Amber and Benny - Thats How a Real Man Fucks (HE HAD NO IDEA)

Benny is beyond pathetic. He is a sad little cuck who doesn’t even know how to fuck a woman. He probably wouldn’t even know how to fuck his couch. He’s an idiot. He is Ambers little pet who sits at the foot of her bed and waits for direction on what he needs to do next. Amber’s boyfriend is coming to fuck her. So that Benny can learn what sex is and how to fuck. Benny of course is in chastity, that’s the only way he can watch. Stupid pervert would end up cumming in his pants or getting his dick hard. EW Betas wear chastity. Amber has fresh used condoms filled with cum. Benny cocks his head back and Amber pours the warm load right into his mouth. Gosh, he’s so pathetic.


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Ashley Edmonds - Mocks Sap Husband after Settlement

She got him!!! The judge sided with her and agreed that he is such a loser. They humiliated him and now everything is HERS! The judge even agreed… if the money isn’t in the account on the first then he will get 100 ball kicks! Ashley makes fun of him. He is almost in tears. She makes sure he knows what a bozo he is. He is so sad because he knows shes fucking other men and just left him with nothing or no one. She owns him. All of him. ESPECIALLY HIS TONGUE!


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Jazmin and Penelope - Hot Brats Dominate Small Dick Beta

The girls are now Slave Fluffys key holders! He is such a beta. With a small dick. They haven’t been happy lately. They want more money, more shoes, more purses and more everything. They kick his ugly head with their feet and gag him while he worships them. He wants to make them happy because he doesn’t want punishments. One of the punishments is getting his balls kicked. AND HE DOES NOT WANT THAT! He is already in punishment because he has been in the smallest chastity. Look like it hurts.


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Riot - Practices Safe Ball Punching

Riot doesn’t want to hurt her knuckles or anything, so she is practicing using safe methods. She puts her gloves on and puts the helmet on this idiot. She does not want to get hurt! This is a dangerous sport and it wouldn’t be fair if he hurt her in the process.  He whines and cries like the little bitch he is. But Riot is doing him a favor! He could be getting bare knuckles to the balls. Riot wants to practice her punches. Perfect place to practice is on a nut sack. Duh. That the mot efficient way. Obviously. Left hooks right hooks some jabs, he gets it all.


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BP - 4 Brats Trample without Mercy

This clip is a great example of how a certain male can bring out the cruelty of pretty girls.  They use their heels to stomp and kick on this unfortunate male.  It screams in agony.  The girls do not care.  They insist its legs and arms stay down and it stays quiet while the girls stomp and kick.  It deserves it.  The viewer at first may feel sorry for the male.  As the clip goes on you begin to side more and more with the girls.  It keeps putting its legs up!  It was told to keep them down!  It blocks their stomps with its hoofs.  It was told to keep its front legs to its side!  It was told to be quiet, yet it screams and is overly dramatic.  The clip had to be stopped at one point because of noise complaints.  So dramatic.  By the end you really are pulling for the girls.  They are pretty, he is not.  They are girls, it is an unwanted male.  It should do what they say!  You want the girls to stomp harder.  To kick harder.  To spit more in its breathing hole.  You want the girls to jump higher.  The girls do get some sort of satisfaction and the male is punished for his unsightly existence.  If anyone feels sorry for it, you don’t have a heart.  The girls just wanted to be happy!  The trample is OK since he was not even supposed to be there.  

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Marcy - Little Male Only Good for Footworship for Giantess

Fun Size Frank is so poor and never has money. He is basically useless! So, Marcy makes him sit under her feet and worship them while she thinks of a way to put him to use. She looks at this little loser and figures out the perfect thing for him. He will be her toilet! That’s how he will eat and drink. That will be what he is good at. She is so much bigger than him. He is a little bitch. She towers over him, and he is so scared. He knows this will be his fate now. A human toilet.


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Jazmin and Penelope - Tease the Flat Chastity Device

The girls love teasing betas. They locked this nerd up for the month of locktober. Just because he can’t cum doesn’t mean they can’t. The girls take turns riding and bouncing on his face and chastity. He is probably going insane and the cum is building up. But they make him wear the worlds smallest chastity!  Because he’s beta.


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Ashley Edmonds - Bitch Wife Tells Sap Husband She is Divorcing Him

Ashley wants a divorce. She cannot believe that he thought she was in his league. What a moron. She wants him to understand one thing. SHE STILL OWNS HIM. And in the divorce papers it is going to say she still owns his mouth. She has trained that mouth to do exactly what she likes. She isn’t going to walk away from his mouth. He is still going to have to be in chastity. And he is still going to work 2 jobs and give her everything!


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Amber and Benny - My Step Sister Has a Custom

Amber’s stepsister needs a custom. She got a request to make her beta eat her used condoms. Amber lets her borrow her slave. Customs like this cost big money. So, he better do it right. Benny eats the condoms. He even eats Ambers. The outside tastes like them. But the inside taste like their boyfriends cum. BIG LOADS! Watch Bennys dumb loser mouth choke down the jizz filled condoms. LOL! Its funny because he’s so stupid.


