Pony Play

Ava - Indoor Pony Training for Summer Riding Season
Summer is here and its time to get my lazy slave into shape for the riding season. Boys should be dumb, obedient, and strong. A standard male should be able to carry a girl for at least 30 minutes. A trained male can be made to carry a girl for a 2-hour ride. They need to get use to the reigns a bit. I prefer the bit to be large and pulled in tight. A severe bit makes the male easier to control. With a bit, reigns, whip, boots, and strong thighs and girl can completely and safely dominate a male twice or even 3x its size. A girl can safely ride the male for 2 hours in hilly conditions. The best way to train a male is simply ride them as much as you can. In this clip, you see me put a pony through its paces. Even though its too cold for me to be outside I can train my male in the comfort of my own apartment.
- Ava
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Amber – Rides the Rocking Pony to the Store

Amber needs to break in Dink the HORSE. First they start with a trot. He is going to have to take her to the store. And who cares if people are watching. He needs to take her to the store because she wants a cowgirl hat! Faster Dink!!!!!!! Amber rides him hard. He is a sweaty pathetic mess. Amber wants his credit card so she can also get a Gucci belt and red bottoms! And handbags! And bikinis!!!!!!


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Riot Starter - Shoulder Ride NO MERCY

Riot wants to feel the wind in her hair and the vibration on her pussy. So, this pony needs a lot of training! Watch as this pony becomes exhausted running back and forth with his master on his shoulders. Riot does a good job training our betas here at the sorority house so we can have fun at the shoulder carrying races.

  • Princess Crystal


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Amber and Ava - Bikini Girls Train Pony

We let our pony out of its crate for the day. Time for training! Ava gets on his shoulders. Amber guides them in the training process. She teaches her that if she kicks him or hits him, he will do whatever she want him to do. If she wants him to stop just pull back on the reigns. If she wants to make him dance just whip him or squeeze him really hard with your thighs. Such good tips on how to train this fat ugly slob of a pony. Thanks Amber for the lessons!

  • Princess Crystal


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Amber - Indoor Pony Training

It’s just an ordinary day at the Brat Princess Sorority House. I’m wearing my favorite latex pants and red bottoms for pony practice. This loser arrived with so many BAD HABITS, so it needed to be broken in before being of any real use to us brats. One of the most effective training methods is just sitting on it’s shoulders with my FULL WEIGHT. I hold its reigns to guide it where I want to go, but like any stubborn pony you have to be rough before it TRULY obeys without any hesitation. Princess Ava watches for moral support and gives this loser the criticism it deserves. I get impatient with this useless slave when my dinner plans with my amazing boyfriend get pushed back. It’s not always easy being a hot goddess. Sometimes you have to put in the extra hours to get the results you want from pathetic slaves. If I have to be here with this slave, then I am going to make it work HARDER than me! I make the pony trot and lift its legs up high while keeping perfect form. (while carrying me on its shoulders, of course) You can tell it struggles to obey all my commands and complains of its legs getting tired. (AS IF I CARE!!!) I decided to run this pony even harder!!!! It should know better than to complain. My legs are tired from squeezing its head and kicking its sides as hard as I can. I take a break by the window, still sitting on its shoulders. This pony has a long night ahead and I could care less about the pain it endures… I make sure to run it into the ground until it’s legs give out! Enjoy the free clip-its at the end!

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Ava and Sablique - Rocking Pony Lessons

Ava is interested in pony lessons. Sablique holds a class to teach her the ropes. She teaches her flow, rhythm and how to glide smoothly. Sometimes a pony might act up and needs its leash pulled and a whip to the ass.

