BP - Pain Slave Audition ends in Catastrophe

The Brat Princesses are auditioning a new pain slave. Chloe, Jackie, Macy and Raquel want to see if it can take decent ball kicks. Macy starts off the audition. Then Jackie, Raquel, and Chloe take their turns. The auditionee is taking kicks well-enough, but the girls want to be able to give him their hardest. Only a few select slaves who can take the hardest kicks and punches can satisfy the sadistic desires of a Brat Princess. The auditionee really pushes himself to be able to impress the beautiful girls. He pushes himself further than he can handle and takes one last kick from Miss Chloe that takes him out. His injury is just too severe for the camera to capture. This clip is very hot and very brutal! (10:51 long)


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Chloe - I am Going to Destroy Your Balls Now Part 2

Came back in the room and Chloe was literally standing on the slaves’ balls.  Camera ON!  She crushes its balls with her heels.  The platform they made was little unsteady, but she was able to flatten the balls completely. Enjoy!

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Chloe - I am Going to Destroy Your Balls Now Part 1

Chloe was furious.  She never said why.  She came over and in a very bad mood to shoot.  She decided to destroy this slaves balls.  We are shooting ball busting and I am going to destroy them.  That’s pretty much what she said.  Enjoy!




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Sablique - Ballbusts a Fat Loser

Sablique has a fat, stupid, loser. The only thing he’s really good for is ballbusting. He can’t even do math. What kind of a male is he? His testicles are enormous. It would be hard to miss such a huge target. That’s what he was made for. He is just an object to kick and kick. A giant ball sack with no will to live. No need to use his silly little brain. All the idiot needs to do is lay still and suffer! At the end Amber comes into join Sablique and stands on the loser’s chest to hold him down. Sablique kicks as hard as she can until she gets bored of it. (15:30 long)



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Amber and Lexi - Ballbust a Fat Loser

1080 HD Pretty girls hate fat losers. They want to punish them. Amber and Lexi love kicking this gross loser in the nuts. He deserves it just for being himself. The girls giggle and kick the fat loser over and over. His suffering is extra funny because he’s so obese. The girls make the gross loser beg. The loser begs for any female attention and the girls kick him harder! The loser falls and the girls get mad at him. They kick him even more for falling over. “Ah that hurt!” It cries. The girls just laugh and keep kicking. “I’m doing all the fucking work!” Amber tells the selfish loser as she kicks him as hard as she can. They kick the fat mess until it falls to the ground and cannot get back up. The girls decide to go change their outfits for the next clip while the fat loser rolls around on the floor in agony. (17:35 long)


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BP - Best of 2018 Ball Busting

Ball busting fans and sadists are going to love this compilation.  This has all the kicks from the best selling clips of 2018!  The kicks are relentless.  When you see it edited like this you can really see the damage build.  The slave gets weaker and weaker.  At times the slave goes limp and the girls just keep going.  Savage.  Like most Brat Princess clips this shows how happy ball kicking makes girls.  We also included a few cut ins of girls giving their comments on a particular hard kick!  Sasha Foxx and Chloe fans are going to love this clip!!

But Wait!  There’s more!  You also get a previously unreleased Amadahy clip of a ball busting in a cock guillotine chair.  The clip is around 6 minutes long.  Cut short due to injury.  A great clip all by itself.  Clip is priced to sell!

Clips included:

Amber - When My Boyfriend Cancels You Get Ballkicked (Highlight)
Chichi and Chloe - Kicked until Out then Kicked even More (Highlight)
BP - Two Extreme Ballbusting Clips End Badly for Slave (Highlight)
BP - Chloe Peruses the Stables for a Ballbusting Slave (Highlight)
ChiChi and Chloe - Human ATM Wallet Divvy Up Extreme (Highlight)
BP - Loud Ballbusting Gets Interrupted by Nosy Neighbor (Highlight)
Mariah and Natalya - Horrific Assault (Brutally Beaten for Lack of Empathy) (Highlight)
Amadahy---Slaves-Balls-Pulverized-in-the-Chair (Previously Unreleased

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BP - Best of 2016 Ballbusting

This clip contains all of the top selling ball busting clips from 2016.  Just the best parts!  All the kicks, cries of pain, laughing, giggling, celebrating, smirking, and agony there is. 

