Raven Hart - Good Wallets Get to Lick Cum from My Shoes

1080 HD Raven is very pleased with her wallet slave. He spent lots of money at the mall today on her. She has decided to reward him by allowing him to jerk off. He has been released from his chastity device and instructed to stoke for Raven. The desperate slave cums all over the kitchen floor. Raven steps in the cum and makes her slave lick it from the bottoms of her shoes.  He must then lick whatever remains from the kitchen floor. (7:59 long)


Sadie - Cuckold Husband gets a Tease

1080 HD Sadie has decided to reward her cuckold husband with a tease. She unlocks his chastity and sits on his face. Her husband is very relieved to be let out of chastity. Sadie decides to let her husband edge with her vibrator. She taunts him with her ass while he edges. He is only allowed to use the vibrator when she commands. Sadie’s husband cums with his wife’s vibrator. It oozes out of him, very pathetic. Then, Sadie makes her husband eat his cum. After he swallows it all, Sadie locks her husband back into chastity. (11:02 long)


Becky - Ballbusting and Ass Worship

1080 HD Becky kicks a slave in the balls over and over because he is worthless. Beta male testicles have no use, so she kicks them. She makes the slave go on all fours on the floor and kicks him while he is humbled. After she is done kicking, she reapplies her lipstick while the slave licks her ass. Then, after some ass worship she goes back to kicking his balls. Becky drills the slave by making it go back and forth between worshipping her ass and kicking its testicles. The merciless cycle never ends. (13:26 long)


Macy Cartel - Allows Cuck to Perform Oral Service in Boyfriends Absence

Macy’s boyfriend is out playing sports, but she’s horny! Macy decides to use her cuckold’s mouth while her boyfriend is out. It’s a real privilege for the cuck to be able to orally service his Princess. Macy makes her cuckold lick her pussy and ass while locked in chastity for her. After she’s had her orgasm, Macy marches the cuckold right to the ATM. She wants to use his bank account next. When she’s finished using him in whichever ways bring her pleasure, she will lock him in his cage to rest until her boyfriend gets home. (13:33 long) 


Brianna and Ivory - Measured and Locked by Department of Beta Control (1080 HD)

1080 HD Brianna is training a new employee, Ivory, at the Department of Beta Control. She explains to the new officer that the males coming in for penile assessment must measure 6” or greater in order to remain unlocked. Any male smaller than 6” must be immediately placed in chastity. The first appointment of the day is case number 3847. This male has just been left by his girlfriend. The law states that all uncoupled males must report themselves to the department of beta control for immediate assessment. The women make the male strip out of its clothes and start to masturbate for them. If the male does not make the full 6” he will be locked into chastity, and as an unattached male, his key will be kept on file. Keys sent to the state often sit there for a while and collect dust. The beta tries to explain that his ex-girlfriend jerked him off three times yesterday before she broke up with him. He swears that he normally is bigger than six inches. It doesn’t matter how big he thinks he is. The only thing that matters is how he measures today. The beta measures well under the required six. He will be locked, and his key will be held by the state until he can find a keyholder. The officers inform him that there will be a $500 fee for the device. Check payable to the Department of Beta Control. After locking him and informing him of the fee, the officers tell the beta that he will also be administered a state required pegging. The beta is in disbelief, but what can he do but comply? (8:45 long)



BP - Ruined Orgasms Rewire Beta into Human Toilet (1080 HD)

1080 HD Today in the Edging Salon a beta male will be rewired into a human toilet. Teaser Sasha Foxx does the edging. While being edged the beta must watch a video that will rewire him into thinking that he is a human toilet. He will be made to watch a video that starts with ass worship but gradually leads him to eroticize full toilet training. Sasha administers the beta three ruined orgasms while it watches the video. This will teach the beta to sexualize toilet slavery. He does not want to become a human toilet for girls, but he has no choice. The girls will brainwash him into whatever they want him to be. He was reluctant, but he will leave the session eager to serve as a girl’s full toilet. (16:54 long)

Note: This clip is a three ruined orgasm handjob. It contains picture in picture of the brain rewire video that the slave is watching while in virtual reality.




