Kaylie and Natalya - Trample Hell Heel Scraping

This is a pretty horrific trample clip.  The girls dig and scrape their heels into the fat carcass of the pain pig until…  Well you must buy the clip.  There is a section at the end where the girls take selfies standing on it. The pig gets busted at the end.  The girls care very little about its health afterwards.

Kat and Nika - Brutal Late Night Trample and Chest Jumping in Heels


Nikka Venom and Kat Soles team up!  Everyone loves a team up!  It is late at night during Fetcon 2019.  The girls want to do a trample clip but we have already been yelled at once.  They tell the slave not to scream while they jump full force onto the slaves chest.  His muffled groans and cries are quickly silenced by the girls. “Shhh! You will get us in trouble!”  They explain that for the clip finale they will have to stomp hard.  Really hard.  They need the clip to be good!  The girls feel bad about trampling him so hard but they need the clip to satisfy their fans!  He gets full force stomps and jumps ion heels.  Note: Slave was slightly injured during the filming of the clip but it actually makes the clip better!  Broken bones heal over time but clips are forever!


Natalya - Human Doormat

Natalya tramples her human doormat. Locked up in chastity, he has no choice but to submit beneath her see-through pantyhose. Pretty girls hate losers! Losers are only funny when they are suffering. Ugly, old, weirdos are only good for making pretty girls happy with their tears. This loser gets a few surprise kicks to the ribs. His pain is hilarious! Natalya spits on his dumb face. He doesn’t know it yet, but it will be uproarious later when a gaggle of pretty young girls takes a baseball bat to his shins. We won’t film the maiming for legal reasons. Just know that it will happen and think about it. (8:54 long)



Adrienne - Red Bottom Shoes Extreme Trample Terror

Goddess Adrienne loves to watch her slave “mutt” suffer for her.  She obviously knows standing full weight on its chest with her red bottom shoes is agony for it.  She is the Mean Diva and DOES NOT CARE!  Mutts cries of pain are tough to watch without feeling some pity.  The Mean Diva shows mutt no mercy! Mutt is destroyed by her heels.  The rest of the video is equally sadistic without her heels. She stands on mutt’s chest the whole time.  Eventually mutt is left wheezing and close to passing out.  Production Note:  Mutt was wheezing badly and almost out, and the Mean Diva grudgingly stepped off ending the clip.  Mutt continued with agonizing wheezing for 20 minutes afterwards!  Mutt suffered for the Mean Diva well past its breaking point.  This clip is amazing!  This clip also has a great Trample highlight from another video!


Nikki Brooks - Human Doormat for Femdom Holiday Party

Niki is hosting a holiday party for all her Princess friends. Of course, the party needs a male human doormat! Niki tests out one from the bunch to see if he passes muster. It’s a privilege to be selected to serve the girls at the holiday party as their doormat. The slave tries the best he can to pass the test, even though it’s excruciating when Queen Nikki digs her heels into his flesh. Nicki bruises his skin and rips it open with her stiletto heels. He cries out but she does not stop. Just when he thinks he can’t take any more trampling Nikki’s party guests begin to arrive. (12:18 long)



Mia - I am Going to Stomp you Even Harder

Mia wants to trample her chastity slave. The desperate slave will agree to do anything for its Princess. Pictures of his suffering under her heels will look great for Mia’s social media. Mia spits on her slave and digs her heels into his chest. He is in agony. Mia giggles. He thanks her for every stomp. The slave makes too much noise and Mia tells him to shut up. She will stomp him even harder. Mia is annoyed. She is sick of hearing him cry. He cries too much and his penis is too small. Mia bounces on his chest and spits more. She won’t stop kicking him until he stops crying. Mia stands with her full weight on his skull. Finally, the slave is quiet. (15:51 long)


Amadahy and Mia - Double Trample Little Dweeb

Amadahy and Mia want to double trample their tiny human doormat. He is so small compared to the girls and can barely handle one! The little slave is all locked up in a pink chastity. The girls decide that the little guy isn’t going to be a great human doormat but would make an excellent sissy. They march him into the bedroom to dress him in girls’ clothes. This clip contains a bonus Natalya human ashtray clip! (7:48 long)


Nikki Brooks - Pathetic Worm Crushed under Red Heels

Nikki Brooks crushes her pathetic worm underneath her red heels. The slave is very scrawny and much smaller than Queen Nikki. Nikki does not care at all and nearly destroys the tiny male with her full-weight. Nikki keeps her little worm in a cock cage. He must be kept that way because he is a chronic masturbator. Queen Nikki cages and controls him. She tramples the slave beneath her heels with utter indifference. The slave begs the Queen for mercy. It has proven itself to be an unacceptable doormat. Queen Nikki will use it as a cum rag, instead. (10:23 long)


Anabelle and Chloe - Sweaty Gym Brat Trample and Facesit (4K)

4K Ultra HD Anabelle and Chloe want to do some yoga poses and stretching on their human mat after coming back from the gym. They can do whatever they want because they are hot! The loser just lays there and gets trampled by the sweaty girls. Chloe makes the loser suck and lick all the sweat off her toes. They are ripe from her gym sneakers. The loser is very close to the girls’ sexy, fit, bodies while they use him as a stretching mat. This is all he is good for to them. They would never have sex with or date a loser. The girls laugh and spit on the loser while they trample him and make him lick all the sweat from their stinky feet. They spit all over his wretched face and leave him on the ground. (11:09 long)


Becky - Tall Girl tramples a Tiny Guy (4K)

This clip is in 4k Ultra HD! If you are unable to play clips in 4K, get the 1080 HD version!

4K Ultra HD Becky tramples a smaller male. She makes him look at her beautiful ass while she tramples him. Becky wears her spike heels. The heels really dig into his flesh. He is so much smaller, Becky nearly breaks his ribs with her weight. Small males were made to be doormats for bigger, stronger Women. Becky’s heels dig into his flesh so deeply. You can see where his chest is compressing from the weight. Becky takes a few selfies, completely ignoring him. She doesn’t care if she splits his puny ribcage wide open or breaks every bone in his pathetic little body. Becky takes off her heels and jumps on him. Her big booty bounces. Humiliating the smaller male by literally walking all over him is very fun for Becky. (8:27 long)