Lola - Andy Finally Gets out of Chastity (1080 HD)

1080 HD Andy’s been all tucked in for the night (tightly, with rope). Lola comes down into the cow storage area after her shift has finished. She’s been feeling horny and tells andy that she’s going to let it out of chastity. Andy just so happens to be the best endowed cow in the stables. If any cow in the whole facility were to be allowed inside a woman, it probably should be andy. It’s been a very long time since andy has been let out of chastity for un-work-related purposes. Andy, with the least unsatisfactory cock, finally gets used to please a woman. But andy’s cock is not used to please a female partner in the way one might expect. Lola ensures that she has as many orgasms as she likes and andy has none. She leaves very satisfied and he is left even more sexually frustrated. (12:29 long)



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Alexa and Harley - Two Girls Torturously Tease Restrained Slave (1080 HD)

With their slave mercilessly constrained in chastity and tight bondage, Alexa and Harley get really mean. Alexa takes a vibrator and teases the slave’s very swollen balls. This slave has been in chastity for months. Even the slightest stimulation is torture. The slave moans and struggles. It is absolutely miserable. All it wants to do is get out of chastity and the more it is teased, the more desperate it becomes. The girls stroke the slave with their fingertips. They are so sensual to the slave in chastity, but never would be if he were not! The slave only gets pleasurable experiences when he cannot really enjoy them. That’s the fun part. For the girls, of course, not the slave he never gets to have fun. In the spirit of girls having fun and boys getting nothing, Alexa sits on the slave’s face and uses the vibrator for herself. She reminds the slave that he won’t be able to cum, but she can cum as much as she likes. Princess Alexa helps herself to an orgasm right on the poor chastity slave’s face.  Of course, Princess Harley wants to cum, too. That’s only fair. Alexa passes off the Hitachi and Harley rides the slave’s face next. Alexa teases the slave’s very swollen balls while Harley cums. Harley makes a big dramatic fuss as she has her orgasm. It really enforces that Princess can fully experience the pleasure that slaves miss out on. Harley loves having what the slave cannot. The slave desperately begs to be let out. Alexa responds that she and Harley are going to go to the spa. They are leaving him tied to the board and, of course, left in chastity. This isn’t about him! Getting pampered always makes the girls horny. They need him to be situated for their immediate use once they return from the spa.   (14:34 long)

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Jenna and Jennifer - Chastity Mediator (1080 HD)

Keyholder, Jenna, is having problems in her relationship with danni. She takes him to the office of chastity mediator, Empress Jennifer, to see if she can help them work out their issues. Danni voices his complaints. He really does a lot for Jenna, and their initial agreement was that he would get let out of chastity once a week. It has now been five weeks, danni has done everything Jenna has asked, and he has still not gotten out of chastity. Danni thinks it’s unfair. Jennifer asks Jenna to explain her side of the story. Jenna explains that she doesn’t feel danni deserves to get out of chastity. Also, she’s lost the key. It’s not her fault she lost it; it was just an accident. Danni looks uncomfortable at the new knowledge that his chastity key has been lost. Jennifer explains, “It’s not like she threw it away, she just lost it.” Danni looks defeated. Jennifer feels that danni is ungrateful. Jenna agrees. The problems in the relationship are clearly all danni’s fault. He is obviously not doing enough to keep his Keyholder happy. Danni acknowledges that he does want to make his Keyholder happy. Jenna makes danni say the words, “It’s ok that you lost the key,” to Jenna. Danni reluctantly tells Jenna that it’s ok that she lost the key. Then, Jenna makes danni stand and display his chastity to the mediator. Danni does as he’s told and removes his pants. Danni looks embarrassed. Jenna and Jennifer laugh at him. Jennifer asks him to explain why he looks so ashamed. Danni complains that he does not like that his chastity is pink. It’s emasculating. Jenna and Jennifer laugh some more. It’s supposed to be emasculating! It’s not like danni is a real man, anyway. Jennifer asks danni if his chastity is tight. He answers, “yes.” Jennifer explains that it should be tight. She also feels that danni’s behavioral problems are stemming from not being kept in chastity long enough. She advises Jenna to keep danni in chastity for three months. Also, danni has only being giving Jenna half of his pay.  Jenna really deserves much more. Fifty percent of every paycheck, plus a full paycheck once a month, plus a shopping spree. That is really what danni should be giving in tribute to his Keyholder.  Danni objects, “how will I pay my bills!” Jennifer berates danni until he agrees to give his Keyholder the revised amount, no matter what the financial consequences might be to him personally. Jenna giggles, pleased that the chastity mediator is really doing a great job. Danni starts to get nervous about what he has just agreed to under duress. He begs to be let out of chastity, but by now the girls have dug into him too deep. Jenna wants to add the stipulation that danni will now wash her boyfriend’s car every weekend. He’s also going to have to start watching while Jenna has sex with her boyfriend. This will really cement into danni’s mind his role in Jenna’s life. Jenna and Jennifer verbally humiliate danni further. Danni is selfish and has a lot of attitude. He needs reminding that he is not as important as the Women in his life. Jennifer tells danni to Worship her feet, so that he is reminded that he is below Women. Jennifer recommends that danni Worship Jenna’s feet regularly so that he is constantly reminded that his place is beneath his Keyholder. Danni Worships the feet of his Keyholder and Chastity Mediator as part of his counselling session.  Danni strongly dislikes Worshiping feet. He has to do it anyway, for the good of his relationship with Jenna. The Women are very forceful with danni, so that they reinforce that danni no longer has any choices. Jenna makes danni thank her for taking him to see the chastity mediator. Danni begrudgingly admits that the session was for the betterment of their relationship. Jennifer again goes over the new terms they have agreed upon in mediation. Jenna is very happy that their relationship issues have reached a resolution.  (15:59 long)

