Jerk Off Instruction

Amadahy and Christina - Ruin your Orgasm and Lick it up Kitty Kat (720 HD)

Amadahy says, “It is time to get stupid.  You need to get retarded!  Show us your goon face and jerk off for us.  Come on get more stupid.  I want you retarded.  Fully retarded. “  The girls mock the poor cuck while he is gooning for them.  He is so hard and stupid he will do anything.  Christina puts her perfect tits in his face while Amadahy puts her amazing ass in his face.  The cuck looks back and forth while stroking.  The girls mock his predicament.  He has no self-esteem at all.  The girls use their bodies to make fun of the jerking cuck.  Eventually Amadahy places a saucer out for the cuck to cum on.  The cuck is given a green light and starts stroking.  She wants him to lick up his cum from the saucer like a kitty kat.  Once the cuck starts cumming she gives him a red light and ruins his orgasm.  The cuck puts out a huge load that only a chastity cuck can produce.  Amadahy holds the saucer up and mops his cum up with his tongue using his hair like a handle.  Eventually she places it on the floor for it to lick up its own filth.  The girls are brutal with the verbal humiliation throughout this video.  This is a must have for all Brat Princess fans.  This is one of the best Brat Princess clips of all time. (7:16 long)


Amadahy, Christina, jerk off instruction, forced cum eating, chastity, bikinis, red light green light

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Amadahy - Loser Toilet Edged Frustrated and Denied (720 HD)

Toilet slaves need to be trained.  They need to be trained hard and sometimes brutally.  Toilet slaves need to be kept sexually frustrated so they flush everything all the time.  No matter how many girls or how many girls at one time.  In this clip, the toilet is edged very close to orgasm several times.  The cuck toilet is emotionally destroyed by the extreme verbal humiliation.  This clip is meant for toilet slaves, chastity fans, jerk addicts and Brat Princess lovers! (6:48 long)


Amadahy, JOI, tease and denial, emotional sadism, brat girls

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Amadahy and Lexi - Forced Eating of 43 Day Cum Load (720 HD)

>  Ewww.  This is so gross.  Amadahy’s cuck is coming off a 43 day chastity cycle. Since it is Valentine’s Day, it is allowed to jerk of and give worship strokes for each of the Brat Princesses.  He gives a worship stroke and then thanks the Brat Princess by name.  The cuck finds out during the video he will have to consume his filth. The girls give the cuck a glass measuring cup for it to deposit the filth.  Amadahy cheers her cuck on to stroke its little dick faster so it can cum like a loser.  The cuck cums while on his knees in the bathroom.  That is how this virgin cuck cums.  It will never get to cum into a girl. The cuck obediently cums into his container.  It is a huge load.  It is a loser size load.  The chastity regimen has caused what few orgasms that it is allowed to be massive.  Amadahy is determined that the cuck recycles it!  Most of it goes into the container.  She holds the huge load up to the camera.  “Happy Valentine ’s Day to you cuck!” Lexi tilts the cucks head back by grabbing his scrappy hair and opens his mouth.  Amadahy uses a spoon and deposits the first load into its mouth.  The cuck gags and coughs.  Some cum is spit out but most of it goes into his stomach.  Then there is another spoon full.  And another.  Then another.  The cuck is pleading for them to stop.  Amadahy is insistent the cuck recycle all of its filth.  The last bits are poured right into its mouth from the container.  The cuck has gagged and choked down most of its own cum down into its stomach.  The cuck s then forced to lick up all of its drippings.  “Happy Valentine’s day cuckold!”  Amadahy gloats.  (8:43 long)


Amadahy, Lexi, forced masturbation, cum eating, JOI

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Amadahy and Lexi - Get Stupid and Goon for Us (JOI) (720 HD)

