Ava and Kat - Backed up Chastity Slave Cums while Locked up

Slave Fluffy is so desperate. All he wants is release. But he knows he won’t ever be able to get out of chastity. This is his fate. Being teased everyday by hot girls and never can get hard. Just having his brain melt from the agony. He is a foot slut and loves worshipping asses. His chastity hurts him. He is so turned on he can’t take it anymore and boom jizz squirts out through chastity. This little beta just came hands free without a hard dick. Guess who has to clean it up? HIS MOUTH! Now he is a cum eater.


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Amber - New Keyholder gets her First Old Slave Part 2

In part two of this clip, I surprise my NEW Old loser slave with a gift.... SPHERES! I got it spheres!!! Its this super cool device that I found on some foreign website that you put on a losers head and hands. Its funny how helpless it is when its wearing the spheres. But to really get this dummy excited, I let it smell and worship my bare feet! I continue explaining all the chores it's gonna have to do, like licking up my spit off the floor and frequent foot worship. If this idiot thinks this is some sort of "retirement home" then its got a rude awakening ahead. The constant torment and humiliation will leave little to no time for this loser to rest, serving me is a FULL TIME JOB! I'm talking 24/7 servitude (which is why I practice training it to get out of its cage as FAST AS IT CAN when I press its BALL SHOCKER! lol) I teach slave Andy its brand new position, VULNERABLE! Its a beta pose that puts them in an open position. Once it has its new commands down, I stuff it inside the spheres for my one amusement, taunting and tormenting my new old slave hahaha

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Ava and Sablique – Beta Taken to a New Level of Submission

Ava takes her beta to the slave expert. Sablique, specializes in checking in on the slaves of the BP house. From checking chastity to checking on financial debt and over all obedience of the slave. She checks and makes sure he is working enough hours and giving her right amount of money each week. She shows Ava a cool new ball shocker. It vibrates and shocks. But they won’t be using the nice vibration. Straight to shocking. Fluffy sits on his knees in chastity with the ball shocker around it and a gag in his mouth. They shock him over and over til he is drooling on the floor. Ava loves this device. She can clip the remote right on her outfit! Next, Sablique brings out the spheres. She loosens the screws on the sides and puts Fluffys hands inside. She puts the larger one over his head. He can’t see and he can’t use his hands! How funny!!! Sablique shows Ava the funnel that goes directly into the sphere. You can use him as a human ashtray, urinal or even spit in it so he can have a little drink! She brings out a cool transportation device and shows Ava the benefits of using it. These new devices are definitely going to go to good use. Looks like Fluffy is in good condition!

  • Princess Crystal


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CD - Cucks Chastity Teased Before Worshiping Pussy

Cameron’s Cuck has been in chastity a few weeks.  He hates it, but Cameron loves having his key.  Cameron has been so generous allowing him out for 30 min a day to maintain his hygiene.  Cameron has to monitor him while he washes.  She wants to ensure he isn’t touching himself too long.  Cameron teases his aching balls.  She tells him he’ll have to be in chastity much, much longer.  Cameron strokes the device.  The cuck watches Cameron stroke the plastic tube around his cock, but can’t feel a thing.  She reminds the cuck he should be grateful he is kept in chastity.  No girl would ever want to fuck him anyway.  At least this way women can be comfortable around him.  Cameron instructs the cuck to worship her pussy while she enjoys a cup of tea.  Cameron rocks back and forth as the cuck licks her until she cums.  Cameron says that the best thing about the cuck is still his money, but he isn’t a bad pussy licker. (10:04 long)

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Riley - Boyfriend Convinced to try Locktober (Beginning of FLR)

*FLR – Female Led Relationship

*Locktober - Being locked in your chastity device for the whole month of October


Riley and Ezra have been dating for 3 months now. They just got back from a really nice dinner. Riley sits and has her feet rubbed by her boyfriend. They talk about how great everything is going with their relationship. That’s when Riley mentions Locktober. Ezra is intrigued. He is taken back and shocked by how someone could be locked up for a whole month. Riley thinks this will make their relationship more intense and passionate. Ezra agrees, maybe they should try it. The thought of not being able to cum or get hard is giving Ezra such an intimidating feeling. He goes and tries on chastity. Its not too bad. Its tight and he knows if he gets hard it will probably hurt but it seems fun. He already bows down to Riley and is more submissive in the relationship. But once he handed over the key to Riley he is now completely in her despair and put into submission for good. Riley is now in control and this relationship is 100 % female led. Riley starts to tease him. She rubs the outside of his chastity and pulls up her skirt and rubs her fat ass against it. Riley wants to really put it to the test by making Ezra get on his knees and lick her pussy til orgasm. Lets see how tight chastity is now!


