Jennifer and Sasha - The Last Unicorn is Captured and Ballbusted

Jennifer has captured the last unicorn and now she has to destroy its balls.  She has to.  “Unicorn you’re mine!”  The unicorn is tied securely to the ball kicking chair.  It can’t move a hoof.  Sasha and Jennifer have a great time giving it full force ball kicks as hard as they can.  The unicorn cries out in agony while the girls laugh and laugh.  The unicorn makes sickening sounds and whelps when the kicks are delivered. Sasha Foxx kicks as hard as she can and grunts like she is returning serve at Wimbledon.  The unicorn cannot move at all.  It is completely tied down.  The girls are extremely sadistic in this clip and show it no mercy.  The clip ended early because of a catastrophic kick.  The clip is about 6 minutes long but we filmed it with 2 cameras so you get angle 1 first and then angle 2. This is one of the cruelest clips we have ever done.  (12:27 long) 


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BP - Paintball Fusillade on live Slaves

These are all the paintball scenes we shot from 2018 to 2019.  During breaks the slaves are hauled out and hit for fun.  This shows some inspections afterwards to show the damage done to its ball bag. 


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Macy - Smother Harness Struggle (1080 HD)

1080 HD Macy puts a male into a smother harness and attaches it to her ass. The chastity slave must crawl behind her with its face buried into her ass. Macy does a few circles around the living room. She is going to take him to the mall with her later and parade him around in pubic like this. Macy pulls the straps tight. The tighter she pulls the straps the less air the male gets. Macy tells the slave to start licking. The slave cannot escape and must lick Macy’s ass. Macy lays on a bench with the slave strapped behind her. She fixes her makeup while the slave worships. Macy admires herself in the mirror as the male struggles to breathe. Macy tightens the straps even further. She tells it exactly how she wants to be licked. Whenever the slave does not do exactly as Macy says she tightens the straps further and makes it even more difficult for him to breathe. (10:58 long)


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Adrienne - Pleasures Herself with a Losers Face (1080 HD)

1080 HD Adrienne is very horny and wants to cum. She sits on her slave, ‘Mutt’s’ face. She wants to give herself and orgasm with it. Mutt squirms around because he can’t get air, but Adrienne thinks he is being selfish. Doesn’t he care about her orgasm? Mutt is completely smothered in Adrienne’s ass while she grinds. Adrienne has one orgasm with Mutt’s face, but it isn’t enough. She makes him lick her ass while she texts, then calls, a hotter guy. Adrienne and her guy talk dirty on the phone while Mutt licks her panties. Adrienne is frustrated that she’s having trouble cumming a second time. “Make me cum!” She demands. Mutt licks Adrienne over her panties until she has her second orgasm. Adrienne sits on Mutt’s face in her wet panties while he struggles to get any air. (10:53 long)



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BP - Ballbusting Party for Three girls and Two slaves (1080 HD)

1080 HD Ivory, Kat, and Mariah are having a party! The girls have some wine and start dancing. Ivory, the party host, leads in a slave on a leash. The girls get a whip and start to whip the slave for some light entertainment. They sip their drinks while taking turns beating the slave. The girls dance around while beating him. Then, they decide to ballbust him. Each girl gets her turn kicking him as hard as she can! Mariah holds the slave still while Kat kicks. Then, they take a break for some snacks. Whatever falls on the floor the slave has to eat. The girls tease the slave by twerking in front of him. Part 1 (10:32 long)

The girls make the slave hold their bowl of chips while they tease him with their dancing. Then they want to kick him some more. They make the slave stand up so that they can get direct hits to its testicles. The slave falls on all fours and Kat kicks it from behind. They need to make sure that every girl gets a turn. He’s being uncooperative and not letting every girl get all her kicks in. Mariah beats it with a whip for insubordination. The girls toast, then Ivory gets another whip. The girls sing along to the music while beating the slave together. Everyone’s favorite song comes on. The girls all giggle while Mariah beats the slave harder. The girls surround the slave and tease him more with their dancing. Mariah rides the slave around the room like a pony. Then Kat takes her turn riding him. Ivory whips the slave while her guests ride it. Part 2 (10:36 long)

