Human Furniture

Natalya - Finish Her then me and then its Chloe’s Turn (POV Toilet)

This clip is a human toilet fantasy clip.  Natalya walks in and notices you have not finished flushing the previous girl.  She yells at you to finish and then it is her turn.  She goes to the bathroom in your mouth and makes you flush her quickly so Chloe can have her turn.  This is all shot POV.  This is all simulated.

There are sound effects of her going to the bathroom both 1 and 2.  There are sound effects of someone chewing and eating.

The 3rd part is we added a voice in your head.  This voice contains both insults and commands.  Things like, “Open your mouth” , and “Eat it”  with laughter and taunts.  This is meant to be the voices you begin hearing in your head after being kept as a human toilet for days. 

The last part of the video is more footage of Natalya.  Slow motion with a dreamy pink glow.  This has soft music and insults meant to lower your self-esteem to make your transition from a beta male to toilet as easy as possible.  Note this footage is also in another recently released clip.


BP - Three Brat Girls share a Human Couch

Ivory, Kat and Platinum have a piece of human furniture wrapped in plastic. The trio sits on him like a couch. The girls find the human furniture to be somewhat impractical and uncomfortable. Its lumpy. All three girls sit full weight on it. They want to squish all the lumps out of their couch. He’s not even great as furniture, which is pathetic because not much is expected from furniture. He’s a creaky, lumpy, antique. The girls poke and kick at it until they are satisfied that the lumps have dispersed. They decide to watch a movie. They start popcorn and settle in. (12:18 long)


Milah Romanov - Things that I Like About My Toilet Chair

Milah straps a reluctant slave beneath her toilet chair. The clear pipe goes right down its throat and pins its head in place with her weight. There is zero chance for escape. The slave will be forced to eat and drink whatever comes out of Milah. Toilet training can be difficult. This chair helps make sure the slave can’t try and back out. It also keeps the mess to a minimum and ensures that everything goes into the slave. Milah’s toilet slave is kept locked in a chastity device for her. The slave has no choice but to remain in chastity and serve as her full toilet while trapped beneath the chair. Milah may even invite over a few girlfriends for a party to share her trapped toilet slave. (7:53 long)


Kawaii - Uncooperative Slave Becomes Toilet (1080 HD)

1080 HD Kawaii has a slave that she’s mad at. She has decided to turn him into a human toilet. This is what happens to uncooperative slaves. It will have to spend the entire day strapped underneath her toilet chair as a punishment. Kawaii plans to have a huge meal, and then invite a few girlfriends over to use her human toilet as well. The slave is strapped in very securely. He can’t escape and will be forced to eat and drink everything. Kawaii sits on her toilet chair and drinks a twenty-ounce coffee drink. She knows it will go right through her. Kawaii tweets out on social media that the toilet slave is available for use. She can’t wait to see how many Dommes reach out to her to come over and join in the toilet punishment. Kawaii pulls a flush cord that she has attached to her slave’s testicles. She has taken every measure to assure he will swallow it all. (7:01 long)




Savannah - A Good Toilet Waits Patiently and Swallows Everything it is Given (1080 HD)

1080 HD Savannah’s friends are on their way over to her hotel room at the AVNS. It’s bad timing because she’s ready for her daily movement. Savannah is going to need for her human toilet to hurry up and eat the entire thing, and quickly, because she doesn’t want any of her friends to walk into a bad smelling hotel room. That would be just embarrassing.

Slave’s mouths make great toilets for girls. They can typically flush faster with less lingering odor than alternative toilets. Savannah has trained her toilet well. She knows that its up to the task for flushing everything completely before her guests arrive. Savannah makes cute little grunts as she relieves herself into the slave’s mouth. She pulls on a rope around her slave’s balls when its’ time for it to flush. Her toilet slave does a great job! Savannah can barely smell herself! That’s how a girl can tell that her human toilet has done an excellent job of swallowing everything. (8:25 long)

Note: This clip is a toilet slavery fantasy. It is in compliance with the rules.


Lola - Brownies and Lemonade (Toilet Slave Training Product Review) (1080 HD)

1080 HD Lola wanted to make a little product review on her vlog for the new toilet slave training chair Brat Princess just got from Mastermind Crafts. Unfortunately, she can’t show you how she would normally use it to train toilet slaves because of the platform’s rules. She can, however, do a little simulated demo with brownies and lemonade, so that her subscribers can get the picture of how the toilet training chair works. Under the chair, she’s got her real-life toilet slave tied up for the demo.

Lola explains some features of the Mastermind Crafts chair that she likes. She shows how a clear pipe goes into the slave’s mouth, connecting it to the toilet bowl. When a girl sits with her weight on the chair, the toilet slave is pinned to the floor by his mouth. It has no choice but to swallow whatever goes down the pipe. The chair comes with two different sized pipes. One for simple liquid waste, the second for solids or multi-girl parties. Lola explains how the slave’s jaw must be stretched to utilize the larger pipe. She notes that it’s worth training the slave’s jaw to accommodate the diameter of the larger pipe, especially if you tend to have large solid movements.

