Becky and Natalya - Smother their Slave

Becky and Natalya have their slave tied and cuffed in the smother bench. They take turns sitting on his face and not caring if he can breathe. They smother him with their big beautiful asses. He will probably pass out. He is in chastity. He is in agony being so close to their asses while not being able to get hard.


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Mia - You don't Deserve to Breathe

Princess Mia sits on her slaves face and smothers him so he can’t breathe. He doesn’t deserve to ever breathe. He is so bald and his head is turning purple and his veins are popping out of his head. That’s what he gets.


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Natalya - Armpit Worship

Natalya is wearing her sexy shiny latex body suit. Stupid slave gets to lick her arm pits clean. It’s disgusting every time she can feel him breathe on her! Later on, he will have to eat all the girls shit. All the girls go to the bathroom in his mouth because they hate him. He has to do all the dirty jobs and shouldn’t be allowed to breathe so Natalya rides his face.


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Mariah and Riley – Sweet Spitty Feet

After a long day of using their slaves wallet the girls are ready to relax and get their feet worshipped and licked clean. They have been shopping for 12 hours. Their feet are hurting and super sweaty. Their slave cleans their feet with his tongue. They both are sucking a sucker so when they spit on his face its sweet. The only thing he is good for in this life is getting spit on and being a foot cleaner.

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Amber and Ava - Extreme Beta Toilet Humiliation

 Brat Princesses Amber and Ava are having some bathroom fun with their gross mutt, Fluffy. Fluffy is out of chastity and kneels before the shiny and white toilet. It has been humiliated by hot girls his whole life and the only time he gets tot cum into a toilet. Never into a pussy. Only into a toilet.  Ava just used the bathroom and didn’t wipe and he gets to shove his face deep in her ass. Amber makes sure he knows what a pathetic beta he is. He is out of chastity and jerking to their insults further destroying his self esteem.  She tells him how real men don’t have to jerk off into toilets. They get to fuck hot girls and cum inside their pussies.. And Fluffy won’t ever have that privilege. The beta gets to goon to and worship Ava's beautiful ass. After the beta meekly cums inside his date, a toilet, the girls flush his seed down into the sewer where it belongs.  Never into a girl, always into the sewer.

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Natalya - Has Slaves Face Deep in her Ass while doing her Makeup

In this clip, Natalya has locked her personal slave into a smother box.  She puts on her makeup for a date with her boyfriend while she sits on its face.  She wants to look perfect for Him.  She pumps it's face higher and higher into her fat beautiful ass. This is as close as he will ever get to her pussy. Its fine that he doesn’t breathe. Her make up is more important. She completely forgets he is even there.


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Ava – Wrestles little Fluffy

Princess Ava is so strong and superior than Fluffy. She has a big beautiful ass and body. Its so fun for her to do different wrestling moves on him. Her favorite is watching his face and head get so red. She doesn’t care if his head pops off or if he chokes to death.


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Mariah and Natalya – Full Weight with Shiny Leggings using Smother Bench

This smother bench was the first time being used. The girls are so excited to test it out. They make the slave weak by wearing sexy shiny leggings. And they get to smother there pathetic slave.

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Ava and Nika - Trample fat slave

Ava and Nika have this fat ugly slave that should be stomped and trampled on. He is so fat and ugly and they think its so funny to trample him and make fun of him. He has the worlds smallest dick and doesn’t deserve to even live. Their boots keep making a mess on him He keeps getting bruised and bleeding. So fucking annoying.


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Ava and Nika - Black boot ball busting

Ava and Nika are wearing their colorful and see through panty hose. They also are wearing their tall suede black boots. These boots are thick and powerful and can really do some damage. They are ready to pulverize their slaves balls. They think its funny to be able to destroy his balls. They are so swollen but oh well.

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Riley - Grinds and takes selfies on slaves face

Riley is busy texting her boyfriend. She obviously needs something comfy to sit on so she can focus on her messages. She sits on her slaves face so that his head and nose are far in her ass. She looks so pretty so she takes selfies. She can get a really good angle by sitting on him. She starts grinding and jiggling her ass on him so she makes sure that he can’t breathe.