Ivory makes the slave hold the bowl of chips while she kicks it. It cannot drop the chips no matter how hard she kicks. If it spills the chips it will face something even worse. This is very hard for the slave to accomplish. Kat goes next. The slave almost drops the chips. The girls cruelly taunt it. They all get a turn kicking the slave while it struggles to hold the snack bowl. The girls take the chips away and hold him still so that Mariah can kick him harder. They sing along to the music while the slave drops to the floor in agony. Kat gets a whip and beats him while he’s down. They command the slave to get up. It cannot. It tries to crawl away. The girls yell at it. They beat it harder. They make it spread its legs so that they can kick it more. The slave is surrounded by the triad and cannot get away. Wherever he goes pain follows. The girls want to kick the slave in the balls more. They get him back up on his feet and make him stand. The slave falls to the floor but the girls just drag him back up by his collar. Part 3 (10:15 long)

Now the party is in full swing. The girls are all laughing and dancing. The slave continues to try to crawl away as they beat it, but it is trapped. The girls look at all the damage they have done to the miserable slave’s body. They have really gotten some good wrap around the ribcage. There’s no way he can like that! The girls make the slave stand so that they can kick him in the balls more. The slave drops it cannot get back up. The girls change tactics and sweetly coax him back to his feet. One final kick and he really cannot stand any more. The girls go to the basement to get a second slave, the fat one. Ivory leads the fat one in. They use the old slave as a chair. The fat slave is happy to be invited to the girls’ party. It smiles as the girls dance in front of it, but then, the kicking starts. The slave’s smiles turn to grunts of pain as the assault of boots to testicles begins. The fat slave has to hold the chips now while they kick it. The fat slave drops the chips. The girls make him eat all the slipped chips from the floor. They crunch the chips with their shoes. Both pathetic slaves clean up the bowl of spilled chips with their mouths. Part 4 (11:25 long)

 (Complete clip length: 42:06)


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Ivory and Kat - Condom Dump in the Fat Losers Mouth then Worship

Kat and Ivory do not want to even touch the plate of used condoms they have waiting to dump into the mouth of their fat old loser. Mariah coaxes them to just do it for the shot. The girls on camera hesitantly pick up full condoms to dump into the fat loser’s mouth. They are all so disgusted. The girls take photos for their boyfriends. It’s gross but they know that their boyfriend’s will think it’s funny. The girls don’t want to touch the stinky old condoms, but it’s much worse for the fat loser who has to swallow their contents. The girls take a lot of photos of the fat loser with the now empty condoms in its mouth to send to their boyfriends.

Later on, the girls want the fat old loser to worship their feet. When Goddess Platinum is away Kat is in charge of him. Kat wants to share him with her girlfriend Ivory. They have been out all day and want him to worship their smelly feet. If the loser does not do what they want, they will punish him more full condoms. The girls pass him back and forth using his mouth for worship. They kick him in the face and push their feet into its mouth. He is old and stupid but he’s good for a laugh. Humiliating fat old losers is very fun for hot young girls. When the girls are done using his mouth for worship they will dump even more condoms into it. He begs not to be force-fed more cum, but he should be happy! Fatty gets to eat! (16:37 long)


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Macy and Natalya - Slave Awakens to Endure Even Worse Scissorholds

Macy and Natalya’s slave has just taken a heavy beating. He lies motionless on a bench. Macy and Natalya reenter the room. They can’t believe he’s still out. It’s been awhile. They bring him to by slapping his face and yelling at him. Macy wants to show Natalya how to do the scissorhold. The slave is very weak from the earlier beating, but he will be used anyway. Macy wraps her thighs around the slave’s neck. She crosses her legs and squeezes. Then, Natalya takes her turn. The slave is on the brink of losing consciousness yet again. The girls do not care. They want to practice! The girls admire how strong and pretty each other looks while abusing their disgusting male slave. “Tighter, tighter!” They yell while squeezing his neck. The slave starts gurgling. The girls laugh. “Your butt looks amazing!” The girls show off to each other. They are so cruel to the slave. One girl squeezes his neck while the other squeezes his torso until they get him to keel over. They leave him motionless on the floor. (10:04 long)


