Brat Girls

Macy - Smell My Ass Then Fuck My Pantyhose Beta

Macy’s beta strokes himself while smelling her ass. Once Macy’s beta is hard, she lets it fuck her pantyhose. Macy’s beta gets to thrust between her thighs. That is the closest he will ever get to a pussy. Macy takes a video of the beta’s humiliation to share with her friends. Then, Macy gets on top and edges the beta with her legs. The beta is so close to Macy’s pussy but never inside! Finally, Macy lets the beta fuck the soles of her nylon covered feet. He’s been in chastity so long! Macy could get him to do any humiliating thing. Macy’s ass bounces while the beta pounds her soles. He could have had an orgasm, but he’s taking too long for it. Macy has more important things to do. She laughs and then locks him back in chastity and sends him away. (10:03 long)


Macy and Raquel - Entertain themselves by Humiliating beta while Boyfriends watch Sports

Macy and Raquel are bored because their boyfriends are busy watching sports and not paying any attention to them. They half-heartedly train their chastity beta to suck a dildo for at least some entertainment. The girls girl-talk while directing the beta to suck the cock. Occasionally they glance over and correct the beta’s form. His humiliation is at least good for a laugh or two. Macy brings up a study she read that found that Alpha cum can help a beta’s penis grow. She whispers it to Raquel to peak the beta’s attention. The girls decide that they want to test the findings of the study for themselves. What beta wouldn’t want a bigger penis? The beta protests. He does not think the study is real and does not want to have to eat cum. The girls insist that his little penis might grow if he just eats the Alpha cum. The beta knows that this is all probably just a sick joke on him, but what can he do? Besides, if the study is real, then maybe he can grow his penis big enough to be considered Alpha. Without much regard for the beta’s wishes, the girls start dumping the contents of their boyfriends’ condoms down his throat. All together there are like five condoms that the girls have collected from recent fucks. The girls are finally, briefly, not bored. They make the beta go back to sucking the dildo and giggle at their cleverness. (17:40 long)


BP - Platinum Raises her Daughter in the Femdom Lifestyle

Platinum has a conversation with her Alpha boyfriend on speaker phone while her daughter and her daughter’s best friend use John, a beta male, as a footstool. Platinum’s boyfriend thinks it’s weird that she always has John crawling around her house, licking her shoes and worshipping her feet. Especially around her daughter. What kind of impression does that give a young girl! Platinum explains to her Alpha that they need John to support them financially because he never has a job. Platinum needs Alpha fucks AND beta bucks to keep her happy. Platinum announces that she plans to keep John around until he is completely financially drained. Platinum’s boyfriend is concerned about what her daughter is learning from her mother. He just doesn’t think that the Femdom lifestyle is right for a young girl to be exposed to. Platinum tells her Alpha that she’s already given her daughter their beta’s chastity key to wear! Kat is Platinum’s daughter and she will raise her however she sees fit. The girls hang up on the whiny Alpha male and go shopping with their beta’s wallet. (10:14 long)


BP - Three Hot Girls Rinse One Lonely Loser (1080 HD)

Platinum has a loser who is obsessed with her. The loser comes over and wants to have a talk. Platinum agrees to let him speak, but her daughter, Kat, and Kat’s best friend, Ivory, stay in the room. The loser blabbers on about how much Platinum means to him, but Platinum has had it with this loser. Ever since his credit card was declined over dinner, she’s been totally uninterested. The loser can’t afford to lose Platinum. He agrees to do anything to be near her. Platinum tells the loser to lick her shoes. Her daughter and her friend watch the pathetic display and giggle at the groveling man. The young girls join in and make Platinum’s suitor lick their stinky feet, too. Humiliated by Platinum, and Platinum’s daughter, and her daughter’s best friend. What a worthless loser! The girls won’t allow the loser any more time with them until he takes them shopping for matching mother/ daughter/ best friend outfits on a credit card that hasn’t been maxed out yet. (11:15 long)


Kaylie Natalya and Rachel - Three Girls Humiliate Old Loser

Kaylie, Natalya, and Rachel have a weird old loser. Hot girls love to humiliate weird old losers. They spit all over Natalya’s boots and make him lick it off, then Kaylie’s, then Rachel’s heels. The girls inspect the slave’s chastity. It’s way too big for his tiny penis. He will need to get a smaller one. This is why he should never be allowed to make choices for himself. The girls spit all over their loser’s face. Then they slap him. He deserves degradation because he is so obviously inferior to the hot girls. They could do whatever they want to him, even use him as a toilet. He’s that lowly. The girls make him worship their boots and cover his face in spit. He disgusts the pretty girls. They hate him and everything he represents. (13:03 long)



