Foot Worship

Mia - Beautiful Princess gets Foot Worship from Loser

Mia looks amazing. She sits on her furniture slave and has it worship her perfect Princess feet. Mia’s slave is very stupid. It only does as it is told. Mia tells it to stick out its tongue and get in between her toes. She takes pictures of the slave looking stupid and ugly. Mia yells at the simp for not licking her feet right. She hates her worthless beta male so much! If he doesn’t do as she says she will turn him into a toilet. A beta’s life sucks! (11:22 long)


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Ivory and Kat - Despised Loser must Worship their Feet

Ivory and Kat hate their pathetic loser. They hate everything about him, but especially his ugly face. The loser must always wear a hood around the pretty girls. His hideousness is just too offensive. Kat and Ivory want the ugly, old, loser to lick their feet. The lowest part of their body is the only place he can approach and worship. The girls make the ugly loser gag on their feet. They laugh. He is trying so hard to make them happy! How pathetic. The girls kick the idiot in the face when he makes a mistake. The idiot takes it. He’s so desperate to serve! The girls are very mean to their foot worship slave and the pathetic idiot just takes it. They kick him in his face very hard while telling him how much they hate him. (11:47 long)


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Isabella Nice - Makes a Locked Loser Worship her Feet

Isabella Nice enjoys some candy while a locked loser has to worship her feet. She is very mean to the loser and yells at it. Izzy hates losers. The loser is actually her stepbrother and their guardians have put Izzy in charge. When the parental guardians are away Izzy gets very mean to her stepbrother and makes him lick her feet. Izzy decides to not let her stepbrother out of chastity. No reason. Just because she says so. Izzy is so mean to her stepsibling! (9:50 long)



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Mia - Lick my Heels and Feet Loser (1080 HD)

1080 HD Mia tells her loser to “get to it!” She wants the soles of her shoes to be very clean and it is the loser’s job to lick all the dirt. Then, she wants the loser to take off her shoes for her and lick her feet. He has to lick her feet while looking at her perfect butt. Mia yells at the freak while forcing it to gag on her pretty feet. She wants her feet to be very clean, but the loser is not up to Mia’s standards. It must get in between all her toes. She spits in his ugly face and makes him thank her for it. Mia giggles. “You are dumb!” Mia cannot believe what a pushover this idiot is. He even lets her just spit in his face! What kind of weak moron will not defend itself! Mia decides that this loser is just pathetic enough to be turned into a human toilet. It will have to be a toilet for all the girls in the house. (13:17 long)


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Adrienne - Abuses a Foot Obsessed Loser

Adrienne notices her brother’s dorky friend looking at her shoes and feet. What a weirdo. She tells the weirdo to take off her shoes and smell her feet. Adrienne thinks that her brother’s friend is lame and stupid, but it is very funny to her to tease him with her stinky feet. Her brother’s friend is over at their house all the time, and Adrienne thinks that he is stupid and annoying. She is going to make the little lame loser suck on her feet all the time now. Adrienne shoves her feet deeper down the loser boy’s throat. He starts simpering. Very pathetic. Adrienne is going to tell everyone about this. She is going to humiliate him with her feet all the time now. Girls do not like to be ogled and this is what loser boys get when the ogle hot girls (especially if it’s something as weird as their feet). Adrienne knows that her brother’s friend works as a grocery bagger and cashier. He makes minimum wage, but Adrienne wants everything he earns. All $350 a week. The simple boy complains and tries to fight her, but Adrienne cannot be stopped. She wants it and he’s going to give it to her. If he does not, she will get angry and no one wants to see a pretty girl angry. Adrienne bullies the boy into giving over his dignity and his paycheck. He complains that he will not have money for food, but Adrienne tells him that he can always find things in the dumpsters. Adrienne takes a few humiliating pictures of the little dork to show her girlfriends. What a loser! (12:05 long)


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Marie - Makes Mutt Worship her Feet (1080 HD)

1080 HD Marie wants her feet worshipped. She makes her beta, Mutt, worship them for her. Marie is very mean to Mutt. She keeps it locked in chastity. Mutt has to do whatever she says. It is a beta’s job to do whatever girls tell it to. Marie gags Mutt with her feet. She is a little disgusted by him, but the beta is good for a laugh. Mutt wants to get out of the chastity device, but Marie says no. She wants each of her toes sucked. Marie tells Mutt to take out another line of credit. She wants him to get a store card for her favorite store in the mall. She will use his new credit line to get some new outfits to wear for her boyfriend. Mutt is going to go into debt, but he has no choice. “The whole world is in debt!” Marie assures him. It’s very important for Marie to look good for her boyfriend and this gives the beta-mutt some purpose. It’s decided. They are going to the mall and Mutt is taking out a new line of credit. He will also have to wait outside the dressing room and tell Marie which outfits he thinks her boyfriend will like best. (13:31 long)



