Foot Worship

Harley and Kendall – Foot Slave Tryout

A loser slave sent an emailing saying how much he loves feet and begged to come and tryout foot worship. Its funny because they are gonna take all of his money and make him their new ATM and shoe cleaner. That’s what they do. Make slaves in debt. LOL.  They teach him to lick bottom to top and to suck each toe. They even step on him and his throat and make him continue licking and sucking their feet. Its almost like his mouth was made for their feet. This is what he now lives for. This is what he gets for being a loser.


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Mariah – Bratty Sorority Girl Dominates a Beta Simp with Feet

Mariah is in college. She always walks into her morning class and her coffee is always sitting there waiting for her. All the nerds in college bow to her. They know that she is a Princess and should always be treated like one. Having her coffee waiting will help her have a better day. She doesn’t even need to do her homework because she can just find a simp to do it for her if she doesn’t feel like it.  But today this dumb ass boy got her coffee order wrong ! How dare he not listen to her order. It is so important that he gets everything just right. The right amount of pumps and the correct flavors! He had one job and he failed. So, Mariah lets him know his wrong doings. He is a better listener when her foot is in his mouth. It’s a little punishment for being so stupid. Sucking each and every toe. Licking them clean. After all, she had a long hard day at college and didn’t even have coffee! Next time he messes up he will have to stay in the basement and be on toilet duty in the morning for all the girls.


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Amber - What You Need is a Key Holder

Amber tells this disgusting Beta that he is worthless and has no meaning in life. Which is obvious. If he doesn’t have a key holder then what is the point of his existence? I have multiple betas that I control. I love being a key holder. And Amber does too. Thank god she is here to teach this failure how to get a key holder. He is disgusting. He reminds me of my beta. Small dicked, ugly and selfish! Sometimes they are so selfish because they start enjoying doing things for us like sucking our sweaty feet or doing chores for us. We make them so weak in their little cages that they start being obsessed with catering to us. Which is stupid. We don’t ever care about their happiness. Its all about us and the satisfaction we get from being superior and getting whatever we want.

  • Princess Crystal


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Amber and Nika - I Want to Speak to Your Manager

These days it is not uncommon to see a Beta being dragged store to store on his knees with his wallet in his mouth. They are called Mutts. The girls are just out shopping like they normally do. They tell their Mutt to go get them something but he is so fucking stupid that he gets lost and the sales associate finds him and returns him. Amber and Nika are so disgusted by the ugly shoes at the store. They want to speak to the manager! Apparently, the manager is a big idiot. Fortunately for him he gets dominated by his sexy sales associate. The girls yell at the manager and want to know why the hell they have such shitty shoes. He is embarrassed for trying to sell ugly shoes. He assures them that he will give them a tongue clean guarantee for life! So, he starts cleaning them immediately so he can show the girls his loyalty. Meanwhile, Amber and Nikas pathetic mutt is sitting there figuring out why his credit cards are all maxed. Maybe if he worked harder and had more money he wouldn’t be so embarrassed that all his credit cards are being declined!


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BP - Bad Beta

Amber, Nika and Riley make Fluffy lick their shoes and worship their feet. The girls have nanny cams installed in their rooms so they can spy on their slaves when they aren’t home to see if they are behaving. Fluffy didn’t know he had been being watch by Nika. He had been sniffing her underwear and socks like the stupid Beta he is. Fluffy is shocked when he finds out he has been being watched. He has to say sorry and now buy her all new stuff because he decided to touch her things. Fluffy begs for forgiveness while sucking and licking their heels. Worshipping their feet and being spit on isn’t a good enough punishment. He deserves more bullying.

After Fluffy was informed about being caught on camera, he tries pleasing the girls. But nothing he does in life is ever good enough. His presence annoys the girls and their anger and annoyance level raises. So their rage comes out and they step on him, slap him, spit on him and verbally abuse him. Maybe he will learn to not be such a creep.


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Mariah and Riley – Sweet Spitty Feet

After a long day of using their slaves wallet the girls are ready to relax and get their feet worshipped and licked clean. They have been shopping for 12 hours. Their feet are hurting and super sweaty. Their slave cleans their feet with his tongue. They both are sucking a sucker so when they spit on his face its sweet. The only thing he is good for in this life is getting spit on and being a foot cleaner.

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Mia - Exfoliates feet into slaves mouth
Princess Mia files her foot over slave as he lays below her worshipping and kissing her beautiful foot and toes. After she is done, she then pours her exfoliated foot skin into his mouth. He must wait to swallow until Princess says. He is very lucky to have the honor of eating her foot scrapings.
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Amber and Lexi - Use their Houseboy Mutt (Foot Worship)

Amber and Lexi have little Danni as their household slave. He is locked in chastity and must do whatever they tell him to. They call Danni “Mutt” and are very mean to him. Danni is overwhelmed with the amount of work. He is very stressed. The girls keep him busy with a lot of chores and they are constantly interrupting him to make him worship their feet. The girls love foot worship and require it from “Mutt” multiple times a day. Danni does not like the treatment, but what can he do? He is just a loser. The girls spit on his face and laugh at him. They will never treat him with dignity or respect. Mutt gets what he deserves.

The girls can’t tell if having a servant like Mutt makes their life easier or harder. He is such a pain to manage. He is just not as attentive as they would like. The girls decide to put a shock collar on his balls. That will make him pay more attention! Mutt does not want to wear a shock collar, but a pathetic mutt should be grateful for a home and whatever attention it gets. When the girls are done getting their feet worshipped, they send Mutt away to go clean their rooms. Amber’s boyfriend is coming over and they will need Mutt to do even more tasks before and while Amber’s boyfriend visits. (17:06 long)


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Riley - Makes Mr Kim Worship her Feet

Miss Riley enjoys using Mr. Kim. She makes him go to the mall and buy her presents. When they come home from the mall Mr. Kim is allowed to worship her pretty feet. Mr. Kim does not like to be publicly humiliated by Miss Riley, but he cannot stop her. The young brat will get her way! Mr. Kim loves Riley’s feet. He’s weird. Miss Riley laughs at how stupid Mr. Kim looks with her feet in his mouth. Miss Riley is so much younger than Mr. Kim and yet she is in charge! Riley is the boss of him, and Mr. Kim will have to do whatever she says. Old fools always get owned by pretty girls. (11:01 long)


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Natalya - Smell and Worship My Feet

Natalya’s feet get so sweaty and stinky in the winter. She makes her foot slave inhale the scent. Then, she makes him lick her smelly toes. Natalya loves having her sweaty feet worshipped. The foot slave will never get pussy. It must lick feet instead of pussy because it does not deserve the latter. Natalya reminds the slave that her feet are the lowest part of her, the part that touches the dirty ground. Very pathetic that the only part of her that he is allowed contact with is the lowest and dirtiest. Natalya pushes her foot very deep into the foot slave’s mouth. Today is the day that she will begin to toilet train the filthy foot slave. The foot slave is very sad. It is a foot slave and a cuckold already, but now it must become her toilet as well. (14:01 long)


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