Ava Kat Macy and Riley - Full Academic Year Blue Ball PArty

The girls have made their decision. Another semester in chastity for their beta! So now its time for a blue ball party. How HUMILIATING. The first semester went really well. He did everything they said. So, why not just leave him locked away for the next semester. That will be a full academic year in chastity! LOL Its going to be another semester full of chores, catering, cum eating and being laughed at by all the hot college girls.


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Jazmin and Penelope - Stroke and Stretch

Our funnest game with the funnest device we love!! Jazmin and Penelope put him through a brutal joi game. Making him jerk off with our cool device on him. Red light green light game all while stretching his balls! His stupid sad wimpers are so pathetic. Like he is so lucky he’s out of chastity and gets to stroke. They stretch his balls real good! SOOOOO humiliating. Dumb beta will do anything we say.


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Ava Riley and Sablique - Ballbusting POV - Hard and Loud

Sablique gives you an insight on how it’d feel to be ball busted. And of course, she has 2 hot helpers who also specialize in ball busting. The kicks are so powerful. THEY ARE SO LOUD! We love hearing the sound. See how much this loser can take!!!


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Nika - Bratty Dirty Foot Worship in Park

Nika found a purpose for this beta. He should be thankful she gave him a purpose in his pathetic life. His purpose is to now serve a mean bratty princess. He is so lucky. He gets to suck all of her toes, lick her soles and be gagged by a beautiful foot. Not everyday that someone so worthless in life gets to find their true calling. He gags so hard on her feet. He is in love and will do anything and everything she says.


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Nicole Sage - Brutal Step Dad Spanking


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Sablique - Funsize Frank Dress Up Curtsy Training

Sablique has so much fun with her little fun sized slave. HOW EMBARESING for him! She humiliates him in so many ways. Today she is teaching him to curtsy. He is made to put on his frilly cute outfit and start practicing. Sabliques long legs and beauty will make you wish it was you she’s keeping in chastity.


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Amber and Benny - Best Friend Used as Bathroom Cleaner

Amber is Bennys best friend. He is obsessed with her! He will do anything for her. Especially now that he lives with her and is locked in chastity for her. Cleaning the bathroom is one of his jobs. He cleans the bathroom on his hands and knees with his tongue. Fucking gross. Someone has to do it, though.


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Amber and Benny - Im Back with My BF and Best Friend is Crushed

Amber is getting back with her boyfriend! Such great news!! She is so excited. This basically means its meant to be. She breaks the news to Benny. And you can see how disappointed he is. He thinks Amber should be with a guy like him. Someone who will do all the stuff her boyfriend won’t do. AS IF!!!! Amber would never date Benny. He’s a fucking beta.


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Nicole Sage – Face Fucks Stepdad til Orgasm

Nicole is such a little brat. She takes after another dominant bitch in the family. Slaves ex wife. He would always be used as a cuck beta bitch. She handed him down to her. He is all Nicoles now. She is going to use him in every way. Today she went to the gym and got SO sweaty. She makes him lick it all clean. As he is licking he tastes something. CUM!!! HE tasted cum. Because last night Nicole fucked her hot boyfriend. So now beta is slurping up sweaty ass and old cum. LOL! What a dumb cuck. Its all he will ever be.


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Ava and Kat - Beta gets Humiliated by College Girls

The girls had held a measuring day contest. Where they measure the dicks of boys in college. If they are 6 + inches then they are alphas. If they are less than 6 then they are a beta! In their minds they had known slave fluffy was a beta. Look at him, he’s fucking ugly and dumb. Anyways, they had freed him from chastity before the contest and made him jerk off. LOL This would ensure his dick wouldn’t be 6 inches. They really got him good.

Anyways, fast forward the girls are laughing at him. He feels so embarrassed. Listen to what the alphas and hot girls did to him in school!


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Amber and Scarlet - My Stepsister is Moving in Deal With It

Benny used to be Ambers friend. But she made him get in chastity and he became her beta. So, he has been living in the apartment. But Ambers stepsister wants to move in. SO that means less space for Benny. Oh well. He is always so busy with working and chores so he doesn’t really need that much space. Plus he only needs work outfits . Because he doesn’t go anywhere except work. Amber shows Scarlet all about Bennys chastity. She was very curious but is now so excited to utilize the power she will have over him. They show Benny his new room. THE CLOSET!