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Sablique – Fun Size Frank Spank

Little Frank is in SO much trouble. He keeps tugging! He must be punished. He knows it’s unacceptable to tug. Sablique puts him over her lap, gets out her black gloves and begins his punishment. He is so pathetic and weak. Laying there helpless and stupid. She spanks him. She makes his ass nice and pink. She rolls him over and inspects his chastity. Figures. It’s way too big. Too much space. Sablique sizes him down. A cute little chastity for a little beta! Maybe he won’t tug as much now.


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Jazmin and Penelope - Smell of Feet and Feel of Socks too much for Chastity Slave

Jazmin and Penelope think its funny to tease their chastity slave. They have extra sweaty feet. Jazmin has her smelly bare feet in his face while Penelope has her sweaty gym socks rubbing on his chastity and balls. Little freak probably LOVES it. He actually came because he can’t resist them! What a loser!! Cumming with no hands or pussy. All while wearing chastity. FUCKING LOSER.



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Nicole Sage Step Dad Cuck Tongue Cleans Sweaty Feet


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Natalya - Excessive Use of the Smother Harness

He is no longer a human. He is an object. Subjected to her ass. Her big beautiful perfect ass. That’s all he can smell. He breathes in her ass and no outside air, all while she takes selfies! When you look hot you take selfies. DUH! But sometimes these betas squirm around and ruin the picture. Fucking rude. So she straps him in tighter. Its where he belongs. Especially now that she already took his credit cards and is getting excited to go for margaritas with her friends. Girls love margaritas.


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Jazmin and Penelope - You NEED a Cuck Sitter

Jazmin is going to Europe with her boyfriend! That means someone needs to look after her cuck. Penelope is the perfect person. Her and Jazmin are best friends. Slave Fluffy is SO scared. He is very hesitant to hand her his key. He knows how mean she is. She is old enough to be his key holder! He stubbornly hands over the key. The girls sit on the couch and start lecture him while their feet are in his mouth. That’s the way to get him to listen. Gagging him with their feet! How humiliating. He promises to be a good boy for Penelope. If not, there will be great punishment!!


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Ashley Edmonds - Wimp Husband Manipulated into Second Job by Chastity and Ass Worship

Ashley is a very strict wife. She controls the marriage and does whatever she wants all while making her husband do whatever she says. She wants more. More money and more gifts. She just wants him to give her EVERYTHING. Its never enough. She knows he is weak for her ass. He loves smelling it and eating it. He will do anything she says especially if she puts her ass in his dumb loser face. He must get a second job. It’s funny because he’s stupid!


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Amber and Benny – Iron his Shirt while I choose an Outfit

Amber is going out with an alpha tonight. So, she is having her best friend Benny help her. Benny was put in chastity a while ago. So, he really listens to everything Amber says. Amber is making him iron her alphas clothes while she tries on the perfect out! She tries on a bunch but decides the winning one is a hot strapless yellow dress. Looks perfect. Bennys chastity get tight because he is a pervert! While she is out she has a bunch of chores he can do! Like filling the condom bowl.


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Sablique - Wrestle Beatdown of Tiny Frank

Sablique is basically a professional wrestler. And you do NOT want to fuck with a professional wrestler. Especially, if your name is Fun Size Frank. He is no match to a goddess like Sablique.  She has long strong legs and will rip your head with them. Little Frank is kind of a hazard. He is so small she can literally squeeze him so tight his head explodes. Little Frank the nerdy freak gets dominated. COMPLETE WRESTLING BEAT DOWN! 


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Brianna - I Want you to Drop out of School and get a Job for the Females of the Family

Brianna is this boys stepmom. He has always been very intimidated of her ever since he saw how she treats her husband. He is terrified. He sees the beatings. He sees her take his wallet every night. She doesn’t ever do anything for him. She never helps cook or clean. He is always so sad. And his stepsister makes him really angry because she is so mean too! Brianna requests that he quit school to get another job to provide for her and his stepsister. He has no choice. He is dominated by the females on the house.


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Mistress Sugar - Humiliates 2 Betas Gagging Foot Worship

Sugar is our newest mistress to BP! She is beautiful and ready to dominate our bozo betas. She is making  our slaves worship her feet. She even has him suck her feet to really make him obey her. She is using our mini slave as human furniture. Both nerds are in chastity. It going to be exciting to see how good she gets him!


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Ava Kat and Macy - Freshman Measured for Beta Evaluation

Its finally here! Measuring day. Time to measure dicks and decide if they are alpha or beta. If their dick is 6 + inches that means no chastity. If its less than that it means the loser is a beta. EW. And they have to be locked away and ready for use. The girls tricked Fluffy. They knew his dick probably wasn’t 6 inches. But they made him jerk off before so it was super limp and it definitely wasn’t going to be big enough to pass the test. He is so bummed. He should have known the girls were up to something. He is so fucking stupid. Anyways, now he has to be in chastity and ready for use. The alphas and brat girls are going to spend the college year using him for whatever.


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