Karma - Russian Findom take an American Hostage

Lady Karma has taken an American hostage. She insists on speaking in Russian, even though the hostage does not understand what she is saying. Karma slaps the hostage in the face over and over for his stupidity. She speaks in English, “Where’s the code?” The hostage still does not know what she is talking about. Karma starts punching the bound hostage. He is terrified. Karma insists that the hostage understands Russian and is just acting stupid. After several minutes of beating the hostage finally understands that the Russian Findom just wants the code to his ATM card. She covers his head with a bag and leaves him bound and helpless while she heads out to go shopping with his card and PIN. (8:13 long)


BP - The Training of little pet

Natalya, Sasha, Mariah are training Natalya’s new slave, “little pet.” Natalya shows the girls how obedient it is by slapping it as hard as she can in the face. The girls are impressed! Natalya makes little pet bow down and lick the dirt from her shoes. Then, she makes little pet lick her girlfriends’ shoes, too. Natalya shows off the other things she can make her pet do. The girls all slap it in the face very hard. Then, they spit all over him. They make him lay on the floor and suck and shine their heels. After this, they all take off their shoes and smother his face with their feet. Little pet sucks and worships all the girls’ feet. The girls check little pet’s chastity and decide it’s too loose. Natalya gets mad and punishes little pet. It’s his fault that his chastity isn’t worn tight enough. They will fit him into a smaller one. The girls all slap little pet in the face as hard as they can. They fuck his face up and just laugh about it. (22:27 long)


Natalya - Uses slaves Mouth for Foot and Shoe Worship and as Toilet

Bratty Natalya makes her old fool lick the soles of her shoes. She giggles as he licks the dirt from her heels. Natalya yells at her old fool about how he has been performing as a toilet lately. The other day when her girlfriend was using his mouth as her toilet he gagged. That’s not ok. Natalya corrects this behavior and then makes the slave suck on her stockings. Then, she makes the slave worship her feet. The slave licks and sucks on Natalya’s toes. The slave better obey his Princess, or he will be made to stay in chastity even longer. Natalya adds another week to the slave’s chastity sentence to make sure that he understands who’s boss. She giggles as he services her toes. Then, she makes the slave lay on the floor so that she can pee in his mouth. (10:02 long)


Mia - Sits on Slaves Face while Eating Breakfast

Mia sits on her slave’s face while eating breakfast cereal. She completely ignores him while she eats. Mia texts on her phone. The slave underneath her cannot breathe. Mia yells at the slave and tells it to stop moving. She just wants to enjoy her breakfast in peace. The slave cannot help that it needs to breathe. Mia does not care at all. She smothers him full weight and crosses her ankles to hold his head in place. (7:03 long)


Lola - Duel Slave Cum Eating Training ends in Punishment Caning for One

Today is the day that the slaves get let out of chastity for milking. Lola doesn’t have time to give them all individual attention, so she milks them two at a time. Ideally the milking will end in two orgasms in less than ten minutes. The slaves will be made to swallow the cum. Today they will just swallow their own, but eventually they will be trained to swallow each other’s. The first slave obediently milks itself into a glass. Lola happily spoon feeds the slave its own filth. The second slave is ruffled after observing the training of the first. He does not want to be forced to eat his own cum and refuses an orgasm. Such defiance! Lola kicks the slave in the testicles a few times. The insubordinate slave remains resolute. Lola has only allotted ten minutes in her schedule for the milking of two slaves. She doesn’t have time to deal with this insubordination. She quickly and sternly punishes the slave with the cane. Then, she sends the bad slave into the corner along with the good one. (14:09 long)


