Ava - JOI Chastity Acceptance Mesmerize

Part of a robust chastity regimen is periodic gooning and edging.  This clip is for a beta who knows chastity is for him to endure now or sometime in the future.  Useless as a man, it realizes chastity is his destiny.  If you are already in chastity, it is important to get release and periodically goon or edge but not cum!  Concerned Chastity Experts say that long term chastity with no teasing or edging leads to less production for the keyholder.  It is important to let the beta goon and build up frustration and then be locked back up.  Some great occasions to grant release are:  Beginning of Bikini season, before or after a pool party, after sex with boyfriend while holding condoms in mouth, before a hard rinse, or just for the fun of it.  Weekly gooning teases are probably the best!  This clip takes you through several edges with green lights and redlights.  The beta is constantly teased and humiliated throughout the clip.  Audio and text insults combine to reduce self-esteem while at the same time increasing sexual frustration!  Many audio cut-ins from several Brat Princesses!  If you like JOI and or chastity you will love this clip.  This clip will do a number on a beta! (14:44 long)


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Annabelle Ava and Eve - Beta Unit Sized Down at Princess Manor

It has been 4 months since the girls officially moved into Princess Manor. So, the girls take slave Fluffy in for a checkup. A chastity checkup. Because there is a huge issue. The other day when Eve was showering she looked out and saw his dick twitch. He does all his chores and everything they demand but still. It shouldn’t happen. It makes the girls feel uncomfortable. It probably means that his chastity is too big for him. Annabelle inspects it. It’s too big. He must try on other sizes. The smaller size looks a little better. Annabelle likes it because it pinches his balls.  He keeps trying on different sizes until they find the perfect size. The smallest one…is just right. Annabelle sends them on their way with the BETTER BETA WORKBOOK. Beta will be able to sit in his crate and have an activity to do while the girls are out with their boyfriends.

Always remember, girls shouldn’t have to deal with twitching. It’s unacceptable. The smaller, the better. Everything is great again at Princess Manor.


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Jazmin and Riley - Step-Brother gets Chastity Sized Down and Teased

Jazmin brings her stepbrother to a chastity expertise. He never listens to her. All she wants is for him to obey her. Its like he just doesn’t know how to listen. And he always has an opinion and its starting to piss her off. Riley knows exactly the problem. He needs a different chastity. One that will make him feel bad and really drive it in his head that he is nothing. She brings out new chastity cages. They are extremely small and one even has a pig on it! Sizing down will break him. No room. No erections. Just pain.


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Amber Lexi and Nika – Chastity Coach and Doctor

Nika’s boy cheated. So, she thinks his punishment needs to be CHASTITY. He needs to be locked up. He tells her NO and fights against it. So Nika threatens to take away his access to the bank account if he doesn’t. He is so disrespectful. It leaves Nika no other choice. She must take him to the chastity coach and doctor. Lexi is a chastity coach and Amber is a beta obedience doctor. They ask her why they came into the office today. Its because she realized she is too good for him. And now she is with his father, so he needs to be in chastity so he doesn’t get hard around her. Lucky for her, Amber and Lexi have helped THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of girls locking boys in chastity and making them behave. Its all about OBEDIENCE, MIND FUCKING and TORTURE. Lexi is really good at helping with strict chastity regimens. The girls show Nika the different sizes of chastity. They find the perfect one for this bozo. They make him go try it on. They inspect it and see that he will soon need a smaller size. They will shrink it in no time. The whole purpose is to shrink it. He complains. Nika suggests an emergency castration. They do that on rare occasions. Hopefully they can fix him before it turns into an emergency. Nika takes a pic of him wearing his chastity and sends it to his father! LOL Now that Lexi has figured out the chastity situation its time for Amber to start fixing his behavior. He needs it….bad. She relaxes him with her words to clear his mind and give him a normal instinct. As she speaks the more obedient and submissive he becomes. When she counts down to 10 he will be completely unaware of what is going on. All he will know is that Nika is in charge.


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Ava - Chastity Device Stress Test

Chastity devices are only effective if they prevent erections.  The smallest device possible that can be fit on the male when flaccid is installed.  Males will sometime fidget with their chastity in the acquaintance stage.  This is called ‘tugging’.  Beta’s will tug at their chastity devices out of frustration and pain.  Tugging can compromise chastity integrity.  Long term chastity in excess of months can cause the beta cock to get even smaller.  If the beta cock gets too small, it can possible slip out of chastity.  This is called “shrinkage slip”.  Tugging, shrinkage slip, and other chastity issues can cause chastity failure.  Chastity failure can lead to unauthorized erections.  By law only erections authorized by the keyholder are allowed.  Routine chastity tests should be done by the keyholder on their beta.  This is easily done while the keyholder is getting dressed for a date, after sex with boyfriend where the cuck could see or hear her, or when the beta is rubbing oil on the keyholders ass.  After these activities, the keyholder should inspect the chastity device for any sign of failure.  Normal beta cock in chastity in an excited state should look smashed and confined by the device.  Check for any sign of pre cum, (chastity tears), leaking from tip.  This is considered normal and his desired.  Normal whimpering is expected and desired. However whining or foot stomping should be addressed with physical punishment.