  • Princess Crystal


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Amber and Ava - Riding Girl and Bikini Girl Ride Male Pony Slave

*Features a short bonus clip at the end.*

This clip is a pony play fans dream!  The clip starts out with Princess Ava enjoying a lazy hot girl summer day in a stunning bikini.  Idiot slave Andy is tasked with rubbing oil on her body.  She pays no mind to him since he is safely locked away in chastity.  Amber comes riding up on a slave and she is pissed.  She went for a ride and noticed the front landscaping needs freshening up.  It is time for a complete total tear down.  Amber instructs Andy to go into the basement to round up all the slaves for a working party.  She wants the front landscape dug up and gutted today and ready for replanting this evening!  Andy explains that the only slaves that are sleeping are toilet slaves digesting and waiting for their next shift and slaves in between 2nd and 3rd jobs.  Amber is furious!  She wants it done now!  The toilet slaves can digest their work while working on the landscaping.  She beats Andy before he runs off to fetch the slaves.  Ava then watches Amber take her slaves through its paces.  It was a very hot day and it was ridden hard.  Amber got thirsty and took the slave over to Ava so she could quench her thirst.  Her and Ava spit on the cement for the pony to lick up for his hydration.  Then it is Ava's turn.  First Amber holds the reigns and drags the pony around giving Ava a safe comfortable ride.  Ava then decides to ride it herself.  Ava does not mess around! Amber looks on as Ava rides him and then decide to take him to a hill for more hill training.  The pony must carry the girl for how long SHE wants.  This clip is absolutely beautiful and is a must buy. 

Bonus clip includes Lexi Chase riding her slave throughout the woods. Scenic and beautiful!


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Amber – Girls Can do Yard Work

As a hot girl, we're constantly fighting stereotypes... stupid boys are always saying, "you can't do that because you're a girl!"( LOL as if hot girls aren't capable) That's why I decided to take a stand and set the record straight..... HOT GIRLS CAN DO YARD WORK! And guess what dummys, WE DO IT BETTER, TOO! I use my slave to blow the leaves off the yard, moving it around and pointing it in the right direction. There are sooooo many leaves that it's gonna take A LOT of hard work, but that's the price you pay for being a hot girl boss with a big back yard. I brag to my boyfriend what a hot, independent woman he's dating... (lucky him, he gets to fck me!) Despite the freezing temperatures, I tough it out to make sure I do a good job. I actually enjoy doing yard work, it's kinda fun and SUPER rewarding. That's why after I finish with my own lawn, I offer to blow leaves off my neighbors yard, too! Girls TRULY are BETTER at EVERYTHING!!!!


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Lexi - Human Pony Kicked and Ridden without Mercy

Lexi loves the feeling of power sitting on top of a big dumb stupid male.  With a simple twitch of her thighs, she controls the dumb male’s direction. With a double kick of her boot, she controls the speed of the dumb male.  Repeated boot kicks to its sides trains, punishes, and allows Lexi to vent the days frustration.   If it is not excessive, it is legal for a brat rider to ride and discipline a pony hard. It only carries Princess.  It does not think of anything else but her safety and doing what she wants.  Shoulder riding lovers will love this clip!  Lexi, absolutely loves riding big powerful dumb males! 


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Amber - Brutal Shoulder Riding

One of the more physically exhausting chores for a girl is training a stubborn male pony.  It can take hours of riding.  Your thighs hurt from squeezing its head and kicking its side, you are thirsty, and even your shoulder and wrist can ache from simply wielding a training whip.  Males are strong and can very easily carry the weight of a girl.  The hard part for the male is letting go of control.  The pony needs to become an extension of the girl.  Being able to pick up the girls sometimes subtle, sometimes not, instructions and demands.  A pony with proper training with nonverbal cues knows if the girl wants to go faster, slower, stop, left, right, or even down.  Each girl has their own way of communicating this to her pony.  The main reason why pony beatings occur is if the male is losing focus or laziness.  The male should focus on her safety and knowing where she wants to go.  A good male pony simply carries his Princess without complaint.  To get a male to the point where any girl would feel safe and be in control there is a lot of riding to be done.  150 riding hours are needed to break a male. In this clip Amber rides her stubborn pony hard.  During training withholding water from a pony is an excellent way for pony to stay focused and motivated.  It is important for girls to stay hydrated during physical exercise. Amber spits on the patio for pony to lick up.  No water until it obeys perfectly.  Amber’s safety is paramount!  After the spit treat, its back to the training hill for pony! (11:04 long)


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