Becky - Hot Red Pants Scissor and Bounce AND Suck My Toes Loser Double Feature

Hot Red Pants Smother and Bounce

1080 HD Becky locks a slave’s neck between her thighs. She squeezes as tight as she can. The slave begs her to stop. Becky does, but gives him something even worse. Becky bounces on the slave’s face with her full weight. She does lots of high bounces and comes down hard on his face over and over. Ass bouncing in tight, shiny, red pants. He’s nothing but her plaything! (5:06 long)

Clip Contains: Becky, Female Domination, Facesitting, Ass Bouncing, Scissorhold

Suck My Toes Loser

1080 HD Becky is sure that her loser is a virgin. He’s so pathetic. She makes the virgin loser worship her feet. Becky demands the loser’s wallet. She takes all the cash from it and makes him keep sucking her toes as she counts it. This is just the beginning. Becky is going to take all his money and keep him locked in chastity. (4:43 long)

Clip Contains: Becky, Female Domination, Foot Worship, Virgin Humiliation, Financial Domination

Total clip length (9:49 long)


Platinum - Princess Edges Chastity Goon

Goddess Platinum is cranky. She hasn’t been getting enough sleep lately. She wants to play an edging game with her idiot goon to cheer herself up. She lets the ugly old goon out of chastity to let him edge for her. Humiliating him brings a smile to her face. The goon is actually her ex-husband whom she has divorced and forced to live in the basement. The ex-husband must always wear a hood over his face so that Platinum never has to look at him. Platinum tells her gooning ex that she is taking their daughter and leaving town with all the money she got in the divorce settlement. Her ex-husband is right on the edge of orgasm when she tells him the news. Platinum has completely ruined him, and he has no choice now but to continue to be strung along. She denies her goon an orgasm and locks him back up. Platinum slaps him in the face and heads off to the bank, wearing his chastity key. “Enjoy being homeless,” she tosses over her shoulder as she heads out the door. (9:49 long)


Brianna and Kat - Little Brother Mandated into Chastity by Department of Beta Control

Kat is so excited to measure her brother! As stated in the guidelines set by the Department of Beta control, a male must measure 6” or more in order to quality as a “real man.” Anything less and Kat gets to lock her brother up in chastity! Kat really hopes that her brother turns out to be a beta, because she would LOVE to wear his key. Kat’s brother only measures 3.” He is definitely beta! Ellis begs his Mother and sister not to lock him up. The women tell Ellis that rules are rules. The State mandates that if he is a beta he must be locked. The females send Ellis into the bathroom and tell him to put the chastity device on. When Ellis emerges from the bathroom, he must hand the key to his sister. Ellis must learn to obey and serve his sibling Keyholder. He cries while he licks his sister’s dirty flip flops. The females are totally indifferent to his misery. In fact, Mother and daughter both seen to enjoy it. (8:43 long)


Lana Luxor - Suffer from These Strong Thighs

1080 HD Lana is a very strong woman, but she is always conditioning her body to build even more strength. That is why she regularly uses her male slaves as sparing opponents. Lana knees her slave in the balls to goad him into a fight with her. After dropping him with the single kick to the testicles, she throws him onto the bed and places him into a lock between her strong thighs. She throws him into lock after lock as he struggles to break free. The slave submits and eventually gives into Lana throwing him around like a rag doll. Lana is good at building her strength, but her weak opponent needs to work just as hard on building his tolerance for pain. After using him for her strength training, Lana lets the exhausted slave take a nap underneath her ass. (13:00 long)



Kat and Nika - Foot Gagging and Trampling in the Pool

1080 HD Nika has her chastity slave underneath her lounge chair in the pool. She gags him with her feet while sunning herself. Nika thinks it’s funny to watch the slave suffer while she enjoys the beautiful day. Later, some of her girlfriends are coming over for a pool party. The chastity slave will have to serve every girl at the party and be humiliated by them for their amusement. Kat is the first pool party guest to arrive. She joins in the fun and the girls trample the chastity slave in the pool together. It’s hard for him to hold his head above water with the weight of two girls on his chest. Then, Kat sits on his face and ass smothers him in her bikini. The girls’ boyfriends will be arriving for the party soon. They make the chastity slave get up and rub oil on their bodies so that they look great when their boyfriends arrive. (9:52 long)