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Sadie - I Feel So Spoiled (Princess Gets Jewelry and Worship from Cuck)

Sadie is so excited to get her present from her cuck, Marcelo! She saw the earrings in a magazine, and she knew that she just had to have them. Her cuck places the gift into her outstretched hand. Sadie loves the earrings in gold! “Now where’s the silver?” She asks. Marcelo tells the Princess that he could not afford the set in both gold and silver. Sadie is upset. She wanted both! Marcelo agrees to save more money and go back to the store and get the silver pair.

Sadie tells the cuck that she will let him fuck her for five minutes, since he has agreed to get both pairs. She unlocks the cuck’s chastity. Sadie calls her girlfriend and tells her all about the jewelry she just got while her cuck tries to get an erection to fuck her. Sadie reminds the cuck that it only has three minutes remaining on the clock. The cuck starts fucking Sadie. Sadie asks the cuck if he’s inside her. The cuck replies that he is. Sadie can’t even feel him he’s so small! Sadie ignores the cuck fucking her while she gabs with her best girlfriend. Sadie tells her girlfriend that she can’t wait to get fucked by a real man. The timer goes off. Marcelo has not had an orgasm. Sadie tells him that a deal’s a deal. The deal was not that he gets to have an orgasm. It was that he could fuck her for five minutes and now that time is up.

Sadie admires herself in her new earrings while her cuck re-locks itself into chastity. Sadie makes the cuck in chastity worship her pussy while she thinks about the silver earrings that she’s going to get. Sadie relaxes while her locked cuck works on giving her an orgasm. “I feel so spoiled.” Sadie purrs. (11:57 long)


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Natalya - Shuts Up a Mouthy slave with her Big Ass

Natalya’s slave is so mouthy! She decides to shut him up by covering his mouth with her big ass. This slave has been really getting on her nerves which is why he needs to be punished with a hard facesitting. Slaves who can’t shut their big mouths deserve to be smothered! No more noise from him except for desperate gasps for mercy! The slave is denied air until its sorry for speaking up. It’s scary to be unable to breathe, but that’s why it’s a punishment. Natalya loves tormenting her slaves with the part of her body they adore and fetishize the most. Once the slave has lost consciousness Natalya has a humiliating plan for what comes next. (9:22 long)



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Milah - Sits on her Tiny Human Chair

Milah is pleased thus far with her newest human chair. Most of her chairs eventually collapse under her weight, but so far, this one had held up. Milah sits and reads, completely ignoring the chair beneath her. Sometimes the chair squirms because it cannot breathe. Milah stretches out her legs and rests them on the chair. Now it really must accommodate supporting all of her. Milah has had a long day and she is going to sit and rest awhile before bed. The new chair slave holds up well as Milah checks the evening news, but then, it starts to squirm a little and Milah gets frustrated. She decides to call the chair’s manufacturer. One day she would like to find a chair that can handle all of her ass for as long as she wants to sit and relax. (11:56 long)



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Lilah Macy and Natalya - Trample Party for Two Males and Three Brats Complete

Three Brat Princesses have two male slaves. The girls decide to have a trample party. The girls mount the male’s abdomens. The girls do jumps for their conditioning. This will help them with their balance for cheer. The males cry out. It is hard for them to handle the three-girl trample train. Wimps!  The girls ignore their cries and keep trampling. They think male pain is funny. “Look at my butt as I trample you!” Says Princess Macy. The pathetic male slave has no choice but to suffer and be teased by Macy’s ass. Slaves should be treated with equal unfairness. They make sure to distribute the pain evenly between the two. “Pretty girls can do whatever they want!” Says Natalya. The girls decide to make up some routines. Kind of like a gymnastics routine, but using an ugly male body in place of a balance beam. They make it a competition to see who can make up the best combo. Macy’s combo displays her athleticism. Natalya’s combo is more lyrical. Lilah’s combo really sticks the dismount. Every combo features plenty of abdomen stomping. They try the combos on both slaves to see how they feel on both a fat and thin body type. The girls plan to take their combos to a sorority contest and you never know if the slave they are using for the beam will be fat or thin, so you have to practice with both to prepare. With so much practice the Brat Princess is a shoo-in for this year’s sorority trample contest! (26:29 long)


