Face Sitting

Amber Ava Riley - Riding Brats Mash and Crush Worthless Pony Balls

A pony stumbled slightly and a girl felt unsafe.  It almost dropped her.  She had been riding for just 20 minutes and felt safe, confident and in charge of the pony.  The stumble hurt her confidence in her ability to control the beast under her.  Although the stumble was minor and barely noticed by the girls waiting their turn to use the pony, the girl demanded retribution. A good ball crushing should remind that pony to obey the rider!  The pony is placed in the smother box to keep the screams muffled and the girls begin tightening the screws which makes the pony’s balls go flat.  Balls are not normally flat.  Flat balls are painful balls.  The girls take turns twisting the screws forcing the balls to be more and more flat.  The pony groans as the girls change the shape of his testicles.  The girls quickly realize the mor they make the balls flat the more the money screams in protest! The girls had so much fun!  The pony will be more focused in the future! The girls have so much fun turning the screws to flatten his balls!  Remember…righty tighty!   

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Sablique - Shiny Smother Box Smother

Sablique has her slave in the smother box. She is wearing a really tight aerobics outfit. Purple leggings with the thong bodysuit over it. It is SO shiny and her ass looks amazing. She has on tall stiletto heels. Which intimidates her slave because it makes him way below her. She pumps him up to the perfect place. She doesn’t even need her big ass cheeks to smother him. Her thighs can get him pretty good too. His face looks so much better under her ass. He tries wiggling around to catch his breath. But its so hard when he has a huge ass squashing his face, mouth and nose. When he does get the occasional deep breath he gets to inhale her sweet scent. He is so lucky. With each grind and bounce she puts his face deeper and deeper into oblivion.


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Ava - Amazing Titties Face Sit Torment

In this sexy black bodysuit that shows my tits completely, I facesit a stupid beta while browsing on my phone, taking selfies, shopping, and OH shocking his balls with the ball shocker! Hahah! Every time he makes a sound I zap him. Super fun for me, super painful for him lol. Mocking him and teasing him for my own entertainment. You won't be able to control yourself with how perfect my tits look in this clip! I don't have many tit clips so this one is a must watch!! My tits just bouncing in the camera as I bounce my ass on the betas face haha Perfect!!!... This is a bratty clip and I don’t like it when this idiot makes noises so I have to turn my bitch mode right up and let him know who's in charge.

- Ava
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Amber - Life as a Bench to a Practicing Pianist

Amber is practicing the piano. She is sitting on the smother box because its good for her posture. He keeps moving and its fucking her up! He is such a dummy. All Amber wants is to win the show. Her ass smothers Dinks face. All he needs to do is stop breathing for one whole song so she doesn’t get distracted. What a fucking idiot. This is so important to Amber and Dink is just ruining the whole contest for her. Watch him suffer while beautiful Amber plays the piano. Ambers got TALENT!!!!!


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Amber Lexi and Nika - Smother Loser Watch What Happens

Amber, Lexi and Nika are the cutest meanest brats ever! They are wearing their super shiny workout leggings. They have a perfect view for this beta. DEEP IN THEIR ASS! The girls take turns smothering him bouncing on him all while humiliating the fuck out of this loser. He groans and moans. They just want him to shut up already. His eyes bulge out of his head as they take turns on his face. Gosh, he is so stupid and gross. Somehow, he does say thank you for being squashed as fuck and being under 3 goddesses asses.


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Riley - Wears and Smothers Beta Strapped to Her Ass

Riley is training her pet today with her new device. Since he is already up her ass all the time she figures she should actually put him up her ass. She’s going to drag him around everywhere. Even the mall and club. How embarrassing. He is on his knees attached to her ass stumbling while getting pulled in every direction as her huge ass cheeks smother him. He is so deep in her ass. She lays on her stomach on the bench with her heels kicked up and he is in her ass strapped there.


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Amber - My Ass Controls You

What better way to start the new year than beneath me! I mean quite literally, BENEATH me! Thats right, I wear my super tight shiny red leggings and sit FULL weight on a betas face! The longer I sit, the more stupider it gets... giving me TOTAL control of this locked up loser! I can only imagine how humiliating it must be, and yet so exciting to be completely controlled by my perfect ass! hahahaha not like it really has a choice.... but why would it want one when it gets to be this close to perfection!


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Scarlet - Super Shiny Smother Heaven MESMERIZE 4K

This clip is really meant for advanced ass addict gooners.  Novice ass addicts or lesser gooners can still enjoy this clip since it is edited in movements.  In the first movement, a submissive male locked in chastity rubs oil on Scarlett Rhoades amazing ass.  The hopeless submissive knows this ass will be smothering his face soon.  The submissive male is locked tight in chastity.  It knows its only purpose is as a content slave.  The submissive male has his chastity teased with Scarlet’s amazing shiny ass.  The dumb submissive male has to take it. 

The submissive male is brought to a bed and is then used for face sitting content.  Time passes very slow for a submissive male under a bubble butt.  The next several movements are shown in dreamy slow motion ass Scarlet generates her content.  She rubs herself all over the submissive’s face and bounces on its face.  During the clip there are numerous Brat Princess audio and video cut-ins encouraging the gooner to jerk it.  This will deepen your submissive tendencies and increase your addiction to femdom.  The video and audio cut-ins are educational in nature and help a submissive male understand the feelings it has about itself.  The clip moves to a very rhythmic drum beat with teasing.  A submissive beta male can really get his goon on during this section.  Try and keep the beat!  Really jerk it and stroke like the girls tell you to.  Remember you are not a man!  This is sex for you!  The clip has a cum countdown with all the humiliation you need as a submissive male.  The last movement is in normal speed and it shows how time passed for Scarlet!

Who will like this clip?  Ass addicts, face sitting fans, mesmerize fans, advance gooners, and gooners who are trying to be better, and even beta’s locked in chastity can find some enjoyment.  If you are locked in chastity you can watch this clip and get an idea what life is like as a Brat Princess Video content slave.  If you just like facesitting you can always just turn down the volume and enjoy it as well.  Try and keep the audio on and listen to our words.  Let our poison fill your brain!


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Kaylie and Mariah - Fart Smothers Slaves Face

Kaylie and Mariah just got back from eating Mexican food! It was SO good. But they realize their stomachs are bloated. GROSS! They know what’s going to come next. FARTS! They come up with a great plan to have their slave be a vacuum and suck their stinky farts right out of their assholes! He is an ass bitch. He loves to worship asses and he loves to smell farts. He gets hard smelling farts. Cause he’s a pig. He gets right in there. Right up the ass crack and deeply inhales.


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Macy and Riley - Sweaty Big Butts Smother Loser

Macy and Riley had a great day. They went to hot yoga! They look so sexy cause they are still wearing their yoga outfits. It was so hot and sweaty today. The girls pump him up in the smother bench. Nice and high up so he is deep in their sweaty pussies. They take turns sitting on him and smothering him with their big huge asses. Their butts are so big his head practically gets lost under it. It feels nice for the girls to be able to sit and stretch a bit. Really stretch their legs down his body. He is stuck in chastity, has their legs ontop of him and their asses smothering his face. He is so vulnerable and helpless! Always remember, betas don’t need to breathe.


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