Cum Eating Instruction

Lexi - Outfit Tester Makes a Mess and is Made to Clean it Up

Lexi is going on vacay with her boyfriend Matthew.  She wants to look perfect so it’s a good idea to test out her new outfits. She has her beta on his knees. When he sees her he can’t resist but to get hard and wallow in his self- pity of his loser life. Like he bought all these outfits . And they are ALL FOR MATTHEW! Lexi tries on all of her stuff. With each outfit he becomes more turned on. Lexi slaps his face and threatens to spit in his face if he lies. She makes him start jerking to her. She spins around so he can worship her ass. She shoves her feet in his face. He is jerking off and wants to cum so bad!!!! He needs to bark like the stupid mutt he is. He can’t hold back cumming. He cums all over the floor. EW. Since he is a mutt he must lick the floor clean. He slurps up his cum. That’s what he has to do if he cums. Loser.


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Ivory and Kat POV - You Ate it Once you can do it Again


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Macy - Caged Cuck Eats Boyfriends Cum

Macy got fucked again. While Fluffy the slave was locked in its cage. Time for some ball shocks. He moans in pain. She shocks him as many times that she orgasmed. She teases this dumb mutt by telling him details about her sex with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend even got him something! A nice little disgusting snack for a disgusting loser. His cum filled condom. She puts it in his mouth. Wait til you see his face and what it looks like. His expression is so funny! Macy is so nice. She put a straw in it so he can drink it more easily. Slurpy SLURP! He needs to make sure he swallows.

After eating jizz its time for him to service Macy. He eats her ass while she lays like a princess. After that she laid him down and started riding his face til she came! She has had so many orgasms today. Beautiful princesses deserve to cum, while betas deserve to eat cum.


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Kat POV - Talks you Through your First Cum Eating Experience

Hey future cum eater. You ready to taste your first load? All you need is a little help from Kat Soles. You will be stroking your cock so hard and fast as you watch her tease you and talk to you. You will be on the edge of cumming and realize you will do ANYTHING. Even eat your cum. SLURP IT UP. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.


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Crystal and Kaylie – Fuzzy Sock Tease Makes Weak Beta Cum in Chastity

I have been keeping Fluffy in chastity for SO long. So long that I can’t even remember how long it has been! He does a good job serving me. But lately he has been so fucking annoying. He moans and pouts at night because he is stuck in chastity. And in the morning, he cries because it hurts from his gross little dick that is trying to get hard. He wears a micro chastity because he has a micro dick and he is micro relevant in society. He is just driving me nuts at this point. So, its only fair that Kaylie and I make fun of him and humiliate him. Look at him a… fucking loser laying on the ground in chastity with fuzzy socks being rubbed on it him. It tickles him and turns him on! It turns him on so much that he squirts cum right through his chastity. Disgusting. Beta jizz on our floor. We make him lick it up off the floor. We are so nice, it was a big load so it counts as his dinner and desert!

  • Princess Crystal



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BP - Three Princesses unlock a Loser for Cum Lick Up Humiliation

Kaylie, Natalya, and Rachel have a loser locked in chastity. They decide to let him out to edge. He’s been in chastity so long his penis is very small and shriveled when they unlock him. All three girls tease the loser with their perfect asses. The loser has been locked so long he has difficulty getting hard. He ejaculates, while still soft, into a bowl. Then, the girls force feed him the mess with a spoon. Forced cum eating is the price of an orgasm in the presence of three beautiful Princesses. They all spit in his face and laugh at him. (8:39 long)



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Raven Hart - Good Wallets Get to Lick Cum from My Shoes

1080 HD Raven is very pleased with her wallet slave. He spent lots of money at the mall today on her. She has decided to reward him by allowing him to jerk off. He has been released from his chastity device and instructed to stoke for Raven. The desperate slave cums all over the kitchen floor. Raven steps in the cum and makes her slave lick it from the bottoms of her shoes.  He must then lick whatever remains from the kitchen floor. (7:59 long)


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Lola - Duel Slave Cum Eating Training ends in Punishment Caning for One

Today is the day that the slaves get let out of chastity for milking. Lola doesn’t have time to give them all individual attention, so she milks them two at a time. Ideally the milking will end in two orgasms in less than ten minutes. The slaves will be made to swallow the cum. Today they will just swallow their own, but eventually they will be trained to swallow each other’s. The first slave obediently milks itself into a glass. Lola happily spoon feeds the slave its own filth. The second slave is ruffled after observing the training of the first. He does not want to be forced to eat his own cum and refuses an orgasm. Such defiance! Lola kicks the slave in the testicles a few times. The insubordinate slave remains resolute. Lola has only allotted ten minutes in her schedule for the milking of two slaves. She doesn’t have time to deal with this insubordination. She quickly and sternly punishes the slave with the cane. Then, she sends the bad slave into the corner along with the good one. (14:09 long)


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Lola - Desperate Auditioning Slave Jerks Off and Eats Cum (1080 HD)

1080 HD A slave has shown up at the Brat Princess household, begging to serve. Lola’s spent a few hours determining if the slave has any value the Princesses can extract. To conclude the assessment, she’s decided to let it out of chastity to jerk off at her feet. Lola sips some tea while the slave desperately faps. She verbally humiliates the slave from across the room, between glances out the window at something more interesting. The slave must cum soft. It isn’t a real man, and can’t cum fully erect like a real man. The slave pathetically cums soft onto its belly. Lola makes the slave eat its own mess. She won’t let it stop jerking after the first orgasm. She wants the slave to jerk off directly into its own mouth and swallow more of its own cum. The slave is very desperate for any female attention. It does as its told, jerking feverishly until it collapses at Lola’s feet. While on the ground, Lola makes the eager audition kiss her shoes. Then, she immediately locks it back into chastity. The girls in the household will keep him in chastity indefinitely. The slave is in service to household now. He doesn’t have a choice. (13:01 long)


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BP - Chastity Slave Cums on Floor and Cleans Mess with Mouth (1080 HD)

1080 HD Princess Cali has had her pathetic slave in chastity for two months. Strict orgasm denial for sixty days has made the slave very desperate. Cali unlocks the chastity in front of her girlfriends, Amadahy and Kenzie. If Cali’s slave wants to cum in front of three gorgeous bikini Princesses, he’s going to need to grovel. He’s a loser and deserves to be treated like dirt. The girls stuff a pair of smelly socks in his mouth and spit in his face. Cali makes her slave look at his little penis. He is reminded of how worthless it is while the girls shove fingers deep into his ass. The slave has to humiliate itself masturbating in front of the hot girls. The girls surround him and say very mean things about all his inadequacies. He allowed to have an orgasm on the dirty floor, but he has to lick up his own cum. The girls spit on the floor and spit on the slave. The slave cleans all the cum and spit up from the filthy floor with its mouth. (8:01 long)

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