Amber and Ava Rowen - Benny Key Given to Boyfriend Sister to Hold

It has been decided. Ava Rowen is going to be Benns key holder. She just turned 18 and needs a simp for a chastity class. So, this semester Bennys key belongs to her! He I hesitant to agree. He thought him and Amber were best friends. Amber ensures him they will always be best friends, but he needs to be a good boy and let Ava Rowen hold the key for the semester. Gosh, don’t make it that big of a deal. And his key is just a phone call away if she wants to see him. His good boy ribbon gets cut off. He can have them back when he earns them. Time to get to work. Benny crawls over and starts cleaning her heels. Licking the bottoms clean and sucking the heel, it has begun. This young beautiful girl is turning mean.


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BP – Desperate Beta Chastity Blow Out
  • Real cum in chastity
  • Hands free orgasm
  • Sweaty sock and feet worship
  • Small penis humiliation
  • Chastity tease

A real man would be stroked by hot girls. But this isn’t a real man. The girls have this beta in the smallest chastity cage ever. They have a special dildo that they can screw onto it. Its so fun like playing  pretend! He can picture himself having a big dick when he really doesn’t. He basically has a clit!!! The girls stroke the dildo that’s attached to his cage and taunt him. He wants to get hard so bad, but he can’t!!! He wishes he was that size. Bet he’d be hard if he wasn’t in the cage! The only way to please a girl is if he was that size. Keep dreamin, shrimp dick. The girls put their smelly socks and feet in his face. There is such a power in feet. This is a dream to a small dick beta like him. After humiliating his penis size and turning him on with the scent of their sweat they get ontop and flatten his chastity even more!! Having their perfect ass bounce across his little cage really gets him going. The girls laugh even more. They think it’s funny. They want him to cum in the most embarrassing anti alpha way. Locked away with no pussy, stinky feet and socks in the face and them laughing at the pathetic bozo he will always be.


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Jazmin Luv - Sweaty Gym Babe Worshipped by Chastity Slave

Jazmin just got back from the gym. Everyone stared at her. She looks so hot and its like what else should she wear? She isn’t going to wear sweats and a hoodie. So, she wore her spandex shorts. She vents to beta. And of course, his dumbass opinion doesn’t matter. But still. She is so sweaty, so she makes him worship her whole body and lick the sweat off of her. Especially her feet and ass. He kisses her legs and feet. He wishes so badly to be let out of chastity. She turns around and bends over and rubs her ass against his cage. He tells her it’s so tight. But she doesn’t care LOL!


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Alex Ava Rowen and May - Sock Smelling Goon Cums Hand Free in Chastity

We realized males will jerk to anything.

  • Worships college girl socks and feet
  • Cums hand free in chastity


A fucking freak.


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Jazmin and Penelope - Sized Down Teased and Smothered
  • If you have a shiny fetish you will like this clip *

Its time to size down! The smallest chastity is going on this loser. But the girls have to test it out. They need to make sure it works. No cumming for this loser. They test it by rubbing their pussies on him. Normally a male will get hard if a pussy rubs on them. So, they are checking the durability to make sure it really works. After a while of riding his face and chastity they determined IT WORKS! This is his new cage. They found the perfect one!!!! His dick is literally inverted inside!!!


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Ava Kat and Macy - Freshman Measured for Beta Evaluation

Its finally here! Measuring day. Time to measure dicks and decide if they are alpha or beta. If their dick is 6 + inches that means no chastity. If its less than that it means the loser is a beta. EW. And they have to be locked away and ready for use. The girls tricked Fluffy. They knew his dick probably wasn’t 6 inches. But they made him jerk off before so it was super limp and it definitely wasn’t going to be big enough to pass the test. He is so bummed. He should have known the girls were up to something. He is so fucking stupid. Anyways, now he has to be in chastity and ready for use. The alphas and brat girls are going to spend the college year using him for whatever.


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Ashley Edmonds - Convinces Sap to go into Chastity Before Wedding

Marcelo loves Ashley. He will do anything for her. But she is tired of him always getting a hard dick when she is trying to orgasm. So she has a great idea to put him in chastity. They can wait til they get married to have sex. LOL. She loves his mouth and uses him all the time. He goes to work and makes her money and then he always pleases her. You can tell he is so desperate for her love and affection. In this clip she sits on his face and he licks her pussy til she cums. She demands him to go to work. WITHOUT WIPING HIS FACE! And then she lays in bed talking on the phone to a real man.


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Ava Kat Macy and Riley - Full Academic Year Blue Ball PArty

The girls have made their decision. Another semester in chastity for their beta! So now its time for a blue ball party. How HUMILIATING. The first semester went really well. He did everything they said. So, why not just leave him locked away for the next semester. That will be a full academic year in chastity! LOL Its going to be another semester full of chores, catering, cum eating and being laughed at by all the hot college girls.


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Sablique - Funsize Frank Dress Up Curtsy Training

Sablique has so much fun with her little fun sized slave. HOW EMBARESING for him! She humiliates him in so many ways. Today she is teaching him to curtsy. He is made to put on his frilly cute outfit and start practicing. Sabliques long legs and beauty will make you wish it was you she’s keeping in chastity.


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Anabelle and Riley - Chastity Specialist Check Up

Beta needs a chastity check up! Anabelle is just the person. Riley takes him in. Anabelle teases him and makes sure he has the perfect chastity so he will be a better beta!

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