Foot Worship

Riley - Brat Uses Her Feet to get Her Way

Meet Miss Riley! A gorgeous 20-year-old Brat new to the sorority but not new to using men twice her age!  In her first clip she meets Mr. Kim the chemistry teacher and finds out he has a thing for stinky feet!  She uses her stinky feet to intoxicate Mr. Kim to get her way!  You guys will love Riley!   This clip is 60 fps.


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Jennifer and Sasha - Foot Worship Training for new Chastity Slave

Next up for Danni is to learn to worship feet.  Jennifer puts Danni through his paces at first and then she quickly turns him over to Sasha.  The girls love to humiliate him with their feet.  Sasha decides to purchase a gift for Danni! 

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Kat - Slave Worships Feet After Princess

Princess Kat has her old fool foot slave right where she wants him. The idiot has been kept in chastity for weeks and now she teases him with her feet.  She sucks on her own toes and feeds them to her slave. He slurps up her spit from her toes! The slave is in foot heaven! She sucks on her own toes on one foot while the slave worships her other! She then teases his chastity tube while he watches her suck on her own toes. The old idiot agrees to take this extreme Brat Princess shopping at the end. No release for old foot freaks! (11:06 long)


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Ava and Chloe - Humiliate their Foot Slave Teacher

New Brat Princess Ava is new to the school.  She is a naturally very mean and demanding freshman that has no problems putting a teacher in place to get what she wants.  In this clip upper classman Brat Princess Chloe shows off what they have turned their chemistry teacher into.  They completely humiliate him with their feet.  Properly humbled, he will be an excellent servant for Ava this semester.


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Chloe - Beautiful Day Beautiful Feet and Old Loser

This clip shows the beautiful and bratty Princess Chloe relaxing on the deck texting her boyfriend while her old pathetic financial slave worships her feet.  Chloe's feet are absolutely beautiful and the close-ups are a foot fetishes dream!  The clips are really a celebration of the power a beautiful girl has over an old loser.  He is completely degraded.  Chloe is fascinated by the power her feet have over him.  She stares down and giggles as the old man tries to make her happy.  He is a grown man yet she controls him completely by her feet.  The clip finished with some full weight trampling on the hard deck.  The old small man struggled under her weight and Chloe finds this funny.  Her giggle is delightful as she looks down at the old male in agony. 

Clip Contains:  Chloe, foot worship, brat girls, female domination, trample


Technical:  This clip is just beautiful.  The audio was mixed in TrueTheater sound and will sound great on a sound system or high end headphones. 

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Chloe - Office Intern Bitch Takes Over

1080 HD:  The stupid male office manager made a mistake and hired Brat Princess Chloe as an intern.  In the 2 months Chloe was hired as an unpaid intern she has raised quite rapidly at the company.  She quickly turned the position into a paid one and became the boss.  Today is the day where She decides to fire the male Office Manager that hired her just two months ago.  She makes a deal for him to stay on with the company as long as he agrees to be the office foot slave for all the girls. First she makes her former boss smell her feet.  Another duty the male will have is to keep all the office girls shoes clean with his tongue.  The male licks Chloe’s heels clean hoping to somehow keep some sort of a pay check.  Chloe than make the male suck the sweat from her toes while also making him smell her feet.  Chloe then walks all over her boss literally.  She tramples him and fucks his face with her foot.  Then Chloe relaxes using the male foot slave as a lounge chair.  Chloe has completely taken over the office for the better treatment of female office interns.  They will never suffer from sore feet or dirty shoes ever again! (12:52 long)

Clip contains: Chloe, foot smelling, foot worship, trample, foot domination, foot gagging, office domination


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Nika - Princess Enjoys Foot Worship by the Pool

Nika enjoys a lollipop poolside. She takes off her sneakers and makes her beta smell them. Then he has to smell her socks. Nika tells her beta to drive her to her boyfriends after worship. The beta objects that he had planned to pick his sister up at the airport. Nika does not give a fuck about the beta’s sister. She is clearly more important than his stupid family. The beta agrees to abandon his plans and take Nika to her boyfriend’s. Nika makes the beta take off her socks and fucks his throat with her feet. He is going to have to wait in the car while Nika gets fucked by her boyfriend. And then, Nika reveals that she has talked to her beta’s female boss. He’s getting overtime! The beta does not want to have to work overtime. Nika doesn’t care! She’s taking 100% of his overtime pay and 50% of his regular pay. The beta is miserable, but what can he do? There is no place in the world for him. His life is terrible, but at least his tormenter is pretty and gives him a sense of purpose. (10:17 long)


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Kat and Lily - Worship our Feet Beta

Beta’s aren’t good for much, but they good for money, compliments, and foot worship. Kat shows off a beta she’s been keeping to her new friend, Lily. Kat makes her beta show Lily his tiny penis in his chastity device. Lily giggles. Kat shares her beta with Lily for foot worship. The beta is very humiliated to have Lily thrust her tiny size4 ½ feet into his throat. Kat’s dummy will do anything she says, and she and Lily just laugh and laugh at his idiocy. The worst thing about cruel people is that they always have friends. (10:20 long)



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Macy - Trains a slave to Worship feet for Her Pleasure

Macy wants to train her beta to worship feet the right way, for her pleasure. Sometimes Macy and her sister have very long days shopping at the mall and when they come home, they want to have their tired feet pampered. Macy is sometimes sweet and sometimes cruel to her beta. When she gets mad, she gags him with her toes. The beta is there to serve Macy and her sister. If he forgets his place or messes up, he will be back out on the street, so he better follow Macy’s instructions closely. (8:21 long)


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Lily and Macy - Heiress Sisters train Skinny Punk boy for Foot Service

Heiresses, Lily and Macy, are continuing their training of a homeless punk boy that they found busking for change in the mall parking lot. Today he is going to learn how to worship a rich girl’s feet. The sisters have him start by licking the dirt from their expensive shoes. The boy does not want to have to lick shoes, but he also does not want to be dismissed from his position and return to living in his friend’s car. The sisters talk about the hot guys they are fucking while ‘the help’ licks their shoes. After the girls have their shoes cleaned, they want their feet licked as well. The girls’ feet are very different in size. Macy wears a size 8, but her sister wears just a 4 ½! The help must clean both sisters’ feet. Macy wants to see if her sister can fit her whole tiny foot in the help’s mouth. She laughs as Lily shoves her foot in deep. After he cleans the rich girls’ feet, they make the poor boy gargle and swallow an old condom full of a random hook-up’s cum. The girls can’t believe the desperate boy actually swallowed! Being homeless must suck! They could seriously get him to do anything to avoid being back out on the street. (13:39 long)


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