Foot Worship

Amber - Simp Boy Tribute and Foot Training (Part 1 of 2)

Amber’s new simp boy is doing great for her!  First week as her keyholder and she took $300 quick from him.  So fun and so easy.  Boy is nervous around girls.  He is so frustrated that I wear his key around my neck and take his money.  This was his first tribute ceremony!   I taught boy how I like my tribute presented to me.  He got to lick my shoes clean!  No release this week for boy.  I want to see what I am working with before I get him on a edging schedule.  Boy smells my smelly socks and licks my shoes clean.  This will further put him in his place.  I will let him get use to the $300 per week drain before I raise it on him.  I really plan to get as much out of boy as possible this year.  He is a poor college kid and makes extraordinarily little and has just a tiny amount after I take my tribute. A lot less than an older sugar dummy male.  Boy is an investment.  He is such a nerd, he will probably get a very good job after college. That is when I plan to get a bigger payoff!  Sock sniffing and heel licking is what boy gets to do in this clip.

After only ONE WEEK of keyholding, Amber’s new simp boy’s chastity key, he’s already handed over $300! It’s honestly soooo easy to take money from this boy! He’s always so nervous around girls that he often forgets how to speak! HAHAHA It makes it even funnier when she takes his money because he’s too shy to try and negotiate. Amber tries really hard to make him squirm. She exerts her dominance over him by wearing his chastity key around her neck. He’s always glancing at it, as if he has hope that she will someday let him out LOL. You can totally see his frustration tho when she dangles the key in his face….. taunting and teasing him. During his first tribute ceremony, Amber taught boy how she likes her tributes presented to her. He even got to lick her shoes clean! She needs to see what she is working with before she gets him on an edging schedule, so obviously he’s not getting a release! Instead, boy gets to smell her smelly socks and feet. This will put him further in his place. Amber will let him get used to the $300 per week drain before she will randomly raise it on him… he’ll have no idea when it’s coming! Amber is really planning for the long term: get as much money out of boy as possible. Just a poor college student, barely able to live off the little extra money he has after Amber takes her cut. However, this nerd is an investment. Amber knows that he will eventually get a good paying job, and a much bigger payoff awaits Her!


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Alexa Kane – Worship My Feet Stepbrother

Alexa wants her stepbrother, Ben, to worship her feet. She knows just how to manipulate her brother into doing what she wants. Ben complains and puts up a fight, but ultimately, he knows that his little stepsister is in charge. Alexa loves finding all sorts of humiliating things to do to her stepbrother. Alexa is the boss! Boys are so stupid around pretty girls. They will always do whatever a pretty girl says! Alexa says to lick each toe. Ben will do anything to please his stepsister and keep himself from getting in trouble with his stepmother. His stepsister is always right! (12:04 long)



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Amber - Beta Worships Miss Ambers Perfect Feet

Amber makes little Danni worship her feet. She is so beautiful. Danni is very nervous around her. Amber gently plays with her soft blonde hair and giggles. She enjoys some red licorice candy while Danni works to please her with his mouth. Amber thinks Danni looks better with his face covered with her feet. Her feet are so pretty, and his face is so ugly. Amber looks at her phone ignoring the simp. She glances towards Danni and tells it how she wants it to lick her feet to make her feel good. Amber humiliates and makes fun of Danni. He is so dumb. Amber has to micromanage everything he does. Danni cannot think for himself or do anything right. It is clear that Amber hates him and will only keep him around to use him for whatever she can. Danni makes Amber very crabby with how stupid he is. She is going to attack his savings account in retaliation. (15:43 long)


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Amadahy - Get My Feet Clean before I wear My New Shoes (Foot and Shoe Worship)

Amadahy wants a loser to clean her feet with its mouth before she wears her new high heels. Amadahy enjoys a lollypop while the pathetic old loser worships her perfect feet. Amadahy enjoys having her feet worshipped. Worship from a loser always makes her happy. “Make out with my feet!” She tells him. The loser drools and gags. Amadahy giggles. Amadahy loves her new shoes. She makes the loser put the new shoes on her feet. She admires the new shoes on herself, then makes the loser worship them. Amadahy covers his face with her shoes. She gets some more money from the foot-obsessed loser to cover her night out with her girlfriends. The loser is old and stupid. Amadahy insults him, but the loser does not care. He’s too obsessed with feet and shoes to feel hurt by her words. Amadahy can literally walk all over the old loser. She spits phlegm into his mouth and the loser obediently swallows. (18:31 long)



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Lexi Chase - Worship Miss Lexis Perfect Feet

Miss Lexi Chase tests a loser for its foot worship ability. The loser must pay attention to learn how the Princess likes it done. Every Princess is different! It’s a beta’s responsibility to listen and discover what she likes. Lexi teases the beta with her ass. Lexi is such a tease! The beta must look at Lexi’s ass while it worships her feet. The beta is very excited to be worshipping the perfect Miss Lexi’s feet, but of course he is denied anything more from the perfect Princess! Lexi explains that the beta will only ever be a foot worshipper. Lexi spits on the beta and the beta thanks her. Lexi makes the beta agree to go into chastity. Lexi is half the size of the male, but the petite cutie has the big dumb oaf wrapped around her finger. (13:09 long)


