BP - Wheel of Misfortune 2 - BP vs Mean Girls (Complete)

This is the Second Wheel of Misfortune clip in which Mean Girl Goddess Platinum. Ivory Soles, Kat Soles, and Brat Kaylie team up to destroy each other’s slave.  The teams are Brat Girls, Ivory, and Kat, and the Mean Girls, Goddess Platinum, and Princess Kaylie.  The girls never stopped smiling through the entire game. This was so much fun!  The girls competed in: Face slaps, ball kicking, ball punching, lashes, and being shot with a paint ball device.  The girls would attack the other girl’s slave and if it was not able to endure what was spun on the wheel, the girls earned a point.  The girls with the most points win since the other team’s slave is damaged.  The harder a girl kicks, slaps, punches, whips, the better chance of scoring a point.  The hits really add up!  A kick in a first round may not yield a point but the damage they inflict could lead to a point later. 

The clip consists of the girls spinning a wheel and then delivering the damage to the other team’s slave.  The girls will cheer on their hero slave making sure it does not tap out and lose a point.  This is a crucial part of the game.  The girls can use the slaves love for his Princess to endure so the girls can win a night at a hotel with their boyfriends paid for by the other team’s slave.  In the event of a tie, it is decided by a paint ball shoot out.  Slaves are hit with paint balls until one gives in to the misery.  Or we run out of ammunition.


Production Notes:  The clip is shot with 2 cameras.  The second camera shows the punishment from another angle.  You get to see each round twice.

Bonus:  The clip also has a new BP trailer that is amazing and the highlights to 5 other clips!  The clip is priced lower, so you get all of that stuff for free!


Kaylie and Natalya - Ballbusting App for Better Bikini Bodies

Natalya is trying out a new ballbusting smart phone app for her smart phone.  It is super cool and Kaylie wants to try it!  The kick bag stands there while the girls kicks its balls so they look great for summer! The app has a lot of bugs that need to get worked out but it works good enough to try it for now.  The kick bag is ruined during beta testing!


Alexis and Jade - Boots or Shoes to get rid of Erections

This clip previously unreleased.  Alexis and Jade run a cruel experiment on the ball kicking slave.  The slave is jerked off until fully erect and then kicks are delivered to remove it.  Jade is wearing boots and Alexis is wearing shoes.  The erection is eventually kicked away until gone.  You will have to watch the video to know which is better for erection removal.

Kat and Nika - Chastity Slave Deceived into Heavy Ballbusting

Kat and Nika’s slave is very excited about his seasonal release. The slave thinks that he is going to be allowed an orgasm, but the girls did not let him out of chastity for that. They are going to ballbust him! After just a few kicks the slave rolls around on the floor in agony. He complains that this is very unfair. Release day should mean that he gets out of chastity for an orgasm, or even just edging. The girls tell him that they only promised him time out of chastity. They never said anything about how that time out of chastity would be spent. The slave starts to beg to go back into chastity. If release means this kind of horrific pain, then he never wants another release from chastity again! The girls mock his suffering. They make him kiss their shoes and then finally, after many hard kicks, lock him back up. (6:48 long)


Nikki Brooks - Sadistic Nude Ballbusting

Fully nude except for red high heels, Nikki Brooks kicks her slave in the balls over and over. She casually sips from her glass while she ballbusts him. Nikki makes her slave beg for more kicks. She kicks and punches him in the testicles as hard as she can. Nikki ballbusts the slave until he drops to the floor. Then, she tramples him with her high heels while he’s on the ground. Nikki admires the tremendous damage that she has done to his body. (13:44 long)



Brianna and Kat - Ballbusting Takedown (1080 HD)

1080 HD Kat is ballbusting slave Fluffy. Off camera, Goddess Brianna provides comments and direction. Kat giggles a lot, but Brianna is very serious. She asks Brianna to show her some ballbusting tips. Brianna demonstrates a brutal ballbusting takedown. So merciless! Kat giggles and is seriously impressed with Brianna’s technique. She’s learning a lot from her experienced mentor. At Brianna’s instruction, Fluffy counts and thanks Kat for every kick he receives from her. Off camera, Brianna starts to lighten up and giggle. She steps in and starts to kick Fluffy so brutally that he drops to the floor and begs for mercy. Mentee and mentor cackle together as Fluffy rolls around the floor in anguish. (9:42 long)


Kimber and Raven - Mom and Daughter Ballbust Ex for Missed Payment

Ex-husband number is five is due to make his alimony payment to Raven and her daughter, Kimber. Number five tells the women that he is not going to be able to make his payment this month. He’s been out of a job for a while and has spent most of his savings. There’s just no money left. The girls are outraged. They are entitled to regular payments. Ex-husband number five just wants to move on with his life and leave the past behind. Unfortunately, he did not thoroughly read his divorce agreement. The agreement states that if he is unable to make his payments the girls will hick him in the balls for as hard and long as they want. He wants to call his lawyer, but the girls won’t let him have a phone call. He signed the papers and the papers say that they can strip him naked and kick him as hard as they want. “Make more money! Get your life together!” The women taunt as they kick him. They kick him until he is a groveling, sobbing, mess. The girls make fun of his tears. They make him kiss their shoes. They tell him to only come back when he has their money. (10:01 long)


Nikki Brooks - Boot Licker Welted

Nikki beats her boot licker. She whips him very hard while he licks her tall, black, boots. The boot licker is in a lot of pain, but he must stick to task. Nikki wants her boots to shine. The slave must kiss Nikki’s ass in her tight and shiny leggings. Nikki is heartless in this clip. She whips the slave with no mercy. Even with fresh welts across his pathetic hide, the slave must worship. Nikki dangles the slave’s chastity key. She allows him to unlock his chastity. Nikki has only allowed the slave out of chastity because she wants to ballbust him. No stroking himself just kicks. Nikki kicks him brutally. The slave takes all her abuse and thanks his Queen. (19:14 long)



Becky - Ballbusting and Ass Worship

1080 HD Becky kicks a slave in the balls over and over because he is worthless. Beta male testicles have no use, so she kicks them. She makes the slave go on all fours on the floor and kicks him while he is humbled. After she is done kicking, she reapplies her lipstick while the slave licks her ass. Then, after some ass worship she goes back to kicking his balls. Becky drills the slave by making it go back and forth between worshipping her ass and kicking its testicles. The merciless cycle never ends. (13:26 long)


BP - Ballbusting Slave Trained for Birthday Party (1080 HD)

1080 HD Princess Taylor is having a birthday party! Amadahy and Jennifer are bringing the ballbusting slave. Taylor is skeptical. She’s not sure that the ballbusting slave can take as many kicks as her guests will want to dish out. Amadahy and Jennifer assure Taylor that the save is well-trained and up to the task. To prove it Amadahy kicks the slave over and over in the balls as hard as she can. Then, Taylor wants a try. She kicks the slave in the balls as hard as she can, too. Despite the excruciating pain the slave holds up pretty well. Amadahy invites leashed slave girl lola to get a few punches and slaps in. The sadistic little slave girl enjoys being allowed to participate in the beating. Then Empress Jennifer takes her turn. The four totally destroy the ballbusting slave. He collapses, but Amadahy keeps him standing until Taylor finishes kicking. Amadahy calls over lola and allows her to punch the ballbusting slave until he finally drops. Everyone had fun! Except for the ballbusting slave. Taylor is convinced she is going to have the best birthday ever! (7:52 long)