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Amadahy - Outfit Tester for Bikini Brat Princess (1080 HD)

Amadahy needs for her bikini to be really sexy for this pool party. This boy named Dylan is going to be there, and he is really cute. Amadahy wants his attention, and she’s going to use her cuck to make sure she gets it. Amadahy is going to test all her bikinis on the cuck first. The bikini that makes his chastity hurt the worst will be the one she wears for Dylan. Amadahy tests the first bikini. It is blue and sequined. She rubs her butt against the cuck’s stupid face, reminding him that the hot bikini is really for Dylan and the cuck is just the tester. Amadahy moves onto the next bikini. It is rainbow sparkle. The cuck is forced to look at her beautiful nude body as she switches bikini bottoms. It is torture for him in chastity. He has been in chastity a long time and serving as a Goddess’ outfit tester is almost too much to bear. Amadahy struts in the rainbow sparkle bikini. “I like THIS one!” She says. Amadahy inspects and taps her fingernail against the cuck’s device. She’s got to try on a third to make sure she chooses the most impressive one. She makes the cuck take off the second bikini bottom for her.  The poor, suffering, cuck removes his Princess’ bikini bottom. It gets face slapped for looking at the Goddess’ pussy. He shouldn’t look longingly at things he can’t have. The cuck is literally in tears. He is overcome with emotion and desire for what can never be his. Amadahy chooses the bikini that brought the cuck to tears. She has no mercy for the cuck. While she is off flirting with Dylan, the cuck will have to wait in the bathroom to serve as a toilet for her and her girlfriends.   (10:40 long)

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Cali and Kenzie - Tease Cucks Chastity before Going to the Pool (1080 HD)

Cali and Kenzie have a matching keyset to slave marcello’s chastity, the master and the spare. Cali wears the master key on her belly ring. Kenzie has the spares around her neck. Best friends share everything with each other, including slaves. Cali and Kenzie want to go to a pool party. But first, they need to get oiled up for all the hot guys they are sure to see. Cali tells her marcello to start rubbing oil on her thighs. Side by side, Cali and Kenzie get their thighs oiled up by their shared slave. The girls think it’s hilarious that marcello is in tight chastity while oiling their perfect bodies! What a cruel tease! Next they have marcello rub oil on their bellies. Marcello has to rub oil all around his chastity key without touching it. They remind marcello that he is not invited to the pool party. Instead of attending, he’s going to have to wait upstairs. Whenever a girl has to use the restroom, Cali and Kenzie are going to send them upstairs to use marcello as a toilet. The girls will all be drinking a lot, so he’s going to have to take a lot of pee. Cali tells marcello to oil Kenzie’s ass up really well, so that it looks irresistible for the real men. Then, marcello oils Cali’s ass while she talks about how excited she is to get fucked by a real man after the party. Marcello will have to attend to her while she’s getting fucked, lubing up the cock of the real man and inserting it into her. But first, marcello has to serve as the pool party toilet. Kenzie stuffs the funnel into marcello’s mouth and Cali reminds him to not get all clogged up this time. They head down to the party, leaving marcello ready and waiting with the funnel in his mouth.  (10:29 long)

