Face Sitting

Amber and Nika - Sexy Fishnet Smothering of Beta Boy

Lost footage from 3 years ago found! Watch these sexy girls in fishnets smother the fuck out of their slave. Shiny, hot and mean these girls dominate him!


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Amber and Ava - Shiny Hiragato Oil Outside Smother Bench

This clip is for shiny ass addicts! Amber and Ava are wearing shiny red and blue Hiragato body suits. They oil themselves, pump a slave up into their ass, and just relax. The clip lost audio for a few minutes for some unknow reason, so we added some music, and voices and video cut ins to help with your gooning experience. We really want you to enjoy your goon! You are counted down to enter this dream state and counted out to return to normalcy. When in this dream state you are out of your mind looking at their asses and gooning! This is probably one of the greatest face sitting clips we have ever done. Don’t think, just buy it and goon!


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Riley - Red Lingerie Smother Box Fun

Riley looks so pretty. In the outfit beta just bought for her. Her boyfriend is coming over soon. Which means she is getting some dick! While she waits, she will sit on his face !!! She has a lot of free time because her slave does everything for her. So that means she can just sit on his face for long hours. She is excited that her boyfriend is coming over. After they fuck she might even come and sit on betas face. Ugh! look at him, struggling, panting, smothered. He doesn’t get that this is the whole point! SHUT UP and take it ! While Riley goes and fucks her boyfriend she is gonna put a ball shocker on him so that when she needs water or a towel he can come running and serve her and her boyfriend. He is gonna become her cuck. That will really remind him of his place.


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Amber - Just Give in to Femdom

I am here to tell you that you are not missing out on anything.  This is where you belong.  Femdom.  You want to have a real life.  Girlfriend, wife, family.  This is not going to happen.  You have unrealistic expectations.  Society never talks about beta males.  What are they supposed to do?  What are you missing out on?  Get over your FOMO and give into femdom.  Let go of your unrealistic expectations.  Who cares what people think?  You will never be normal.  Except this is what you are meant for.  You could be a bench a doormat, a toilet, or even a shoe licker.  You can be anything a hot girl wants you to be.  People are afraid of making wrong choices.  You are meant to live the life under a hot girl.  You need femdom.  You are a submissive.  You are meant to serve hot girls.  Submit!  Serve a hot girl. Give her your money.  Let a hot girl make your decisions for you.  Accept it.  Chastity might not seem like a good idea at first. Trust hot girls.  They know best.  Chastity is the best way to train you.  It will suck at first.  Orgasms are not for you.  You only cum when you earned it.  Get a second job and give that entire pay check to a hot girl. Think of how humiliating it would be.  Giving away an entire paycheck. Submit!  Stop thinking about yourself.  Give up your orgasm and let a hot girl hold your chastity key.  This is as good as it gets for a submissive male.  Give into femdom!  Give into loser porn!  Stop lying to yourself. Submit.  Give a hot girl your money.  Let her put you into chastity.  Serve her.


Production notes:  There was some missing audio for about 3 seconds total.  There is soft music over top as well. Edging to this clip is the best therapy you could ever have.


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Ava - Blonde Brat Smother in Thong Bodysuit

Replaced my vanity chair with a slave in a smother bench. I find it way more comfortable and convenient. Plus it matches my room perfectly! Find out all the ways I find it convenient(there's lots)... I test out my new vanity chair while doing my makeup! Im wearing this sexy thong bikini bodysuit that shows my ass and big tits.I just came back from the pool and I wanna get ready for the mall. I want to look extra good incase I come across a hot alpha..You never know who you just might meet at the mall. I humiliate my slave by wiping lipstick on him and using him as my makeup tester lol. My perfect ass just fits over his stupid little head perfectly in the bench. He has absolutely no room left to breathe. Nose stuck right up my ass. Talking to my slave about how perfect I am as i'm getting ready and flaunting my body in the mirror. Talking about all the ways I am going to use him as my slave next week in Florida on my vacation.. Breaking in my new vanity chair by bouncing on his face. So what do you think of my new vanity chair? I LOVE IT!

  • Ava
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Amber - Outside Smother Box in Black Revolve Designer Bikini

Amber smothers dink in her $150 dollar designer Bikini bottoms.  She is so spoiled and loves the power she has over males.  She uses dink to make content and repeatedly pumps his head up as far as it can.  Any complaints gets him the pump.  The more he complains the higher she pumps him up and the more smother he gets.  Amber is the queen of unique smother box positions.  She is very creative how she uses a male’s face trapped in the box.  This is the only time she ever wore this expensive bikini! Lol

  The first 10 minutes or so is a smother box video.  The second 5 minutes are some behind the scenes picture montage with some JOI audio over the top.  The pictures flash at you faster and faster telling you to jerk it. Super humiliating!  Your dick will be drained after this clip and you will definitely hate your life less after this clip. For awhile. 


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Ava and Kat - Too Much Ass for one Camera Part 2

This is camera number 2.

We shot this clip using 2 cameras. Their asses were just so fucking perfect we needed to get different angles. Hot beautiful blonde girls smother the hell out of 2 strapped in betas.

Camera 1 previously released.



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Ava and Kat - Too Much Ass for one Camera Part 1

This is camera number 1. 

We shot this clip using 2 cameras. Their asses were just so fucking perfect we needed to get different angles. Hot beautiful blonde girls smother the hell out of 2 strapped in betas.

Camera 2 released next. 


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Amber Riley and Lizzy - Facesit Level 2 Girl

Poor virgin Lizzy. Wants to be included again. Shaking and petrified she must get face sat while the level 1 girls lecture her on her pathetic life. They ask her why she is a virgin. This idiot says “Saving for the right person.” LIE LOL she is a level 2 and no one would ever want to touch her. Lizzy is going to have to get a good job so she can donate her whole paychek to the sorority. And even after she does that she will be considered… but its not a promise. And she would be entry level sorority. She better get ready her first shift starts tonight.

  • Princess Crystal


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Macy - Nude Face Sitting Orgasm

Macys boyfriend is way too busy today. So Macy must take advantage of her slave and use him for her pleasure. She is so hot and has a beautiful ass and tits. She hovers over Fluffy and taunts him. She sits right on his face and starts smothering him. She takes off all her clothes. He is so lucky. He gets to stare up at her pussy and taste it. Her tits bounce as she humps his face. She moves back and fourth as he has his tongue out. He licks her asshole and savors every second of it.  He knows he must make her cum. He must please her and give her what she wants. That is his only purpose. To serve and cater to Macy.


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