Pony Play

Amber and Benny - Pony Ride Practice

Amber practices her pony riding. She takes it very seriously. With her heels digging in his sides, the sting of the crop and the feel of her latex pants on its neck, it’s a constant reminder that she owns him. He belongs to her.


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Alex and May - Good Pony Ridden by a Brat SEE WHAT SHE DOES

Alex shows May her bitch. Her PONY! He can be used whenever. May wants to ride the pony. Alex makes sure he is going to behave. Stupid idiot. He carries her faster and faster and even does a spin. He honestly isn’t the best, but they can train him. Go pony GOOO! All collared and leashed he gets her feet kicked into his sides. This will get him. A locked little pony bitch carrying around a hot girl. LOL!!!! Shoulder carrying isn’t even the most pathetic thing about him. Its being able to slap him and kick him that makes him such a fucking nothing worthless loser. The crop really puts him in his place. Alex finds out he’s been a bad pony and almost dropped her. NOT ACCEPTABLE. She thought he was a good boy but he’s just a useful fucking bitch. SHES A GIRL! He can’t do that!!! He needs to be taught a lesson. SHE IS A GIRL. He needs to be punished. They crop him til he apologizes. Like she could have hurt her back. This is unbelievable. This is what he deserves. She’s a girl he’s a boy pony. He needs to be good. Do stuff right. He needs to be beaten. Cause no one cares how he feels. Maybe he will be better next time.

Thanks for the pony ride!!!!!


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Natalya and Nika - Human Pony Play Fun

Giddy up! The girls are ready to ride their pony.  They even have a crop to show him who is boss. Sometimes it gets tired so they have to whip him into shape. They want to really train him good. Collared and leashed he carries the girls on his shoulders running through the back yard. Its so pretty outside. It would be SO funny if the neighbors saw.


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Kat - Bratty Big Butt Blonde Shoulder Rides Loser

Kat is training her new horse today. He is probably SO excited. To be rode around with her big ass bouncing on his shoulders. Her ass looks so good in her denim shorts. She gets him all collared and leashed. What a bozo. How humiliating. She gets on him and gives him commands. This way, that way. To the right, to the left. FASTER!!!!! Betas are really stupid so its hard for them to understand basic things. So obviously later on he should get ball busted. Maybe a couple slaps will wake him up. He better not act up. Or he will get the crop!


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Kat - Big Butt Princess Rides her Beta

Kat has her leashed beta in chastity and she is ready to start training! She gets on his shoulders, and they are off. He runs back and forth in our backyard giving her the best shoulder ride. When he doesn’t follow directions, she kicks him with her boots or uses the crop. It is so hot outside. She feels the wind in her hair but she still feels so sweaty. So, she stops for a water break. He doesn’t need one though. A nice lick of her spit is all he deserves. Back to his shoulders she goes. Her ass bounces up and down his shoulders while he runs. SUPER HOT!


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Riot - Rocks the Rocking Slave

Riot brought her pony out to play. She is wearing a shiny body suit that is perfectly fitting. She is sitting on her rocking slave. He is so lucky he gets to feel her ass and smooth legs brush against him. She is training him. He is on his hands and knees being pulled by the leash back n forth.  She wants to do this a few times a week. She really enjoys rocking on her rocking slave.

* Enjoy the PIP during the clip and the slow motion after. *


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Sablique - Equestrian Rider Expects Perfection

Sablique zips up her boots and gets out her riding crop. Time to practice her equestrian skills on her beta horse. With a lot of practice, she knows she can make him perfect. She started with hill training and now its time for some general commands. He is beginning to get tired. It is too bad, cause Sablique wants PERFECTION. Her training is very brutal. The crop comes in handy. He is doing good. He has picked up the pace. This is what she likes. Feeling a little bounce. His neck is her saddle. She starts grinding her pussy on him. She loves this saddle. She continues to hump him til she cums. Its exactly what she needed to get a burst of energy to go back to training.


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Lexi - Cute Demanding Girl has Fun with Her Pony

This horse looks fun! Says Lexi as she stomps in looking sexy in her heels. She is so dominant and bossy. She really knows how to ride. Kick it in gear. I wonder how fast they can go! He better not slow down. She has a riding whip so he listens to Lexis every command. He knows better. Lexi is having so much fun. She can probably do it all day.


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Ava - Indoor Pony Training for Summer Riding Season
Summer is here and its time to get my lazy slave into shape for the riding season. Boys should be dumb, obedient, and strong. A standard male should be able to carry a girl for at least 30 minutes. A trained male can be made to carry a girl for a 2-hour ride. They need to get use to the reigns a bit. I prefer the bit to be large and pulled in tight. A severe bit makes the male easier to control. With a bit, reigns, whip, boots, and strong thighs and girl can completely and safely dominate a male twice or even 3x its size. A girl can safely ride the male for 2 hours in hilly conditions. The best way to train a male is simply ride them as much as you can. In this clip, you see me put a pony through its paces. Even though its too cold for me to be outside I can train my male in the comfort of my own apartment.
- Ava
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Amber – Rides the Rocking Pony to the Store

Amber needs to break in Dink the HORSE. First they start with a trot. He is going to have to take her to the store. And who cares if people are watching. He needs to take her to the store because she wants a cowgirl hat! Faster Dink!!!!!!! Amber rides him hard. He is a sweaty pathetic mess. Amber wants his credit card so she can also get a Gucci belt and red bottoms! And handbags! And bikinis!!!!!!


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