Face Sitting

Macy Cartel - Im Going to Use your Face All Night

Macy is naked and very horny. Her beta cuck’s locked up dick is useless, but his mouth is good. Macy rides her chastity beta’s face. She makes her beta worship her pussy and use its tongue to pleasure her. She loves using his mouth for orgasm after orgasm. Each climax just makes her hornier! She is going to use his face all night! Having a cuck is great! (13:03 long)



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Sablique - Bored Girl Dominates Tiny Chastity Slave

Sablique is bored. Males should always be worried when a girl is bored. To entertain herself Sablique sits on Danni’s face. She bats around Danni’s chastity device. She rests her feet on his face and demands compliments. Sablique grinds on Danni very hard. She wants to see if she can mess up his poindexter hairdo. He’s such a boring square. Sablique can only think of one way a square like Danni can amuse her. She wants to use his credit cards. Sablique uses Danni’s face as her chair as she shops with his credit card to relive her boredom. (9:15 long)



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Karly Salinas - I Just Want to Sit on Your Face while I Text

Karly sits on Fluffy’s face while she plays around on her phone. She smiles and bounces. Fluffy can’t breathe. Karly checks her social media and takes selfies. She is completely indifferent to Fluffy’s dilemma. Fluffy squirms. Karly laughs. She contemplates taking Fluffy out for a walk on his leash. Karly gets mad at Fluffy for squirming so much and decides that he will only get her scraps for a week no meals. Then, she demands the mutt’s credit card so that she can go to dinner with her boyfriend. Fluffy the mutt will have to stay in its cage while Karly is away. (11:27 long)




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Nika - Scissors and Facesits a Little Guy Until Nighty Night

Nika Venom has Fluffy trapped between her powerful thighs in a tight scissorhold. She gets the little guy in leg lock after leg lock. Fluffy turns red and gasps for air. Nika is having fun. She loves watching the beta suffer. A girl can overpower a beta with just her legs! Nika makes her beta visualize eating her Alpha’s cum while she has him trapped in a tight hold. After doing the visualization, Nika makes the beta say, ‘Nighty Night.” She puts him out and then slaps him until he is awake again. While only partially conscious, Nika starts riding the beta’s face. She controls his breathing with her ass. She loves the control! Nika watches her beta’s chastity bounce while she rides his face. Making Fluffy miserable is a lot of fun for pretty girls. Nika makes the beta go under again. “Nighty Night, beta!” (16:43 long)



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Macy - Uses Betas Face for Pleasure

Macy is feeling lonely. Lonely enough to use pathetic beta, Danni’s, face to get off. Macy straddles her chastity beta and grinds. Macy’s boyfriend travels a lot, leaving her frustrated. She has so many sexual needs that her absentee boyfriend can’t satisfy! Macy rides her chastity beta’s face for orgasm after orgasm. She would never use his little beta penis, of course. That’s why she keeps it locked! Little Danni must accept being used for Macy’s pleasure with no release of his own! (9:27 long)


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Sablique - Danni is a Dainty Human Chair

Sablique loves how small and dainty Danni is. He is built like an antique dining room chair so delicate and frail! Sablique sits on the fragile human chair. What remarkable little bird bones! Statuesque Sablique knows she could break him, but she does not care. Sablique wants Danni to be able to hold his breath for a very long time so that he can eat her pussy underwater in the pool. If he can hold his breath under her ass long enough then she might pick him to be her “cabana boy.” Danni’s chastity aches while Sablique tests and trains him for the coveted position. The test proves to be too much for bird-boned Danni and he loses consciousness from lack of oxygen. Sablique puts Danni’s unresponsive body in a humiliating and compromising position. He’ll be out for a while. (10:17 long)



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Amber and Lexi - Beta Gets Pallet Wrapped and Facesat

Amber and Lexi wrap their beta loser with some plastic. He is such a push over and will let the pretty girls do anything to him. Once he’s all wrapped up and can’t use his hands the girls tell him to lay on the bed. They want to use his face! The girls sit on him together. The poor little loser can’t breathe with the brat girls all over him in their shiny pants. The girls want the beta to turn funny colors. It’s hilarious when he can’t breathe. He’s such a beta loser! Girls just want to destroy him! (12:07 long)


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Ava and Natalya - Shiny Suits and Shiny Asses Face Sit

Natalya shows Ava how to smother during a full weight smother video.  The end of the clip has a small POV section for shiny ass addicts as well.  The tone is bratty and heartless as the old fool is smothered while locked down.  Buy this clip!


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Amber and Nika - Facesitting Bikini Smother

This clip was so much fun for the girls.  They love the smother box. They really enjoy using the pump to push the slaves head up into their ass crack.  They take turns smothering it.  Bouncing and a lot of full weight full seal long sits.  The clip is ended early due to slave retire.


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Romi Chase - Flattens Tiny Male with Her Big Ass

Romi has a tiny male beneath her. It struggles under her big ass. Romi giggles while the weak, tiny, male struggles. He kicks his feet and groans in protest, but he is simply defeated and can be used however she pleases. Whenever he tries to fight back Romi just laughs. She will use his face for as long as she wants! (10:33 long)



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