Alexa Kane – Make Me More Money and Worship My Pussy

Alexa is unsatisfied that her beta is not earning enough. She needs it to pick up more hours at work. The beta complains that it is already working a lot. It’s tired! Alexa does not care. She loves money and wants more of it. She cannot be satisfied. If the beta does not improve Alexa will invite her girlfriends over for a pegging party. The beta does not want to get pegged! It tries its best but cannot satisfy Alexa. When the beta finishes its long workday, it must then come home and lick Alexa’s asshole for hours. Alexa loves having her ass and pussy worshipped. She insists she have her pussy worshiped again. Right now! The beta complies and gets to work licking Alexa’s pussy. What else can it do? Alexa is impossible to please. (7:42 long)



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Kat - Facesits her Debt Slave

Princess Kat enjoys a lollypop while sitting on her debt slave’s face. The debt slave is locked in chastity and Kat has the key. Kat giggles and bounces. She really got him good with the debt contract. Even the paralegal was shocked at how cruel the terms were. Kat loves money. The debt slave’s chastity bounces as Kat rides his face. She is so perfect. The old fool will do whatever she says. Kat knows how to spend his money better than he can. She loves driving him further and further into debt. Even with the debt contract signed Kat will still expect regular tributes and shopping sprees. (11:34 long)


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Alexis Grace and Meana – Loser Makes Love to a Toilet (Jerk Off Humiliation)

It’s milking time! Losers get to cum only when a Princess says so. When they cum they have to do it in the toilet. This loser only gets to cum once a month. A loser will never be allowed pussy. Losers are pussy free! The toilet is almost like a girlfriend to a loser because it is the only thing a loser can cum inside. The loser has to lick Alexa’s ass before it cums in the toilet. The girls put a ball gag in the loser’s mouth. Losers are a downer! Alexa spits on its penis. Time to stroke! The loser is very nervous to make love to the toilet. He so timid he can’t even keep an erection to cum in a toilet! No wonder girls hate him. They lock him right back into chastity. No release this month! (6:42 long)


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Becky - Strapped Down and Straddled

Goddess Becky has her slave strapped down to a bench. She straddles his face and starts to bounce. Becky wants her slave to stop moving so much. The slave is locked in chastity. He is very uncomfortable and cannot breathe. Becky has no regard for the slave. She does as she pleases and sits on his face with her full weight. The slave is just furniture to hot girls. (9:51 long)



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Amber and Lexi - We Want More Bikinis Trample

Amber and Lexi want more bikinis. They never have enough! They need losers to fund their beachfront lifestyle of tanning and relaxing in bikinis all day. The girls are very mad that their financial slave ran out of money. They angerly trample him until he agrees to find a way to get the girls more bikinis to lounge in. The loser agrees to sell his car to get the girls more money for bikinis, but his old car is not worth much. They girls want him to sell a kidney. The loser is very scared of the wealthy girls. They jump on his abdomen while taking selfies and laughing. They do not value his life. Amber calls her guy to come get the loser’s kidney. She wants him to pick her up some coffee on his way over. The girls trample the financial slave within an inch of his life but stop short of ending him before harvesting the kidney. They post his car for sale online. The loser complains that he can’t breathe. The girls ignore him. Amber is always angry. Of course, she is! She has to deal with fat broke losers all day. She can’t wait to just be done with this one and harvest its’ organs, so she never has to look at it again. (17:37 long)


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Alexis Grace – Chastity Checkup and Tease Before Date Night

Alexis Grace has her slave locked up in chastity. It is his first time in a chastity device. She asks him a few questions about how he is adjusting. Alexis teases her chastity slave. She reinforces that he is not a real man and never will be. The chastity slave could never fuck a beautiful girl like Alexis. Instead, he must kiss where he will never be able to fuck her. Alexis wants the chastity slave to worship her asshole. She wants to be nice and clean for when she gets fucked by a real man later. She asks the slave if it likes her lip gloss. Alexis wants to make sure she looks good for her boyfriend. She kisses the slave’s chastity device and leaves her lip gloss mark on it. (8:49 long)



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Riley - I Want to Ride your Face without You Bothering Me

Riley just wants to sit on her locked loser’s face. She does not want him bothering her for any reason. The loser struggles for air while Riley bounces and giggles. “Oh, can you not breathe?” Riley smiles. She loves teasing her loser. “Hold still or I’ll bounce!” Riley punishes her loser. The loser suffers, but her should have done as Riley commanded! He begs for mercy, but Riley bounces harder! That’s what he gets! She just wants to bounce without being bothered! (7:45 long)


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Alexis and Meana – We are Going to Kick you All Day Long

Alexis and Meana have piggy slave restrained in the basement. They plan to kick him all day long to make as many ballbusting videos as possible. But first, Alexis wants to take a selfie. She smiles into her phone camera while Meana giggles. Then, the girls kick the chained-up slave in the balls as hard as they can. They kick him over and over with their black boots. The piggy slave is in agony, but the girls keep going. One video done for the day, but many more left to go! (6:09 long)