Amadahy and Lexi love to edge chastity slaves.  Cucks look so funny when they desperately masturbate during an edging.  The girls know he is due for an edging because of the near constant dripping coming from the end of its chastity tube.  They take him to the bathroom so he can goon for them.  Lexi really wants to see the funny goon faces he makes when he edges.  “Come on get stupid for us!” Amadahy orders after she takes off his chastity lock.  The cuck is so desperate. The girls tease him as he strokes away.  Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!  The cuck is quickly retarded.  The cuck is gooning for his Princess!  Amadahy even makes him lick up any dripping from his penis off the bathroom floor.  The girls direct his stroking and love how stoopid he is while gooning.  He is on his knees and Lexi puts her perfect rack in his face while he strokes.  The girls bring the slave to the edge over and over.  The cuck sits on the edge for a long time stroking to their tits and asses.  The slave is just barely stroking his penis to avoid going over the edge.  Amadahy mocks the viewer as well during this video.  She wants you to edge along with her slave.   This edging went on for an additional 20 minutes (not shown or time constraints).  We tried filming it getting back into chastity but the erection would not go down.  We show a small clip at the end showing Amadahy pushing the slave into a cold pool to remove the erection.  This is a classic Brat Princess clip.  Jerk addicts and stroke monkeys need to buy this clip.  You can edge yourself to this clip over and over.  This is a great way to spend an afternoon.  Buy this clip and goon for hours!  Amadahy also wants you to send her pictures of your most desperate goon face.    (10:31 long)


Amadahy, Lexi, JOI, masturbation instruction, edging, teasing, chastity, gooning

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Christina Crystal and Mia - Humiliate 25 Year Old Cuck Virgin (Part 2) (720 HD)

 In part 2, the girls decide to remove his chastity tube so he can do worship strokes for the girls.  He is forced to masturbate when the girls say so.  The girls mock him how they control both his wallet and his penis.  The girls spit into his face as he strokes a away to he humiliation.  They are turning him into a humiliation junkie.  He can only get hard now when girls are being mean to him.  They are breaking him.  The girls are going to use him up.  The girls then give the cuck the most humiliating cum countdown ever.  In the end he is rejected and left shaking.  The girls just place him back into chastity. (8:28 long)


Christina, Crystal, Mia, boot licking, chastity, spitting, emotional sadism, brat girls, sucking heels of boots, red light green light, extreme humiliation, financial domination

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Christina Madison and Whitney - JOI for Fatty (You Will Love the Cock) (720 HD)

Fatty is dying to be let out of chastity.  He will do anything for some free time.   Fatty is on his knees in front of his bikini bitch tormentors.  They feel especially cruel today.  Today the girls are going to start fatties training into becoming a cock sucking whore.  The girl’s mock poor fatty as they shove a dildo down his throat.  The girls urge fatty to stroke faster and faster.  The girl’s cruel laughter brings shame to fatty.  He has no self-esteem and his desperate for some time out of his cruel chastity tube.  He will suck cock for his bikini tormentors if it allows him some stroke time.    Faggot fatty is what the girls start calling him.  Fatty is a pathetic bitch desperate to suck cock for the girls.  Christina is especially cruel to fatty.  Fatty is red light green light to tears and while learning to love to suck cock.  Jerk addicts and humiliation freaks will love this clip.  (9:37 long)

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Christina - Red Light Green Lights Fatty to Tears (720 HD)

Red Light Green Light has been a long time favorite for the girls of Brat Princess to torture and humiliate house slaves.  The girls enjoy showing off their power they have over the cucks.  A simple Red light and a giggle put the slave in quite the predicament.  Weeks or even months of chastity has caused the slave to have so much sexual frustration he is close to tears when the red light command is given.  Christina loves Red light green light.  In this soon to be Brat Princess classic, Christina edges the poor cuck over and over. She slaps fatty across the slave when he is slow on a red light command.  She talks to fatty teasing him over and over.  She taunts fatty about how he bought the gold dress she is wearing and her boyfriend will bend her over and fuck her in it.  Christina makes fatty kiss and even lick her ass before and after he is in chastity.  She shoves her feet in his mouth while she red lights and green lights him.  Then after a close call on a red light, Christina uses her big toe to tease the tip of fatty’s erect but still small penis very close to orgasm but still denied.  (13:56 long)


Christina, SPH, tease and denial, red light green light, face slapping, spitting, chastity, ass kissing, ass licking

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Christina Madison and Whitney - Jerk Off Addict Humiliation (720 HD)

