Jerk Off Instruction

Amber and Ava - JOI Toilet Rewire

Amber and Ava rewire their slaves teeny brain into having a human toilet fetish and train him to be a human toilet. He will now get off on the thought of being used for piss.  The girls are so good at brainwashing. All they have to do is look hot and humiliate a beta and they can totally compel them. They make their slave jerk it to the toilet. The shiny porcelain toilet. They demand him to keep his mouth open wide to practice for when he will be the girls toilet! They rewire his brain so much that every time they say they need to go to the bathroom he would get excited. Watch the girls demand him to jerk to the toilet putting him on edge and then back in chastity. Their human toilet is now working and ready for full use.

  • Princess Crystal


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Amber and Nika - Mutt Made to Jerk and Lick up Mess

Being a key-holder is a lot of work. It’s a very important job to have. We have such a big responsibility here at the BP house to control orgasms. We lock our betas up, make them work for us and cater to us and we have to deal with their impulses. That is why they are locked up. They can’t fucking help but to get a rock hard cock being in our presence. They got off to our panties, our feet and even if we are mean to them, they will still get turned on because they are attention seeking pervs!!!

In this clip Amber and Nika taunt Fluffy with the key. Such agony being locked up for so long and seeing the key swing in front your face! Tragic. We gotta keep the betas in line so we love to play a game of red light green light. The girls free Fluffys little dick from its teeny tiny cage and start teasing him. He is a slut for feet! Watch him intensely jerk his cock while he gets smothered with their feet. They are in control. Keeping him on edge til he explodes!!! Fucking gross, Fluffy. Fucking clean up your mess you little dweeb. Back in your cage and in the basement. BYE

  • Princess Crystal


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Kat and Natalya - Make Old Mans Dick Throb by Edging and Humiliation

Old men are so fun to play with. Making them beg on their knees to jerk it. In this clip Kat and Natalya free the old man from his chastity cage. They make him beg like a mutt pleading to jerk. They allow him to jerk and he is so hard because they are gorgeous and humiliate him. STOP!!!!! They demand him to stop stroking. His dick is throbbing its moving up and down. Hes on edge and can barely take it. The girls smack their asses and put their feet in his face. They play stop n go til he is on edge ready to burst then they quickly tell him to get it soft and they shove it into his cage again.

….Remember who is in charge of your orgasm ?

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Amber and Ava - Mutt Has a Date with a Toilet- Extreme Humiliation

Gross Fluffy doesn’t get to use his dick much. And when he does, its pretty fucking pathetic. He is a beta, a stupid mutt so he doesn’t get real pussy. He gets to use his hand and fuck the toilet. Nice pretty white toilet. The girls decide to be nice and let Fluffy out of his dick cage. When slaves get freed from chastity they try stroking and cumming as quick as possible because they don’t know when they will be locked away again and for how long. Fluffy is forced to kneel in front of the toilet. The famous BRAT PRINCESS TOILET! All of the BP girls have used it for years. Our toilet has gotten more ass than Fluffy ever fucking has. He gets to stroke it to our toilet. How humiliating. A grown man finally being let out just to have a date with a toilet. That’s what he gets for having a tiny penis. The girls taunt and tease him as he jerks it. The girls shove his face in the toilet and make him give it a rim job. LOL! This is as much action he will get for a long time. Very memorable to say the least. Wait til our boyfriends find out. They are gonna laugh so fucking hard.

  • Princess Crystal


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BP – Slave Edged by Bossy Bratty Bitches


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Amber, Ava and Nika are key holders. They have their slave locked up as ALWAYS. He has a stupid fucking mask on cause hes so damn ugly. He is a mutt. On his knees he begs for the key so he can be free. But he must work for it! BARK YOU MUTT!!!!!!!! He keeps saying please til the girls finally budge and watch him struggle to take off chastity. They are only allowing it because they want to have fun. They make him stroke his cock and play red light green light. Flaunting their beautiful asses and tits right in his face and making bringing him right to the edge. PURE ENTERTAINMENT FOR US PRINCESSES! Making him so desperate, watching him become weaker and weaker. That’s what he gets. AGONY. He better not stop stroking and he better not cum! They yell at him, slap his face and write on him with marker nasty words so he feels even more dominated. They put him through a brutal stroking game. He can’t hold back the cum but he knows he can’t or they will punish him. He will never. EVER. EVER. CUM.


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Ava - JOI- Brain Melt
Watch mesmerizing Ava while you jerk off. She will melt your brain as you are told to stroke. Listen to the instructions and she will make you weak for her. She holds all the power because she is a hot girl.
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Mia Martinez - Wank for Me Idiot

Mia decides to let her idiot out of chastity so that it can stroke for her. Mia loves to laugh at the gooning fool. She decides to play an edging game. The idiot has to follow the rules of the game and must do whatever his Princess says. Mia laughs at her idiot while it does its best to follow instructions. Mia is very entertained by the idiot’s wanking. When she’s finished playing the game, she leads her slave into the bathroom. Time for a different game. (13:07 long)


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Nika - Edges her Sugar Dummy Goon

Nika calls her beta goon into the bedroom so that he can get unlocked from chastity. It’s time for him to edge for her. When a beta edges for its Princess it’s an opportunity for him to show how much he loves her. The beta worships its Princess with edges while she teases him with her body. Princess tells the beta exactly how to stroke for her. Nika makes her beta kiss her perfect ass. She happily recalls how much of his money she just spent at the mall. While the beta is right on edge Nika brings up that she would like for him to sign a debt contract. The beta is desperate to stop edging. He agrees to sign the debt contract for Nika. Nika is pleased, she allows him to stop edging only to lock him straight back into chastity. Then, she wants to go back to the mall and spend more. Mall first, debt contract second. (12:28 long)



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Bella and Madison - Jerk off humiliation

1080 HD:  Previously unreleased! Bella and Madison completely ruin this toilet of a person!  They humiliate him and mock him as he strokes to produce a worship puddle.  They periodically spit in his place to put him in his place as a stroke monkey. The clip has a short Bella POV Jerk off humiliation at the end.  We were shooting this and had to cut it short because of a thunderstorm.  Still a great clip but short! 


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Chloe - Money Debt Sacrifice (Real time Rinse with Edging)

The beautiful Princess Chloe has her old slave on his knees for his weekly tribute routine.  Chloe has made her old fool of a slave build a small shrine for her in his basement. It must edge himself morning and evening at this shrine.  The old fool is kept in chastity during the week so his worship session basically involves trying to masturbate in chastity.  Weekly the idiot must provide tribute money, a new debt, and some sort of sacrifice.  The idiot pays Chloe $300 a week which she counts in her greedy hands.  Next the idiot must take on some kind of debt for Chloe.  It just received a new credit card which is for her to max out at her leisure.  Finally the idiot must make one sacrifice that Princess Chloe will judge if it pleases her.  Chloe wants the sacrifice to hurt.  Chloe find this week’s sacrifice to be insufficient so instead of being allowed to make a worship puddle it will be edged 5 times and locked back up.  Chloe repeats her mantra of money debt sacrifice while the idiot edges himself.  The idiot will learn to be selfless and to sacrifice for Princess.  (17:28 long)

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