Amadahy and Lola - The Last Castrato Complete (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy and Lola are listening to the music of Alessandro Moreschi, the last castrato, recorded in 1904. The women find the voice of the castrato very soothing. They think cow Andy must be soothed by it, too. The women go about checking Andy’s vitals, making sure that one of his last shifts on the milking bench goes smoothly. This will be one of Andy’s last days because they have found a match for his liver. A young girl with a drinking habit. Even though Andy is a very productive and good cow it’s time for his organs to be harvested. Not one part of his body will go to waste and it will all make a fine profit for the women. They’ve found a home for his eyes, as well. Andy will make a lot of girls happy and improve a lot of lives in ways he never could while alive. The women aim to give Andy some good productive shifts on the bench before terminating him.

The women take a few selfies with Andy so that they can remember him. They will sort of miss their time together. Andy was a hard worker and a good cow. They say goodbye to Andy while posing and snapping pics. Sweet Andy has always wanted to help people. Once his life is over, he will finally reach that goal. His life has been nothing but pathetic misery. His organs will better the lives of better people. He’s worth more to women postmortem. The women send him off with one final tease. They want to get one last great big batch of precum out of him to maximize profit. Without much talk, with only the sweet voice of the castrato singing “Ave Maria,” Amadahy and Lola straddle and grind on Andy as they edge him to near orgasm over and over. Everything is impermanent. All lives must end. At least parts of Andy will live on after his own time on this earth has passed. (44:04 long)


Nikki Brooks - Financially Dominated Cuck Worships Feet

Nikki is on the phone with her boyfriend, but her idiot cuck wants attention. He interrupts her to ask to be released from chastity. Nikki stuffs the cuckold’s wallet into its mouth to shut it up. Nikki’s boyfriend tells her that he didn’t get the shoes they wanted the cuck to order for him. Nikki punishes the cuck by making him worship her feet. He was going to be released from chastity, but now he will have to worship Nikki’s perfect feet while locked. Nikki’s cuck needs to be reminded of his place. If he doesn’t learn, he will have to learn to worship more than feet. He’ll be made to suck the cock of her girlfriend’s slave as an even bigger punishment. The slave does not want to have to do such debased things and becomes more compliant. Nikki sends the slave away to the ATM to get her and her boyfriend some more money. (12:52 long)


Milah Romanov - Face Sitting with Bondage and Hard Bouncing

Milah looks incredible in her shiny bodysuit with her ass all oiled. She has a slave tied to her bed. Milah bounces hard on the slave’s face, landing with a lot of force. The slave can hardly breathe as he is slapped with the weight of her ass over and over. Milah keeps the slave’s balls bound on a rope leash. She has complete control over him. The slave struggles and makes a fuss. Milah tells him to settle down. She bounces on his face higher and harder. The slave tries to tap out, but she doesn’t let him. She knows that he can take more. Milah goes in with the real butt drops. The butt drops are higher and harder than just bouncing. She lands and starts to smother the slave out. She wiggles her ass on his face while denying him air. Fully restrained, the slave is completely at her mercy. The slave protests loudly, but Milah carries on as she pleases. (7:55 long)


Macy Cartel - Help Me Please Him Cuck

Macy’s cuck is her helper. She wants to give Alpha a blowjob and cuck is there to hold her hair back while she sucks him. The cuckold must be careful to not pull her beautiful long hair and hold it very gently. Macy gives her Alpha an incredible blowjob while her cuckold has to watch. Cuckolds and Alphas get very different treatment from pretty girls. Macy works very hard deepthroating to please her real man, even though taking his huge cock down her delicate throat isn’t easy. She will do it for him, though. Meanwhile, the poor cuckold is all locked into a strict chastity. He must catch the spit and drool that Macy works up while sucking Alpha’s huge cock and isn’t even allowed to touch himself. Macy sucks her Alpha until he cums in her mouth. She spits all of Alpha’s cum into the cuckold’s mouth and makes him swallow. Then, Macy has to pee. She uses the cuckold’s mouth for that, too. (16:47 long)