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Lexi – Dirty or Clean Panties Fetch Game

Its laundry day for Lexi. Which means Fluffy gets to fetch! She would never actually do her own laundry. So its time to grab the ball shocker and make dumb slave Fluffy play a little fun game. Maybe if he would have cleaned before she got home then he wouldn’t have to go through Lexis dominate ways. Fluffy crawls back n forth on his hands and knees bringing the laundry to Lexi. He must smell each and every thong and see if its dirty or clean. He also gets to smell her hot boyfriends boxers! Obviously, most of them are dirty. He smells the pussy and ass parts. He probably loves the smell because he is a fucking freak. LOL. Shock after shock, his moans get louder. That’s what he gets.

  • Princess Crystal


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Ava - Chastity Cuck Bathes His Keyholder Before Date


See her immaculate body!

Ava, the goddess that she is bathes in a hot bubble bath while her slave yearns for her. He is locked in chastity, he has a mouth muzzle on and is completely helpless and overwhelmed with the beauty of his master. He puts soap on a wash cloth and begins bathing her. Rubbing her fat ass with hot water and soap. Washing every inch from her beautiful boobs down to her feet. She needs to be all clean for her boyfriend who is on the way home to have sex for hours. Slave gets a nice little surprise by being allowed to sit in the closet while she orgasms. Every orgasm his balls will be shocked. Its almost like he is participating in the fucking. 

- Princess Crystal


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Amber and Nika – Mutt is so Horny he Explodes in Chastity

Keeping a male in chastity for a while makes the cum build up. Sometimes when its so long cum just comes out. They complain all the time. That it hurts… its so tight…morning wood hurts so bad. They can’t take it any longer so their little dick cums hand free.

In this clip Amber and Nika talk about the benefits of keeping their beta in chastity. They let their slave worship and kiss their feet then OOPS. Fluffy the slave shoots out cum through his chastity. He is then made to lick the cum off Nikas foot and the floor all while being humiliated by the Princesses.

  • Princess Crystal


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Nika – Humiliates her Beta Mutt with her Feet

Nika counts her money as her slave worships her feet. It used to be her slaves money but she took it from him. He needs to work an extra job so he can keep making Nika happy. She loves taking control of him financially and humiliating him with her feet. She is perfectly pedicured. Her arches are so beautiful and her toes are painted white. They are really pretty princess feet. She uses her slaves face and mouth to take a good picture. Shoving her feet down his throat makes him drool. He must lick up all the spit. He knows this is the closest he will ever get to a foot job.


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Nika - Chastity Teases her Beta Mutt

In this clip Nika puts Fluffy through excruciating tormenting agony. He is always in chastity. That is where he remains. Just like any other Beta. Nika wanted to give him a chastity check and really make sure he is still completely at her despair. Seemed a little loose at first. So, playing with his cage and turning him on is what obviously needs to happen. Nika takes down her shorts and rubs her big beautiful ass against his caged cock. She puts his chastity in between her huge tits. This really gets him going. He hasn’t came in so long and can’t even get his dick hard so this really makes him go crazy. His body is so weak for her. At any moment it feels like he will bust. He wants to so bad but the little cage is in the way. Nika rubs him. She is so close to his dick that he can feel her breathe on his balls. His balls and dick are throbbing and sore from being so tight locked up. Nika reminds him whose boss. She always gets her way even if she has to be a little mean. She grabs his balls and squeezes them so hard. She digs her nais into them. She twists his cage all the way around. This keeps him in line. He just wants relief so he will do ANYTHING she says.


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