Lesbian Domination

Chloe and Natalya - Lizzy Humiliated with Feet to Fit in With Popular Crowd (1080 HD)

1080 HD Hot girls, Chloe and Natalya, have been stringing a nerdy girl along, letting her think that maybe she can get in with their clique. They make the nerdy girl, Lizzy, do all sorts of humiliating things. Lizzy does what Chloe and Natalya tell her to, no matter how strange, because she thinks it makes her a part of their social group. Today, Chloe and Natalya tell Lizzy that they want her to lick their feet. Lizzy thinks it’s weird, but she doesn’t want to disappoint her “friends.” After some hesitation, she kisses and licks the feet of the cruel and manipulative pair. The girls tell Lizzy that she has to do whatever they tell her to, or she will no longer be allowed to be seen with the popular crowd. Lizzy is desperate to fit in and she tries her best to keep Chloe and Natalya happy.

The girls confront Lizzy with a rumor that she gave a boy at school a blowjob. Natalya and Chloe are in agreement that this rumor makes Lizzy the official school slut. They tell Lizzy they want her to suck on their toes the same way she sucked that boy. Lizzy starts to get upset, but that just makes her “friends” crueler. Chloe grabs Lizzy by the hair and forces her down on Natalya’s foot, all the while giggling and telling her to suck it like the cocksucker she is. This is what Lizzy gets for being the school slut. The girls laugh at Lizzy. Lizzy is very sad and humiliated. Chloe and Natalya get a novel idea. They decide that they will let Lizzy go to the mall with them after all, but they want her to take out a store credit card in her name. Chloe and Natalya plan to rack up as much debt in the store as they can on Lizzy’s first credit card. Lizzy objects, if she’s going to get a credit card, she wants to at least be able to buy things for herself! The popular girls say no. Lizzy doesn’t get to spend any money on the card. It should be enough for her just to be able to be seen at the mall with them. And Chloe and Natalya want Lizzy to drive them there. Lizzy has worked very hard and bought herself her first car, but Chloe and Natalya don’t have one yet, so they need Lizzy to drive them to the mall so that they can get a credit card in her name. Lizzy is tired of being an outcast, so she agrees to do everything the popular girls want her to.  (7:40 long)


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Lizzy and Natalya - Teaches Freshman Pledge to Suck Cock to Win a Sorority Contest (1080 HD)

1080 HD The sorority house is having its annual cock sucking contest! All the freshman girl pledges are going to have to demonstrate to their big sister’s their cock sucking ability. The pledges have to get a certain number of cocks off within the time limit, or they won’t be allowed to join the sorority! The winner is the girl who can suck the most cocks! Last year’s winner did 28. This year’s winner will have to do more. Lizzy is desperate to fit in, desperate to win her place in the sisterhood. She’s really grateful her big, Natalya has offered her some individual cock sucking training to get her prepped for the big contest. Natalya takes her little by the hair and forces her head down onto her strap-on. Lizzy drools and gags, but she’s going to have to get over her own discomfort. Just imagine the line of cocks she will have to hurriedly service during the sorority contest! Natalya reminds Lizzy that a cock doesn’t count unless it cums! Her pledge has really got to focus on not just sucking the lineup of cocks but getting them off to completion. Girls get points deducted for doing things like spitting instead of swallowing. Winner gets automatic entry into the sorority! This is not a contest an unpopular girl like Lizzy will want to lose! (5:04 long)


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Chloe and Lizzy - Stupid Whore gets Princess Ready for Date and Worships Feet (1080 HD)

1080 HD Lizzy brushes Princess Chloe’s hair. Chloe is about to go on a date with her hot boyfriend. Chloe’s man is taking her to a great restaurant, her absolute fave Italian place. Lizzy hasn’t ever even been to a nice restaurant, not once. Lizzy doesn’t have a man. She’s only ever been on one date, and it didn’t go well. Lizzy wears a simple frock. Chloe makes fun of Lizzy’s frock. No man would ever want a girl in a simple frock like Lizzy’s. It seems Lizzy can’t do anything right as far as Chloe is concerned. Chloe is very cruel to Lizzy about everything. Lizzy is so sad and pathetic she doesn’t even fight back at the mean girl. She just accepts Chloe’s bullying. Chloe wants Lizzy to touch up her powder. Lizzy kneels before the hotter girl and helps touch up her powder and lip. Again, Chloe is dissatisfied with the mousy servant girl’s work. She wants Lizzy to worship her feet before she goes out to dinner, to remind Lizzy of her place. Chloe decides that the only thing Lizzy is even remotely useful for is worshipping feet. She instructs Lizzy to clean the toilet with her tongue while she’s out at her fave Italian place with her man. (12:19 long)