Lana Luxor - Bikini Brat Foot Worship and Trample

Lana enjoys some foot worship from her slave. She is very aggressive and forcefully jams her feet into its mouth. When she gets mad, she kicks him in the face. Lana is very difficult to please. She is used to having things her way. The slave is grateful to serve a purpose, even though serving Lana is often difficult and physically painful for him. Lana has the slave clean her feet until she decides she wants no more. She is a very bratty and demanding girl. Lana is not satisfied with the results of the foot cleaning. She makes her slave lay on the floor and crushes him with her full weight as punishment. (10:05 long)


Kat and Nika - Bikini Blondes Try Out New Chastity Beta (Hot Girls Drive a Hard Bargain)

Kat and Nika discuss how they plan to financially use their new beta. Before he arrives, the girls discuss the cut that they plan to keep from each of his paychecks. Then, they discuss the chastity regimen that they will expect the new beta to adhere to. They really hope that he works out for them. Breaking in a beta can take some time and be a bit of work for the girls.

Finally, the beta arrives. The girls immediately make him strip. They inspect his chastity device. He has been locked for about a year, ever since his last Keyholder left him. The girls tease him while he aches and desperately longs for release. The girls teach the new beta a few basic commands. They are amazed he wasn’t ever taught things as simple as “down” by a hot girl before.

Then, the girls go over the beta’s financial obligations with him. The girls insist on more than half his pay. The beta begs to be released from chastity at least once a week for that amount of financial commitment. The girls laugh. He won’t be getting a weekly release, or even monthly. The girls inform him that he will only be released seasonally. They also tell him to expect financial rinses in addition to his routine contributions. A financial rinse is a draw of one hundred percent of a beta’s pay. The beta is in disbelief. The girls are driving such a hard bargain. They review their terms of their agreement, one last time. The beta is so desperate for release. He reluctantly agrees to all the girls’ conditions. (9:38 long)


Kat and Lizzy - Brat Girl makes Lesbian Smell and Worship her Feet

Kat makes, Lizzy, a lesbian girl, smell and worship her feet. Kat thinks it’s funny that the weird girl is so into her feet. Lizzy sucks on Kat’s toes like how a normal girl would suck her boyfriend’s cock. She’s a total foot slut! Lizzy gets very excited worshipping the hot girl’s feet. Kat makes Lizzy gag on her feet and look at her ass while she worships. Lizzy thanks Kat profusely for the honor of licking her perfect feet. Kat thinks Lizzy is doing ok but slaps the foot whore in her face whenever she messes up. Lizzy is pretty good at sucking because in high school she was a cum dumpster with low self-esteem, and once let the whole football team face fuck her under the bleachers. Lizzy’s makeup runs down her face as Kat forces both of her feet into her mouth. Once a whore, always a whore. (11:02 long)


Becky - Bubble Butt Blonde Smothers and Scissors her slave

Goddess Becky has the most amazing bubble butt! She sits directly on the slave’s face and uses him as a chair while on her cellphone. She happily texts away as the slave struggles to breathe. Pretty girls love human furniture! Becky smiles and bounces. This is the only way a loser could be involved in a pretty girl’s life, as her chair. Just to make him suffer, Becky puts the slave into a scissorhold. She squeezes its neck between her thighs. This is the closest a pathetic male will ever get to a Goddess as perfect as Becky. (10:12 long)


Sadie - Gets Ass Licked by Cuck while Prepping for Date with Real Man

Sadie is prepping for her date with a real man. She asks her cuckold, “Would you like this dress if you were a real man?” The cuck responds that he would be happier if she didn’t see other men. Sadie reminds her cuck that she needs other men because his cock is useless to her. While fixing her makeup Sadie wants her cuckold to lick her ass. At least he is good for that. Sadie tells the cuck that after her date he is going to have to lick the cum from her pussy. The cuck does not want to have to do that, but he must do whatever his Mistress asks of him. Sadie decides to bring her date back to her place. The cuckold will have to hold her legs back for her while her boyfriend fucks her. Sadie locks her cuckold to the foot of her bed. He must wait there until she comes back with her date. (8:38 long)


