Brat Girls

Amber and Lexi - Dink Forgets Stockings

ANDY!!!! STUPID ANDY. The toilet slave, pay bitch and dummy has fucked up big time.

Amber is getting ready for her date with her boyfriend and Lexi is helping her. That’s what sorority sisters are for. She also is holding the ball shocker to make sure Andy is in line. Amber gets ready, wearing sexy red lingerie and red heels. All she is missing is her nude stockings. But she can’t find them. She asks Andy where they are. HE HAS NO CLUE! HE FORGOT! He forgot the stockings. What a fucking moron. He just ruined EVERYTHING. He ruined her whole night, ruined her outfit and probably ruined her relationship. Her boyfriend loves nude stockings. And now if she doesn’t wear them he is going to think she doesn’t care. Andy literally is pushing him into the arms of another girl. Amber is so mad. She slaps him and Lexi shocks him. Amber can’t even look at this piece of shit.

Amber and Lexi look through the texts…OOPS it never sent.



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Ava - Better Beta Magazine Ad

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Amber Ava and Nika – 6 Month Chastity Humiliation

Fluffy is here today because it’s a special day for him. The celebration of another 6 months of chastity! He always complains about his blue balls but just wait for another 6 months and see how painful it is. Their feet make his chastity hurt even worse. He is pathetic and gets high off of smelling feet. The girls smother his face and mouth with their feet. SO funny.

So today is the celebration! The celebration of a pathetic mutt and their victory of domination.

Now give a BETA SMILE! And get ready for another 6 months!

  • Princess Crystal


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Amber and Lexi - We Wanted out of Gym Class Idiot

Ezra! Ezra… the fucking idiot. Brat Princess girls work our fucking asses off in college. Getting good grades to get good degrees because most of our betas are too fucking dumb to even breathe. But we  put them to the test and do the work for us because we are far too busy doing hot girl shit.  Even though we have our hot alpha boyfriends who make 6 figures we still know we are smarter and its funny to have nerd slaves. Everyone knows we are smarter and better. But we shouldn’t  have to do the work. Someone else needs to do the work. Why the fuck do any BRAT PRINCESSES need to go to dirty ass gym class with degenerates and get all sweaty. We know how to work out. We are actually coordinated. Gym class is for incapable losers. Dorks and nerds. Ezra is enticed by us. Cause we are hot and make him so weak. He wants to please us even though it could lose his job. It doesn’t matter if he gets fired. All that matters is if we get out of gym class and don’t have to go to detention. ALL HE HAS TO DO IS LISTEN TO BRAT PRINCESS GIRLS! After Amber and Lexi Slap him and trample him he should finally get the point. If not, they have his wallet now! LOL

  • NERD ALERT! Girls dominating a weak beta to get their way in college. Slapping and trampling might not work… but getting his wallet might make him get in line and lose his job for the sake of a princess*

Maybe I should re enroll in college and make these fucking losers sweat.  LOL that would be funny. All of my past professors are now my current slaves. They lose their job but gain their worth by being in my control.

  • Princess Crystal


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Ava and Kat - Fart Sphere and Ball Shocker Fun

*We found such a cool new device for our slaves to wear. Something we can really dominate them with. Their head in a locked sphere and their gross little slave hands in little locked spheres. It sensory deprives them EXCEPT smell (and maybe taste.)  They don’t know whats going on because they are trapped in a little sphere with only a small hole. A hole to fart in and maybe even one day to spit and piss in. They can’t move their hands or fingers so they won’t even bother putting up a fight or struggling. And if they do then just one click will put them in their place as their ball sack gets shocked abruptly with their dick still in chastity. *

Ava and Kat spent the day at the gym having hot ALPHA males stare at them in lust. After they got home and put Slave Fluffy in a distraught bliss with sweaty thong sucking and smelly feet worshipping they thought he’d be the perfect candidate for our new fun toy! Cause he’s such a fucking bitch.

The girls tighten the locks as he stands there in chastity with the ball shocker locked tight. The girls take turns farting through a funnel straight into the sphere where Fluffys dumb fucking face is. Oh but first they put their sweaty thongs around his face and stuffed his mouth with a dirty sweaty sock. Who knows how his well being is after he gets shocked over and over again as he inhales farts and sucks on sweaty socks. LOL Wow. He is such a beta. DEPRIVED OF EVERYTHING BUT BLESSED WITH SWEATY SMELLY SCENTS AND BRUTAL SHOCKS!

  • Princess Crystal

Previous video released “ Ava and Kat - Spandex Bunnies Smelly Feet and Ass Humiliation.”


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Ava and Lexi - Shock Therapy Gay Training

The girls are gonna do a science experiment. They want to try turning Andy gay. They let him out of chastity and make him oil Ava’s ass. He is so relieved to be out of chastity and finally able to jerk it after so long. He is so lucky to be able to even stare at her ass! Lexi is gonna shock him as he edges. They want to retrain his brain. Girls don’t like him so he should be gay. Right while on edge they shock him over and over again to let him know he shouldn’t be into girls. He pleads with them telling them he likes guys now because he can’t take the edging anymore!

  • Princess Crystal


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BP – Extreme Female Domination with Spitting and Ball Shocking

Nika brings in her little mutt for a fun domination session with the other girls. He is a mutt. A stupid pathetic beta who gets completely destroyed by the girls. He begs to kiss and worship their boots. He is made to lick the bottom of their boots clean. The girls humiliate him to the extreme. They are in total control of him. The girls have some fun toys to play with. A pouty lip gag that keeps his mouth open wide and makes him look completely ridiculous, a tight ball thong and a ball shocker. The girls take turns spitting in his mouth and shocking his balls. His balls look like they are going to pop. They are so tight and with every shock it becomes more and more unbearable. He is being totally dominated by multiple Brat Princesses.


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Amadahy and Madison - Jerk off Junky Practices for Contest

1080 HD:  PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED!  Amadahy has a bet her slave can bust faster than Mia’s.  The girls are going to have a contest and see which one is more backed up. The one hornier and more backed up will cum faster proving the girl to be more ruthless to their slave.  The loser will have to eat the others cum and go back into chastity without release.  In this clip, Madison and Amadahy put the slave through his paces.  He is humiliated for being a helpless jerk junky.


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Mia - Ass Addict JOI Brain Cleanup

Princess Mia and or ass addicts need periodic brain cleanups.  This keeps you buying clips, stroking, and out of the gene pool.  The purpose of this clip is to empty your brain for future clips.  There are numerous cum countdowns with humiliating JOI.  Even if you are a hard core addict this clip is a great tune-up for your brain.   If you are having a hard time making sufficient clip purchases, you need this clip to break you down some.  Future clips will fill your empty brain with poison and then finally you are ready for the exploitation phase. Enjoy!


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Amber and Lizzy - Heartless Humiliation

Amber is desired by everyone. Especially Lizzy. Lizzy wishes she was even half as pretty as Amber. She wishes she had her clothes, her looks, her boyfriends and her money. She is always so sad because she knows she isn’t good enough for that stuff. Good thing Amber is here to remind her of all of her flaws. Amber lets her know how ugly she is. She wears gross clothes and she looks gross. There is not much use for Lizzy. Yeah, she can brush Ambers hair and clean and do homework and stuff but Amber wants her to do better. She thinks Lizzy is a whore. So she wants Lizzy to start practicing how to suck dick so the fraternity boys can use her.


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