Chloe and Sasha - Danni Gets Hired by Cruel Boss as Foot Boy for Female Employees (1080 HD)

1080 HD Danni has a job interview with Sasha and Chloe. Sasha is in charge of hiring new employees and Chloe is her intern. Danni has almost no experience, a weak resume, and lacks interview skills. He looks like a terrible hire, but he is perfect for the position Sasha and Chloe want to fill. Sasha explains that the office is full of beautiful women. It’s most important that danni behave appropriately around them. One of the requirements of his new job will be company enforced chastity. Before danni has any time to think, he is sent into the bathroom and told to get into chastity for day one of his new job. Danni emerges and hands his new boss, “Miss Sasha,” the key. Sasha forces danni to strip. She and Chloe need him to be naked so that they can see that he has followed instructions. Sasha inspects the new employee’s chastity. Then, she goes over the responsibilities of danni’s new position. Danni is to expect long hours and low wages in addition to his company mandated chastity. And in addition to all his other duties, he will be expected to massage any female employee’s feet whenever she demands it of him. Sasha assesses danni’s foot massage skills by making him rub her feet first. She sips her iced latte and answers some emails while the new hire massages her feet under her desk. Chloe goes back to her workspace. Sasha will send the new hire in in a little while to bring Chloe a latte and rub her feet, too. (9:57 long)


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Noe - October 16th Could be the Day you Get Out of Chastity (1080 HD)

1080 HD Noe has circled a date on the calendar. October sixteenth. It could be the day she lets her slave out of chastity. But she has some requirements. His release is, of course, conditional. Noe’s slave worships her feet while she thinks about the conditions for his release. She’s been eyeing some designer purses. The purses are very expensive, but Noe is a Goddess and feels that she really deserves one. She knows that the slave cannot afford it, but she also knows that he wants to get out of chastity very badly. Noe puts things into perspective by reminding her slave that there are items on her wish list that are even more expensive than the purse. Her expectations are demanding, but not unreasonable. The slave dislikes having control of his small penis held hostage. Noe reminds the slave that he should be nothing but grateful to be around her. She’s way out of his league. Noe starts to tease the slave’s chastity. She reminds him how good it would feel for him to be released. The chastity slave doesn’t see how he can come up with so much money in so few days. Noe doesn’t care about that part, because it isn’t her problem. She teases the slave with her ass. The slave gets more and more worked up. He realizes he has no choice. He’s got to find a way to get the money. (15:41 long)


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Chloe and Natalya - Slave Gets out of Chastity for Monthly Edging (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe and Natalya let Natalya’s slave out of chastity for its monthly edging. The slave is just now learning that Natalya is mad at him. He was short on his tribute. Natalya confronts him, questioning him as to why he was short. The slave makes excuses, which don’t matter. Natalya moves her perfect ass closer to her pay-pig’s face. The stroking slave has to humble itself and kiss her ass. Chloe looks on and smiles as Natalya’s slave humiliates itself. The slave must follow Natalya’s edging instruction. He can do only what she says. Chloe and Natalya tease the slave. They do not let him cum. After he edges he goes right back into chastity. Natalya closes the lock and holds onto the key. (8:17 long)


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BP - Dannis Little Sister Given Authority Over Him Part 2 (1080 HD)

