Face Sitting

Ava and Macy - Two Hot Blondes Smother a beta beyond Recovery

Two hot blonde sorority girls use the smother box to make their facesitting slave suffer! They use a pump to push his face even deeper into their asses. The slave really struggles for air. He may not survive this one! (12:16 long)


Devin - Be Quiet or I will Bounce Harder

Devin really enjoys a good face ride.  But she like it to be quiet so she can dream of her boyfriend.  She instructs the seat to lick and to be still while she enjoys the service.  When she is bad, she bounces for punishment.


This clip also has 3 highlights from our past catalog!  Featuring Alexa Rydel and Astro


Becky and Natalya - Bubble Butt Smother Attack

Two of the most amazing bubble butts in fetish, Goddess Becky and Natalya Vega destroy this slave.  Full weight smothers, bouncing, trampling, and grinding, really put it through its paces.  The tone is playful, bratty and mean.  The slave is left breathless and smashed.


Ava and Chloe - Smother Box Punishment

While in the smother Box, Chloe went through the slave’s phone and found he has tribute other girls.  This addict must be punished.  It is Ava’s and Chloe’s turn to use him.  This clip has a lot of bouncing, grinding, and long full smothers.  Ava keeps using the Air pump.  This pumps air into a pillow inside the box.  It further raises the slaves head up into her ass for deeper smothers. It’s super fun, convenient and easy to use!


Natalya - Smother Box Fart Abuse

Brat Princess Natalya has a male submissive locked up tight in the smother box.  The vices on the side keep his head straight and the pillow forces his head up into her ass.  She sits and makes a tight seal.  Asshole right up against its nose.  It can’t move!  Her pussy covers his mouth, so he has to breath through its nose!  LOL! Natalya starts off slow and then starts blasting him!  She even makes a seal on his mouth and farts directly into it! 

Also included are highlights from previous fart clips!  All the best parts!

Kat and Meiko - Red and Blue Shiny Smother

Shiny fans will love this clip!  The amazing Kat Soles and Princess Meiko facesit and smother a beta slave in chastity.  They verbally humiliate and degrade them while the bounce and wipe their asses on its face.  They both just had sex with their alpha boyfriends and the cuck has to smell him in their pussies!  (FOR REAL!)  16:22 long

Jessica and Natalya - Smother Box Fun 4K

Natalya introduces Freshman Jessica to the smother box!  The girls bounce and grind and push its head up into their ass with the air pump. The pump forces its head up and the screws on the side keep it from turning its face. No where to escape.  It breathes when they want to let it breathe.  Natalya teaches Jessica the pleasure of grinding on the slave.  (18:29 long)

Becky - Outside Relaxing on the Smother Box

Becky had a lovely piece of human furniture placed out on the deck for her to relax and enjoy a beautiful day.  This is basically just a video of a girl relaxing.  Maybe it was from a long day shopping or just waiting for her boyfriend to come home.  Becky enjoys the silence and comfort and enjoys the silence.  Sometimes it is nice just to be completely by yourself and enjoy nature. 


Ava and Natalya - Sorority Smother Bench

Natalya takes freshman Ava to the sorority house basement where a slave is kept locked in a smother bench for them to use when they get the urge.  Studying, teasing, or just a quick orgasm pick me up! Convenient!   Natalya and Ava put the smother bench slave through its paces.  This video also has a highlight from a previous smother clip at the end.  Also Included is an outtake from this clip where Ava being new did not know that she shouldn’t smother the slave out completely forever!  The girls also give the idiot a shot of medicine in the clip as well!  

Kat - Ass Addict Heaven

The amazing Brat Princess Kat Soles looks out of this world in this Ass Addict clip.  The clip shows Kat walking around with lots of shots of her amazing ass.  The Brat then sits full weight on a slave’s face on the hard deck.  She bounces and giggles at his discomfort.  The clip at the end puts a slow-motion effect on some of the previous footage.  This clip also has some soft mixed in hypnotic music to put the jerker in a very relaxed empty state.  This is a great pre-binge clip!  Watch this clip first, edge, and then go crazy and binge!  Binge!