Ava and Jackie - Control Their Innocent Roommate with New Rules and Chastity

Ava and Jackie share and apartment with a hard-working college student. He works and goes to college and is thankful he lives with roommates. He is used to being taken advantage of. The girls always eat his food and he is the only one who does the chores. He doesn’t mind it that much because  he knows he would be on the streets with no apartment if he didn’t get to live there. So, he always just gets walked all over. The girls love walking around naked and wearing whatever they want and doing whatever they want. They realize that their roommate has probably been getting hard all the time. They need to control him. They don’t want him to be hard. He should never get hard on their expense. They bought him a little gift. A shiny cage for his small dick. They start off slowly by making him try it on. They decide to start him off for a week in it. No taking it off. And of course, they have the key. Rubbing their asses on him and showing him that even if he I aroused his dick won’t be able to get hard. By giving him even more rules, it will put him in his place. The girls come up with a few rules that will really let him know his worth in THEIR apartment. If he can’t provide for them then he should start selling his clothes so they can have more snacks and more movie nights with their friends. He owns like one pair of pants and they are ugly fucking khakis. He will be in chastity and naked all the time so its not like he needs them anyways. The girls will always remain in power and always have control of his penis.


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Amber and Nika - Mutt at a Chastity Meeting

Nika and Amber tighten the screw on Mutt’s chastity. The chastity is very tight and heavy. Mutt complains. He wants to be back in his original device, which was easier to wear. Of course, the girls tell him no!  Nika has brought Mutt to Amber, a chastity specialist. Amber explains the importance of a beta knowing its place. Mutt is very desperate. The chastity device is making him crazy! Nika teases Mutt with her hands. Mutt tries to stand up to his Keyholder. He tells her no more! Nika gets in Mutt’s face and bitches him out. Now Amber has seen how difficult Mutt can be. She offers Nika some pointers on Mutt’s further training. If Mutt can stay locked for three months, then he can get a blue ball party. Nika wants a party! Mutt will need to shape up. Amber explains the five-step method for beta correction. Utilizing this method will help Nika reach her three-month goal for the beta. Amber even shares her tips for maximizing the amount of money Nika can get from her beta. Nika is very excited to see the immediate improvements in her beta from Amber’s tips, but Mutt is despondent. Mutt was always intimated by Nika, but with Amber’s direction and guidance she is becoming increasingly terrifying. (13:19 long)


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Alexis Grace – Chastity Checkup and Tease Before Date Night

Alexis Grace has her slave locked up in chastity. It is his first time in a chastity device. She asks him a few questions about how he is adjusting. Alexis teases her chastity slave. She reinforces that he is not a real man and never will be. The chastity slave could never fuck a beautiful girl like Alexis. Instead, he must kiss where he will never be able to fuck her. Alexis wants the chastity slave to worship her asshole. She wants to be nice and clean for when she gets fucked by a real man later. She asks the slave if it likes her lip gloss. Alexis wants to make sure she looks good for her boyfriend. She kisses the slave’s chastity device and leaves her lip gloss mark on it. (8:49 long)



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Kelly Lynn Sage - Chastity Durability and Security Test

Kelly Lynn is testing Danni’s chastity. She wants to make sure that it is very secure and durable. Kelly Lynn examines the structure and when she is sure it’s safe, she teases Danni with her feet. Kelly Lynn wants Danni to come to see her in a week for another chastity tightening. She is gradually getting Danni to wear smaller and smaller devices. Kelly Lynn is managing Danni’s chastity training. Danni is motivated to spend money on his Princess and Miss Kelly Lynn. He is required to spoil the women as a beta male in chastity. (6:06 long)


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BP - 3 Month Chastity Blue Ball Party

Blue Ball Parties are an integral part of any robust chastity regimen.  Both keyholder and beta need milestones and celebrations to help ensure long term chastity success.  A keyholder who locks and forgets is not exploiting her simp as much as possible.  The beta who has nothing to look forward to is not as exploitable than one who is given milestones.  3 months in chastity can be difficult for a new simp or beta.  A young simp less than 25 will struggle in chastity for 3 straight months.  A party can redirect the simps attention from his swollen aching balls, to his keyholder’s happiness.  A blue ball party consists of gift exchange for keyholder. The beta gives a letter to keyholder begging for release.  The beta makes his case for chastity relief.  The beta then showers his keyholder with gifts to celebrate her exploitation of it.  The keyholder than decides if she will allow release or to “Blue Ball” or deny her beta again.  In this clip the girls have an amazing time at the blue ball party.  Nika is impressed by how much beta has given to gain release.  In the end she needs to think of herself.  What makes her happy?  How can I exploit beta more to better herself now and in the future?  Nika chooses to blue ball her simp and all her girlfriends are incredibly happy with her decision.  Two blue balloons are tied to the testicles of her simp to indicate her choice to blue ball him.  The clip also shows some pictures from the party and has some audio and video inserts added to make it more convincing for an unsure simp to watch.  Financial domination is natural, healthy and necessary for a simp. The beta is humiliated, rinsed, and blue balled.  Complete power exchange!


