Amadahy and Crystal - Danni Teased by Two Girls Way out of his League

Amadahy and Crystal are way hot. The hottest girls in the whole sorority, in fact, and totally out of danni’s league. They let him hang out with them anyway because they love to humiliate him. The hot girls make danni wear panties and a dress. They have locked him in chastity and Crystal wears the key around her ankle. The girls tease danni and make him massage and worship their feet. Danni has soft lips and soft skin, just like a girl. He’s not a man, and could never fuck a beautiful girl, nor is he a beautiful girl himself. He’s somewhere between a boy and a girl, and so his life is hard. The girls tease danni with their sexy bodies. Then, they tease him with the vibrator just like a girl. Amadahy sits on danni’s face while Crystal teases his chastity cage with the vibrator. Danni is so small. It’s very easy for him to be pushed around and used by girls, who are usually bigger and stronger than him. The girls give danni some pointers on how to act more feminine. He’s not ever going to be masculine, so femme will be a gender better suited for him. (10:14 long)



Sadie - Throws Crumbs to Starving Cuck Husband with her Boyfriend

Sadie and her boyfriend humiliate Sadie’s cuckolded husband. She has been starving her husband all day. Sadie and her boyfriend throw potato chips and make the hungry cuckold chase after them. Sadie did not marry for love, or cock, and her husband knows it. She tells her Alpha boyfriend the backstory about how she met, married, and cuckolded her rich husband while they humiliate him together. Sadie inspects her husband’s chastity. She throws more food on the floor for him. Then, she makes him go fetch his wallet. Sadie removes all of the money from it so that she and her boyfriend can go to dinner. Sadie instructs her husband to clean the house while she and her boyfriend have their meal. If the cuckold cleans well, the Alpha couple may allow him to watch them fuck when they return. Sadie makes her husband kiss her, and her boyfriend’s, shoes. Then, they leave to have their meal. (9:31 long)


Nikki Brooks - Chastity Release Day Means You Get Ballbusted

It’s release day! Nikki’s cuck is very excited for his release from chastity, but Nikki’s bull thinks she shouldn’t release the cuck at all. Nikki’s bull has been bullying the cuck. Nikki comes to a compromise. She decides that she will release the cuck from chastity, but only for a ballbusting. From now on the cuckold will only be released from chastity for ballbusting. The cuck must thank Nikki for a release from chastity, even though he will not be getting to edge or an orgasm. One hard kick from Nikki’s black boots and the cuck drops to its knees. She toys with the cuck, psychologically tormenting him and kicking him in the testicles. The cuck is practically begging to be locked back up to escape the cruel abuse. Nikki ignores his pleas and instead changes into a second pair of boots to kick him with. (16:08 long)



Kimber - I Want to practice my Wrestling Moves on you

Kimber wants to practice some wrestling moves on her stepfather, Marcello. Kimber is very abusive to Marcello whenever her Mother is away. She’s already dressed him in a schoolgirl skirt and collar. So funny! Kimber is incredibly strong. She’s much stronger than her stepfather, even though she’s much younger and a girl. She really shows no mercy to her pathetic stepfather and nearly breaks his neck with something she calls “the guillotine.” After working up a good sweat she makes her stepfather worship her feet. After she’s completely destroyed him, she tramples his face into the ground. Then, she tells him to get into the kitchen to make her dinner. She’s hungry. (6:49 long)


Kat and Nika - Bikini Goddesses get Feet Worshipped while Sunbathing

Kat Soles and Nika Venom look so sexy in their bikinis. They enjoy some foot worship by the pool while sunbathing. Their slaves are kept underneath their chairs so that they can tan while enjoying foot worship. The girls talk about boys and relax while putting the slave’s mouths to work. When the girls get too hot, they take a dip in the pool and leave the beta males in the scorching sun. The beta males cannot complain. Attention from hot girls is scarce, and betas are very replaceable. The girls take the betas wallets and head to the mall for a spree. The betas stay behind. (10:20 long)



