Alex and May - Stress Relieving Beta Stomping

Alex is on her period. And when shes on her period she wants to make men suffer! They deserve it. It’s only fair. The girls use losers like this one to relieve stress and anger. Angry girls can be really brutal. And can do a lot of damage. Physically and emotionally. Their beta knows he must take the beating. He lays helplessly while the girls start stomping on him. The repetitive stomping and trampling causes a lot of pain. But the girls love inflicting pain on betas. Their words are hurtful too! They really pound it into him his worth and reason of existence.



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Honey - Cute Brat does Brutal Trample

OMG! Honey looks so cute stomping on this bozo. She has cute new pink shoes and a sexy skirt that shows her ass. She stomps all over him! She even stands on his face FULL WEIGHT! She walks and jumps on him all while taunting him about how he will always be beneath her. So low to the ground that he is basically THE floor. Made for her to walk on. Below her shoes. WHAT A LOSER HE IS!


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Alex and May - Face Standing Competition

The girls are having a competition! A face standing competition! Whoever stands the longest gets to do a trample clip. The girls put their timers on and begin standing on him. Beta heads are so worthless. And their faces are always ugly. So, standing on him is no problem.


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Jordyn and Tokyo - Sexy High Heal Trample Content

Welcome Goddess Jordyn and Miss Tokyo to BP! They enjoy female domination and are SO good at it. Trampling is such a fun thing for them. They have their highest sexiest heels on and puncture holes into his body. They show him NO mercy. He is pathetic. A stupid ugly piece of the floor that should only get attention by being stomped on. They want to take hot pictures and make sexy content. So this is the perfect pathetic beta to use.


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Kat and Lucy - Beta gets Put to Use at Fetcon Part 2 of 2

Kat and Lucy are here at Fetcon with this shrimp dick. So what do they do with a nerd like him? USE HIM FOR CONTENT! They have big plans for him today. First foot worship then some serious trampling. He is about to get a beatdown today!!! He is just a pathetic doormat who lives to serve and make us hot girls money. We laugh at him because its so funny. How humiliating.

Part 1 – Foot Worship

Part 2 – Trampling 

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BP - 4 Brats Trample without Mercy

This clip is a great example of how a certain male can bring out the cruelty of pretty girls.  They use their heels to stomp and kick on this unfortunate male.  It screams in agony.  The girls do not care.  They insist its legs and arms stay down and it stays quiet while the girls stomp and kick.  It deserves it.  The viewer at first may feel sorry for the male.  As the clip goes on you begin to side more and more with the girls.  It keeps putting its legs up!  It was told to keep them down!  It blocks their stomps with its hoofs.  It was told to keep its front legs to its side!  It was told to be quiet, yet it screams and is overly dramatic.  The clip had to be stopped at one point because of noise complaints.  So dramatic.  By the end you really are pulling for the girls.  They are pretty, he is not.  They are girls, it is an unwanted male.  It should do what they say!  You want the girls to stomp harder.  To kick harder.  To spit more in its breathing hole.  You want the girls to jump higher.  The girls do get some sort of satisfaction and the male is punished for his unsightly existence.  If anyone feels sorry for it, you don’t have a heart.  The girls just wanted to be happy!  The trample is OK since he was not even supposed to be there.  

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Ava Kat and Trigga - Severe Stomping and Jumping Barefoot Trample

One of the severest, extreme and best barefoot trampling clip BP has revealed.

Watch Ava Kat Soles and Ms Trigga give him a total beatdown. Their big, beautiful asses and sexy bodies stomp the fuck out of this loser. They make him groan so loud. But ssssh. They don’t wanna get in trouble.


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Natalya and Nika - Face Kicking Brutality

The girls can do whatever the fuck they want to their slave. Even wreck his face. They want to see how much his face can take. They kick him and you can hear him moan. They take turns bashing his face with their pretty little feet. A nice face slap with their feet!!! Brutal.



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Ivor Kat and Platinum - Stiletto Trample for Content 1080


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Amber and Lexi - Shocked Trampled and Slapped Cruelty

In this clip Amber and Lexi are extra mean. They scream really loud at Andy! They make him lay on the ground so they can trample him while wearing their red bottoms! They take turns shocking him. Over and over the shocks continue as he gets slapped. He moans, shrieks and begs them to stop. He is in tears and his body keeps getting jolted to the ground. And to top it off, he is in chastity!


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