Chloe and Sasha - Beta Male Locked into Chastity for the first time then Mercilessly Teased (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe and Sasha lock a beta male loser into chastity for the first time. The chastity is very pink and feminine. This is to remind the loser it isn’t a man. The girls know that this beta male has a foot fetish. They know that if they make him worship their feet he will get an erection and the chastity will become increasingly changeling. The slave has been locked into a special kind of chastity with an added clamp that makes getting an erection extra uncomfortable. The beta male worships the girls’ beautiful feet. It has to. They haven’t given him a choice. It’s his place to be used and abused by hot girls with perfect feet. Chloe and Sasha tease the slave’s chastity with their toes. They go over some of the product features for the chastity they have chosen for him. The girls like the chastity so much, they might need to put in an order with the company in bulk, for all the losers they come into contact with. Confident that the new chastity device will keep their loser in line, Chloe and Sasha tease him with their bodies. They wave their cute asses in front of his face, taunting him with what he can never have. This will definitely help correct the loser’s masturbation problem. His days of bothering hot girls with his annoying sexual desire are over. (11:42 long)


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Chloe and Natalya - Chastity slave Edges for Two Princesses (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe and Natalya let their goon out of chastity to edge for their sexy bodies. The goon is very eager, as it has been locked up by the cruel pair for a long time. The Princesses do not want the goon to cum, they just want it to edge. The goon has to play a game and edge exactly as they say. The girls’ perfect bodies control him. The goon crawls around behind the girls kissing their butts. Natalya lifts up her skirt and makes the goon admire her panties. The goon must stare at where Natalya’s boyfriend fucks her while he pathetically edges his inferior penis. The girls tease the goon with their cleavage. They laugh at how easy it is to control him with their beauty. When they are done toying with their goon, they will lock it back in a chastity device and put it in its cage. They remind the goon that while he is stuck alone in his cage, they will be cuddling with their boyfriends. As promised, the goon does not get an orgasm. The girls lock the goon in chastity and back into its cage. They wave goodbye and the goon is left all alone for yet another night. (9:41 long)


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Noe - Shoe Worship and Chastity Tease (1080 HD)

1080 HD Noe laughs while inspecting danni’s pink chastity and matching pink butt plug. Danni licks the bottoms of Noe’s shoes while she taunts him with the key to his chastity device. Noe reminds danni that the butt plug is a placeholder for her strap-on. It’s part of his anal training. Danni is not a real man, so his inferior cock is locked in chastity, and he must be trained to take it in the ass. Noe plans to give a few close girlfriends of hers copies of danni’s chastity key. Each girl with a chastity key will be part-owner of his ass. All the keyholders will get together and run a train on danni. Danni does not like the idea of being shared. He only likes Noe. Noe reminds danni that he is her property and she can do whatever she wants with him. Not only will she be scheduling a gang-bang for his ass, she will also be having it recorded on video. She’s going to send copies of the video to every alpha male she knows. Danni complains, but Noe reminds him that things could get much worse. To illustrate, Noe teases danni’s chastity with her perfect ass. She grinds against danni to make him hard, so his chastity really hurts. Noe laughs at how small and pathetic danni’s penis is. Danni will never be a real man. He must kiss Noe’s beautiful ass. Then, Noe makes danni kiss her where her boyfriend fucks her. Danni begs Noe to let him get out of chastity. She just laughs at him. She might never let him out. Regardless of what she chooses to do, Danni should always do what Noe says. (15:56 long)


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Amadahy and Sasha - Slave Teased while Wearing Spiked Chastity Ring (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy has locked her devoted slave into a spiked chastity ring. She and Sasha make the slave stroke itself for them while in the device. The more aroused the slave becomes, the more the metal spikes dig in. Amadahy teases the slave her beautiful ass. The girls laugh at the slave’s anguish. The slave begs to be let out, but instead the girls throw the key into an airshaft. They decide the slave will have to clean all their dirty panties with his mouth while still in the treacherous spikes. Very cruel. (9:27 long)

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BP - Three Worship Edges for Three Perfect Girls Then Locked Back Up (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chichi, Mariah, and Natalya have let their stupid slave out of chastity. He is over the moon with excitement. But there’s of course a catch. Each of the three girls gets a worship edge. Then, the slave will be locked right back into chastity. He absolutely cannot have an orgasm. After so long in chastity, this is a near-impossible task for the desperate horny slave. The girls giggle. It’s so fun to tease their moron together. The slave begs his Keepers for one measly orgasm. They just giggle at his idiocy more. The abundance of asses and tits is very overwhelming to the loser, especially uncaged. The girls know that they are quite a force when they team up together like this, united against one lowly male. They make the slave kiss each of their amazing asses. It doesn’t take very long before the slave has reached a worship edge for all three perfect Princess. They immediately lock their dummy into The Vice male chastity device. He is so frustrated and miserable, but cannot escape the tube now fitted tightly around his worthless little member. Each girl teases the chastity slave more, jingling the lock with her beautiful butt and taunting him with his key. They will hold him in The Vice for at least another month. It will be a long time before he’ll have the opportunity for another edging like this.  (11:36 long)