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Ivory and Kat - Condom Dump in the Fat Losers Mouth then Worship

Kat and Ivory do not want to even touch the plate of used condoms they have waiting to dump into the mouth of their fat old loser. Mariah coaxes them to just do it for the shot. The girls on camera hesitantly pick up full condoms to dump into the fat loser’s mouth. They are all so disgusted. The girls take photos for their boyfriends. It’s gross but they know that their boyfriend’s will think it’s funny. The girls don’t want to touch the stinky old condoms, but it’s much worse for the fat loser who has to swallow their contents. The girls take a lot of photos of the fat loser with the now empty condoms in its mouth to send to their boyfriends.

Later on, the girls want the fat old loser to worship their feet. When Goddess Platinum is away Kat is in charge of him. Kat wants to share him with her girlfriend Ivory. They have been out all day and want him to worship their smelly feet. If the loser does not do what they want, they will punish him more full condoms. The girls pass him back and forth using his mouth for worship. They kick him in the face and push their feet into its mouth. He is old and stupid but he’s good for a laugh. Humiliating fat old losers is very fun for hot young girls. When the girls are done using his mouth for worship they will dump even more condoms into it. He begs not to be force-fed more cum, but he should be happy! Fatty gets to eat! (16:37 long)


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Kat and Nika - Make Mutt Worship their Feet after Losing

1080 HD Nika is so happy that she made out so well in arbitration. Nika tells her girlfriend, Kat, all about Mutt trying to sue her. The girls laugh at how dumb it was for a beta to try to stand up to a Princess. The girls laugh at his stupidity while making him worship their feet. The girls enjoy candy while the boy on a leash sucks on their toes. Nika and Kat laugh at how Mutt will soon be homeless. Mutt has given so much of his pay to Nika that he can no longer afford his rent. The payments are now court ordered, so Mutt really has no recourse. The girls torment him with their feet. They aggressively fuck his throat and gag him. Nika tells Kat about how she has legally changed his name to “Pathetic Mutt.” The girls use Mutts mouth so aggressively tears come to his eyes. “Pathetic Mutt is crying!” the girls taunt as they laugh. Nika tells Kat about how sometimes she lets Alpha have his way with Mutt’s throat. She’s even trained it to swallow the cum! Nika makes Mutt “woof” whenever she commands. Mutt weekly “woofs” for the girls. Nika produces yet another of her boyfriends used condoms. The girls take the at load and Force-feed it to Mutt. Nika reminds Mutt that he is a loser and as a Princess she will ALWAYS WIN! This is one of the cruelest and most humiliating foot worship clips ever! (10:37 long)


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Ivory and Kat - Best Friends Foot Worship Game (1080 HD)

1080 HD Ivory wants to teach Kat a new game. It’s a game she used to play with one of her other best friends. Ivory tells her that she will teach her, but that she has to keep the game a secret. Kat agrees to play. This is how to play the game: whatever Ivory does to Kat’s feet Kat has to do to Ivory’s. Ivory starts stroking and rubbing Kat’s feet and Kat does the same to Ivory’s. Then, Ivory starts kissing Kat’s toes. Ivory reminds Kat that the game needs to be kept a secret. The grownups would get upset if they knew what they were doing together in Ivory’s bedroom. After Kat promises that she will keep everything a secret Ivory starts licking Kat’s toes. Kat follows along and licks Ivory’s. The girls love playing their game and they both start to moan with pleasure. “I can’t tell what I like more, licking yours or having you lick mine.” Says Ivory. Kat giggles. She is having fun, too. The girls roll around on the bed worshipping each other’s feet until they hear a knock at the door. The girls quickly sit up and pretend like they were not doing what they just were. (11:28 long)


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Nika - Smell my Stinky Gym Feet

Nika’s just finished her work out! You know what that means. Stinky, sweaty, socks and funky feet. Nika makes Fluffy smell her sneaker and feet. Fluffy is humiliated but does what he is told. Nika has fluffy locked into chastity and it has made him very compliant. Nika makes Fluffy lick the sweat from her feet. Nika giggles while she puts the beta to work licking and sucking the salt from her soles. After her feet have been cleaned Nika tells the beta that all the juice heads at the gym loved the leggings outfit that he bought her. She loved the attention from them so much that she wants her beta to buy the same outfit for her in every color. After demanding more leggings Nika tells the beta to get ready to smell her sweaty ass. (This video contains three minutes of footage of Nika’s work out.) (13:45 long)


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