Brianna - Mother Punishes her Daughters Teacher

1080 HD Feminized, bratty, Taylor watches as his mother punishes his teacher from school, Mr. Woodman. Brianna beats Mr. Woodman with a ruler. Taylor enjoys a granola bar. Taylor warned Mr. Woodman not to cross his mother. Mr. Woodman complained that Brianna has been sending her son to school dressed in girl’s clothing. He feels that this is unacceptable parenting, but Brianna disagrees. She administers some corporal discipline to her daughter’s teacher to set him straight on the issue. She is the parent, and she decides what is appropriate for Taylor to wear. It is not a teacher’s place to discipline, it is a mother’s. Now it’s mother’s turn to punish the teacher, and furthermore, Brianna has a few new ideas for how Mr. Woodman should run the classroom. (8:00 long)


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Jennifer and Sasha - Brutal Caning of Janitor by Mean Brat Princess Students (720 HD)

Jennifer is such a brat.  She is upset about having to learn math.  She decides to mess with the janitor.  The janitor is so scared of these girls.  The girls make fun of his looks and fat.  They decide to cane the helpless male. Jennifer begins the welting with some brutal canes to his back and ass.  Sasha watches and laughs as she waits her turn.  Sasha then takes a turn.  They laugh as they beat and humiliate the old ugly janitor.  Their cruelty has no bounds.  All you hear are the cries of a male, the laughter of girls, and the sound of the cane.  Jennifer gets out her text book. To make sure they are doing it right.  The janitor’s ass and back is covered with welts and bruises.  This just makes the girls laugh harder.  “It’s part of our class.  We have to do this.”  Jennifer shoves his head inside an empty locker and slams it shut on his head.  The girls then slam the locker shut on his head while they welt him.  It is so funny!  The girls decide to skip the rest of the day. (12:31 long) 

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Jennifer and Lola - Students Cane their Teacher (1080 HD)

Mr. Woodman suffers the humiliation of having to strip down in front of his students Lola and Jennifer.  The girls giggle at his naked body.  The girls then decide it time to cane Mr.  Woodman.  Jennifer unleashes a vicious caning.  Lola fetches Jennifer a cane and then Jennifer begins to thrash him.  Lola laughs right in Woodman’s fucking face while Jennifer beats him.  The girls are so cruel.  Mr. Woodman’s back welts up from the beating.  Jennifer smiles ear to ear as she changes Woodman’s back.  She breaks several canes on him.  Mr. Woodman says the f word which brings out the anger from the girls.  If they can’t say the f word in class, then Woodman can’t say the f word while being beaten. Fair is fair.  The girls take turns thrashing his back.  This is a vicious clip.  (9:59 long)

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Jennifer - Canes Her Least Favorite Teacher (Brutal) (1080 HD)

Princess Jennifer really hates Mr. Woodman.  In this clip, Mr. Woodman suffers a brutal canning from a spoiled brat.  Jennifer breaks 4 canes on Mr. Woodman’s ass and back.  She literally canes him as hard as she can.  When Woodman swears from the beating, she yells at him for cursing in class.  “Don’t swear in class Mr.  Woodman!”  Woodman’s back is severely welted from Jennifer’s beating.  This clip is brutal and extreme.  A must buy!  .   (10:11 long) 

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