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Alexa and Amadahy - Disobedient Shoe Cleaner Punished with Chastity (Part 2)

1080 HD In Part 2 of this clip, Alexa and Amadahy lock their shoe cleaner into chastity as a punishment for looking up their skirts. Once he is locked in chastity, they tease him by making him kiss their asses. Then, they have him go back to looking up their skirts while worshiping shoes. The tightness of the slave’s newly fitted chastity now makes looking up skirts a punishment for him. (11:58 long)

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Mariah - Danni has to Wear a Chastity (1080 HD)

1080 HD Mariah has agreed to be in a relationship with danni. But she is tired of him getting erections around her and jerking off. He can’t be trusted. Mariah knows that putting danni in a chastity device will solve the problem, but danni does not want to wear one. Mariah gets very mad. She yells at danni. Danni is scared to go into chastity because he doesn’t know when Mariah will let him out. Mariah threatens to walk out on danni. Danni begs Mariah not to leave him. A girl like her is totally out of his league and he knows he’ll never find another. Danni finally agrees to wear the chastity device. He puts it on, but this isn’t enough to make Mariah happy. She needs for danni to be naked now, too, so that she can see that he is harmless.  Danni hands Mariah the key and takes off all his clothes. Now that danni’s in chastity, Mariah makes him kiss her butt while she goes over the rules. Mariah tells him the number of days he will be in chastity and the number of minutes he will be out. Mariah will not hesitate to add more days onto his time in chastity every time he makes her upset. And she wants a present. Danni agrees to buy Mariah a present because he doesn’t want to make her mad. Then, Mariah sends danni into her bedroom to pick up all her dirty panties from the floor. She’s going to need for him to wash them all by hand. Danni hurries off to do whatever Mariah asks of him. He’s really afraid of what she might do to him, now that she has the key to his chastity device. (8:25 long)

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Natalya - 5 Worship Edges for Bikini Princess (1080 HD)

1080 HD Natalya wants five worship edges from her slave. She looks very sexy in her bikini as she unlocks the slave from chastity. Natalya’s ass is so perfect. It’s very hard for the slave to control itself while looking at her. But he can’t cum, yet. Natalya wants it to bring itself to the edge five times for her. She makes the slave kiss her perfect ass. Natalya is such a tease. After only worship edge number one, the slave begs to cum. Natalya yells at it. She said five. He’s not even half-way there. Because he made her mad, now he won’t be allowed to cum at all. And he still has to edge four more times. When Natalya is done toying with the slave, she locks him right back into chastity. She wants him to take her out to dinner. The slave’s going to have to stay under the table in the public restaurant. He won’t be allowed to eat, but he will be allowed to pay. With his key around her pretty neck, she’s ready to be treated to a nice meal. (12:10 long)

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Chloe and Sasha - Danni Gets Hired by Cruel Boss as Foot Boy for Female Employees (1080 HD)

1080 HD Danni has a job interview with Sasha and Chloe. Sasha is in charge of hiring new employees and Chloe is her intern. Danni has almost no experience, a weak resume, and lacks interview skills. He looks like a terrible hire, but he is perfect for the position Sasha and Chloe want to fill. Sasha explains that the office is full of beautiful women. It’s most important that danni behave appropriately around them. One of the requirements of his new job will be company enforced chastity. Before danni has any time to think, he is sent into the bathroom and told to get into chastity for day one of his new job. Danni emerges and hands his new boss, “Miss Sasha,” the key. Sasha forces danni to strip. She and Chloe need him to be naked so that they can see that he has followed instructions. Sasha inspects the new employee’s chastity. Then, she goes over the responsibilities of danni’s new position. Danni is to expect long hours and low wages in addition to his company mandated chastity. And in addition to all his other duties, he will be expected to massage any female employee’s feet whenever she demands it of him. Sasha assesses danni’s foot massage skills by making him rub her feet first. She sips her iced latte and answers some emails while the new hire massages her feet under her desk. Chloe goes back to her workspace. Sasha will send the new hire in in a little while to bring Chloe a latte and rub her feet, too. (9:57 long)


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Noe - October 16th Could be the Day you Get Out of Chastity (1080 HD)

1080 HD Noe has circled a date on the calendar. October sixteenth. It could be the day she lets her slave out of chastity. But she has some requirements. His release is, of course, conditional. Noe’s slave worships her feet while she thinks about the conditions for his release. She’s been eyeing some designer purses. The purses are very expensive, but Noe is a Goddess and feels that she really deserves one. She knows that the slave cannot afford it, but she also knows that he wants to get out of chastity very badly. Noe puts things into perspective by reminding her slave that there are items on her wish list that are even more expensive than the purse. Her expectations are demanding, but not unreasonable. The slave dislikes having control of his small penis held hostage. Noe reminds the slave that he should be nothing but grateful to be around her. She’s way out of his league. Noe starts to tease the slave’s chastity. She reminds him how good it would feel for him to be released. The chastity slave doesn’t see how he can come up with so much money in so few days. Noe doesn’t care about that part, because it isn’t her problem. She teases the slave with her ass. The slave gets more and more worked up. He realizes he has no choice. He’s got to find a way to get the money. (15:41 long)


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