Brianna - Breath Training under Mommy

Brianna, unfortunately, has produced a beta male son. She will have to train the poor weakling to please a woman before disposing of him. First, she will train her son to enjoy the scent of a woman’s pussy and ass. She plans to sell the boy off into slavery, but first he needs to learn a sexual skill or two. Brianna makes her son beg to inhale the scent of her pussy and ass. She has her son locked into chastity so that he doesn’t get any funny ideas. Her son will never be allowed out of the cage. His penis is inferior, and he will have to be taught other sexual skills to be of any use to women. Male offspring with a nicer cock or more strength would have fetched a nicer price. Too bad. Brianna uses her vibrator to get herself off. She wants her son to deeply inhale the scent of her orgasm. She cums with her vibrator right over her son’s face. The boy remains locked in chastity the entire time. (11:18 long)


Becky - Kneed in the Balls then Locked in Chastity and Facesat

Becky knees her slave in the balls just because she is hot, and she can. Hot girls can get away with whatever. She tells the slave to hold still while she kicks him. The ballkicking quickly tires Becky out, so she locks the slave back up in chastity and decides to take a rest sitting on the slave’s face. Becky giggles because, even in chastity, the slave’s erection won’t go away. Becky bounces and grinds on her slave’s face. Then Becky decides that she wants the frustrated chastity slave to lick her ass. The slave obeys and holds out its tongue for Becky to grind on. Becky demands that the slave lick her asshole for awhile while his chastity gets tighter and tighter. Goddess Becky is as seductive as she is cruel! (11:26 long)


Brianna - Beta son Learns to Pleasure Mommy

Brianna has been training her beta male son for a while with face sitting. It is now time for more advanced training. She explains to her son that since he is locked up in chastity it is ok for him to learn to pleasure mommy with a dildo. This is a skill he will need to learn as a beta male with a small penis. Brianna straps a dildo to her son’s face. While wearing the dildo over his mouth, he can only breathe through his nose. He must inhale the scent of his mother’s pussy while he fucks her. Brianna’s son will never be allowed inside a woman like a real man. He will only ever be allowed to fuck women with a dildo, like how his mother has taught him. Brianna uses the dildo strapped to her son’s face for a nice orgasm. Then, she sends her son away to provide the same service for his sisters. (8:38 long)



Alexandra - Jerk Zombie Begs for Mercy

Alexandra’s jerk zombie is desperate for release from chastity. It begs. Alexandra teases the drone with the key to its chastity device. Finally, she unlocks him. The drone strokes when and how Alexandra instructs. When she tells it to stop it must immediately return itself to the chastity device. She circles him like prey as he strokes for her. Alexandra keeps her jerk drone right on the edge of orgasm with intermittent returns to the chastity cage. He becomes even more mindless. The slave begs for mercy and Alexandra instructs it to lock itself back into chastity. She closes the lock around the cage. The slave is now actually grateful to be returned to chastity. He will remain locked for at least another three months. This is his punishment for asking for ever asking for mercy. (15:02 long)



Raven Hart - I'll Take Off My Stockings You Worship My Feet

Raven seductively removes her stockings in preparation for her submissive husband to worship her bare feet. Raven’s new husband, Marcello, loves to smell and worship his wife’s worn pantyhose. After appreciating her pantyhose, Raven allows Marcello to worship her feet. Raven can manipulate her husband into doing anything for her with her pretty feet. He’s so easy. With her beautiful feet Raven will soon control her new husband’s entire life. Raven’s husband isn’t good for much, but she does like his mouth. When Raven is finished getting her feet worshipped, she decides to use her husband’s mouth for an orgasm. It’s her second of the day but won’t be her last. After her orgasm Raven tells her husband that she wants him to take her and her daughter for fresh mani-pedis. (11:54 long)


Nika Venom - Uses Slave's Face in Boyfriends Absence

Nika’s Alpha male boyfriend calls to cancel their date night because he wants to watch the game. Nika is so horny, though. She decides that she’ll have to use her chastity slave’s face for an orgasm in her Alpha’s absence. Nika grinds on her beta’s face. She is going to use him for the orgasm that she is entitled to, Alpha or no. Only she gets to cum, of course, and the beta will remain locked in chastity. The beta must stay very quiet while Nika tries to have her orgasm, so that she can imagine someone else. She holds beta’s head down and rides it until she cums. Not as satisfying as a real man’s cock, but the beta’s face will do. Nika isn’t finished yet. She wants to use beta’s face for a second orgasm. The helpless beta must oblige and lays still while his face is used for her pleasure. When she’s finished, Nika sends beta to its cage and goes back to texting her boyfriend. (11:57 long)


