Lesbian Domination

Lizzy and Nika - Sorority Girl uses Freshman Pledge for Sexual Gratification in Bizarre Hazing Ritual

In a bizarre hazing ritual Nika uses her freshman pledge, Lizzy’s, face to get herself off. Lizzy only consents to the lesbian advances because she doesn’t want to be uncool or unpopular. She really wants to become a part of the sorority of her choice. Lizzy lays prone on the bed while Nika grinds herself to climax on her face. After her orgasm Nika has a dark revelation for Lizzy. Lizzy struggles but Nika gets her way. (6:46 long)


Lizzy and Nika - Hot Girl Totally Breaks a Slut

Nika writes SLUT right across Lizzy’s forehead with marker. Then she writes CUM DUMPSTER across Lizzy’s chest. She draws an arrow pointing to Lizzy’s mouth and writes COCK HOLE. Nika is going to take Lizzy to her first frat party and Lizzy will have to go with all this degradation written on her body. This is so the boys will all know that she is a slut and she is for their sexual use. Nika points out how fat Lizzy has gotten. Lizzy did not realize that she had gained so much, but the truth is that this is where all her low self esteem has gotten her. Fat and slutty. Nika writes GLORY HOLE on Lizzy’s pussy because tonight her most special body part will be used just like a glory hole for any boy that wants it. Nika makes Lizzy look in the mirror. Lizzy cries. She can see how pathetic she is, especially when compared side by side to a popular girl like Nika. Nika drags Lizzy by the hair to the toilet. Lizzy screams and protests while Nika dunks her head in the toilet. It seems it’s not even possible for things to get worse for Lizzy, but they will later on at the party when she is forced to have lots of sex against her will. Nika will mentally and break the inferior female completely for reasons no sane person could comprehend. (11:00 long)



Kat and Lizzy - Brat Girl makes Lesbian Smell and Worship her Feet

Kat makes, Lizzy, a lesbian girl, smell and worship her feet. Kat thinks it’s funny that the weird girl is so into her feet. Lizzy sucks on Kat’s toes like how a normal girl would suck her boyfriend’s cock. She’s a total foot slut! Lizzy gets very excited worshipping the hot girl’s feet. Kat makes Lizzy gag on her feet and look at her ass while she worships. Lizzy thanks Kat profusely for the honor of licking her perfect feet. Kat thinks Lizzy is doing ok but slaps the foot whore in her face whenever she messes up. Lizzy is pretty good at sucking because in high school she was a cum dumpster with low self-esteem, and once let the whole football team face fuck her under the bleachers. Lizzy’s makeup runs down her face as Kat forces both of her feet into her mouth. Once a whore, always a whore. (11:02 long)


Lizzy and Sablique - Submissive Girls Face used for Multiple Orgasms

1080 HD Petite Lizzy Lamb is so much shorter than the statuesque Sablique Von Lux. Sablique seduces Lizzy into taking a submissive role with her sexually. The small, meek, girl is happy to have been selected by a woman so Dominant and stunning. Sablique mounts Lizzy’s face and pleasures herself with it. She grabs Lizzy by the hair and pulls her face even deeper into her ass. Sablique denies Lizzy air, smothering her with her body. She scissors Lizzy’s neck to display her physical power. Then, she straddles the smaller girls face and rides it to orgasm. Sablique enjoys the orgasm so much that she treats herself to another. Lizzy is exhausted but Sablique is insatiable. She cums all over the submissive girl’s face multiple times, then dismisses her. (9:52 long)


Lizzy Lamb and Sablique von Lux - Tiny Girl Pushed Around in Gym

Lizzy is a petite girl and she is tired of being picked on by bigger, stronger, people. She has been going to the gym to try to get stronger and more in shape. Sablique, a tall girl, comes into the gym as Lizzy is doing some stretching. She immediately starts to pick on and harass the smaller girl. Sabliqe compares her height to Lizzy’s. Then, picks the smaller girl up and carries her. Sablique effortless carries Lizzy around the gym. It’s so easy for Sablique to push the smaller girl around. She bullies little Lizzy, verbally teasing her and making her perform humiliating exercises. Sablique even smothers Lizzy with her hands, denying the small girl air. Lizzy gets very sweaty and nervous. Sablique discuss selling the smaller girl into sexual slavery. Overpowered, Lizzy would have to comply with the stronger girl’s wishes. (9:47 long)


Lizzy and Natalya - Bigger Girl Rides Small Girls Face

1080 HD Petite Lizzy Lamb seems even smaller while underneath Natalya. Natalya’s ass dwarfs Lizzy’s little head! Lizzy struggles underneath the weight of the bigger girl. She is totally helpless beneath her. Natalya holds Lizzy down and uses her for her pleasure. Lizzy lays beneath Natalya passively. Natalya bounces higher and harder while grinding. Lizzy is suffering and struggling to breathe, but she tolerates being used sexually by the bigger girl. She doesn’t really have a choice, she’s too small to fight back. (5:17 long)


