Alexandra - Nephew begs Auntie Snow for Chastity Release

Alexandra’s nephew would like a release from chastity. He feels as though he has earned it by serving his aunt well sexually. Alexandra is furious. Her nephew is never to ask her for anything. Alexandra takes her nephew over her knee and spanks him with her bare hand and her hairbrush. Her nephew begs her to stop hitting him. Alexandra punishes him even harder for not having learned his lesion and for continuing to ask her for things. Alexandra makes him kiss her hands and thank her. Then, she inspects the chastity device. Alexandra decides that her nephew’s chastity is too big. He’s shrunk in there from being locked for so long. It’s time for him to be fit into an even tighter one. They will order a new, smaller, chastity for him right away. Alexandra sends her nephew away to wash the laundry. He obeys his aunt. (6:30 long)


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Becky - Released from Chastity for an Edging Game

Goddess Becky is bored so she lets her slave out of chastity for an edging game. The game is just to amuse her, and the slave is not allowed to cum. The kneeling slave looks up at Becky’s amazing ass. It is very difficult for him to stay on edge and not climax. Becky demands that her slave increase her tribute. The slave can hardly afford her weekly tribute as it is! Becky does not care. She wants what she wants. She deserves it! The slave is desperate to cum. It begs. Becky just laughs. No means no! The slave should be grateful for whatever it gets from her. Becky offers the slave a choice. He can lock himself up and take her shopping, or he can climax. There is one obvious correct choice. Will the slave pick the right answer? (11:24 long)



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Kat - The Only way Out of Chastity is to Make me Happy

Kat’s dummy wants to come out of chastity, but the only way out of chastity is to make his princess happy. Kat wants a nice foot worshipping from her dummy. If he doesn’t do a good job, then he is staying locked for another month.  Kat’s dummy starts to worship, but she is not satisfied. She slaps her dummy right in the face. Do better! The slave does it’s best to please his Princess. Kat doesn’t have to deal with an apathetic or unenthusiastic foot slave. Droves of guys want the privilege to worship her perfect feet. She keeps the slave’s key and dismisses him. He will spend another month locked. (7:10 long)


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Brianna and Ivory - Measured and Locked by Department of Beta Control (1080 HD)

1080 HD Brianna is training a new employee, Ivory, at the Department of Beta Control. She explains to the new officer that the males coming in for penile assessment must measure 6” or greater in order to remain unlocked. Any male smaller than 6” must be immediately placed in chastity. The first appointment of the day is case number 3847. This male has just been left by his girlfriend. The law states that all uncoupled males must report themselves to the department of beta control for immediate assessment. The women make the male strip out of its clothes and start to masturbate for them. If the male does not make the full 6” he will be locked into chastity, and as an unattached male, his key will be kept on file. Keys sent to the state often sit there for a while and collect dust. The beta tries to explain that his ex-girlfriend jerked him off three times yesterday before she broke up with him. He swears that he normally is bigger than six inches. It doesn’t matter how big he thinks he is. The only thing that matters is how he measures today. The beta measures well under the required six. He will be locked, and his key will be held by the state until he can find a keyholder. The officers inform him that there will be a $500 fee for the device. Check payable to the Department of Beta Control. After locking him and informing him of the fee, the officers tell the beta that he will also be administered a state required pegging. The beta is in disbelief, but what can he do but comply? (8:45 long)



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Kimber Woods - Beta Bitch Gets a Chastity Checkup

It’s time for Kimber’s beta to get its monthly chastity checkup. Kimber arrives in a transparent bodysuit and thigh-high shiny boots. It’s just awful for the horny chastity beta to see his Princess dressed in such a sexy outfit! Kimber dressed this way just to torment her little beta bitch. Kimber makes the chastity slave smell her worn panties and kiss her silver boots. She reminds her beta that it doesn’t deserve pussy. The chastity slave begs to be allowed to stroke. Kimber denies him. The slave complains that her outfit is too provocative. It’s driving him crazy! Kimber makes the slave smell her pussy and reminds him that it is not for him. She wore the sexy outfit just to tease and deny him. The slave continues to beg, and Kimber again tells him no. She makes the slave humiliate himself and worship her boots. Princesses are everything and beta bitches get nothing! (8:30 long)


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BP - Teased in Chastity with no Chance of Release