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Nicole Sage - Little Bitch Cuck Eats Goddesses Ass

Nicoles stepdad is such a little bitch! He’s always whining about having to clean up her pussy and ass after she gets fucked. He is a dumb cuck! He is used to being a cuck for his x wife, but he knows in his head that Nicole is going to be much more ruthless. He does whatever she says. He eats her ass so good. He knows he likes being right in there.


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May - Filthy Sneaker Licked Clean

May has the dirtiest sneakers ever. So, she is going to make her slave clean them. WITH HIS MOUTH! His tongue gets so dirty and gross. He licks up all the dirt and makes sure they are spotless even though he is gagging and being made to swallow all of the dirt and grime. This is his responsibility as a beta loser. He only deserves dirt on the bottom of our shoes.


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Amber Scarlet and Benny - She is in Charge When I am on Vacay

Amber is going away to the Caribbean with her boyfriend for like 2 or 3 weeks. It’s like its not that long of a time but she doesn’t dare let Benny by himself. He can’t be trusted. So, she is going to ask her sister to take over. She is old enough now to be a keyholder. Scarlet has a really evil side to her and Benny knows this. So, he is so scared when he finds out the news.


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Alex - Ava Rowen - May - Skynz Facesitting

The girls want to make HOT content. They want more money!!! And they always get what they want. They had a request for face sitting content. So they are just gonna use Benny. He is going to get in really deep today. He puts his face in their ass. Nose in so deep its all he can breathe in. Is their ass and pussy. Face sitting lovers will love this clip! The girls are hot and extra bratty. 


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Brianna - Stepson Used for Teasing

This is part 3 of 3. In this clip Brianna starts conditioning her stepson to not get an erection. She wants to keep him in chastity long term and wants to start practicing. His chastity hurts so bad because she is teasing him. She makes him suck her tits and she rubs his chastity and tells him to listen to stepmommy. She controls his dick now.

Check out part 1 and 2 for more stepmommy fun!


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Brianna - Stepson Used for Orgasm

This is part 2 of 3. In this clip Brianna uses her stepsons face to orgasm. She always wants to orgasm before bed. Perfect place for it is on his face. She gets on him and starts griding her pussy back and forth on his face while rubbing herself. She has an intense extreme orgasm. She loves fucking her stepsons face.

Check out part 1 and part 3 for more stepmommy fun!


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Brianna - Stepson Used for Foot Worship

This is part 1 of 3. In this clip Brianna makes her stepson worship her feet. She really enjoys getting her feet licked and toes sucked. It turns her on so much. She loves using her stepson for any and everything she wants. He is under her control.

Check out part 2 and part 3 for more stepmommy and stepson fun!


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Ava and Kat - Beta Humiliated and Taunted about Measuring Day

Measuring day: The day boys get their dicks measured to see if they are 6+ inches.

So basically, the girls measure guys dicks and check and see if they are 6 inches or over. Some lie and think they have a big one. THAT’S WHY WE HAVE TO CHECK. Slave Fluffy claims his is at least 6 inches. DELUSIONAL! He is on his knees worshipping the girls and their pretty princess feet. So clearly, we all know where he stands. BETA!!!!! Anyways, this bozo has a lot of confidence claiming his will be long enough. But the girls put pressure on him and tell him everything he is going to have to do if it isn’t over 6 inches. Alphas don’t need to get their dick measured. Because, they are  ALPHAS! Alphas have big dicks. So measuring day all the college boys have to show their dicks so we can measure and put them in their proper category.


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Amber - Latex Smother Box Face Smash

In this video, I completely focus on me. I am dressed super hot (per usual) wearing my pink hot pants and dinks chastity key. I am really obsessed with my outfit and wanted to see how good I look while face sitting my beta. My latex hot pants make the best sounds as I bounce up and down dinks stupid face. Sometimes I have to fix the camera multiple times before getting the “best” view on me. ( its super annoying but I just look too fucking good to not get perfect angles. ) I even forget that I am face sitting this loser. Because I am so focused on how good I look. Its really hard for me o take my eyes off of myself and remember to let dink get some air… So I can only imagine how difficult it is for a beta like you to try and take ours eyes off of me.

- Amber

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