Pony Play

Chloe and Mia - You are Going to Be Our Pony Today (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe loves riding her human pony! Why should she have to go through the bother of waking when she can ride on the shoulders of a sturdy male mount? She rides her mount around the grounds, appreciating a lovely day. When Chloe gets bored, she goes inside. Just as she leaves, Mia comes out for her turn. The pony is exhausted, but he must let Mia also ride him. Mia enjoys the good weather and loves not having to walk. Much better to let the male tire than tire herself with exertion. Mia had so much fun, she wants to get Chloe again. The two will take turns riding the human pony about the grounds all day. (10:25 long)



Chloe and Sasha - Ponies Raced at Sunset Losing Mount Ballkicked (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe and Sasha race their human ponies around the grounds at sunset. Because the losing mount will be ballkicked, the ponies are motivated to win the race for their rider. The girls do a practice ride. Chloe’s mount is too weak from starvation, so she trades it out for a fresh one before the official race. This is allowed by the rules. Chloe selects a sturdy looking mount. The ponies must display their trotting for the Princesses. Next, the gallop and finally a canter. Chloe’s pony loses. Chloe keeps her promise of ballkicking the losing mount. The mount must drop its pants in the middle of the yard. Chloe and Sasha kick him in the balls with their bare feet. The losing mount quickly drops to the ground in pain. “Next time, you’ll win!” Chloe yells at her pony as it cries out in pain from its ball kicking punishment. (8:35 long)


Sasha Foxx - Sexy Shoulder Rider (720 HD)

Sasha Foxx is a very demanding rider.  She does not feel sorry for her human pony.  It has to carry her for as long as she wants.  Strong as a horse but dumb as a mule is how she likes her males.   She lets the male know she is in complete control of him.  She is the rider.  She is in control.  Sasha grinds herself to an orgasm on top of the male.   She really opens the male up for some hard riding at times.  Kicking and urging the male to go faster.  Shoulder riding fans will love this clip! (8:47 long)

Jennifer and Sasha - Pony Paintball (720 HD)

Jennifer and Sasha Foxx are out enjoying a nice relaxing ride on their pony slaves. It is a beautiful cool day which keeps the ponies cool during long rides. The ponies are kept naked except chastity tubes and some rope tied cruelly to the ponys face for control and safety. The girls enjoy a nice long ride before they find a tree for some paintball target practice. The girls take turns while thee ponies carry the girls on their shoulders. Sasha and Jennifer have real good aim. They only miss when a restless pony moves. This pony gets a corrective kick when a girl misses the target tree. The girls decide to bring a live slave out to use as target practice. The girls have great aim. The slave gets covered in paint. The slave cries out in agony when the paint balls hits its carcass. The girls laff and laff at it. Next the girls try some aggressive drawing while riding games. The slave is placed down range and the girls kick the pony into a gallop. The girl draws on the move and aim at the taped down slave in an execution chair. The girls aim for its balls. The slave is helpless. The girls laff as they steer the pony back to the starting point. The girls take turns riding and drawing and blasting the tied up slave at point blank range. The girls then dismount the ponies for some final target practice. The slave gets a flurry of paint as the girls empty their magazines into the slave. The slave cries out in agony as the girls laff and leave. YOU HAVE TO OWN THIS CLIP! (29:01 long)

BP - Lola Trained to be a Party Pony (1080 HD)

Lola wants to go a birthday party with the rich girls.  They will let her go but only as a pony for rides.  In this clip the girls teach pony Lola how to give pony rides safely for the girls.  She is ridden and made to perform pony tricks to amuse the girls.  Lola is so poor she is nothing but a farm beast to ride. (10:15 long)

Jennifer - Equestrian Practice with Teacher (1080 HD)

Mr. Woodman failed to procure school funds for a proper school equestrian club.  If Mr.  Woodman can’t get afford h0rses, than he will have to be the h0rse.  Jennifer looks super cute in her riding pants and boots.  Jennifer treats Woodman like a beast.  She kicks the beast with her riding boots to go faster and is just a complete brat with her directions.   Woodman is humiliated by his cruel rider.  Jennifer shows Woodman no mercy and rides him beyond exhaustion.  (5:51 long)

Christina - Small Male Trained to be a Pony (720 HD)

One of the Princesses is having a birthday party and they want a human pon as entertainment.  Little Danni is forced to carry around Christina on his back.  He has been shrunk down and he struggles to carry her.  Christina plops down hard on his back and he struggles to carry her.  Christina does not care.  She will break Danni into being a perfect human pony for the party.  If he can’t be a pony then he will be used as a saddle.  His face will be ridden.  If he is terrible at being a saddle then he will be toilet paper.  He will be flushed down the toilet.  It is terrible being a small male.  (5:35 long)

Sophie - Human Pony Training (720 HD)

 Sometimes it is too difficult for the girls to get to the stables for  riding fun.  It is just as fun to use one of the lazy male slaves at the sorority house. Sometimes the males do not like being ridden and controlled by a woman in this dehumanizing manner.  It is important for the girls to break the male so he is safe for all the girls to ride.  Sophie is an expert male trainer.  She has no problem controlling the rebellious male.  The male tries to buck Sophie off of his back but she keeps herself firmly seated on the males back by gripping her thighs and holding tightly to his leash.  The male becomes frustrated with her demands and continues to fight back.  It is no use.  Sophie uses a whip and a cane to teach the male he has to do what the girls say or he will just be beaten.  This is a great human pony video.  The tone is more of training and the male fights back some against the humiliation of being ridden and trained. (7:07 long)

Mia - Boot Licking Human Donkey (720 HD)

>   Mia enjoys playing with little dani.  He is so small she can bully him into doing anything for her.  She even turns him into a pony!  She rides the slave around on the tile floor hurting little dan’s knees as he struggles to carry her.  Dani is now forced to lickl the boots clean.  Dani is humiliated and mortified as Mia makes him lick her filthy boots clean.  He has to do as she says. He is now to small to fight back.  She tells him to stick his tongue out and wipes the dirt off from the bottoms of her boots.  Mia is cruel to dani. She fucks his mouth with the heel and gets angry with him when he makes faces from tasting the dirt.  She wants the boots clean for her boyfriend and she is determined that dani’s tongue will clean them.  She uses the leash and really gets angry with dani.  Dani will have to learn to keep his tongue out flat while girls wipe their boot off on it.  Boot lickers and brat lovers will love this clip.  (8:04 long)

Isabella - My pony slave is a toy

In this clip sexy Isabella rides on the pony slave and whips him as he bounces her up and down.  Isabella loves riding ponies.  Isabella fans have to get this short clip.  She grinds on the slaves back and really whips him hard and we see Isabella’s beautiful smile of satisfaction as her pony obeys her every command.  (5:02 long)