Brat Girls

Ava and Kayla - New Brat Experiences the Fart Spheres

FART SPHERES ARE THE BEST after eating chipotle! The girls just ate. UGH it always messes with their stomach. So they let out their gasses into the fart spheres to make it fun. No one cares about this stupid slave. He doesn’t deserve air at all. All he gets is fart air directly out of the ass and into his face. They even cover up the hole so he has no choice but to suffocate in the fart. He better behave. He knows he better behave because their boyfriends are coming home soon and they will fart in the spheres too!!!!


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Ava and Eve - Lets Stretch his Balls til they TEAR

Little dick pathetic fans will love this clip.

Ava shows Eve a cool game. A game of STRETCH THE BALLS UNTIL THEY FUCKING TEAR! The way to play is to roll the dice and if it rolls an even then Eve gets a turn if it rolls an odd then its Avas turn. They use a german device they got out of the country. They lock it on him and with every turn it stretches his balls more and more! The girls want to beat Kats score of 4 whole inches! They don’t care as he moans. NO PAIN NO GAIN! They make him pick up the dice when they roll it. Its funny to see him try to squat down with a huge hanging swinging device on his nuts. Tearing balls is the funnest!


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Ava and Riley - Back to Back Farting Gasses Out Helpless Beta

The girls have to fart!!!!!!!! They have their beta trapped in the spheres. He is such an idiot. This is why spheres were made. So a beta can feel extra helpless. Being able to put a funnel through the hole is so cool because they can fart in it and make him be stuck without fresh air. The girls are busy today. Trying on clothes and getting ready for the night. They take little fart breaks. Its so funny hearing Fluffy beg for air. LOL Like shut up. Their farts are a gift!


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Amber and Riley - Submissive Male Used as Garbage Can and Toilet

Amber and Riley are brushing their hair talking about their plans for the night. Their hair is so pretty. As Amber brushes hers the trash can on the floor counts her strokes. Riley is going out tonight. And Amber is staying in and hanging with her hot boyfriend and going to fuck him. He’s an alpha. Unlike this fat ugly pig. He eats their trash! Drinks their pee and spit! He wishes so badly he can be more relevant in their life but he is thankful he at least gets to be a human garbage disposal.


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Ava and Kat - Beta Shaved Humiliated and Blue Balled
This is a super funny clip of me and Kat Soles humiliating our beta Fluffy. He had no idea what we had planned for him. We tricked him into thinking we were going to give him a nice little haircut. He's so stupid for thinking we would do anything nice for him hahah. So that's his problem for being so stupid. You can tell by our faces, laughter, and little comments that we are gonna get him good and have a plan up our sleeves. We couldn't stop laughing at the humiliating hair cut we were giving him. He looked so ridiculous. Later on in the clip we tell him we have another surprise for him, he gets excited because we tell him it's a fun party and he thinks we're giving him a nice haircut for it lol. When we're all done with his ugly hair cut we show him what we did and he gets super nervous because he knows how humiliating he looks. What he doesn't know at first is that the party is actually for him hahah. We then tell him the parties for him and it's a blue ball party. He gets so mad, especially since we're inviting all our girlfriends and boyfriends. This clip ends with us humiliating him even more by drawing all over his body with super embarrassing things like dicks, beta phrases, and other embarrassing things. He's so humiliated and me and Kat can't wait for everyone to see him at the blue ball party.
- Ava
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Ava and Kat - Beta Bikini Chastity Slave Serve Mean Brats
It's a really hot day and me and Kat are laying out in the sun getting a tan. While our bikini slaves are locked up in chastity we make them oil up our entire bodies. When they finish oiling up our bodies we then make them give us each a foot massage with the oil as well as other small tasks. We don’t want to lift a finger the entire time we are tanning, as princesses never should have to!! We can be pretty bratty and yell at them from time to time when they make mistakes. Like knocking over the bottle of oil, missing a spot on our bodies, not getting the right angle for our pictures, not moving fast enough, or just whenever we feel like being extra bratty. Watch the video and find out why my slave Little Dicky got yelled at and a slap across the face from me!..We talk about our slaves and the punishments we gave them. Especially how I kicked the fuck out of Little Dickys balls the day before. I left him all black and blue and I show it off to Kat in the video. Our oiled up asses look so good in these sexy bikinis. Good thing we made our slaves locked in chastity the entire time hahaha. This is a extra long 22 minute clip with double the brats! You will for sure enjoy this super hot bikini clip of me and Kat!
- Ava
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Amber and Ava - Dumb Boyfriend Trained to Obey

Part 1: Ava has a very dumb cheap boyfriend. He doesn't buy her stuff when she she says she wants it. He does not do the household chores. She wants him to do the household chores. She takes her boyfriend Mike to see Amber who is an expert on training dumb males. She convinces her boyfriend to go see Amber to "quit smoking". During the therapy session Amber takes advantage of his vulnerabilities and fixes him for Ava. Clip has music and special effects! Listen with headphones for best effects! 

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Amber and Lexi - Dink Forgets Stockings

ANDY!!!! STUPID ANDY. The toilet slave, pay bitch and dummy has fucked up big time.

Amber is getting ready for her date with her boyfriend and Lexi is helping her. That’s what sorority sisters are for. She also is holding the ball shocker to make sure Andy is in line. Amber gets ready, wearing sexy red lingerie and red heels. All she is missing is her nude stockings. But she can’t find them. She asks Andy where they are. HE HAS NO CLUE! HE FORGOT! He forgot the stockings. What a fucking moron. He just ruined EVERYTHING. He ruined her whole night, ruined her outfit and probably ruined her relationship. Her boyfriend loves nude stockings. And now if she doesn’t wear them he is going to think she doesn’t care. Andy literally is pushing him into the arms of another girl. Amber is so mad. She slaps him and Lexi shocks him. Amber can’t even look at this piece of shit.

Amber and Lexi look through the texts…OOPS it never sent.



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