BP - Ballbusting Tournament East Coast vs West Coast (Highlight)
Alexa Amadahy and Lindsey - 21 Kick Birthday Party (highlight)
Alexa and Lindsey - Lindseys First Ball Busting Workout (Highlight)
Amadahy - Oiled Goddess Ballbusts Nude (Highlight)
Amadahy Cali and Kenzie - Kenzie Tries Out for the Ballbusting Team (Highlight)
Amadahy Christina and Khloe - Cock and Ballbusting Double Feature (Highlight)
Amadahy and Kendall - Ballkick Male Tied to Corners of Room (Highlight)
Alexa and Sasha - Bound slave takes Hard Ball Punching to Earn Orgasm from Dream Duo (Highlight)
Jennifer and Sasha - The Last Unicorn is Captured and Ballbusted (Highlight) (long)
Amadahy Jenna and Jennifer - Ballbusting The Pig Into Bacon (Highlight)
Amadahy and Jennifer - Ballbusted until Out (Highlight)
Amadahy Jenna and Jennifer - Restrained Ballbusting Attack (Highlight)
Jennifer Kendall and Sara - Play Break the Piggys Balls (Highlight)

This is a great clip to jerk off to or to watch thinking this what you deserve happens to you!  Enjoy!


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Charlotte - Get Up I’m Not Done Kicking You

Charlotte has just turned 21. She wants to have a ballbusting slave instead of a piñata for her birthday party. She wants to see if her piggy slave can hold up to the task of being ballbusted by all her party guests, so she decides to test him out. Every time her piggy slave buckles, she makes him get back up so that she can kick him more. “Get up I’m not done kicking you!” Charlotte yells at the stupid pig. Charlotte’s friends are going to love this party game, that is, if the pig even makes it to the party. Charlotte may completely destroy his scrotum on her own before her girlfriends even get a crack at his sack. (7:46 long)



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BP - Mr Higgins takes a Beating from Brats

Brats, Ivory Soles, Kat Soles, Kaylee, and Goddess Platinum hate the school janitor, Mr. Higgins. He’s so stupid and fat! The girls decide to trick him into going into the basement. Once in the basement they start to beat him up. The girls push him around and make the janitor strip out of his clothes. The girls kick the moron in his balls over and over while laughing. He cries out in pain. What an idiot! He’s too nice and too stupid to fight back. “Stop us!” They say while beating him. The moron does nothing but cry out in pain. The janitor falls to the ground and the girls kick him with their boots. The girls ride the janitor like a pony. They pummel him with their tiny fists. Then, they trample him. The girls tell him that they are going to beat him and do whatever they want to him or else they will tell people that he’s tried to touch them. They order him to come back to the basement every day after school so that they can take their anger out on him. The janitor hides his face and rolls around in agony. It doesn’t matter that he isn’t the pervert that the girls say he is. People will believe the girls and not the janitor. The girls make him stand and they fire paintballs at him. The janitor has no choice but to go along with the abuse. (18:33 long)



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Platinum - Ballbusts and Beats an Old Slave

Goddess Platinum looks amazing in her black boots. She shows them off before ballbusting her old slave. The ballbusting slave is covered in bruises and welts. He is beaten often. Platinum kicks him in the balls as hard as she can. She hates the old man. All the girls do. Platinum doesn’t even want the old man to look at her while she kicks him in the balls. When the pathetic slave drops to the ground Platinum beats it with a whip. “Oh, it hurts so much!” It cries. Platinum just laugh and hits him harder. “Remember me in your nightmares,” she says while grinning. At the end of this clip is some footage of Platinum doing a runway catwalk. She models so that all the losers at home can see how completely unworthy they are. (14:25 long)


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