In this clip Ava, teases her cuck without mercy and inspects the chastity.  She rubs her ass up against him.  She makes him suck her thong while on his knees!  How humiliating!    The clip also has audio cut ins reminding the beta about how important chastity.  The clip ends with a 2-minute slow motion solo tease with JOI and mocking.  This edging ends in a blue ball and the beta is told to lock himself back up as soon as the clip is over.  Clip has numerous audio clips of many other Brat Princess stars! 

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Ava and Kat - Backed up Chastity Slave Cums while Locked up

Slave Fluffy is so desperate. All he wants is release. But he knows he won’t ever be able to get out of chastity. This is his fate. Being teased everyday by hot girls and never can get hard. Just having his brain melt from the agony. He is a foot slut and loves worshipping asses. His chastity hurts him. He is so turned on he can’t take it anymore and boom jizz squirts out through chastity. This little beta just came hands free without a hard dick. Guess who has to clean it up? HIS MOUTH! Now he is a cum eater.


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Amber - New Keyholder gets her First Old Slave Part 2

In part two of this clip, I surprise my NEW Old loser slave with a gift.... SPHERES! I got it spheres!!! Its this super cool device that I found on some foreign website that you put on a losers head and hands. Its funny how helpless it is when its wearing the spheres. But to really get this dummy excited, I let it smell and worship my bare feet! I continue explaining all the chores it's gonna have to do, like licking up my spit off the floor and frequent foot worship. If this idiot thinks this is some sort of "retirement home" then its got a rude awakening ahead. The constant torment and humiliation will leave little to no time for this loser to rest, serving me is a FULL TIME JOB! I'm talking 24/7 servitude (which is why I practice training it to get out of its cage as FAST AS IT CAN when I press its BALL SHOCKER! lol) I teach slave Andy its brand new position, VULNERABLE! Its a beta pose that puts them in an open position. Once it has its new commands down, I stuff it inside the spheres for my one amusement, taunting and tormenting my new old slave hahaha

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Ava and Sablique – Beta Taken to a New Level of Submission

Ava takes her beta to the slave expert. Sablique, specializes in checking in on the slaves of the BP house. From checking chastity to checking on financial debt and over all obedience of the slave. She checks and makes sure he is working enough hours and giving her right amount of money each week. She shows Ava a cool new ball shocker. It vibrates and shocks. But they won’t be using the nice vibration. Straight to shocking. Fluffy sits on his knees in chastity with the ball shocker around it and a gag in his mouth. They shock him over and over til he is drooling on the floor. Ava loves this device. She can clip the remote right on her outfit! Next, Sablique brings out the spheres. She loosens the screws on the sides and puts Fluffys hands inside. She puts the larger one over his head. He can’t see and he can’t use his hands! How funny!!! Sablique shows Ava the funnel that goes directly into the sphere. You can use him as a human ashtray, urinal or even spit in it so he can have a little drink! She brings out a cool transportation device and shows Ava the benefits of using it. These new devices are definitely going to go to good use. Looks like Fluffy is in good condition!

  • Princess Crystal


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CD - Cucks Chastity Teased Before Worshiping Pussy

Cameron’s Cuck has been in chastity a few weeks.  He hates it, but Cameron loves having his key.  Cameron has been so generous allowing him out for 30 min a day to maintain his hygiene.  Cameron has to monitor him while he washes.  She wants to ensure he isn’t touching himself too long.  Cameron teases his aching balls.  She tells him he’ll have to be in chastity much, much longer.  Cameron strokes the device.  The cuck watches Cameron stroke the plastic tube around his cock, but can’t feel a thing.  She reminds the cuck he should be grateful he is kept in chastity.  No girl would ever want to fuck him anyway.  At least this way women can be comfortable around him.  Cameron instructs the cuck to worship her pussy while she enjoys a cup of tea.  Cameron rocks back and forth as the cuck licks her until she cums.  Cameron says that the best thing about the cuck is still his money, but he isn’t a bad pussy licker. (10:04 long)

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Riley - Boyfriend Convinced to try Locktober (Beginning of FLR)

*FLR – Female Led Relationship

*Locktober - Being locked in your chastity device for the whole month of October


Riley and Ezra have been dating for 3 months now. They just got back from a really nice dinner. Riley sits and has her feet rubbed by her boyfriend. They talk about how great everything is going with their relationship. That’s when Riley mentions Locktober. Ezra is intrigued. He is taken back and shocked by how someone could be locked up for a whole month. Riley thinks this will make their relationship more intense and passionate. Ezra agrees, maybe they should try it. The thought of not being able to cum or get hard is giving Ezra such an intimidating feeling. He goes and tries on chastity. Its not too bad. Its tight and he knows if he gets hard it will probably hurt but it seems fun. He already bows down to Riley and is more submissive in the relationship. But once he handed over the key to Riley he is now completely in her despair and put into submission for good. Riley is now in control and this relationship is 100 % female led. Riley starts to tease him. She rubs the outside of his chastity and pulls up her skirt and rubs her fat ass against it. Riley wants to really put it to the test by making Ezra get on his knees and lick her pussy til orgasm. Lets see how tight chastity is now!


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