Lizzy Lamb and Sablique von Lux - Tiny Girl Pushed Around in Gym

Lizzy is a petite girl and she is tired of being picked on by bigger, stronger, people. She has been going to the gym to try to get stronger and more in shape. Sablique, a tall girl, comes into the gym as Lizzy is doing some stretching. She immediately starts to pick on and harass the smaller girl. Sabliqe compares her height to Lizzy’s. Then, picks the smaller girl up and carries her. Sablique effortless carries Lizzy around the gym. It’s so easy for Sablique to push the smaller girl around. She bullies little Lizzy, verbally teasing her and making her perform humiliating exercises. Sablique even smothers Lizzy with her hands, denying the small girl air. Lizzy gets very sweaty and nervous. Sablique discuss selling the smaller girl into sexual slavery. Overpowered, Lizzy would have to comply with the stronger girl’s wishes. (9:47 long)


Brianna and Ivory - Locked then Fucked by the Department of Beta Control

Brianna and Ivory work for the Department of Beta Control. In the new world order all males are measured by the Female run State. Male anatomy measuring less than six inches erect is classified ‘beta’ and locked in chastity. After being locked into a State controlled chastity device (which is illegal to tamper with or remove) the beta’s ass is then trained. They have a saying in the DBC, “Less than 6 gets you 9 inside.”

Brianna and Ivory break in their newly locked beta by fucking him from both ends. It’s very humiliating for the beta male to be fucked by two dildos significantly bigger than his own cock. It didn’t have to end up this way for this particular beta, though. Size-wise he is actually on the cusp of penile regulation. Until recently, he was living with a girl who had claimed him as her boyfriend. But the girl decided to break up with him and so he was sent to the DBC for evaluation. After his assessment the department determined that he is in fact beta, and so they removed him from the dating pool. If only his girlfriend hadn’t tossed him out. He may still be enjoying more relative freedom.

The DBC makes the beta do ass to mouth. He thought he was a good and loving boyfriend. Now the state will introduce him to all sorts of new levels of depravity. “Who owns your balls?” They ask. The beta doesn’t know the answer. “The government.” They reply. After the fucking, the key to his chastity will be kept in a government office. Once a year he will return to the state for assessment. The officers change the male’s name. The paperwork will be filed, and the male’s name will be changed. After the male has been dismissed, Ivory remarks to her superior, Brianna, “I can’t believe this is standard procedure.” Brianna replies, “It’s not. I just like to do it.” The women laugh. (11:50 long)


Mena Mason - Loser Humiliated in Bar

A desperate loser tries to approach the gorgeous Mena in a bar. He buys her a drink, which she immediately throws in his face. Then, she slaps him, right in front of everyone. She slaps him over and over as a crowd gathers and looks on. Betas need to learn the consequences of talking to pretty girls. They don’t like to be bothered with sweaty loser desperation. Mena spits right in his face. He stepped out of line and approached a girl way out of his league. Now he will be humiliated. He should have known better than to approach. She makes him kiss her shoes. A crowd gathers and pulls out their cellphones to record the humiliation. After the loser has been put in his place, Mena does take him up on the offer of a drink. She should never have to pay for her own, and the loser owes her for the valuable lesson. (5:29 long)


Lana Luxor - Spoiled Princess Receives Ass Worship while Texting

Lana Luxor plays around on her phone, ignoring her slave while it licks her ass. Occasionally, she gives it some verbal instruction, “Go deeper! Lick harder!” The slave obeys. Lana is very demanding. She likes her ass worshipped a certain way. She shows her slave a picture on her phone screen, “Do you think my Bull will like this skirt?” She asks. The slave nods ‘yes’ and keeps licking. Lana is very bratty and demanding. The slave tries its best to do what she says. Lana is not satisfied with her slave’s worship. If it doesn’t improve, she will rack him up him, beat him, and then sell him to another. (10:27 long)