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Macy - Another Date Goes Wrong for Danni

Macy and Danni have just had a nice first date. Macy loved the restaurant Danni took her to. Danni is happy that his beautiful date enjoyed the meal. Macy would like a second date with Danni, she has a few more restaurants on her list that she would like to try, but before they go out again Macy has something to tell Danni. It’s a little kinky secret. Macy loves having her feet kissed, licked, and sucked. She assures Danni that all of her past boyfriends have played with her feet. Macy tells Danni that kneeling in front of her will be the best position for him to give her the foot action she likes. Danni thinks that licking a foot is strange, but Macy insists that it turns her on. Of course, Danni wants to turn her on, so Danni goes ahead and tries kissing Macy’s foot. Danni feels weird, but Macy is the prettiest girl to ever go out on a date with him.

Macy is slowly grooming Danni to become her wallet, foot slave, and cuck, but poor Danni has no idea. Macy takes a few covert videos of Danni worshipping her feet and sends them to her “ex” boyfriend. After enjoying her expensive dinner and foot worship, Macy wants Danni to drive her over to her “ex” boyfriend’s house to collect a package that was “misdelivered.” Danni will be instructed to wait outside Macy’s “ex’s” house for as long as it takes for her to collect the “misdelivered” package. He’s becoming their cuck and is totally clueless! (16:44 long)



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Karly Salinas - Worship My Feet Mutt

Karly wants ‘pathetic mutt’ to worship her feet. She makes mutt lick and suck all her toes. Mutt worships Karly’s feet the way she wants. Karly is very bossy and bratty. Karly gets mad at mutt because he is an idiot. Everyone hates mutt, but at least he can lick a foot. It’s his only redeeming quality, and the only reason the girls keep him around. Well, his tongue and his money. Karly demands $400 from mutt. Mutt doesn’t have the funds available, but mutt Karly insists he take out a cash advance on his credit card. The idiot agrees! Girls hate mutt, but they love his money and it’s so easy to take it from him. (8:31 long)



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Sablique - Danni Auditions for a Porno

Danni has come for an audition. He wants to be in a porno. Sablique is auditioning new male prospects. Immediately Sablique notices how small Danni is. He is not at all the male porn star type. First, Sablique tricks Danni into a scenario where he gets on his knees and kisses her ass. Sablique reflects on Danni’s ass kissing ability. She wants to know that he can take direction. Danni is eager to prove that he can be a good listener, but when Sabliique asks him to kiss her shoes he is a little surprised. Is that what porn stars do? Sablique is very insistent and soon Danni is down on his knees kissing Sablique’s high heels. Then, Sablique wants Danni to kiss and smell her feet. Sablique tells Danni to open his mouth and soon her feet are deep inside. Danni is not sure what he has gotten himself into. This is not at all how he thought the porn audition would go. Sablique takes a few photos of her feet inside Danni’s mouth. She makes him lay on the floor and puts her pantyhose all over his face. Then, Sablique gets comfortable on the casting couch and makes Danni bury his face in her feet while massaging and smelling them. She makes Danni remove her pantyhose and lick her bare soles. Danni has to lick the wrinkles and arches of Sabliques feet. Meanwhile, Sablique sends Danni’s photos to some of the other people doing the porn casting. She giggles at their response. Soon Danni is kissing all over Sablique’s ass and feet. Danni asks when he will get to fuck. Sablique directs Danni to just keep kissing her feet for now. Sablique announces to Danni that he got a job in porn! Has he ever heard of a company called Brat Princess? (23:41 long)



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Christina - Foot worship by a cuck to an 18 year old Brat Princess (2020 Remaster)

This was one of the first videos Christina ever shot.   This clip is primarily foot worship but has some great Brat Princess dialog.  Christina really lets the older guy know she is not to be messed with.  She inspects the cucks chastity tube with her foot and shows him the key dangling from her belly ring.  Christina goes through the cucks chores while it licks and worships her toes.  Christina snacks on watermelon while the cuck licks her feet.  She teases the cuck with people food and spits right in his face.  It is so funny to Christina.  This is a great early video that Christina fans will just have to add to their collection.  Clip contains foot worship and brat princess chastity dialog and humiliation.  The video has some close-ups of foot worship as well for fans that like the close-ups.  Christina’s voice just sounds like a complete spoiled brat in this video.  (8:20 long)


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Ava and Natalya - Bratty Chit Chat while using Human Garbage Can

The girls are back from the gym and driving all the guys crazy with their outfits!  They chit chat and talk about their day while a slave licks the sweat from their feet.  The girls scrape their heels and feed the dust to it.  The tone is very bratty, and the slave is mostly ignored.  This clip is one you don’t want to miss!

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