Kat - Slave must Worship her Stinky Socks and Feet

Kat’s slave must worship her sweaty and stinky feet. They have been inside her sweaty socks and sneakers all day. It’s been very hot outside and they are super-duper stinky. Kat makes the slave smell and lick her socks. She uses its mouth like a washing machine. Then, she makes the slave take her socks off with its teeth. She stuffs the filthy socks in the slave’s mouth. Then, she makes it lick and worship her stinky feet. She slaps the slave in the face very hard. Kat’s slave is locked in chastity for her. It will do anything she says. Kat was considering letting the salve out of chastity if it did a good enough job worshipping, but she isn’t satisfied. She wants to keep him locked for another month. Kat foot gags her idiot slave. She hates him so much. Betas are pathetic and totally worthless. (8:24 long)


ChiChi and Chloe - The Struggle is Real Smother and Trample until Still

Chichi and Chloe have fun double facesitting a chastity slave in their hot new outfits. The girls are very excited about their new matching look, patterned tights and black bodysuits. They both put their full weight on the slave and totally smother him underneath their asses. Then, they make the slave lay on the floor and they trample him. The girls press him into the hard, cold, tile floor with indifference. They alternate between smothering him with their asses and trampling him. They are the cruelest! Sociopaths! They want this especially worthless slave were to shake its mortal coil. Their only concern is where to bury the evidence and who they can get to dig the hole for them. The girls take the slave’s life. Chichi sits on his face until he is no more. (13:35 long)


Brianna - Mother Milks Sissy Son

It’s been a very long time since Brianna had allowed her sissy son out of chastity. Her sissy is allowed a release once a season. Mother decides its finally time. She unlocks her sissy’s chastity and strokes her. Brianna’s “daughter” wears a corset and stockings. That is her uniform. Mother will milk all the pent-up filth from her girl, then lock her right back up. While milking, Mother quizzes her sissy on the proper care of lingerie and other household tasks in line with her new gender. Brianna tells her sissy that her orgasm will be ruined, and she will be forced to eat her emission. The milking is just routine maintenance. She should not attempt to derive any sexual pleasure from it, and everything should be as quick and neat as possible. Mommy’s girl spills and her orgasm is ruined. The sissy is being trained to never associate her orgasm with pleasure, only with hygiene and seasonal release. Brianna feeds her sissy cum from Mother’s fingers. She reminds her “daughter” that she must do this for her date on prom night as well. (13:03 long)


BP - Smoking and Spitting on Ashtray Slave

Natalya, Mariah and Alyssa take a smoke break while on set. They use a slave’s mouth as an ashtray and spit all over him. This slave isn’t good for much, but he can be used for waste. The slave obediently holds its tongue out for the girls to ash. The girls make plans for their evening as they cover the slave’s face with their spit and put their cigarettes out on its tongue. The make him chew and swallow the butts. Then, the girls surround him on all sides and spit all over his face. They make the pathetic ashtray slave beg for their spit. The pathetic spit-covered slave begs. The girls cover his face, then abandon him. (10:40 long)


Raven Hart - Feeds Cuckold an After Dinner Treat

Raven tells her husband, Marcello, that she wants to start dating again. His penis is too small to satisfy her. She feels entitled to getting fucked by a guy with a nice cock and retaining her marriage to her wealthy husband. Marcello is kept locked in chastity by his wife because his cock is useless to her. She explains to Marcello that her daughter, Kimber, will be in charge of him while she is out on dates. Marcello hates being entrusted to his stepdaughter. Kimber is so cruel to him. Raven has her first date scheduled for later this evening. She can’t wait to get fucked while her husband stays at home with Kimber. Raven sends her husband to get his wallet because he will be paying for dinner for her and her date. After dinner, Raven returns home with a little treat for her husband in a napkin. Inside the napkin is a full condom from their date. Raven forces her husband to drink her lover’s cum from the used condom. She wants him to do it to prove his devotion to her. Raven’s husband is obedient to her and swallows as his wife commands. (10:06 long)


Mia and Tylar - If you Love me so much then Lick my Shoes

“If you love me so much then why don’t you lick the bottoms of my shoes?” Mia tells a dweeb. The dweeb takes Mia’s suggestion and licks her shoes to prove his love. The girls laugh. What a loser! Then, they make the loser lick Mia’s friend, Tylar’s, shoes, too. Tylar is very mean to the loser. Real men don’t lick shoes. Only losers. The girls spit in the loser’s face. He’s so pathetic it’s almost unbelievable. The girls only keep him around to make fun of him. The girls laugh. They take off their shoes and make him worship their feet. The girls slap the loser in the face and spit in his mouth over and over. They treat the loser like dirt. Girls will never respect him. (20:50 long)