1080 HD Putting a boy into chastity for the first time is a very exciting time in a young woman’s life. Brianna and family counselor, Lola, have gathered Brianna’s daughter, Natalya, and her friend, Chloe, for the girls’ first talk about chastity devices. Brianna and Lola are excited to introduce the girls to the world of Keyholding. Natalya has had some experience seeing her father in chastity, but is just now ready to start holding keys of her own. It will be great to start her off with her disobedient brother, danni, as the first boy she locks into chastity. Both Chloe and Natalya are very excited to start Keyholding. Both young ladies are so lovely, they will soon have many, many boys in chastity. Lola introduces the girls to a state of the art chastity called The Vice. It’s a product she highly recommends to the families who come in for counseling. Lola explains some special design features that make The Vice a good choice. After hearing about the unique anti-erection, anti-pull out mechanism, Brianna is enthusiastic to get her husband into a The Vice as well!  Danni is then called into the room. Natalya reveals to her brother that she is ready to start Keyholding, and he is going to be her first boy in chastity. Danni does not want to go into chastity, and he does not want his little sister to hold his key. He’s rushed off into the bathroom anyway, and told to get into The Vice. When Danni re-emerges from the bathroom, wearing his new chastity in the color his sister has chosen, the women all gather round and gush. Everyone is very excited to see Natalya close her first lock and collect her first key! As Natalya collects her brother’s key, the women applaud. Danni looks hopeless. Danni is once again sent out to bring the car around. Once danni is out of the room, Lola recommends that danni be castrated. Chastity is a good start, but it’s just a start. Step one is getting danni into chastity. Step two is adding the locking mechanism of The Vice to punish unwanted erections with physical discomfort. Step three is removing the testicles altogether. Danni’s mother and sister start to plan his castration. Chloe can’t wait to attend, and Natalya wants to cut the cord herself. Brianna and Lola are all smiles at the girls’ enthusiasm. The clinic is booked up far in advance for castrations, but in the meantime, the women can start doing some family pegging training at home with danni. It will help get him used to his new life as a gelding and a sissy. Brianna plans a weekly schedule for her son’s peggings. Natalya is excited to help her mom train her brother, and Chloe can’t wait to humiliate him by coming over to watch. (10:58 long)

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Charlotte - An Ass Like Mine Means we are Not Equal (1080 HD)

1080 HD It is a privilege to be in chastity to a Princess. Charlotte will not let her slave out of chastity, especially when it asks for release. She makes the slave kiss her ass while locked up. The slave loves Charlotte’s curves. She knows that every time it kisses her perfect ass, it falls deeper and deeper under her control. She reminds the slave that a perfect ass like hers means that they are not equal. She deserves more than half of its pay because she is not his equal, she is his superior. She teases the slave’s chastity device with her superior ass. Charlotte makes the slave humble itself and kiss where her boyfriend fucks her. Finally, the slave agrees to give Charlotte sixty percent of its pay. Charlotte is happy. She knows that as a Princess, she deserves it. (8:56 long)

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Athena and Chloe - Take Us Shopping and we Promise to Let you Out of Chastity (1080 HD)

1080 HD Introducing Princess Athena! Athena and Chole want danni to take them shopping, but danni says that he cannot afford to spend any more money. The girls promise to let danni out of chastity, if he takes them to the mall. Danni cannot afford another shopping trip with the girls, but the promise of getting out of chastity is appealing. Chloe teases danni’s chastity device with her ass. Danni would love to get out of the device, even for just a few minutes. He won’t be allowed to, though, until after he takes the girls to the mall. Athena makes danni get on his knees and kiss her ass. Then, Chloe makes danni kiss hers. They ask danni again if he will take them to the mall. Danni thinks that maybe he could afford a little bit. One thing for each of the girls. The girls laugh at danni. Of course they want more than just one thing! They are going to need three outfits, each. Danni keeps trying to bargain with the girls, but they will not tolerate his disagreeableness. Three outfits each, or they will add on even more time for him in chastity. Eventually, danni agrees to go to the mall and purchase three new outfits for each of the girls. He leaves to go get dressed, so that he can take the girls shopping. When danni is out of the room, the girls laugh at him behind his back. What an idiot! Of course he’s not getting out of chastity! (6:33 long)

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Alexa and Natalya - Jerker Let Out of Chastity for an Edging Game (1080 HD)

1080 HD Alexa and Natalya release their dummy from chastity. It’s time for his weekly edging. The horny idiot is desperate to touch itself. The Princess want to play an edging game. The slave has to follow all of the rules of the game. He can only touch his little penis when the girls allow. If he breaks the rules, or doesn’t follow directions, he has to go right back in chastity. The dummy tries to test the limits of his Princesses’ generosity, and gets a stern talking to. Weekly edging is a privilege for a chastity slave, the condition for which is following the rules. Slaves that do not follow the rules do not get the privilege of edging. The girls humiliate the slave for being such an eager masturbator. The closest thing to sex that the slave can experience is the ability to touch himself, and even that is only when and how his Keyholders allow. The edging is so intense, the slave actually wants to stop. The Princesses won’t let him, though. He must stay right on the edge until they have finished playing the game. The slave gets increasingly desperate. He begs to be allowed to cum. The Princesses laugh and deny him an orgasm. They make the slave get as close as he possibly can to an orgasm, then make him stop stimulation. The slave begs not to be put back into chastity without an orgasm. It is so sexually frustrating. The girls don’t care. His suffering is funny to them. They joyously lock him right back up for another full-week. (11:55 long)


