Foot Worship

Ava - Live in Beta Cuck Simp Foot Worship and Humiliation
In this clip I have my cuck worship my feet while i'm wearing sexy red lingerie waiting for my boyfriend to come home. I record videos on my phone and humiliate him while he's worshipping my feet. Maybe you've even watched the mini clips or my live video when he was worshipping my feet during this clip. Being a complete brat because I want to. He pisses me off at times so I have to yell at him and get more aggressive with my tone and actions. Sticking my feet deep down his throat making the idiot gag lol. Demanding him to lick where I want him to lick on my foot, in between my toes, up and down the arch, or the heel. Then I make him lick my dirty heels till they are all clean. If you wonder what its like to be my live in cuck and worship my feet then you will love this clip! It really gives you a glimpse at my everyday life.
- Ava
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Amber and Ava - Red Stocking Foot Worship Makes Beta Weak

Long beautiful legs, bright red stockings and 2 mean bitches shoving their feet in a losers face. He is weak. So weak.


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Kat - Lingerie Wearing Brat Humiliates Mutt with Feet

Sexy blonde brat Kat Soles is bored before her boyfriend hangs with her. So, she has time to spare. She has had her beta locked up for a while now. He wakes up every morning with his dick ready to bulge out. It hurts him! Kat dangles her feet around his chastity and shakes her ass in his face. She wants to see how bad she can make his chastity ache. She puts him through extreme teasing with her feet and sexiness. Her feet are actually dirty, so she makes him use his tongue and clean them. While he does that, Kat thinks it’d be entertaining to gag him with her feet. She shoves her foot down his throat. His face turns bright red as he gags and drools. What a good boy! He gets right back to cleaning her feet. He even sucks the heels. This loser just wants to be able to get a hard dick. It sucks so bad being so teased and turned on but can’t even get hard, rub it, or cum. She continues teasing him. But only teasing! He will never be freed. He will always be at her feet weak.

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Lexi – Foot Worship Bikini Bitch

SUCK ON THEM! Says Lexi as she lays on the lounge chair looking sexy with her foot in this losers face. Lexi keeps giggling. She knows it makes him so weak cause she is wearing a thong and he has a perfect view of her ass. She gives him demands on how to suck on them and worship them. He is so lucky.


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Amber - Beta Boy Used as Shoe Cleaner and Rack
I'm training in this new beta boy to be useful for me when I throw parties and stuff. In this clip, I am teaching it to be a shoe rack for all of my guests. This means it has to be able to hold A TON of shoes at once, and NOT scuff them up with its ugly teeth. Its SUPER tedious working teaching this loser to how to hold my heels the right way. It even DROPPED one of my shoes wall I was piling them into its mouth. (ew!!!!) But it will have to replace any heels that get scuff marks on it, so I'm not too worried, I just really don't want it to embarrass me in front of my friends.
This idiot is proving to be TOTALLY useless, so I have to get creative in order to use this thing at my party. Luckily I'm not just super hot, but super smart too, and come up with the idea of using it as furniture AND a shoe rack at the same time! This ends up working out even better because I my shoes will be attached to my chair and won't get lost.
- Amber
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Chloe and Princess - Weak Submissive Teacher Dominated by Strong Confident Women


Its time for a foot rub! Mr. Kim is so pathetic he gets right on his knees and is SO excited to get started. He is a foot slut. He starts by cleaning their high heels. He is a sucker for a sexy pair of heels.   He loves princess feet. He takes turns licking the heel and sucking the toes. Its so funny because he is a teacher and his female students control his life and turn him into their bitch.  He has to do what the pretty girls say!

This clip is for anyone who loves foot/high heel worship and loves the thought of student/teacher play.


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Eve - First Time Domme Feeling Her Power

Eve is our newest member of the Brat Princess sorority. She is petite and brunette and super sexy. We could tell from the beginning she was going to be a natural. Ava has been showing her the ropes and showing her how to treat betas and how they should treat us! Eve has this beta loser in chastity and she has the key. She sits there and humiliates him while he is on his knees thankful that he gets to even look at her. He worships her feet. Every girl must get their feet worshipped. Because we are goddesses and we are way more superior than these little losers. Watch Eve start finding her powers.


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Lexi and Nika – Bullying of Lizzy with Feet and Humiliation

Lexi and Nika are hot as fuck. LEVEL 1 GIRLS. Lizzy is not hot, so she is a LEVEL 2. The girls worked out so hard today. Time to torment Lizzy and make her smell and clean their sweaty feet. LOL She is so pathetic. And will do anything they say. Cause they make the rules, and she wants to be just like them. She is nothing like them though. Look at her clothes! How disgusting and embarrassing. Anyways, the girls really bully her. They are so mean to her and push her around, smack her with their feet and even mess up her ugly hair. And if that isn’t bad enough, they gag her with their feet. Its like she is in a foot gang bang. Which is good practice cause wait until you hear what her next task will be !


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Ava and Eve – Mean Girl Heel Cleaning and Humiliation

The girls are bored time to play with beta. They yell for him to come in the room. He must get on his knees. He can never be taller than the girls. Ava and Eve are so mean. They make fun of him and make him clean their heels with his mouth. I mean, look at him. That’s what he fucking deserves. Now he better suck the heel. He sucks it like he is sucking dick. He is used to sucking dick. OMFG, he scratches Avas heel with his stupid gross teeth while he was deep throating. This is all his fault. The girls spit on him and face slap him. Ava walked through the garden today. So he has to clean them. This is a serious matter. After this cleaning session he is left with 2 options. Number 1, be used as a human toilet all day or number 2 eat their boyfriends used condoms. Which will he pick? Find out!

  • Great clip for someone who enjoys feet/heels, spitting, slapping and humiliation!


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Ava Kat Macy - Foot Slave Required to Smell Feet All Day Part 2

The girls had such a hard day today. Kat went shopping and Ava even went to the beach! Ugh. Looks like day 2 for beta. Time to sniff, smell and worship the girls feet. This time his mouth is wrapped and covered so he has no choice but to only inhale their feet through his nose and not even get fresh air through his mouth. He is such an idiot. INHALE DEEPER!!!!! Hopefully it burns. Inhale and worship every part. The heel, the toes, the arch. Really get in there.

Foot sniffers are going to love this clip! Part 1 previously uploaded. ENJOY!


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