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Amadahy and Edyn - Lock Grandpa into Chastity Before using his Pool for a Party (1080 HD)

Amadahy has been spending the summer at her gramps’ place because he has a really nice pool. Edyn has arrived early for a pool party they are planning, and Amadahy has a big big secret she wants to tell her. Amadahy’s gramps’ computer broke a little while back and he gave it to her to fix. On it she discovered a whole bunch of Brat Princess videos. Now that Amadahy knows her grandpa has fetishes, she’s worried he’s going to be creepy around all the hot Princesses at the pool party. The only solution, as Amadahy sees it, is to get gramps into chastity. Amadahy calls for her grandfather. She screams at him for not cleaning her room well enough and slaps the old man in the face, before telling him to kiss her girlfriend’s boots. Amadahy makes her grandpa take off Edyn’s boots and ask to kiss her feet. Edyn allows Amadahy’s grandfather to kiss her feet. Grandpa seems to enjoy the foot worship, which is creepy to the Princesses. Old men are vulnerable and easy to use, and in that respect good for a Princess to keep around, but they don’t’ want to see grandpa getting off on hot young women because that’s creepy. The sooner they get gramps into chastity, the better. In a few hours, a big group of sexy 20 somethings will be filling gramps’ awesome newly renovated pool, and he can’t be creeping on the young women! An old man creeping around the party with an erection would be an embarrassment to the party hostesses. Amadahy tells her grandpa that she is just going to put him into chastity for the day, and that after the party she will let him right out. She very forcefully makes her grandpa worship her feet. She fucks grandpa’s face with her foot because he is nothing but his granddaughter’s bitch. Amadahy makes her grandfather go into the bathroom and lock himself into chastity. After the device has been locked, she wants him to emerge naked and give her the key. Once Amadahy has the key, she reveals to her grandpa that she has no intention of letting him out after the party. Amadahy and Edyn laugh as they spit in the old man’s pathetic face. Grandpa is ordered to have all the food and drinks ready for the party and is not allowed to wear clothes when the guests arrive, so that the female guests can feel safe that he is in chastity and be assured that he cannot get an erection in their presence.   (13:11 long)

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Lindsey - Edged Denied and Locked in Chastity (1080 HD)

Lindsey’s slave has spent enough money on her, so today it will get a chance to touch its pathetic penis. The slave is allowed to get out of chastity and touch itself for a few minutes, but it did not spend enough to actually cum. Lindsey teases the slave with her beautiful body as it strokes. She tells the slave when it is allowed to stroke and when it must stop touching itself. The slave is right on edge, it thrusts the air and begs its Princess to cum. The slave gets denied. Lindsey commands the slave to put itself back into chastity as it is right on the brink of an orgasm. The slave tries to resist and keep stroking, but Lindsey does not tolerate its disobedience. Once the chastity is on, Lindsey closes the lock. As soon as the chastity is on tight, Lindsey teases the slave with her gorgeous ass. She pushes herself right up against the chastity. The slave is so frustrated. Lindsey runs her finger along the chastity and fiddles with the lock. She tells the slave that it will be in it for a long, long time.  (7:14 long)

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Sasha Foxx - Sugar Baby Teases Sugar Dummy in Chastity (720 HD)

This clip shows Sasha in a tease and denial session with her sugar dummy.  Her sugar dummy loves her feet.  Sasha thinks he is gross but as long as he is in chastity and pays her she will allow him to worship her feet.  The sugar dummy asks to be let out of chastity.  This makes Sasha laugh.  She makes the dummy stand up so she can inspect and tease his locked up cock and balls.  Sasha makes it worse by tickling and rubbing his exposed balls.  She is such a bitch.  She even tease his chastity tube with the object of his desires her feet!  She then uses her butt to tease it.  She rubs her ass up against the locked up fool.  It is amazing how much of a bratty bitch Sasha is.  She is going to take the fool shopping later this week.  Every item he buys for her will get him out of chastity one day earlier!  Every item she wants that he does not get for her gets him another day in chastity.  This clip is amazing!  A brat Princess classic!  (10:55 long)