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Mia - Ass Smothers Chastity slave in a Shiny Bodysuit (1080 HD)

1080 HD Mia mounts her chastity slave’s face. He’s so weak and tiny! Mia bounces her ass and giggles. The slave struggles to breathe. Mia rocks her hips back and forth. She tells the slave to stop squirming. Mia changes her position so that the slave’s nose is in her crotch. She giggles. “No breathing for you!” Mia stretches out her legs. The slave’s face must bear her full weight. This is very challenging for the slave. He cannot breathe at all when she sits like this. She tells the slave to stop fighting her. She has already decided that he is not going to get air. The slave becomes very passive. He eventually fights less and less and becomes more accepting of the situation. Mia likes that he is starting to give up. That’s what this training is really about. The slave becomes less animated and more lifeless. Mia bounces her ass contentedly on his passive body. (12:08 long)



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Kat and Nika - Make Mutt Worship their Feet after Losing

1080 HD Nika is so happy that she made out so well in arbitration. Nika tells her girlfriend, Kat, all about Mutt trying to sue her. The girls laugh at how dumb it was for a beta to try to stand up to a Princess. The girls laugh at his stupidity while making him worship their feet. The girls enjoy candy while the boy on a leash sucks on their toes. Nika and Kat laugh at how Mutt will soon be homeless. Mutt has given so much of his pay to Nika that he can no longer afford his rent. The payments are now court ordered, so Mutt really has no recourse. The girls torment him with their feet. They aggressively fuck his throat and gag him. Nika tells Kat about how she has legally changed his name to “Pathetic Mutt.” The girls use Mutts mouth so aggressively tears come to his eyes. “Pathetic Mutt is crying!” the girls taunt as they laugh. Nika tells Kat about how sometimes she lets Alpha have his way with Mutt’s throat. She’s even trained it to swallow the cum! Nika makes Mutt “woof” whenever she commands. Mutt weekly “woofs” for the girls. Nika produces yet another of her boyfriends used condoms. The girls take the at load and Force-feed it to Mutt. Nika reminds Mutt that he is a loser and as a Princess she will ALWAYS WIN! This is one of the cruelest and most humiliating foot worship clips ever! (10:37 long)


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Ivory and Kat - Best Friends Foot Worship Game (1080 HD)

1080 HD Ivory wants to teach Kat a new game. It’s a game she used to play with one of her other best friends. Ivory tells her that she will teach her, but that she has to keep the game a secret. Kat agrees to play. This is how to play the game: whatever Ivory does to Kat’s feet Kat has to do to Ivory’s. Ivory starts stroking and rubbing Kat’s feet and Kat does the same to Ivory’s. Then, Ivory starts kissing Kat’s toes. Ivory reminds Kat that the game needs to be kept a secret. The grownups would get upset if they knew what they were doing together in Ivory’s bedroom. After Kat promises that she will keep everything a secret Ivory starts licking Kat’s toes. Kat follows along and licks Ivory’s. The girls love playing their game and they both start to moan with pleasure. “I can’t tell what I like more, licking yours or having you lick mine.” Says Ivory. Kat giggles. She is having fun, too. The girls roll around on the bed worshipping each other’s feet until they hear a knock at the door. The girls quickly sit up and pretend like they were not doing what they just were. (11:28 long)


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Nika and Sadie - Nikas Beta Gets Two Ruins from Sadie at the Edging Salon (1080 HD)

