Face Sitting

Ava and Jazmin - Smelly Sweaty Smother Box Fun

The girls are super sweaty! Ava wants to show Jazmin how great the smother box is. It’s a bondage thing that we lock our betas in so their heads don’t move while we face sit. We have a pump and it can make the betas head go further into our asses! Ava shows Jazmin all about it. Their sweaty asses bounce up and down on him. He is trying to breathe but can’t. He can smell the sweat wipe across his face. His face just keeps getting flattened by their big beautiful asses. WATCH THIS SEXY CLIP!!!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!


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Ava and Honey - Deep Full Weight Smother Fun

Ava and Honey love alpha men. That’s why it’s extra funny when they come across little weak betas. There is so much to use them for! The possibilities are endless. Betas are so stupid and have little shrimp dicks. This combination makes betas so naive and vulnerable.  Hot girls can basically do whatever they want to them, and they don’t really have a choice but to take it. The girls are the ultimate brats! They climb all over him like he isn’t even there. His breathing is not on the priority list. The girl’s hangout on him and make fun of him for being such a bozo. Then they are going to leave him there while they go out. And all that’s left is for him to savor the smell of their ass and feet on his face.


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Leya Falcon - Big Tit Blonde Face Fucks Loser

Leya wants to be fucked by a hot guy. But he isn’t around, so she has to use this losers ugly ass face. Its hard to get off on him because he is so ugly and stupid. But this is the next big thing. So, she grinds her pussy on his face. She uses him like furniture. Its funny because he is stuck in chastity while having her wipe her pussy back and forth on his face. He loves the smell!


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Ava Rowen and May - Bullying and Smothering Bound Beta

This clip is super sexy!!!

The girls bully and torment this beta bitch. They wrapped him to the smother bench with saran wrap. Its not possible for him to escape! Plus he is in chastity so he is really helpless. They shake his chastity key in his face. They taunt him with how sexy they are. They put their ass in his face and smother him. They tell him all about how they are going to take all his money and leave him with nothing. Just strapped to the bench while they are out spending every last dime. He feels Mays fingers rub across his chastity cage. He wishes he was free. To jerk, to cum, to be a real man. But the girls won’t ever allow that to happen. They dominate him. He has no say in anything.


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Jordan and Tokyo - Smother Box Bondage Face Sitting with Hot Doms

These 2 hot doms have their slave locked away in the smother box. He is helpless and has no idea what is coming his way. They pump him up into the depths of their ass and smother him! He gets out of breath. Everytime there is any movement he quickly tries to grasp air. You can hear him suffer. It gets even worse when he starts to get trampled while still locked in.


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Alex and May - Chastity Slave Helplessly Smothered

Look at this pussy free FREAK! All he deserves is being smothered til not breathing. The girls are hot. They have their own life. But they need to keep beta in line and sometimes they can use him as a sex toy if they are bored. They are hanging out and just feel like using him. They love taunting him. He is locked away in chastity. Hes been there so long as hasn’t came in forever!!! SO FUNNY. Anyways, itd be even funnier to get him hard while hes in chastity. It probably hurts. But its not about him. Not about him EVER. The girls buy time til they figure out their plans. They get invited to a party! No betas allowed. But obviously they are going to bring their alphas. If he was a real man they would have slid their panties to the side so he could actually be in their pussies. Til then all he gets is to sniff their ass and pussy and pray in his mind that one day he will be good enough to have the real thing. AS IF!


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Scarlet – Blonde Brat Smother Session

Scarlet is such a hot blonde. And she has a perfect bubble butt. All the guys want her. She takes time out of her day to smother one of her slaves. Its good to do this because it keeps them in line. She pretends like he isn’t even there as she grinds her ass and pussy across his face. He wishes he could be out of chastity and act like a real man. But after months of being her slave he knows that he will never be freed and never be able to fuck her. He will only be teased into submission.


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Karly – Heavy Farting with Deep Smother

Karly just got done teaching her aerobics class. She worked extra hard. She is so sweaty and probably EXTREMELY smelly. How fun would it be to sit on her betas face and suffocate him! Smother him with her smelly scents. She hops on his face and starts farting!! She makes him eat her fart. She farts right into his mouth. He gasps for air and coughs. He is being smushed by her big ass and he can’t move so he has no choice but to suck in her farts. It’s the only air he can manage to inhale in.


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Ava Kat and Ms Trigga - 3 Girls 2 chairs


Sexy big asses smothering the fuck out of these pathetic losers. Its going to get you crazy hard and addicted. WATCH IT. NOW!

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Amber - Poor Girl gets Smother Punishment

Amber caught her! She was doing her homework on AMBERS TIME! The only reason she is basically alive is because Amber took her in. She gave her a job and kept her off the street. The only rule is NO HOMEWORK ON HER TIME! But nope, she thought doing homework was more important. Like, she really thought Amber wasn’t going to find out? Amber must punish her. She smothers her and teaches her a lesson. That is what she gets for being a peasant.


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