Slave fatty is in quite a predicament.  He is on his knees and is being humiliated by 3 mean hot bikini girls.  This clip is unique in that Christina is talking to the viewer POV style why the other girls humiliate fatty.  This clip has lots of financial domination and emotional humiliation.  The girls are mean and laff at your porn addiction and how funny losers look when they are jerking off.  It makes the girls giggle and laff at his predicament.  Remember these girls are not mean to hot guys.  They are only mean to you and only you.  The girls red light green light fatty and he has no choice to but to do as they say.  Fatty is desperate to cum.  Princess Whitney puts her round ass in his face while Madison puts her incredible rack in front of him.  The girls humiliate him by shoving a black dildo in his mouth.  Fatty is nothing but a jerk monkey that amuses the girls.  Christina gives the viewer a cum countdown JOI to you the loser watching.  This is a very hot Brat Princess clip that you will enjoy.  It makes you feel better about your porn addiction and you can see how mean the girls are to poor slave fatty.  This shows how desperate fatty has become in his chastity tube.  (11:06 long)

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Bella Madison and Mia - Humiliation Edging JOI (720 HD)

The girls are just so cruel in this clip.  The girls decide it would be fun for him to eat all of Mia’s toe nail clippings.  The slave is on his knees licking the boots of the girls waiting for Mia’s toe clippings.  He hears the painful giggles of the girls as they discuss his life as a wallet, toilet, and loser.  Mia then drops a pile of toe nail clipping into his open mouth.  The cucks mouth is shut and ordered to swallow.    The girls spit and toe nail clippings go right into its stomach.  Madison used him as a toilet earlier so he has that in there as well.  The girls want to continue is bbrain re wiring.  They allow him out of chastity so he can get hard.  They want him to equate eating toe nail clippings to sexual pleasure.  The girls begin edging the poor frustrated cuck.  The girls spit and laugh right in his stupid cuck face.  The girls have complete control over him.  They instruct him to jerk faster and laugh at his small dick.  The video ends with him crawling off to be a toilet for THREE GIRLS!  A CLASSIC BRAT PRINCESS CLIP! (10:58 long)


extreme humiliation, toe nail eating, foot worship, spitting, JOI, jerk of instruction, red light green light, bbbrain re wire,  girl giggling, EXTREME BRAT PRINCESS BEHAIVOR, and emotional sadism

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Christina and Mia - Stroker Humiliation (720 HD)

Christina and Mia let a slave fatty out of chastity so they can play with him before their vacation.  The stroker is on his knees in front of the girls stroking away as the girls point and giggle at his predicament.  He strokes only at the commands of his Princesses.  “Stroke faster!” yells Mia.  When they give him a red light, Christina teases him with her foot.  Christina uses her big toe on the underside of its penis to drive him crazy.  Fatty has a big foot fetish but a really small penis.  The girls make fun of how small his penis and tease him with their bodies.   “Come on stroker, stroke your little penis” says Christina.  Fatty whimpers and cries on a stop command and Christina just teases him some more with her big toe.   Christina sticks her tits in fatty’s face as he strokes away.  Christina is teasing him while Mia keeps giving him red light green lights.  The girls find it so funny.  Fatty is humiliated when Christina measures his small penis and then mocks him for it.  Fatty looks so pathetic stroking for the girls.   Christina shoves her amazing ass in his face as they continue to give bitchy red light green light commands.  Fatty gets close several times in this clip but the girls are quick to red light him and cut him off.  The girls taunt the stroker more and more as he jerks of faster and faster for the girls.  The girls find it so funny.  They even spit in his face and tell fatty how ugly he is.  The girls turn around and let fatty stroke away and kiss their ass.  Fatty is so desperate and then the girls decide they are bored.  Fatty is then locked up nice and tight how he belongs.  This is a great clip to play along with.  Stroke along with fatty and see if you can make it through this clip without cumming!   This is one for the most humiliating Brat Princess clips of all time.  Stroke addicts have to buy this clip. Small penis humiliation addicts, chastity fans, cuckolds, and tease and denial fans have to buy this clip.  (13:23 long)

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