1080 HD Nika brings her beta to the edging salon. He’s been behaving lately so he’s going to be allowed a release from chastity for a ruined orgasm. Instead of just dropping him off with Sadie, the edging salon teaser, Nika has decided to observe and learn some of Sadie’s edging technique. Sadie starts by sitting on the beta’s face while he’s still in chastity to make his erection worse. Then the girls unlock the chastity. He’s so hard right out of chastity! Nika strokes the beta while Sadie talks dirty to him to keep him hard and get him right to the edge. Teasing men comes naturally to pretty girls! Males are so easy. Sadie thinks that Nika’s beta might actually be great for training all the girls at the Edging salon. After his ruins they will keep him in bondage and let some of the new girls try out their handjob skills. Nika takes off her shorts and teases her beta with her ass. She sits on his face while Sadie strokes. Sadie demonstrates some edging techniques for Nika to observe and try out. Sadie ruins Nika’s beta while Nika watches and laughs. It was so fun the first time that the girls decide to ruin him again. They milk out a second ruined orgasm. So fun to ruin him over and over! (20:52 long)


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Nika and Sadie - Nika brings her Mutt to Arbitration Complete

1080 HD Nika brings her beta, ‘mutt,’ to Sadie for an arbitration. Nika and mutt have been having some disputes.  Sadie reads the grievance airing. Nika wants fifty percent of mutt’s pay, a tighter chastity, and yearly release. She would also like to legally change his name to ‘mutt.’ Mutt disagrees with Nika’s terms. He also really objects to being called ‘mutt.’

Mutt is offering forty percent of his pay. He wants to remain in the same size chastity, and he would like a release every other month. He also wants a better name. Nika disagrees. She thinks that only wanting fifty percent of his pay is generous. She knows some girls that take seventy or eighty percent. A beta expecting a release every other month is just absurd to Nika. She thinks ‘mutt’ suits him just fine.

Sadie goes through each grievance line by line. The first is pay. Nika wants fifty percent but mutt is offering just forty. Mutt must give Sadie a statement to justify the forty percent. Mutt testifies that if he were to give Nika more than forty percent he wouldn’t have money left for food. Nika yells at mutt. Sadie calmly reviews her papers and finds that mutt is eating out of a bowl on the floor and his current feeding budget is just eighteen dollars a month for a bag of kibble. Surely the cost of his food is not a real concern for mutt.

They move on to discussing the grievance of chastity size. Sadie asks mutt why he wants to keep his chastity size the same. Mutt responds that his chastity already feels tight. Sadie moves the process along to discussing release schedule. Mutt wants a release every other month. He argues that it’s ‘just healthy.’ Nika gets upset and has an outburst. Sadie asks mutt to clarify what he means by ‘just healthy.’ Mutt says that he feels that he works hard and deserves a release once in a while.

Nika tells mutt that he does not deserve anything. She thinks that he is being very whiny and entitled. Nika thinks that his chastity has too much room. The extra space just causes chafing and makes him extra-whiny. Tighter chastity will help him focus on serving. She also does not have time for a seasonal release. Nika has a lot of betas plus her Alpha. She just doesn’t have the time to grant them all seasonal release. Once a year works better for her schedule.

Sadie asks mutt why he would like to change his name. Mutt answers that people usually have a first and a last name. Having just the one name is dehumanizing. Nika argues that mutt does not deserve basic human rights. He doesn’t deserve a real name.

After the statements have been heard Sadie makes her decision. Sadie orders mutt to pay Nika sixty percent of his pay. She has added a ten percent penalty because mutt has displayed such poor behavior in arbitration. In regard to chastity Sadie has decided that mutt will stay in his current chastity for one more month, after which he will need to size down into smaller. Sadie finds in mutt’s favor for chastity release and does grant him seasonal instead of yearly based on the grounds of health. Sadie suggests, however that Nika file an appeal before the next seasonal release is to occur. Sadie also decides to give mutt a second name. Nika has an outburst. “How is this fair?!” Sadie says that he should have a first and last name, but that said, no one is ordering that the second name has to be a good one. Nika considers ‘pathetic mutt.’ She’s ok with that concession.