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Charlotte - Today is Just an Edging Session (1080 HD)

1080 HD Charlotte lets her dummy out of chastity every so often. She wants her dummy to hurry up and jerk it fast, so she can get on with her day.  Charlotte’s dummy wants to cum, but he isn’t allowed to. Today is just a quick edging. She tells the dummy to kiss her ass and shoes. Charlotte’s dummy is very pathetic. He jerks it only when and how Charlotte tells him to. She wants him to jerk fast, so that he can get to the edge quick. She doesn’t want to spend her whole day with a loser. Charlotte needs to supervise it while it’s out of chastity to make sure that it doesn’t cum. Every time it gets too close to going over the edge, Charlotte yells at it to stop jerking. The dummy begs its Princess to be allowed to cum. Charlotte loves to hear the groveling, but would never give a loser something just because it begged. Once the dummy gets to the edge, Charlotte makes it maintain the edge while kissing her perfect ass. If the loser cums, it will be punished. It struggles to maintain its edge without going over. It gets increasingly pathetic, desperate for an orgasm. Charlotte gets tired of hearing the whining. She puts him right back in chastity and goes on with her day. (8:21 long)


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Lola - Desperate Chastity slave cums from Restrained Leg Fucking (1080 HD)

1080 HD A chastity slave is tied down. Its legs are spread apart. Lola removes the chastity device. She wears latex gloves and stokes the slave with her hands. Once the slave is hard, she slips a ring over the base of the erection. Now, no matter what, the erection will stay until the ring is removed. No woman would ever allow this slave inside her body. He will never fuck a woman. Instead, Lola presses him against her latex bodysuit and traps him between the latex garment and her thighs. She places her feet on his face and tells the slave to hump her thighs. Her thighs are the closest the slave will ever get to a pussy. The slave eagerly fucks her legs. It’s very frustrating for it to be so near her, but never allowed inside. This slave has been keep in chastity for a long time.  It’s become so desperate, it’s sexual gratification almost can’t help but result in a humiliating experience for it. The slave humps her legs until it has a pathetic orgasm. It climaxes right near, but never inside a pussy. Lola quickly slips the ring off and puts the slave right back into its chastity for another month, or so. (12:19 long)


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Alexa - Kiss My Ass and Dont you Dare Touch your Dick (1080 HD)

1080 HD A visiting slave has been kept in chastity for two weeks. That’s not long enough to suit Princess Alexa. While visiting, he’s going to stay in chastity for her an additional month. The slave makes a bit of a fuss because he’s used to a Mistress who is a little more lax in enforcing chastity. Alexa does not care. Slaves visiting her house need to follow her rules. She tells the slave that he can kiss her ass. Kissing Alexa’s ass of course makes things worse for the undisciplined chastity slave. She who holds the key makes the rules. And Alexa holds the key, therefore it is she who makes the rules. Alexa puts the key in plain sight, so that the slave has to look at the key that controls his cock while he continues to kiss her perfect ass. Alexa taunts the slave that she now holds his key. The slave did not give her permission to hold his key. He is property of an out of town Mistress and his key was given to Alexa without his prior knowledge or consent. Alexa decides to let the slave out of chastity for a tiny little bit, but under one condition. He is not allowed to touch himself. He will have to look at his erection and know that there is nothing he can do about it, because with or without chastity, he is not in control of his cock. He is not allowed to touch his cock without a woman’s permission. Alexa gives him permission to touch his cock, but not stroke. Alexa lets the slave edge itself, but only with her specific directions. This is not about him enjoying himself. This is about him understanding that Princess Alexa now controls his cock. (11:47 long)


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