Foot Worship

Jazmin Luv - My Feet are Your Dinner

Jazmin’s parents are out. She is left home with her step-brother. So basically she is his babysitter and is in charge of feeding him dinner. She crawls ontop of the table and surprises him with her feet. She loves getting her feet worshipped. They know their parents are going to get married soon so it looks like there is going to be a lot of foot worship happening. She noticed that his room is bigger than hers. So, she is going to take his bedroom. He can just sleep in the unfinished basement. He is eating his dinner right up like the good step-brother he is. He knows his step-sister is evil but he can’t help but give in to her. He doesn’t want to make her mad. After he sucks and licks on her feet she makes him foot soup. Dirty foot water and spit. He drinks it down. Part of her is now inside of him.


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Lexi - Foot Worship Manipulation Simp into Cuckhold

In this clip, Lexi looks radiant. She is outside in the wind with the sun shining down on her. Her hair is so long, and her red dress is so sexy. Her toe nails are painted white and are perfect. She sits there like a goddess and gets her feet worshipped. This pathetic loser simp loves worshipping her, taking her shopping, and making her his spoiled brat! Buying her everything she wants. He is so fucking lucky.


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Ava - Simp Beta Used as a Lounge Chair

It's a nice sunny day and I want to lay outside and get a good tan. Using my beta as a lounge chair while I make him clean and worship my feet. Taking selfies on my phone, talking about my alpha boyfriend, teasing my beta that's in chastity, and being a brat. This clip is super hot especially the hot pink revealing bikini that i'm wearing. If you're a foot freak and have a bikini fetish or big boob fetish you will love this clip!


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Eve - Stupid Beta Loves Worshipping Feet

Eve is a hot princess. Our slave is nothing in this world. All he is good for is worshipping feet, giving his wallet and serving us in any and every way possible. Eve sits on him like a lounge chair. She is hot wearing a black bra and blank panties. He is so lucky he can feel her ass on him. She shoves her mouth in and out of his mouth. He sucks the toes, he licks the soles and gets to hear Eve make fun of him and boss him around.


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Lexi - Foot Gagging and Beta Humiliation

Lexis petite body sits on top of this stupid nerd. She shoves her feet in his face and bullies and humiliates him. Lexi has a boyfriend. And he is HOT. He is smarter, funnier stronger and BETTER than her loser slave. She wants to make sure he knows how pathetic he is. So she gags him with her beautiful [rincess foot. Her slave has to pay for stuff, do chores and worship her. Meanwhile her boyfriend just gets to fuck her. AND HE DOESN’T HAVE TO WEAR CHASTITY!


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Nika – Demanding Brat Lectures Foot Worshipping Boy

Nika is extremely pleased with boy. He has been sending double tributes and even paying his debt on time! However, she wants him to be more aggressive at work. Demand over time and work harder!!! She just wants to make more money off of him. Maybe she should exploit him. Maybe even make him suck dick and gag on it like he does her foot. He won’t have a say or an opinion in any of it. She is happy but could be happier. Things could always be better, he can be better. There is always room for improvement. She is going to push him to his limits and take and take. Shes going to keep him so horny and hard and stuck in chastity so she gets more!


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Jazmin Luv - Bratty Stepsister Puts Brother in Chastity

Jazmin’s mom married Fluffy’s dad a few weeks ago after a very short engagement.  He was an easy mark.  Jazmin and her mom are really taking over these betas’ lives.  Fluffy finds out in this clip that just like his father is kept in chastity by Jazmin’s mom, he to will be kept in chastity by his stepsister.  He is so submissive he hardly puts up a fight.  Jazmin summons fluffy and after some foot worship she lets him know her plans.  After he is locked up Jazmin lets fluffy know the situation he is in. 

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Kat Kaylie and Natalya - Nerd Worships Smelly Gym Feet


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Ava - Blonde Brat Bitch Humiliates Simp Nerd Boy with Feet

If this loser simp uses his teeth, Ava is going to kick him in the face. SUCK ON MY BIG TOE! LICK MY PERFECT ARCH, she says as he tries to makeout with her princess feet. Ava just got a new phone and she wants to test out all the features the phone has to offer, so she takes vids and pics of him! At least he is useful in some way. Watch Ava look hot, mean and beautiful as her slave worships her feet.


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Amber and Ava - Dirty Feet and Dirty Flip Flop Cleaning

The girls are outside relaxing in their cute new swimsuits. Ugly beta slave just finished doing all his chores. He should have done them faster though because their shoes are so dirty! He cleans them with his tongue and with their spit. They spit on their shoes so he can slurp it up while he licks the dirt off the bottom of them. Amber even goes and jumps in the grass to get them dirty again! So funny. Sometimes he even gets face slapped because he is so ugly!!!!


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