Kat - Bratty Young Girl Served by Groveling Old Loser

Kat enjoys some breakfast cereal before school. Her hooded chastity gimp holds the bowl. She wears a cute nymphet outfit, complete with heart shaped glasses. Her gimp is not listening to her very well, so she slaps it in the face. She wants to go to the ATM today and withdraw the maximum amount from his account. Kat teases her gimp’s chastity device with her feet. She makes him wear a t-shirt that says ATM because that is what he is to her. Kat runs her soles along her idiot’s tongue. He is such a disgusting old loser. Kat slaps him in his stupid face a lot. It’s so easy for a young, hot, girl to get whatever she wants from a disgusting old man. Kat makes her old man look at her hot ass while worshipping her toes. He’s just like putty. Kat wants her old man to drive her and her girlfriends around all day so that they can spend his money, go where they want to go, and do what they want to do. Of course, the old loser agrees with his Princess’ wishes. (11:21 long)


Karma - Strong Scissorhold Puts Ass Addict Under

Lady Karma scissors her slave’s neck between her powerful thighs. The slave suffers greatly. Karma does not care. She scissors his neck until he goes limp. Karma sits on his face. He is buried underneath her ass. The slave is completely smothered underneath her. He struggles for breath and Karma’s indifferent. Karma keeps at it until the slave’s vision goes black. (6:54 long)


BP - Mother May I Milk Him (with Condom Dump Extravaganza)

Fluffy, Nika’s pet beta male, is kept in a cage in the hallway. Kat and Nika finally let him out of the cage, but not out of his chastity device. Fluffy begs the girls for his seasonal release. Kat asks her mother, Brianna, if she can use her brother, Ellis, as a cum dumpster for Fluffy’s seasonal milking. The women all giggle excitedly at the thought. Kat calls her brother into the room and Nika unlocks Fluffy’s chastity device. Kat tells Ellis that he is going to be used as a cum dumpster for Nika’s pet beta. It will be Ellis’ first cum dumpster training. Fluffy must worship Nika’s feet while he masturbates himself over Ellis’ face. Ellis must stay locked during Fluffy’s release. Ellis does not want to have to swallow for Fluffy. Fluffy works himself to near orgasm, but at the last second, he is denied his release. Ellis is very relieved that, at least for now, he has been spared. The scene then cuts to later. Kat and Nika have had a party and there are condoms left all over the floor of the living room. Brianna tells the girls that she doesn’t mind the party, or the sex, but she needs them to clean up the house by dumping all the cum into the beta’s mouths. The girls force Ellis and Fluffy to swallow all the old loads from the condoms. It’s a cum swallowing extravaganza. Condom after condom is dumped into the betas’ mouths. (18:54 long)


Mena Mason - Turns Rejected Boyfriend into Housecat

Mena’s met someone new and he’s a huge upgrade from her current boyfriend in just about every possible way. She decides to dump her current boyfriend so that she can replace him with this new, much better, guy. Mena’s boyfriend is pretty upset about getting dumped. He wishes that there was some way that he could remain involved in the life of the woman that he loves. Mena has a great idea. She doesn’t need another reject guy in her life, but she has been wanting a kitty. Maybe with some training she can turn her heartbroken ex into her housecat. Her ex wasn’t much of a man, but he’s shaping up to be a good kitty. (8:45 long)


Lana Luxor - Slaves Face Used for Pleasure (1080 HD)

1080 HD Lana grinds on her slave’s face for her pleasure. She wants him to lay still and passive so that she can satisfy herself. Lana bounces on her slave, denying him air while enjoying herself. She gets very worked up and shoves his head into her ass even deeper. He is not allowed to move his head while she’s trying to cum. Lana smothers the slave with her full weight. He is not allowed to breathe at all. She smashes his head with her ass for her own amusement. Out of breath, Lana climaxes. Finished with the slave, she dismisses it. (11:08 long)