Face Sitting

Amadahy and Kendall – Double Smother Dweeb Boy

Amadahy and Kendall love sitting on their human furniture after a long day in class. The tiny little dweeb cannot breathe. The girls are too comfortable to move. Amadahy and Kendall bounce their big booties on the little guy’s face. He is only fit to be used as furniture. Without beautiful girls to serve dweeby boys are nothing. The girls tease the little guy with their bodies. What a little loser. After the facesitting tease the dweeb will be given a cold shower and locked back into his cage. The girls need him to complete the assignments for their classes. (8:19 long)



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Natalya - Face Grinding with Boy in Chastity

Natalya has a stupid boy locked in chastity. She trains the locked-up boy with face sitting. Natalya bounces and grinds on the boy’s face. Losers deserve to be used. The Princess bounces and giggles. The boy’s chastity key hangs between her breasts. It makes a light jingling sound as she slams her full-weight up and down on his face. Natalya grands her pussy against the boy’s nose. He will be used for her orgasm. The boy tries to fight her, but Natalya only gets more turned on by him not wanting it. She overpowers him and makes him inhale the scent of her pussy. Pretty girls love to mess with stupid losers. Natalya decides that she wants the boy in a smaller chastity. It is time to size him down. The boy makes one small whimper of protest. Natalya does not like that. She decides that tonight it will be his turn to serve as full toilet for all the women in the house. (14:50 long)



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Kat - Face Rides her Locked Up Stepdad

Kat has her stepdad locked in chastity. She enjoys sitting on her stepdad’s face while texting. Her stepdad’s wife says that he has to stay locked up around his stepdaughter.  Kat loves teasing her cock-locked stepdad by using him for orgasms. His wife can control his orgasms but not Kat’s! Kat loves using her stepdad’s face and his wallet. Kat gets very turned on taking her stepdad’s money. Stepdad’s wife lets Kat even wear his key! Kat expects stepdad to pay for her date later tonight. Kat’s stepdad does not like the boy she is seeing, but he will have to pay for the date anyway. Cucked by his Keyholder stepdaughter! Kat uses her stepdad’s face for another orgasm! That’s the third time today! Stepdad is exhausted but he cannot say no to the women in his house. (13:28 long)


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Becky - Bubble Butt Bounce in Thong

Becky has the best ass. She loves sitting on her slave’s faces. Becky sits on a slave’s face and bounces. Her butt looks perfect. Then, Becky takes off her pants. She sits on the slave’s face in just a thong. Becky looks amazing riding the slave’s face in just her thong. Becky’s big boobs bounce up and down. The slave must endure her bouncing and her full weight. Becky is absolutely amazing! (9:49 long)


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Anabelle and Kendall – Double Smother for one Slave

Kendall and Anabelle love sitting on their slave’s face. The girls both have perfect asses, and they love teasing the slave. They smother the slave with their weight. The slave gets an erection, but he is denied. The girls giggle. Pussy is not for slaves! Suffering is for slaves and the girls love watching their slaves suffer. Anabelle puts her pussy right on the slave’s nose. He can’t breathe at all while smothered in her pussy. Kendall takes her turn and smothers him in her big ass. The slave gets frantic for air. The girls do not care. They go on tormenting him. (9:56 long)



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Amber - My Vanity Is Your Privilege

Amber has a brand-new beta simp, just turned 18 and faces life in chastity! Amber will be his key holder and will train him to make her happier.  In this clip, Amber has introduced the boy to her smother box.  The chastity boy will be made to remain in the smother box for exceedingly long periods of time and with full weight on his face.  The boy learns to dread the sound of the pump and the resulting pushing his head further up into Amber's ass.  Amber pumps it over and over until it is comfortable for Her not the boy.  Enjoy!

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Becky - Stick Out Your Tongue so I Can Cum

Becky has a male restrained in the smother box. He’s going to be trapped there for hours and made to lick her asshole while locked in chastity. Becky sits on the male’s face. She smothers his face in her big ass. The male struggles to breathe. Becky makes the male stick out its tongue and lick her. She is going to sit on his face all day. The male squirms a lot. No air. Becky laughs at his struggle. She tells him to shut up and gets mad. Becky is greedy. The only thing that matters is her pleasure! (16:15)


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Kat - Facesits her Debt Slave

Princess Kat enjoys a lollypop while sitting on her debt slave’s face. The debt slave is locked in chastity and Kat has the key. Kat giggles and bounces. She really got him good with the debt contract. Even the paralegal was shocked at how cruel the terms were. Kat loves money. The debt slave’s chastity bounces as Kat rides his face. She is so perfect. The old fool will do whatever she says. Kat knows how to spend his money better than he can. She loves driving him further and further into debt. Even with the debt contract signed Kat will still expect regular tributes and shopping sprees. (11:34 long)


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Becky - Strapped Down and Straddled

Goddess Becky has her slave strapped down to a bench. She straddles his face and starts to bounce. Becky wants her slave to stop moving so much. The slave is locked in chastity. He is very uncomfortable and cannot breathe. Becky has no regard for the slave. She does as she pleases and sits on his face with her full weight. The slave is just furniture to hot girls. (9:51 long)



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Riley - I Want to Ride your Face without You Bothering Me

Riley just wants to sit on her locked loser’s face. She does not want him bothering her for any reason. The loser struggles for air while Riley bounces and giggles. “Oh, can you not breathe?” Riley smiles. She loves teasing her loser. “Hold still or I’ll bounce!” Riley punishes her loser. The loser suffers, but her should have done as Riley commanded! He begs for mercy, but Riley bounces harder! That’s what he gets! She just wants to bounce without being bothered! (7:45 long)


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