Another feature of the product that Lola likes is the clear toilet bowl. This is a really nice feature, because the girl can look down and see the look of terror in her toilet slave’s eyes as it is forced to consume her waste.

Lola then demonstrates how a girl would use the toilet by pouring lemonade into the bowl. She starts with about six ounces, approximating the capacity of an average sized female bladder. In the demonstration, you can clearly see how the design of the Mastermind Crafts chair really forces the slave to swallow. Lola then adds a freshly baked brownie to the bowl to simulate the slave swallowing solids. Again, you can see how the design of the chair is very strict. The slave absolutely cannot get out of swallowing whatever goes down the pipe.

Lola answers a few general questions about toilet slave training form her video blog subscribers. She concludes the demo by simulating what it would be like for the slave to be forced to swallow the contents of a fuller bladder, like that of a girl who has just consumed a Starbucks venti. To wrap things up, Lola thanks her viewers for watching and reminds them to hit the like and subscribe buttons. Also, turn on notifications to know about all her future fetish furniture reviews! (22:26 long)

Production Note: This clip was shot with two cameras. At the end of this clip some of the highlights are replayed from the second camera angle.


Bella - Sits on her step brothers back and smokes (1080 HD)

1080 HD Previously unreleased Bella clip! Bella needs a place to sit and text while she smokes. She yells for her step-brother. Bella wants to use his back as a chair. Her step-brother has learned its better for him just to go along with what she wants, especially now that he’s in chastity. Bella smokes a cigarette and checks social media to see who’s going to be at the party tonight. She notices her ex will be attending. Bella calls her girlfriend to talk about her ex being at the party, all the while ignoring her step-brother. Bella’s happy that her step-brother bought her a new sexy dress, so that she can look fantastic and make her ex-boyfriend as regretful as possible for breaking up with her. Bella’s mom is out of town, so she’s locked her step-brother into chastity for as long as mom is away, and she is doing whatever she wants to him. Bella and her girlfriends plan a pool party for the next day. Her step-brother better not tell mom she had a party! Bella wants her step-brother to lick her shoes clean, before her ex-boyfriend sees her.  (5:45 long)

Amadahy - Talks About Relationship while Feeding slave Foot Dust (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy is a high maintenance girlfriend. Her current boyfriend just isn’t doing enough to keep her happy. Amadahy talks about her relationship issues while taking care of her feet. She loves her boyfriend, but there are some things about him that she hates. Like when he doesn’t text her back immediately. She hates that. There is nothing more important that he could possibly be doing than paying attention to her. Amadahy maintains the perfection of her feet by scraping off all the calluses. She feeds the foot dust to her human pedicure chair. Her boyfriend texts her back! Maybe she won’t break up with him. She might put a tracking app on his phone, though. He needs to understand that if he’s her boyfriend, it means he’s hers. He belongs to her. Amadahy finishes scraping off more calluses. She feeds the rest of the foot dust to the pedicure slave. She rinses the foot dust down with her spit. Two big loads of foot dust right down its throat! (9:34 long)


Sasha Foxx - Slave Fed Foot Dust (1080 HD)

Sasha Foxx uses a ped egg to make her feet nice and soft for her boyfriend. She wants every part of her to be sexy for him because he’s so funny and cute! Below her, a slave lies waiting. He is her receptacle, a waste bin for her refuse. Sasha continues to talk aloud about how amazing her boyfriend is while the waste bin waits. Sasha snaps her gum. She uses the mouth of the waste bin to massage her feet. She wants its tongue to get every speck of foot dust. When the ped egg is full, Sasha empties all of the collected foot dust into the waiting slave. Sasha makes sure it swallows everything. “Thanks for being such a good sport!” She tells it before running off to text her boyfriend. (5:31 long)

Brat Princess - Slave Fed Toenails and Foot Dust by Preening Trio (720 HD)

Amadahy, Alexa and Lola are having a girls’ night in. Amadahy wants to get her feet ready for a beach wedding next week. Below Alexa’s chair lies a human receptacle, ready to service their feet and take all the waste. The Princesses plan a shopping trip as Lola brushes Amadahy’s hair. Amadahy shaves her foot dust straight into the slave’s waiting mouth. The dust gets washed down with Princess spit. Alexa shaves a good amount of foot dust into a Pedi Egg. When the Pedi Egg is full, Alexa dumps all of the foot dust into the slave’s mouth. Lola trims her toenails. She puts a handful of toenails straight into the waste bin. All three girls work at filling the receptacle. Amadahy gathers an impressive amount of foot dust. She feeds all of it to the bin. The slave worships Amadahy’s feet while Lola and Alexa file. Lola dumps a bunch of foot dust into the waste bin. Amadahy and Lola mix their spit together in the slave’s mouth and make it swallow it all down. The girls’ feet are feeling much softer! (12:19  long)