Natalya has brought her slave, little pet, to Brat Princess to share him with Chloe and Mia. She fully intends to tease him to the brink of insanity with her girlfriends. Natalya commands little pet to oil the asses of all three girls. Little pet has been locked in chastity for two months. Oiling not just his Princess, but also two other girls is going to be very difficult for him. The girls love teasing the beta with their perfect bodies. He is bursting out of his little cage! The girls inspect the chastity and laugh at him. They grind their oiled butts up against the chastity cage. Natalya and her friends decide that little pet will get to edge for them. When Natalya goes to unlock the device, she finds that she doesn’t have his key! Twenty keys around her neck, but none of them are little pet’s! Guess he isn’t getting out today. The girls don’t really care. They make him go back to massaging their asses. An edging opportunity is so rare! After two whole months poor little pet’s key has been lost. Who knows when he will get out now? (12:02 long)


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Natalya - Worship Edge for Me (1080 HD)

1080 HD My slave is very excited to get out of chastity. He’s been in there a full six weeks. I’m going to let him out today, but one condition. He doesn’t get to cum. Today I want just worship edges. The slave is so eager to edge to my sexy bikini body. I make it kiss my perfect ass while it pleasures itself. He’s at an edge in no time. My ass just drives boys crazy. I know I can get whatever I want with my sexy curves. I control my slave’s edge. It must stop and go on my command. The blubbering slave begs to have an orgasm. No way! I don’t care how much money he spends. He can’t just buy an orgasm because he wants one. Spending money does not make a slave entitled to anything from me. My slave has to do what I say, not what it wants. I tease my slave with my beautiful breasts. This makes the edging even harder for it. The slave begs me to stop. I’m not done. He has to edge until I say he’s done. Finally, I lock my slave back up in chastity. But the teasing doesn’t stop! I rub my beautiful butt against my slave’s chastity until he’s begging to get out again. It begs to be let out, then to be locked in, then to be let out! I’ve scramble its brain with my body. The slave no longer has any idea what it wants. (11:30 long)


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Karma - Edging Opportunity Really Fucks slave

1080 HD It’s been awhile since Karma has let her slave out of chastity. It’s not often that she unlocks him. Today she’s feeling gracious, so she decides to give the slave an edging opportunity. Karma gives the slave a choice. He can either have an orgasm and please himself, or he can take her shopping and please her. Will the slave make the right choice? Will he be rewarded or punished? (13:11 long)



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Raven Hart - Boss Lady Locks Male Underling in Chastity (1080 HD)

1080 HD Raven Hart is the boss. Marcello is one of the underlings in the office. All the women in the company hold positions of power, while all of the males hold more supportive positions. Raven has an issue she needs to addess with Marcello. She has heard, from several women, that while Marcello is providing under desk foot worship, he is getting an erection. Raven can’t have that. That is why today Marcello’s boss is going to lock him in a chastity device. (5:33 long)



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Chloe - Get Hornier for Me Chastity Boy (4K)

This clip is in 4K Ultra HD! If you are unable to play clips in 4K, get the 1080HD version instead!

4K Ultra HD Chloe’s slave has been in chastity so long. It doesn’t think it can get any hornier. But it’s wrong. Chloe knows that her chastity boy can get even hornier for her. In fact, her chastity dummy shouldn’t even be thinking at all. Chloe is the smarter one. She should be the one that does the thinking. Chloe knows what’s best. And she thinks that her slave can get a lot hornier. Chloe explains, when a chastity boy sees a sexy girl its body thinks it’s going to have sex. It’s a natural reaction to seeing a pretty, young girl. But Chloe explains that the chastity boy’s body is wrong. He will never get sex. Chloe makes the slave acknowledge and admit that he will never have sex with a girl again.

Then, Chloe makes her chastity slave kiss her ass. She wants to prove him wrong again. She knows that her beta loser can get even hornier for her. Chloe presses her ass right up against her boy’s chastity device. His little penis strains the cage. He is bursting from the tube’s sides. Chloe was right. His body can get even hornier. Chloe explains that real men get sex and real men get to cum. She tells the chastity slave about some great sex she’s been having with her boyfriend. The slave leaks precum. Chloe calls that “chastity tears!” His little penis is so sad, it’s crying! Chloe laughs. She wants her chastity slave to kiss where her boyfriend gets to fuck her. The slave kisses, but Chloe gets mad. Her chastity boy isn’t perfect. He’s got a lot of room for improvement. Next, as part of his training, Chloe wants to violate his wallet. (13:31 long)




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