Kat - Slave Worships Feet to Earn a Keyholder

1080 HD A perspective slave wants Kat to be its keyholder. Kat agrees to let him try out by worshipping her feet. If the slave worships her feet to her satisfaction, then she may accept him as her new slave. Kat uses the slave’s mouth as she pleases. She instructs him on exactly how she wants her feet worshipped. The slave does it’s best to impress the Princess of his dreams. Kat makes the slave work hard, gagging him with her perfect feet. Kat requires and expects a lot from all her beta males. She thrusts her foot deep down the slave’s throat over and over. When Kat isn’t happy with him, she slaps his face very hard. Will Kat decide to keep the new beta? (8:48 long)



Chloe and Mia - Two Sexy Blondes Smother Human Chair in Chastity

1080 HD Chloe and Mia surround and circle their face sitting prey. Their boy has been locked into chastity and must serve as the girl’s chair. He is such a scrawny little dweeb. Totally overpowered by women. The girls can barely believe how pathetic he is! Both girls rest their full weight on the little guy’s chest. He’s really suffering, and the girls just taunt him. Mia bounces on his face. He cannot escape. Too scrawny to put up a fight. The girls laugh about how easy it is to use the little guy. Chloe has been draining his bank account and he’s a pushover about that, too. He’s so easy for girls to take advantage of. The girls talk about how they have been training him to give up trying to think for himself. He will eventually learn to just trust whatever the girls decide for him. The girls love to see the pathetic little weakling suffer. Chloe plans to keep him locked in chastity for a very long time. He will just get weaker and weaker for them. Mia wants to take the slave to the edging salon. A good long edging session will really destroy the last of his will. They’ve just added a new Edging Salon annex next to the mall! A girl can enjoy shopping, lunch, and a mani-pedi, all while watching live video footage of her slaves edging session on her phone. Chloe’s never heard of the Edging Salon before, but she thinks it’s great and can’t wait to take her slave! (13:11 long)


Amadahy and Lola - The Last Castrato Complete (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy and Lola are listening to the music of Alessandro Moreschi, the last castrato, recorded in 1904. The women find the voice of the castrato very soothing. They think cow Andy must be soothed by it, too. The women go about checking Andy’s vitals, making sure that one of his last shifts on the milking bench goes smoothly. This will be one of Andy’s last days because they have found a match for his liver. A young girl with a drinking habit. Even though Andy is a very productive and good cow it’s time for his organs to be harvested. Not one part of his body will go to waste and it will all make a fine profit for the women. They’ve found a home for his eyes, as well. Andy will make a lot of girls happy and improve a lot of lives in ways he never could while alive. The women aim to give Andy some good productive shifts on the bench before terminating him.

The women take a few selfies with Andy so that they can remember him. They will sort of miss their time together. Andy was a hard worker and a good cow. They say goodbye to Andy while posing and snapping pics. Sweet Andy has always wanted to help people. Once his life is over, he will finally reach that goal. His life has been nothing but pathetic misery. His organs will better the lives of better people. He’s worth more to women postmortem. The women send him off with one final tease. They want to get one last great big batch of precum out of him to maximize profit. Without much talk, with only the sweet voice of the castrato singing “Ave Maria,” Amadahy and Lola straddle and grind on Andy as they edge him to near orgasm over and over. Everything is impermanent. All lives must end. At least parts of Andy will live on after his own time on this earth has passed. (44:04 long)


Nikki Brooks - Financially Dominated Cuck Worships Feet

Nikki is on the phone with her boyfriend, but her idiot cuck wants attention. He interrupts her to ask to be released from chastity. Nikki stuffs the cuckold’s wallet into its mouth to shut it up. Nikki’s boyfriend tells her that he didn’t get the shoes they wanted the cuck to order for him. Nikki punishes the cuck by making him worship her feet. He was going to be released from chastity, but now he will have to worship Nikki’s perfect feet while locked. Nikki’s cuck needs to be reminded of his place. If he doesn’t learn, he will have to learn to worship more than feet. He’ll be made to suck the cock of her girlfriend’s slave as an even bigger punishment. The slave does not want to have to do such debased things and becomes more compliant. Nikki sends the slave away to the ATM to get her and her boyfriend some more money. (12:52 long)