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Amber and Ava - Ride their new rocking horse

Amber and Ava have a new toy! They enjoy riding their beaten and abused slave. They love making him “neigh” and telling him to run faster! Amber does a good job at whipping him and breaking him in.  He tries to run as fast as he can towards Ava’s beautiful ass. If he gets thirsty he can drink her spit off the ground.

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Nika - Tries on bikinis while slave is in chastity

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Nika wants to look super hot for her boyfriend that she’s going to fuck later. Fluffy her slave gets to help dress her so she can try different bikinis on so she knows which one her boyfriend will love the most. She looks so hot and her boyfriend actually deserves her because he isn’t a little beta bitch like her slave. Fluffy helps her and sits in agony having to look at Nikas sexy ass and big tits. His chastity gets tighter and tighter.



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Ava - JOI- Brain Melt
Watch mesmerizing Ava while you jerk off. She will melt your brain as you are told to stroke. Listen to the instructions and she will make you weak for her. She holds all the power because she is a hot girl.
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Mia - Exfoliates feet into slaves mouth
Princess Mia files her foot over slave as he lays below her worshipping and kissing her beautiful foot and toes. After she is done, she then pours her exfoliated foot skin into his mouth. He must wait to swallow until Princess says. He is very lucky to have the honor of eating her foot scrapings.
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Nika - Seduces BFs dad to become his Step-Mom

Nika has completely ruined her ex-boyfriends’ family.  Nika got angry at her ex-boyfriend because she did not get her way.  She always gets her way.  She gets back at her boyfriend by marrying his dad!  Now she is his stepmom! LOL  She makes the rules now!  He is living under Her roof!    Nika has locked her husband and stepson into chastity.  She teases her ex with her fingertips on his tender balls.  She rubs her ass on his chastity tube to drive him crazy with frustration.  In the end she has her stepson drink her bathwater while she enjoys a glass of wine. 


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Amber - Victor is Cuckoo for Converse

OMG this is one of my dumbest in person session slaves I own.  Victor is a freak for converses.  Smelly dirty converses!   I found out about his converse obsession and quickly began to take advantage of him.  He must pay to sniff.  He must pay to lick.  He must pay period.  Victor is a converse freak pervert that I use for cash.  This clip shows Victor paying to sniff.  That day I made sure I wore my converses all day without socks, so they were extra stinky.  Victor is cuckoo for converse!


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Mariah and Natalya - Use slaves face as a toilet

Mariah and Natalya have locked away their slave in chastity and cuffed him in the toilet bench. They are willing to feed him with their big beautiful asses. Slave suffers in agony while staring up and their asses. They have to use the bathroom. So they use his face and mouth as their toilet. He is forced to eat and drink their piss while being smothered. He is lucky they fed him today.

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Alexa Kane - Lets Play an Edging Game

Alexa wants to play an edging game with Ben. Routine edging is a great way to control him! Red light means ‘stop!’ Green light means ‘go!’ Alexa teases him with her body, especially her perfect small breasts. Ben thinks that Alexa is very sexy, but he is beta enough to know that hot girls are off limits to him. Alexa allows Ben an orgasm. He looks so stupid cross-eyed gooning for a hot girl! Alexa takes the cum and rubs it all over his pathetic beta-face. (9:15 long)


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Platinum POV - Giantess Platinum Eats a Tiny Pet 360 Video (Vore)

You are hiding from giantess Platinum, but she finds you. You live as Platinum’s tiny pet and she terrifies you. Her feet are huge and could easily squash you. She is always stuffing you into her panties and bra. It’s very humiliating. Platinum torments you by hovering her enormous foot above your tiny body. You both know that she could end you. She plays with putting you inside her mouth. If you keep being naughty and running form her, she will squash or eat you. Platinum torments you with these threats. She becomes more and more upset that you are so ungrateful and ill-behaved as her pet. She does decide that you will be eaten. The giantess opens wide, and you are swallowed by the darkness. (7:03 long)


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