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Alexa Kane - Lick My Ass Stepbrother

Alexa Kane manipulates her stepbrother into licking her asshole. It’s a dirty trick, but their stepmother says that when she’s gone Alexa is in charge! Whatever Alexa says her stepbrother has to do. It’s very humiliating for Alexa’s stepbrother to lick his stepsister’s asshole, but he doesn’t want Alexa to tell their stepmother that he was smoking in the garage, so he will have to do whatever his little stepsister says. Alexa seems to really like the way it feels to have her stepbrother tongue her asshole! She’s so pleased with the way he has made her feel that she decides not to tell on him for smoking! So humiliating what a guy has to do just to get himself out of trouble! (12:38 long)


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Amber and Lexie - Andy’s Valentine’s Day Verbal Bratdown

This is sort of a behind the scenes.  It was just going to be a simple foot worship clip.  The camera was turned on but Amber wasn’t ready to go. She was texting her boyfriend.  Amber and her boyfriend were having a little text fight, something boyfriends and girlfriends do all the same.  Andy in his infinite wisdom decides to white knight for Amber and says, “if you were my girl, I wouldn’t treat you that way.”  What was a simple text fight between Amber and her amazing boyfriend has had gasoline thrown on it.  Amber has been insulted that Andy thinks there is some universe in which Amber is “his” girl.  Amber has a big, but totally justified, fit.  Amber really puts Andy in his place with a deeply humiliating verbal beat down, ball shocks, and face slaps.  A Bratdown.  Amber leaves in tears and then it is time for Lexie to step in.  Lexie and Amber are besties!  If you hurt one you hurt both.  Lexie takes revenge on Andy.  Andy has a shock collar on his balls and Lexie uses it to punish Andy with full force shocks.    In the end Amber and her amazing boy friend made up.  Amber was taken out for dinner and they had a great evening.  Andy paid for it.  This clip has extreme verbal humiliation, face slaps, and ball shocks.  Andy is left feeling worthless.


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Kelly Lynn Sage - Chastity Durability and Security Test

Kelly Lynn is testing Danni’s chastity. She wants to make sure that it is very secure and durable. Kelly Lynn examines the structure and when she is sure it’s safe, she teases Danni with her feet. Kelly Lynn wants Danni to come to see her in a week for another chastity tightening. She is gradually getting Danni to wear smaller and smaller devices. Kelly Lynn is managing Danni’s chastity training. Danni is motivated to spend money on his Princess and Miss Kelly Lynn. He is required to spoil the women as a beta male in chastity. (6:06 long)


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Natalya and Riley - Smother Box Tryout

Natalya and Riley want to try out the smother box. They strap a slave into the bondage and pump its head into position with the air pump. The girls both tease the slave with their asses before smothering him with them. The slave is locked in chastity and Riley has the key. He is very miserable. The girls get a very good seal and make sure he can’t breathe. Losers are not allowed pussy and are barely allowed air. He is nothing but a seat for two beautiful girls! There is a high turnover rate for the position of human chair. Useless losers are very replaceable. Riley scolds the chair for trying to touch her. If the girls continue to be displeased, they will terminate this one and fetch another from the cage in the sorority house basement. (13:44 long)


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Amber and Nika - Mutt Trained for Ballbusting Clips for Further Exploitation

Amber shows off to Nika how she ballbusts her slave. Nika makes her slave, mutt, watch. Mutt is terrified. He does not want his Princess to ballbust him like Amber does her slave. Amber kicks her slave in the balls very hard. Mutt does not want to be kicked like that! Amber warns Nika that after finishing a ballbusting the chastity needs to go back on right away before the swelling sets in. It’s really hard to get the chastity back on once the balls are totally swollen. Nika really appreciates Amber’s pointers. She hopes to be earning extra income with ballbusting videos soon, like Amber does with her slave. After ballbusting Amber’s slave, Nika is ready to watch her kick mutt. Mutt hates his first ballbusting! Nika laughs hysterically while Mutt rolls around in agony. Mutt begs Nika to tell Amber to stop. Nika cares too much about the money. She needs Mutt to be trained so that he can be ballbusted for hours and earn as much passive income for her as possible. Nika’s hobby is shopping. Amber kicks her slave some more until he is completely paralyzed with pain to demonstrate to Mutt what a good beta can endure for its Princess. Nika begs Amber to take her beta and train him for more ballbusting over the weekend so that he can be more like Amber’s slave.  (15:36 long)



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Harley Jade - Full Weight Smother