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Cali and Vienna - Sexual Harassment Policy Requires Tighter Chastity Tubes (720 HD)

Vienna is the Sexual Harassment Prevention Coordinator and she is handling a complaint from Cali about Danni.  Danni is already kept in chastity but Cali believes it is not tight enough.  She feels uncomfortable. Cali wants him in a smaller tighter tube.  She feels she should be able to wear what every sexy clothes she wants without him getting a boner no matter how small it is.  She also thinks that her fun teasing of Danni in the morning by tickling his balls should not have to result in him getting any type of erection. She wants it so small and tight that she can’t see any hardness at all.  Vienna completely agrees and she shows Cali the new tighter tube.  She squeals with delight and mocks Danni.  “See I told you I would win!  Now you have to wear the smaller one.  Ha Ha!  Danni is facing a huge sexual harassment law suit that could ruin him.  His complaints get him even more time in chastity.  He takes off the old one and squeezes himself into the new smaller one.  Cali locks it back in place and puts it back on her belly ring.  Vienna thinks it is adorable that she wears the chastity key on her belly ring.  This is not sexual harassment she declares.  The girls test the new tube.  Vienna puts her breasts in his place.  Danni is miserable.  Vienna knows that she can wear her low cut blouse that shows off her amazing cleavage without being harassed by a boner.  Cali tickles his balls with her new pedicure.  Next they work on Danni’s foot worship.  The girls put their stocking feet into his mouth and make him suck on them.  Cali fucks his mouth with her foot.  Danni is utterly humiliated by the hot office girls.  The girls start talking about Mr. Johnson.  He is a male that does not wear a chastity tube.  He gets to fuck the office girls when he wants.  He is so attractive.  The high heel s that He likes are tough on Cali’s feet.  She uses the chastity boys to worship her feet so they don’t feel so sore.  Danni is threatened with spikes inside the chastity tube.  He has to stop leaking pre cum!  This means he will get the spikes.  No pre-cum is allowed no matter how backed up he gets.  Danni has to also buy the girls new skirts and bikinis!  The girls then take off their stocking and make Danni lick and suck their bare toes.  This video shows how companies are fighting sexual harassment from undesirable males.  Undesirable males face financial ruin from a sexual harassment law suit if they do not wear chastity tubes and obey the wishes of the office girls. (21:15 long)

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Hope Harper - Babysitter Bullies Danni with Chastity and Feet (720 HD)

Danni is being babysat by his younger classmate, Hope. Hope bullies danni into taking off all of his clothes. Danni does not like being babysat or bossed around by someone younger than him. He tells his babysitter that he does not want to take his clothes off. Hope tells danni that his clothes are really stupid looking and that she’s the boss. Danni eventually does as he’s told and takes off his clothes for the babysitter. Danni’s mother has left him locked in a chastity device. Danni is really ashamed of it. He tries to cover the device with his hands. Hope examines danni’s chastity. She giggles. Hope thinks danni’s chastity is much too big. His penis is so small. Hope thinks he could fit in an even smaller size. Danni is just so pathetic. Hope now understands why danni still needs a babysitter. She asks danni is he’s done all of his chores. Danni has not. Hope tells danni that he has to kiss her tennis shoes. Danni rather finish his chores before his mother gets home. Hope gets upset. Danni gives in and kisses Hope’s sneakers. Hope tells danni to take her shoes off and kiss her toes. Danni kisses all of his babysitter’s toes. Hope still isn’t pleased. She tells danni to suck on her toes. Danni does as he’s told. He sucks on his babysitter’s toes. He fits all of them into his mouth. Hope tells danni that she wants him to paint her toes. Danni says that he really should get back to his chores. Hope gets very upset. She is the babysitter and danni has to do whatever she says. Danni gets quiet. Hope gets her toes deep in his mouth. She tells danni that her friends are coming over to watch a movie. Hope wants danni in a tighter chastity before her friends get there. She makes danni put the tighter chastity on in front of her. Hope makes danni kiss her ass. Danni is going to have to serve Hope’s friends all night, naked, and in a very tight chastity.    (14:47 long)

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