load all over their soles. They give you a cum countdown and you explode for their perfect feet. (10:13 long)


Amadahy and Mia - Double Trample Little Dweeb

Amadahy and Mia want to double trample their tiny human doormat. He is so small compared to the girls and can barely handle one! The little slave is all locked up in a pink chastity. The girls decide that the little guy isn’t going to be a great human doormat but would make an excellent sissy. They march him into the bedroom to dress him in girls’ clothes. This clip contains a bonus Natalya human ashtray clip! (7:48 long)


Natalya POV - Ass Addict JOI Endurance Training with Edging

1080 HD Get this clip and edge it to my perfect ass. You can’t actually get close to me, but you can imagine worshipping my beautiful Princess butt. I oil it up as I tell you exactly how I like to have it licked by slaves like you. Follow my edging instructions as you jerk to my beautiful body. I’m going to keep you on the edge today for a very long time, ass addict. This is your endurance training. Follow my instructions exactly and follow through to the end. If you make it through the full 20 minutes of edging to my ass, will I let you cum? Only really dedicated jerkers who make it to the end will find out… (23:56 long)




Natalya - Weak Loser Pinned Down and Punished with Farts

1080 HD I just beat my pathetic weak slave in a wrestling match. I told him I could beat him, but the idiot didn’t believe me. Now, he’s going to get punished for believing he could win. I sit right on his stupid face and let a juicy fart rip. He begs me to let him up, but I’m just getting started. I pin the weakling’s arms and blast lots of wet farts into his face. I tell him to open his mouth fart straight into his mouth. This is what he gets for being cocky. He needs to remember that he is a loser. I lock the loser into a scissorhold and rip tons of smelly farts all over his face while I crush his weak little neck between my powerful thighs. I get all my gas out on him as he starts to go limp in the hold. I laugh at how stupid and weak he is compared to me. (4:29 long)




Natalya POV - I Want a Bikini Slave for this Season

1080 HD It’s bikini season! It’s my favorite time of year. I wear a bikini so well, it almost doesn’t matter which style I choose, but that still doesn’t stop me from wanting a good variety. I love this cheeky little thong number because I can oil up my butt and get a nice even tan. I want more just like it, but in different colors. I’m going to need a laundry slave too, someone to wash and care for all of my nice new bikinis. I try on a few new bikinis, purchased by losers just like you. I’m so happy trying on my new bikinis! I oil up my butt in each one. Wouldn’t you love to be the loser who buys me the bikini that I win the bikini contest in? You can! You can be that loser! Just go to my wish list and buy several. The more you buy, the better your odds are at picking the winner. I look great in anything I wear. I can pull off any bikini. That’s why you have to pay attention. It’s going to take the greatest bikini ever to impress me, since I already have so many that I like. (19:05 long)


Natalya POV - Youre so Easy (1080 HD)

1080 HD You’re so easy. Look, you’re already hard. Well, stroke it. A loser like you could never land a woman who looks as good as me. I’m going to tell you exactly how I want you to jerk it. You can’t say no to me. I know you’re going to do exactly what I say. Why wouldn’t you? I’m perfect. I’ve got a nice fat ass and I know how to control you with it. I’ve got a special thing I want you to do for me today. I know you’ll do it. (9:07 long)


Sablique von Lux - Neck Scissors and Ass Smothers small slave to Sleep

Sablique compares her size to a tiny slave boy. He is so small next to her! How queer for a girl to be bigger than a boy. Sablique likes small slaves. They are so easy for her to physically dominate and control. Sablique displays her power by squeezing the small slave’s neck between her powerful thighs. The throws him around so easily. She wagers she could even break his tiny ribs. The slave begs her to stop crushing him. With ease, Sablique controls and positions his body for her use. So exciting to have so much power and control with her greater size! She doesn’t even really have to allow him to breathe. Sabilque is having so much fun squeezing the air right out of the little guy! He better try his best to please the dominant woman, or he may never get a breath! Sablique straddles and rides the slave’s face while crushing his tiny body with indifference. She uses him for an orgasm, which is ok because he’s in chastity, then, she crushes his neck until he goes completely limp. (14:53 long)



Mickayla - Lick My Soles Mr Woodman

Princess Mickayla enjoys using her teacher, Mr. Woodman’s, mouth for foot worship. Incredible the power a 19-year-old girl can have over an old man! Mickayla stuffs her perfect feet into her teacher’s mouth. She trains the old man to worship just the way she likes. So humiliating for a grown man to be controlled by a girl! The old man would do anything to worship her pretty feet. Mickayla demands more of an allowance from her teacher. All semester he’s been depositing her allowance into her checking account, but she wants more! His job is to keep his Princess happy, and shopping keeps Princess happy. She NEEDS more money now! (8:25 long)



Kimber and Raven - Mom and Daughter Ballbust Ex for Missed Payment

Ex-husband number is five is due to make his alimony payment to Raven and her daughter, Kimber. Number five tells the women that he is not going to be able to make his payment this month. He’s been out of a job for a while and has spent most of his savings. There’s just no money left. The girls are outraged. They are entitled to regular payments. Ex-husband number five just wants to move on with his life and leave the past behind. Unfortunately, he did not thoroughly read his divorce agreement. The agreement states that if he is unable to make his payments the girls will hick him in the balls for as hard and long as they want. He wants to call his lawyer, but the girls won’t let him have a phone call. He signed the papers and the papers say that they can strip him naked and kick him as hard as they want. “Make more money! Get your life together!” The women taunt as they kick him. They kick him until he is a groveling, sobbing, mess. The girls make fun of his tears. They make him kiss their shoes. They tell him to only come back when he has their money. (10:01 long)


Chloe - Ass Smothers a Loser

Princess Chloe sits on a loser’s face in her shiny, new, leggings. She ass smothers the loser with her full weight. The loser cannot breathe, but Chloe does not care. In fact, she does not want him to be able to breathe at all. The loser is really in a dilemma helplessly locked into a chastity device, and the girls hold the key. From off camera, Natalya laughs at the slave’s plight. The girls giggle as the slave struggles. Chloe hates the loser. She wants to make him as miserable as possible. (7:17 long)