Sadie has other arbitrations to hear. She orders mutt to worship Nika’s feet and then heads out to start on the paperwork. Nika sits back and has pathetic mutt remove her shoes. She gloats over her wins while pathetic mutt worships her feet. While pathetic mutt licks her perfect, cute, soles she reminds him that things could actually get much worse for him. Just wait until she files the appeal. (28:06 long)



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Kat and Nika - Beat an Old Man Complete

1080 HD Kat and Nika beat an old man together. That’s what he is good for. The girls hit him as hard as they can because it is funny. Kat calls to Nika for more and harder strokes. That’s what the old man gets! The girls have stern expressions and perfect asses, which they show off with their choice of outfits. The male grunts with pain. They just keep hitting him. Old men are so stupid. They will do literally anything to be around young hot girls. Gross. Men deserve all the pain girls can dish out! (24:17 long)


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Amilia Onyx - Locks Cuck into Chastity and Tries it Out with Worship

1080 HD Amilia is about to meet with her boss for dinner. She has her husband, Marcelo, help her dress before she leaves. Soon, Amilia will be going on a vacation with her girlfriends. She is worried that her husband will cheat on her while she’s away with the girls. Her husband assures her that he will be faithful and asks if there is anything he can do to provide her with an even greater sense of security. Amilia says that there is and introduces a chastity device. She assures him that it is just for her piece of mind and that when she returns they can discuss removing it. Marcelo brings up that they have never really consummated their marriage. No sex and now she want’s him locked, too?! Amilia reminds him that he’s allowed him to perform oral on her and then lays on a guilt trip reminding Marcelo of her history with men. Marcelo agrees to do whatever his wife wishes of him. He removes his clothing and locks himself into the chastity. Amilia is so happy to see her husband locked and obeying! She takes a photo to send to her girlfriends. Amilia brags to her girlfriends that she has finally got her husband locked. She decides that she want to test out the chastity to see if her husband can get hard in it. She has her husband get on her knees and lick her pussy. Marcelo’s chastity gets tighter and he cries out! Amilia is sure that the chastity will work very effectively while she is on vacation. No erections for hubby! Amilia sweetly asks her husband for his wallet before her dinner date with her boss. He obliges and Amilia leaves with the key to his chastity and his credit card. (8:36 long)



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Nika - Mutt Scissor Punishment and Condom Humiliation

Nika has her beta, Mutt, pinned beneath her. She’s brought him a treat! Her boyfriend’s cum! Her beta complains that he isn’t gay and does not want to eat cum. Nika punishes the beta with a scissorhold for its insolence. The law says that a beta cannot fight back against its Princess, no matter what she does to it. The beta’s face turns purple, but there is nothing he can do but accept the pain. The beta still begs to not be force-fed Nika’s boyfriend’s cum. Nika will punish it with scissorholds until it changes its mind. If he does not comply, not only will she continue to squeeze its neck with her powerful thighs, she will also withhold its seasonal release. Nika squeezes even harder. She will do this until the beta either eats the cum or kicks the bucket. The beta puts up a good fight, but of course, the Princess wins. The exhausted Mutt is passive while Nika goes to the bathroom to retrieve two loaded condoms. First, she makes Mutt smell the condoms so that he knows what sex with a real man smells like. She tells Mutt that if he does not open his mouth than she will make him. The beta needs to be made to. She squeezes her beta’s neck with her thighs until he opens his mouth. Mutt begrudgingly swallows the contents of the first. After the first comes the second condom. The second one does go down easier, but it’s still obvious that Mutt hates it. Nika reminds Mutt that if he keeps being so much trouble, she will call the authorities and have him sent to prison. In prison, his treatment will be much worse. (15:20 long)


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Sadie - Another Q & A with a Real Life Cuckoldress

In this video Sadie Holmes answers some questions about what it’s like to be a real life cuckoldress. Questions include: Why is it important for a cuck to clean up after a bull? Besides tighter, stricter, chastity what is the best way to punish a cuck? Do you share your cuck amongst friends? Do you use a punishment from a distance device? I’m having trouble getting my cuck to work extra shifts. Any advice? Where does your cuck sleep? How do you feel about long-term vs short-term chastity? Watch the video to hear Sadie’s answers! (11:40 long)



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