Milah Romanov - Face Sitting with Bondage and Hard Bouncing

Milah looks incredible in her shiny bodysuit with her ass all oiled. She has a slave tied to her bed. Milah bounces hard on the slave’s face, landing with a lot of force. The slave can hardly breathe as he is slapped with the weight of her ass over and over. Milah keeps the slave’s balls bound on a rope leash. She has complete control over him. The slave struggles and makes a fuss. Milah tells him to settle down. She bounces on his face higher and harder. The slave tries to tap out, but she doesn’t let him. She knows that he can take more. Milah goes in with the real butt drops. The butt drops are higher and harder than just bouncing. She lands and starts to smother the slave out. She wiggles her ass on his face while denying him air. Fully restrained, the slave is completely at her mercy. The slave protests loudly, but Milah carries on as she pleases. (7:55 long)


Macy Cartel - Help Me Please Him Cuck

Macy’s cuck is her helper. She wants to give Alpha a blowjob and cuck is there to hold her hair back while she sucks him. The cuckold must be careful to not pull her beautiful long hair and hold it very gently. Macy gives her Alpha an incredible blowjob while her cuckold has to watch. Cuckolds and Alphas get very different treatment from pretty girls. Macy works very hard deepthroating to please her real man, even though taking his huge cock down her delicate throat isn’t easy. She will do it for him, though. Meanwhile, the poor cuckold is all locked into a strict chastity. He must catch the spit and drool that Macy works up while sucking Alpha’s huge cock and isn’t even allowed to touch himself. Macy sucks her Alpha until he cums in her mouth. She spits all of Alpha’s cum into the cuckold’s mouth and makes him swallow. Then, Macy has to pee. She uses the cuckold’s mouth for that, too. (16:47 long)


Lana Luxor - Bikini Brat Foot Worship and Trample

Lana enjoys some foot worship from her slave. She is very aggressive and forcefully jams her feet into its mouth. When she gets mad, she kicks him in the face. Lana is very difficult to please. She is used to having things her way. The slave is grateful to serve a purpose, even though serving Lana is often difficult and physically painful for him. Lana has the slave clean her feet until she decides she wants no more. She is a very bratty and demanding girl. Lana is not satisfied with the results of the foot cleaning. She makes her slave lay on the floor and crushes him with her full weight as punishment. (10:05 long)


Kat and Nika - Bikini Blondes Try Out New Chastity Beta (Hot Girls Drive a Hard Bargain)

Kat and Nika discuss how they plan to financially use their new beta. Before he arrives, the girls discuss the cut that they plan to keep from each of his paychecks. Then, they discuss the chastity regimen that they will expect the new beta to adhere to. They really hope that he works out for them. Breaking in a beta can take some time and be a bit of work for the girls.

Finally, the beta arrives. The girls immediately make him strip. They inspect his chastity device. He has been locked for about a year, ever since his last Keyholder left him. The girls tease him while he aches and desperately longs for release. The girls teach the new beta a few basic commands. They are amazed he wasn’t ever taught things as simple as “down” by a hot girl before.

Then, the girls go over the beta’s financial obligations with him. The girls insist on more than half his pay. The beta begs to be released from chastity at least once a week for that amount of financial commitment. The girls laugh. He won’t be getting a weekly release, or even monthly. The girls inform him that he will only be released seasonally. They also tell him to expect financial rinses in addition to his routine contributions. A financial rinse is a draw of one hundred percent of a beta’s pay. The beta is in disbelief. The girls are driving such a hard bargain. They review their terms of their agreement, one last time. The beta is so desperate for release. He reluctantly agrees to all the girls’ conditions. (9:38 long)


Kat and Lizzy - Brat Girl makes Lesbian Smell and Worship her Feet

Kat makes, Lizzy, a lesbian girl, smell and worship her feet. Kat thinks it’s funny that the weird girl is so into her feet. Lizzy sucks on Kat’s toes like how a normal girl would suck her boyfriend’s cock. She’s a total foot slut! Lizzy gets very excited worshipping the hot girl’s feet. Kat makes Lizzy gag on her feet and look at her ass while she worships. Lizzy thanks Kat profusely for the honor of licking her perfect feet. Kat thinks Lizzy is doing ok but slaps the foot whore in her face whenever she messes up. Lizzy is pretty good at sucking because in high school she was a cum dumpster with low self-esteem, and once let the whole football team face fuck her under the bleachers. Lizzy’s makeup runs down her face as Kat forces both of her feet into her mouth. Once a whore, always a whore. (11:02 long)