Jennifer and Sasha - Chastity Coach First Fitting

NOTE:  This clip previously unreleased!  The male responsible at the Memory Division of Brat Princess Video has been severely punished for almost losing this and other great soon to be released classic unseen clips. Enjoy!

1080 HD:  Sasha is very anxious to get her Beta danni to Jennifer the chastity coach for her appointment. Almost late for their appointment, Sasha pulls danni off the elevator and down the hallway.  Chastity Coach Jennifer warmly greats Sasha at the door.  A chastity coach helps first time betas in getting into chastity for the first time.  She helps its key holder make a purchase decision on style and more importantly sizing.  She also offers the beta with affordable counseling services to help cope with a strict chastity regimen.  Depression and frustration are the usual problems. 

In this clip danni is utterly humiliated as he is fitted for his chastity.    Sasha loves it! Jennifer has a happy Princess and a frustrated beta which is great for business.  It is so humiliating for danni. 

Sasha and Jennifer fans must buy this clip!  This is a great clip for chastity fans!

Nika - Bikini Princess has Chastity boy Orgasm with Feet then Lick it Up

Princess Nika looks incredible in her bikini. She asks her chastity boy to oil her up so the Alpha Males by the pool will fancy her. Nika wants her chastity boy to tell her how awful his life is. Her boy tells her that chastity is actually not so hard for him anymore because he has gotten used to it. Nika teases the chastity boy with her fingers. She doesn’t want chastity to get any easier, she wants it to get HARDER. Nika decides to let her boy out of chastity so that she can tease and deny him even more. She unlocks the cage and teases her boy with her bare feet. She knows how crazy her beta gets for feet. Nika oils her soles and allows her beta to fuck her feet. Nika laughs at her boy while he humps her soles. It reminds her of a horny chihuahua her mom used to have. Nika allows her little humper to come on her toes. Then, he has to lick it up for Princess’ amusement. So pathetic! Nika locks her beta right back into chastity so that they can head down to the pool and she can find a real man to fuck her. (13:31 long)


Lily and Macy - Rich Heiresses Lock-Up Skinny Punk They Find in the Mall

Macy and her sister, Lily, are just coming back from their daily trip to the mall. Today they found nothing that they wanted, except for a skinny punk boy outside playing guitar for loose change. The little punk might make a nice plaything, so the wealthy sisters decide to bring him back to their enormous house. The skinny boy marvels at how nice the sisters’ place is. Two hot, wealthy, blonde sisters. It appears he has found himself in a fortunate situation, but unfortunately for him, not so. The sisters only took him home to humiliate and control him. The sisters find out that the boy is homeless. He has been living in his friend’s car and busking. The wealthy sisters think that is both funny and pathetic. The sisters decide that they want to keep the little punk as their servant. They know that they can get someone so poor and desperate to do anything for even just the slightest creature comforts. The boy agrees to move in with the girls very quickly. They have not only a house, but a nice one with big televisions! The girls will allow the boy to enjoy the relative comfort of having shelter, but only if he agrees to wear a chastity device. The girls need to keep him locked so that he focuses on meeting their needs and not distracted by the potential sexual excitement of being around two hot blonde sisters. The pathetic punk boy decides to allow the sisters to lock him up and presents them with the keys. Macy and Lily tease the formerly homeless boy with her sexy bodies to make sure that the chastity device is working properly and preventing him from getting any erection. Satisfied that the chastity is doing the job the wealthy heiresses decide to let the little punk boy stay with them. (13:05 long)


Ivory and Kat - Chastity Cycling for Sorority Contest

Kat asked Ivory to help her train her idiot for this spring’s sorority chastity contest.  Kat has idiot locked in chastity tube and lets him out to edge for her.  After the old idiot gets to an edge, Kat gives the “chastity” command.  The old idiot now must get into its chastity tube as fast as he can.  Ivory times it.  The girls would like him to get it under 20 seconds tonight. Kat is the boss of the old idiot.  She decides.  She decided she wants the old idiot to squeeze into a Vice Mini chastity tube.  Ivory takes measurements before and after to show off how much compression the Vice Mini gives a male.  Kat wants to win: longest in chastity, shortest time edge to locked, tightest tube, and most edges in an hour.  The old idiot has a long tough winter obeying a strict chastity training regimen ahead of it.  

Kat - 5 Edges and then its the ATM for you

Kat is destroying this slave with chastity.  The long weeks of full chastity in this TPE relationship is really taking its toll on her old fool.  She only removes the torment of the cage so it can edge for her.  It makes her laugh.  The idiot almost cums when she dangles her shoe, but he holds off for her.  It edges with just a finger underneath the tip. LOL!  She wants 5 edges this time and then it’s the ATM.