Harley Jade has one of the most incredible asses ever! She sits on her stupid slave’s face and bounces up and down while wearing thigh-high knee socks and a cute vintage thong leotard. Harley’s stupid slave is locked in chastity. Harley giggles and sucks her finger. Sucks to be a beta simp! The beta cannot breathe while Harley smothers him with her incredible ass. Harley is having a great time while the slave beneath her struggles for air. (11:30 long)



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Anabelle and Kendall - Which is Better for Ballbusting Boots or Sneakers

Anabelle thinks her black boots are better for ballbusting slaves, but Kendall prefers sneakers. Which is better? The girls do an experiment. Kendall kicks a slave with her sneakers and then Anabelle kicks him with her boots. Anabelle thinks that sneakers are too soft. Boots are better! Kendall likes how bouncy the sneakers are. She thinks she can get better momentum for her kick with a sold sprint to the testicles. The girls decide that whoever drops him the most clearly has the better footwear. Which shoes do you think are the best option? (7:03 long)


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Becky - Ass Worship in Bathroom

When Becky snaps her fingers that means she wants more money. Becky snaps. You look at her incredible ass and know that means you must send. You have to edge to her beauty. You know how expensive edging can get for a beta. Becky calls her slave into the bathroom. She wants the slave to lick her ass. You wish that you were as lucky as her slave in the video. You would love to lick an ass as nice as Becky’s. You are stuck at home watching. You have to tribute her for the honor of watching another slave Worship what you can’t have. Becky makes her slave kiss where her boyfriend gets to fuck her. The slave is locked in chastity while he kisses and licks. Becky knows how to make betas horny and miserable. Slaves are very pathetic. Becky’s slave will stay locked in chastity while her boyfriend gets to fuck her. (10:33 long)


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Amber - Beta Worships Miss Ambers Perfect Feet

Amber makes little Danni worship her feet. She is so beautiful. Danni is very nervous around her. Amber gently plays with her soft blonde hair and giggles. She enjoys some red licorice candy while Danni works to please her with his mouth. Amber thinks Danni looks better with his face covered with her feet. Her feet are so pretty, and his face is so ugly. Amber looks at her phone ignoring the simp. She glances towards Danni and tells it how she wants it to lick her feet to make her feel good. Amber humiliates and makes fun of Danni. He is so dumb. Amber has to micromanage everything he does. Danni cannot think for himself or do anything right. It is clear that Amber hates him and will only keep him around to use him for whatever she can. Danni makes Amber very crabby with how stupid he is. She is going to attack his savings account in retaliation. (15:43 long)


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Ava - Self Esteem Destroyer Mind Straightener with JOI

This is a beautiful relaxing clip that will help straighten a beta/mutt out.  The clip bastes your brain with insults and humiliation while at the same time teaching you to let your stroking be controlled by a bunch of brats.  Self esteem removal does not need to be harsh.  It can be romantic in a way.  This clip is like having Brat Princess walk through your brain with stilettos.  Each step the heels sink into your brain matter.  The resulting damage really adds up!  The clip brings beta’s to edges and then shuts em down quickly after a countdown. This repeated blue balling and gooning will really do a number on you.  The clip features Brat Princess Ava and with the voices and appearances of many other Brat Princesses.  This clip is great to watch before a binge or a reckless cash tribute.  We will loosen you up and breakdown resistance to increasing your porn addiction and submissiveness to brats. This is a must for any beta/simp/mutt who struggles with their lot in life.


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Macy - Let Me Cum on Your Face while My Boyfriends Away

Macy’s boyfriend is out of town again! Macy calls her beta into the bedroom. She needs to cum. The beta’s little penis is useless, but his face is good for a ride. Macy loves using the beta’s face. She smiles while making the beta worship her. Macy has a great orgasm. After the first she wants another. Macy decides that if the beta makes her cum one more time, then she’ll let him out of chastity for one minute. While he is out for that one minute, he can get three strokes. Macy makes her beta lick her asshole while she bounces on his face. She has her second climax with his mouth. After her orgasm Macy changes her mind and decides not to let her beta out of chastity after all. (12:08 long)


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Amadahy - Get My Feet Clean before I wear My New Shoes (Foot and Shoe Worship)

Amadahy wants a loser to clean her feet with its mouth before she wears her new high heels. Amadahy enjoys a lollypop while the pathetic old loser worships her perfect feet. Amadahy enjoys having her feet worshipped. Worship from a loser always makes her happy. “Make out with my feet!” She tells him. The loser drools and gags. Amadahy giggles. Amadahy loves her new shoes. She makes the loser put the new shoes on her feet. She admires the new shoes on herself, then makes the loser worship them. Amadahy covers his face with her shoes. She gets some more money from the foot-obsessed loser to cover her night out with her girlfriends. The loser is old and stupid. Amadahy insults him, but the loser does not care. He’s too obsessed with feet and shoes to feel hurt by her words. Amadahy can literally walk all over the old loser. She spits phlegm into his mouth and the loser obediently swallows. (18:31 long)



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