Kimber Woods - Beta Bitch Gets a Chastity Checkup

It’s time for Kimber’s beta to get its monthly chastity checkup. Kimber arrives in a transparent bodysuit and thigh-high shiny boots. It’s just awful for the horny chastity beta to see his Princess dressed in such a sexy outfit! Kimber dressed this way just to torment her little beta bitch. Kimber makes the chastity slave smell her worn panties and kiss her silver boots. She reminds her beta that it doesn’t deserve pussy. The chastity slave begs to be allowed to stroke. Kimber denies him. The slave complains that her outfit is too provocative. It’s driving him crazy! Kimber makes the slave smell her pussy and reminds him that it is not for him. She wore the sexy outfit just to tease and deny him. The slave continues to beg, and Kimber again tells him no. She makes the slave humiliate himself and worship her boots. Princesses are everything and beta bitches get nothing! (8:30 long)


Chloe and Natalya - Cow Let out of Milking Machine Facesat and Teased

Teaser Chloe reads a magazine and ignores a cow while it suffers on the milking bench. Finally, the cow speaks and begs Chloe to stop. Natalya comes in for her shift and tells the cow to stop bothering Chloe. Natalya sits on its face to muffle its cries while Chloe checks his testicles where the electrodes make contact. The teasers insist that the cow stop complaining and meet quota. They face sit and tease him to encourage him to produce more pre-cum.

Later, after shift has ended, they let the cow out of the milking apparatus, but continue to tease it. They tie his cock with string and tease his erection, which will not go away because of all the Viagra they have pumped into him. They both smother him with their asses. They control his cock, his air, his finances and his entire life.

When they are finished toying with an abusing the cow, they will lock it into chastity for the night. Girls will wake him to use his mouth as a toilet all night long. When you are a cow it just never ends. (15:15 long)


Chichi and Mariah - Chastity Slave is a Foot Worship Toy for Pretty Brats

Chichi and Mariah make small talk while they share a foot worship slave. They make the slave strip out of clothes so that they can see his chastity device while he worships. The girls have the chastity slave look at their butts while he worships their feet. The girls trample the foot slave and shove their feet down into his throat. They tickle his chastity with their toes and remind him that he is not a real man and that he’s owned. Then, they tell the old loser to crawl away. (11:16)


Sadie - Trains her Submissive Husband with Strap-On Sex

Sadie has been training her submissive husband to get fucked in the ass. She has been working him up to bigger and bigger cocks. Today she wants him to take the biggest one yet. Sadie’s husband complains that the cock is much too big! He does not want to take it. Sadie disagrees, she knows that she can make it fit. This weekend she wants to have her girlfriends over and they will all run train on her husband. She wants him to take the biggest cock to get him ready. It will be really fun to show him off to her girlfriends.

With her husband locked in chastity and dressed in a schoolgirl skirt Sadie starts ramming him with a big dildo. She inserts more and more fingers, stretching him out wide. Then, comes the enormous cock she’s been preparing him for. Despite more protests, Sadie shoves that inside of him, too. While fucking him Sadie lays down the rules for their marriage. She has a long list of demands for her husband and he has no choice but to agree.

Sadie pounds her husband’s ass long and hard with the enormous cock. She taunts and verbally humiliates him while she pounds him. Sadie reveals to her husband that she is going to submit him into an underground ass fucking contest and she expects him to win. This is why she has been so insistent he take the biggest thickest one. First prize is a $100 gift certificate to a chain restaurant. Sadie can already taste the victory. (22:54 long)


Natalya and Sasha - Lick Our Shoes and Feet Old Man

Princesses Natalya and Sasha have found a pathetic old man to use and abuse. They make the worthless old loser lick their dirty shoes. It’s a privilege for an old man to lick the shoes of a young hot girl. The girls giggle and chew gum while the loser humiliates himself. His tongue is starting to get black! After he licks their shoes the loser has to lick the girls’ feet, too. They recline and enjoy the foot worship. Then, the girls get mean and more aggressive. Sasha snaps her gum while looking down her nose at the loser. Old men are so pathetic and gross, but useful to pretty girls for a laugh. After the foot worship the pretty girls decide to let the old man take them shopping. They are going to hit his card hard. (12:50 long)