Clip contains: Chastity, Edging, financial domination


Macy and Raquel - Macy Acquires a New Chastity Stray

Macy is hanging around Raquel’s office waiting for Raquel to take her lunchbreak. Raquel has one more beta to see before she can take her break. The beta comes into Raquel’s office for his appointment. He wants to be remeasured. He thinks that the Department of Beta Control made a mistake last time. Raquel is skeptical, but she agrees to remeasure the beta. She takes a caliper and measures the testicles. Very nice and swollen! Raquel orders the beta to remove its chastity cage. The beta now has five minutes to develop an erection so that he can be remeasured. If his dick truly is big enough, then he will no longer have to be labeled “beta” and can enjoy the full privileges of an Alpha. Macy is intrigued by the beta. She discovers that he is a stray without a Keyholder. The beta is remeasured, and of course, is determined to be too small to be considered Alpha. Macy takes a liking to the little stay beta and decides that she wants to keep him. The beta agrees to become Macy’s slave. Macy and Raquel start the paperwork to make the beta Macy’s property officially. They go over the terms of his agreement. Raquel tells Macy that she has another stray beta coming in after lunch. She wouldn’t be surprised if Macy wants to stay to meet him and take that one, too, the greedy girl. (10:58 long)


Lola - Chastity Teasing Test

Lola’s husband has been complaining of being kept in chastity too long. Lola disagrees, but decides to run a test. If her hubby can cum in the chastity device, then maybe he’s right and he’s been in long enough. But, if he can’t achieve orgasm from a little teasing, then he clearly is perfectly fine and can stay in chastity even longer. A submissive who is truly sexually desperate will be able to orgasm from just the slightest stimulation. Her husband is only allowed the stimulation of one finger through the chastity cage. She grinds on her husband’s face while stimulating him in chastity. Her husband gets very worked up and his erection throbs against its confines. He is on the edge of orgasm inside the chastity cage. Lola keeps him on the edge in chastity for a while. Her husband does not have an orgasm, proving her right. Lola decides that since she’s right, her husband can spend even more time in chastity. Then, she decides to have an orgasm using his face. Even though he isn’t allowed to cum, she of course, still can. She enjoys a nice orgasm on her husband’s face before sending him away to go sleep in the spare bedroom. (17:27 long)


Amadahy and Crystal - Danni Teased by Two Girls Way out of his League

Amadahy and Crystal are way hot. The hottest girls in the whole sorority, in fact, and totally out of danni’s league. They let him hang out with them anyway because they love to humiliate him. The hot girls make danni wear panties and a dress. They have locked him in chastity and Crystal wears the key around her ankle. The girls tease danni and make him massage and worship their feet. Danni has soft lips and soft skin, just like a girl. He’s not a man, and could never fuck a beautiful girl, nor is he a beautiful girl himself. He’s somewhere between a boy and a girl, and so his life is hard. The girls tease danni with their sexy bodies. Then, they tease him with the vibrator just like a girl. Amadahy sits on danni’s face while Crystal teases his chastity cage with the vibrator. Danni is so small. It’s very easy for him to be pushed around and used by girls, who are usually bigger and stronger than him. The girls give danni some pointers on how to act more feminine. He’s not ever going to be masculine, so femme will be a gender better suited for him. (10:14 long)



Nikki Brooks - Chastity Release Day Means You Get Ballbusted

It’s release day! Nikki’s cuck is very excited for his release from chastity, but Nikki’s bull thinks she shouldn’t release the cuck at all. Nikki’s bull has been bullying the cuck. Nikki comes to a compromise. She decides that she will release the cuck from chastity, but only for a ballbusting. From now on the cuckold will only be released from chastity for ballbusting. The cuck must thank Nikki for a release from chastity, even though he will not be getting to edge or an orgasm. One hard kick from Nikki’s black boots and the cuck drops to its knees. She toys with the cuck, psychologically tormenting him and kicking him in the testicles. The cuck is practically begging to be locked back up to escape the cruel abuse. Nikki ignores his pleas and instead changes into a second pair of boots to kick him with. (16:08 long)



Becky - Kneed in the Balls then Locked in Chastity and Facesat

Becky knees her slave in the balls just because she is hot, and she can. Hot girls can get away with whatever. She tells the slave to hold still while she kicks him. The ballkicking quickly tires Becky out, so she locks the slave back up in chastity and decides to take a rest sitting on the slave’s face. Becky giggles because, even in chastity, the slave’s erection won’t go away. Becky bounces and grinds on her slave’s face. Then Becky decides that she wants the frustrated chastity slave to lick her ass. The slave obeys and holds out its tongue for Becky to grind on. Becky demands that the slave lick her asshole for awhile while his chastity gets tighter and tighter. Goddess Becky is as seductive as she is cruel! (11:26 long)