Amber - Male Gets in the way of Angry Girl Bicyclist SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

Amber was out riding her bike to get some exercise and this stupid ugly male got in the way doing some sort of “job”.  His excuses were ridiculous!  The male needs to be put in his place.  Amber decides to run him over with her bike.  Repeatedly.  Just to make sure she gets him good she jumps and stomps on him.  If you are out filling pot holes males, better stay out of Her way! (9:35 long) 

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Ava – Superhero Trample Extreme

Ava is wearing her superhero outfit. Its small and tight and wraps perfectly around her beautiful body. Her big ass bounces up and down everytime she stomps on her beta. Her legs are so heavy. Her skin is so tan and oily. She thinks of what her super-hero catch phrase would be. BRAT AVA!!!!!!!!!! She wants to practice her landings. So, she stands on the chair and jumps down and lands on him!

*This clip is an extreme barefoot clip. If you have a trample fetish then this is the perfect clip for you.


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Sablique - Trample and Ballbusting Workout

Sablique has a new piece of equipment to work out on. Sablique loves to stay fit. This fat slob of a slave is going to make her really sweat. Knees to the balls and squats and jumps on his stomach make for a great session. Her knees are so powerful that they make him groan. She tramples him. Complete beatdown and great work out!


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Amber Nika and Lexi - 30 Minute Beatdown Part 2

Watch these girls brutally beatdown this loser. The girls kick the fuck out of him. Wait til you see what they do to him.

Part 1 consists of ball beating and stretching, face slapping and some trampling.

Part 2 consists of trampling, stomping, and extreme whipping.


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Amber – High Heel Trample for Dink

This is what Dink signed up for. He wanted to be in the lives of hot girls so he is going to have to do things he doesn’t want to do. He is locked in chastity with a leash yanking on it by goddess Amber. Its time to break him in. Small little increments they practice trampling. Amber looks beautiful so tall wearing her red heels and red skirt. Dink shrieks. He should probably just shut the fuck up. They must build up his tolerance. Watch Amber dig her heels deeper and deeper into this pile of worthless mush.


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Ava - Brat uses Trample Content Slave

Testing out trampling on a new slave of mine. He needs to get used to this and know what it feels like to have a hot princess in high heels standing on him for hours. I start off with my bare feet just stomping and trampling and jumping up and down on his stomach and chest. Poking fun at his little chastity lol. With my full weight on him he must take it! Then I change into a chunky heel as the next step in teaching him how to take trampling. He needs to work his way up to a thin stiletto heel. With my heavy black combat boot heels on I jump and stomp on him. They make my stomps so much heavier lol. Then I make him change my heels for me. Hot pink sharp stilettos. Piercing into his skin and leaving a bunch of red marks hahahaha. Degrading him, spitting on him, teasing him, humiliating him.

- Ava

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Ava and Sablique - High Heel Trample Hell

Our slave Mark. He is the fattest. He is the ugliest. He is the dumbest. And he has the smallest dick. So that’s why he takes a lot of beatings. A LOT! He really, truly is dumb. He is so dumb he shouldn’t be allowed to be in public. SO, us princesses being such outstanding community members we keep him locked up in our house so you all don’t have to see his stupid fat ass.

Anyways, he is our beating slave. He takes the most beatings. We love to ballbust him and trample the fuck out of him. Its like we are doing him a favor by trying to stomp down his fat belly.

In this clip watch the beautiful Ava and Sablique stomp on him in sharp black heels wearing the sexiest outfits ever!

GET HIM GIRLSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Amber Ava and Nika – Trample and Whip Beatdown for Vulnerable Beta

After a practice sesh for VULNERABLE training its time for a beatdown. This is what he gets. He is fucking gross. Look, he is so fat. The girls knead him like dough by making him lay down so they can stomp on him! They all have beautiful stilettos on. OUCH, that will hurt! LOL He won’t stfu so Nika squats down on his mouth, so the girls aren’t disrupted by his stupid moans. After leaving marks on his fat stomach the girls make him apologize! He apologizes for not listening better and for being ugly and pathetic! And not taking enough pain!!!!! He is so scared. The girls start to whip him. The girls are bullying the fuck out of him. LOL Whip after whip the pain gets worse and the marks become redder!

  • Princess Crystal

Note – This video contains some PIP.

Previously recorded humiliation and face slap clip uploaded. Look for “Amber Ava and Nika - Humiliating Vulnerable Face Slap Training before Beatdown.”


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BP - Munchkin Slave gets Trampled for the First Time by 4 Girls

After bullying our new slave all day Amber, Ava, Nika and I decide to trample him for the first time ever! He is so short so we decide to name him “ Munchkin.” He cries because we are so mean to him. He begged to be a slave. He thought he could last in the BP house! Nope. We put him through a series of tests. He surely won’t last here. Trampling such a little guy is very degrading on his part. Being over powered by multiple girls. He knows he is super small and not worthy. We take turns trampling him. He didn’t know what he was in for. We definitely left bruises on his little fat tummy!!!! LOL Just another day for us. ?

  • Princess Crystal


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BP – Trample Session after Ball Busting Party

It has been an extremely long day. Today was our Ball Busting Party. We kicked the fuck out of our slaves nuts. Now its time to stomp on our fat slave. That’s what he gets for being fat. He must get stomped and trampled then maybe his fat will squish away. He will still be ugly, though. And he will probably have scars on his stomach from our heel and boot marks. LOL! No matter how tired our legs are we will keep trampling til he knows his place in life. BELOW OUR FEET !!!!


  • Princess Crystal


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