Chloe and Lizzy - Stinky Sock Fetching Foot Worship and Spanking (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe is such a bully to Lizzy. She makes her smell her dirty, stinky, cheer socks. Then, Chloe takes off the socks and makes Lizzy go fetch them with her mouth. Lizzy must kiss Princess Chloe’s feet. She stuffs her socks into Lizzy’s mouth and makes her gag. Lizzy is very humiliated. It is very degrading to be made to fetch like a pet. Chloe makes Lizzy strip out of her clothes, then worship her feet. Chloe gets mad because she feels that Lizzy has disobeyed her and gives the slut a spanking. (8:59 long)


Lizzy and Natalya - Tied to Bed and Facesat Until Limp and Senseless (1080 HD)

Lizzy and Natalya - Tied to Bed and Facesat Until Limp and Senseless (1080 HD)

1080 HD Natalya ties Lizzy Lamb to a bed. She wants to mount and ride the smaller girls face. At first, Lizzy is compliant. It is sort of a fun and sensual game. But quickly things become dark as Natalya starts to really smother little Lizzy beneath her ass. Lizzy’s eyes roll back into her head. She isn’t getting enough air. Lizzy starts to really struggle in earnest, and she would like for the game to end. But Natalya won’t stop. The more Lizzy struggles, the more pleased Natalya seems to be. Natalya enjoys watching Lizzy struggle beneath her, until suddenly Lizzy completely stops moving. Natalya surveys Lizzy’s body, checking for signs of life. Lizzy’s eyes are shut, and when Natalya pulls back her eyelids, she finds that Lizzy’s eyes have rolled completely to the back of her head. Natalya picks up Lizzy’s arms, then legs, and finds that Lizzy’s entire body has become completely limp. She picks up each of Lizzy’s limbs and watches with fascination as they lifelessly drop. Lizzy is completely senseless. Natalya is very excited by this. She splays Lizzy’s legs open, invitingly. Then, she calls someone on her phone to come over and fuck the bound and unaware girl. (6:50 long)


Chloe and Lizzy - Pony slave Ridden Around the Grounds while slave girl Does Yard Work (1080 HD)

1080 HD It’s a beautiful autumn day. Chloe rides her male slave around the grounds while inspecting the work of her female. Her tiny, thin, slave girl is forced to rake the massive yard. The yard is so huge, Chloe doesn’t even want to walk around the entire area! That’s why she rides her sturdy male while observing the girl’s work. Chloe carries a whip while atop her mount. If the girl does a poor job with the lawn, she will be beaten. Straddling the large male’s shoulders, Chloe looms over the tiny girl brandishing the whip as a threat. Bored, Chloe leaves the girl and decides to trot her male deeper into the woods to gaze at the foliage. After some time, Chloe returns and is dissatisfied with the girl’s progress. She decides that she will make the girl sleep out in the cold dog house for the night. The girl must crawl into the kennel on all fours and remain there. (7:00 long)


Chloe and Natalya - Lizzy Humiliated with Feet to Fit in With Popular Crowd (1080 HD)

1080 HD Hot girls, Chloe and Natalya, have been stringing a nerdy girl along, letting her think that maybe she can get in with their clique. They make the nerdy girl, Lizzy, do all sorts of humiliating things. Lizzy does what Chloe and Natalya tell her to, no matter how strange, because she thinks it makes her a part of their social group. Today, Chloe and Natalya tell Lizzy that they want her to lick their feet. Lizzy thinks it’s weird, but she doesn’t want to disappoint her “friends.” After some hesitation, she kisses and licks the feet of the cruel and manipulative pair. The girls tell Lizzy that she has to do whatever they tell her to, or she will no longer be allowed to be seen with the popular crowd. Lizzy is desperate to fit in and she tries her best to keep Chloe and Natalya happy.

The girls confront Lizzy with a rumor that she gave a boy at school a blowjob. Natalya and Chloe are in agreement that this rumor makes Lizzy the official school slut. They tell Lizzy they want her to suck on their toes the same way she sucked that boy. Lizzy starts to get upset, but that just makes her “friends” crueler. Chloe grabs Lizzy by the hair and forces her down on Natalya’s foot, all the while giggling and telling her to suck it like the cocksucker she is. This is what Lizzy gets for being the school slut. The girls laugh at Lizzy. Lizzy is very sad and humiliated. Chloe and Natalya get a novel idea. They decide that they will let Lizzy go to the mall with them after all, but they want her to take out a store credit card in her name. Chloe and Natalya plan to rack up as much debt in the store as they can on Lizzy’s first credit card. Lizzy objects, if she’s going to get a credit card, she wants to at least be able to buy things for herself! The popular girls say no. Lizzy doesn’t get to spend any money on the card. It should be enough for her just to be able to be seen at the mall with them. And Chloe and Natalya want Lizzy to drive them there. Lizzy has worked very hard and bought herself her first car, but Chloe and Natalya don’t have one yet, so they need Lizzy to drive them to the mall so that they can get a credit card in her name. Lizzy is tired of being an outcast, so she agrees to do everything the popular girls want her to.  (7:40 long)