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Christina - Chastity Slave Let Out to Make Worship Puddle (1080 HD)

Christina decided to let the cuckold out of chastity so it could relieve itself.  Christina of course has to completely humiliate the cuck.  First she laughs in his face as it humps her leg with his face just inches from the pussy that real men get to fuck.  Then she really gets a kick out of making the cuck fuck her legs while it has to kiss her ass.  The cuck is desperate for a release!  Christina allows the cuck to masturbate right in front of her on to the floor.  The cuck makes a worship puddle for his beloved Princess Christina.  The clip ends with 2 POV style jerk off instructions for the viewers as well.  The humiliation is high.  The cuck is now back into chastity where it will stay until after Valentine’s Day.  Now is the time for cuckolds to begin saving for gifts!  Clip contains:  Verbal humiliation, leg humping, leg fucking, forced masturbation, worship puddle, and spitting into the face of a desperate cuck while jerking off.  (8:45 long)

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Christina and Noe - Red Light Means STOP JERKING IT (Part 1 of 2) (1080 HD)

FULL 1080 HD:  Part 2 begins with Goddess Noe locking the slave back up.  The slave is so frustrated and sore.  Now after he is back into chastity, the girls go back to bikini bottom rubbing and ball tickling to further frustrate the male.  The slave starts getting hard again!  This time inside the tube!    The girls start mocking him on how stupid he looked when he was on the floor sucking her toes while jerking off.  The clip 2 ends with the slave putting lotion on his Princess.  Goddess Noe is happy that she can get lotion put on her while she is wearing a bikini and not have to worry about the slave having an erection.  The slave is learning to accept life in a chastity tube?  How long could you take being in chastity and controlled by Goddess Noe?  If it makes her happy how long would you stay in?  CHASTITY TEASING, CB 3000, LOTION, BRAT GIRLS.  (6:01 long) 

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Christina - Slave forced to Masturbate (Cum Countdown) (720 HD)

Christina decided to let the slave play red light green light to completion.  The cuck is humiliated completely in this clip.  He is on his knees jerking off to red light green light commands with Christina’s foot in his mouth.  She teases the cucks penis with her toes during red lights.  She spits in his face and makes him feel worthless.  Christina completely controls the cucks orgasm s even down to the second. Finally, the cuck and the viewer is given a 10 second cum countdown and the built up cuck nerd cums all over the floor.   Christina is pleased with how much he produces. Now it is time to start the build up all over again. One month in chastity began right when this video ended.  (9:15 long) 

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