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BP - Three Girls Tease a Chastity Dweeb Complete

Amber, Lexi, and Sablique have Danni locked in chastity. Danni begs to be let out of the device. The girls tell him that they will let him out if he passes a test. Sablique straddles Danni’s face and squeezes his neck between her thighs. The test is that he must survive the scissorholds of all three ladies. Sablique shows the other girls how to do the hold. The girls giggle at how horrible it seems for Danni. Amber and Lexi can’t wait to play! Amber’s thighs are very strong. Danni cannot handle any of the girl’s strength. The girls love watching the weak boy suffer! Lexi sits on Danni’s face while Sablique gets him in the hold. Now he can’t even breathe! Amber and Sablique get Danni in a double hold. Danni tries to endure all the pain so that he can be unlocked, but ultimately the girls decide that he does not pass. All three girls put their full weight on Danni, and he is truly fucked. The girls nearly end the poor little guys pathetic life. The girls decide that they will keep Danni in chastity. They tease him by sitting on his face with their beautiful asses. Danni does not deserve to be let out of chastity! How does he not realize this yet? The girls make his chastity more and more uncomfortable by teasing him with their bodies. Danni looks like he wants to run away, but he won’t go far with the device locked around his penis and no hope of ever getting the key. (18:06 long)


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Kawaii - Danni Oils her Beautiful Ass before Chastity Inspection and Smother

Mistress Kawaii is very well known for her facesitting videos. She has to keep her amazing ass looking great. That’s why she has Danni. Little Danni must oil the facesitting Diva’s incredible ass every evening. It’s a big job for Danni. His hands are so small and Kawaii’s ass is so epic. Kawaii keeps Danni locked in a chastity device. She doesn’t want him getting too excited while he’s doing her very important skincare. Kawaii makes Danni kiss her divine ass and thank her for the privilege of serving her. After the skincare ritual Kawaii inspects Danni’s chastity. Kawaii is very happy to have her little servant boy locked. She asks him about his erections and if he is still experiencing chastity tears. Danni answers that he is. Kawaii decides that she wants to sit on Danni’s face now that her ass is freshly oiled and soft. She works herself up with his small face and has an orgasm. After her orgasm she is ready to sleep. She sends Danni away to go sleep in the corner while she reclines on the bed. (10:00 long)


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Amber and Lexi - Fluffy finds a New Princess

Amber shows Lexi a beta from the stockroom. He’s the last one. His name is Fluffy. Lexi gazes at Fluffy disapprovingly. She did want to get a beta today, but Fluffy is not exactly what she had in mind. Still, he’s the last one, so he’s the only option for Lexi if she wants a beta right now. Lexi asks Amber what Fluffy’s good for. Amber tells Lexi that he’s already in chastity and used to being beaten. He also is good for tributes. Lexi takes a look at his teeth and tests out a face slap. He barely flinches from the slap. A good sign. Fluffy earns $80,000 a year, can be pimped out, and does an ok job at housekeeping. Lexi is not sold on any of that. But then, Amber snaps her fingers and commands Fluffy to lick Miss Lexi’s shoes. Fluffy gets right to it and licks her dirty soles. Amber tells Lexi is that if she is stern, she will be able to get anything she wants from him. Also, he is good for taking frustrations out on. Amber demonstrates how Fluffy is so subjugated and docile that he will accept hard face slaps. Lexi pauses. Amber reminds Lexi that she will also get the key to Fluffy’s chastity as his new owner. Lexi thinks. Finally, she stands up and approaches Fluffy. ‘Ok, Fluffy. I own you.” Lexi says. Amber smiles. Lexi tells Fluffy that the first thing that she wants to do is go to the ATM and withdraw the maximum cash from her new beta’s account. Amber hands Lexi the key. Lexi grabs Fluffy’s key and leash and marches him straight to the ATM. (7:32 long)



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Macy - Inspects Dannis Chastity Device

Macy has convinced poor Danni that he is her boyfriend. Danni thinks that they are dating, but it is all just a mean joke. Macy pretends to be attracted to him just to humiliate him. Macy convinces Danni to strip out of his clothes for her. She has convinced Danni that being locked into a chastity device for her is just kinky fun. Macy makes Danni show her the chastity. Macy thinks it’s very funny, but Danni is humiliated that his girlfriend has done this to him. He does not like chastity, and he wants out. Macy is thrilled that her boyfriend has agreed to be locked for her. She gets so excited that she can’t help but tease his chastity. While teasing him Macy asks for more money. Danni guesses that he’s ok with giving his girlfriend money. Whatever makes her happy. Danni is a little confused that Macy is his girlfriend and they have still never kissed or anything. All Macy seems to want is money. Macy tells her boyfriend that chastity is much more interesting than kissing. Her sexuality is more evolved. Macy caresses Danni’s balls and strokes his cage. She places the cock cage between her breasts and gazes into Danni’s eyes. Macy know that she can get him to do anything for her. With all this power, why would she ever unlock him?! Macy tells her boyfriend to worship her feet the way she likes it. Danni has been trained to please his girlfriend by worshiping her soles. Soon he will grow accustomed to his life in chastity and stop questioning that as well. (12:23 long)


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Sadie - Inspects Cucks Chastity and Makes him Worship

Sadie calls her cuck into the living room to give him a list of things to do. She has a lot of cleaning tasks for her beta. The beta gets sullen and begs to get out of chastity. It’s been a really long time since he’s had an orgasm. Sadie becomes enraged with the cuck. He wants an orgasm?! Seriously, Sadie has a very long list of things he needs to do and wasting time on his orgasm is not one of them! Sadie punishes her cuck by insisting he stay in chastity even longer. Even though the cuck won’t be having orgasms anytime soon Sadie wants one right now. She has her locked cuck lick her pussy. Sadie uses his mouth until she has her orgasm. Before she dismisses her cuck Sadie tells him that he will be going on a fast to conserve more money for her spending. Then, she requires the cuck to worship her asshole. For the next week all the cuck will be allowed to eat are her ass and pussy. (14:46 long)


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