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Lizzy and Natalya - Brutally Whipped for Going through Natalya’s Things (1080 HD)

1080 HD Lizzy is obsessed with Natalya and she just can’t help but do creepy things like riffle through Natalya’s drawers. Lizzy especially loves to put on Natalya’s lipstick and brush her hair with her hairbrush without Natalya knowing. Natalya suspects that something’s off about Lizzy and one day catches her in the act of using her hairbrush. This makes Natalya very angry because Natalya is very possessive of her personal things. She drags Lizzy out into the living room and makes her strip out of her clothes. Lizzy is very humiliated but obliges because she knows that she was caught in the act. Natalya flogs the bare back of the terrified girl. Lizzy winces in pain as Natalya strikes her over and over. Natalya makes the disobedient girl crawl over to fetch a second whip. Lizzy presents Natalya with the longer whip with dread. Natalya beats the simpering girl and spits right in her face. Lizzy’s back gets welted and reddened from Natalya’s brutality. She cries out. Natalya demands the third whip. The third whip is very strict, and Lizzy really breaks down from it. She starts to curse. Natalya hates when her girl curses and tells her she’ll be getting her dirty mouth soaped next. Lizzy apologizes profusely, but the damage has already been done. Natalya slaps the miserable wretch in the face and hits her even harder before leading Lizzy into the bathroom for a mouth soaping. (11:20 long)



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Lizzy and Natalya - Post Sex Lesbian Armpit Licking (1080 HD)

1080 HD Natalya just had great sex with her man. Lizzie knows because Natalya made her stay in the room, under the bed, and listen to it. Now that Natalya’s guy has left, Lizzy can do her part and come out from under the bed to lick Natalya clean. Natalya and her man worked up quite a sweat. It’s Lizzie’s job to lick all the sex sweat from Natalya’s body. Natalya tells Lizzie to start with her armpits. Her armpits always get the sweatiest. Lizzie is very sad. She is jealous of Natalya’s guy and humiliated to have to clean Natalya after him. Natalya loves how pathetic and lovestruck little Lizzie is. She could get the lonely lezzy to do just about anything. But Lizzie has got to understand that she isn’t a man and could never replace one in Natalya’s life. As Lizzie cleans the post-coital sweat from Natalya’s body, she better understands her place in Natalya’s life. Lizzie finishes licking Natalya’s armpits, but she isn’t finished. Lizzie still has to clean up the rest of what Natalya’s man left behind. (6:00 long)


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Lizzy and Natalya - Tiny Girls Head Squashed by Bigger Girls Butt (1080 HD)

1080 HD Lizzy is so small compared to Natalya! The girls stand side by side each other in lingerie and talk about all the ways in which Lizzy’s petite body is different from Natalya’s larger frame. Natalya thinks that she could pick tiny Lizzy right up off the ground and carry her. She tries it, picking Lizzy right up and throwing her over her shoulder. Then, Natalya throws Lizzy onto the bed. The girls giggle as Natalya pins Lizzy down. Natalya tickles Lizzy’s ribs as she cries out. Natalya starts to realize that she could do whatever she wants to Lizzy, as she can be so easily physically overpowered. Lizzy starts to get a little scared and tells Natalya to stop throwing her around, but Natalya doesn’t want to stop, and Lizzy is too small and weak to make her. Natalya sits her big butt right on little Lizzy’s head. Giggling turns to terror as Lizzy realizes she cannot breathe while pinned under all of Natalya’s weight. Lizzy tries to cry out, but Natalya’s ass muffles the sound. Eventually, Lizzy goes very still underneath Natalya. Natalya realizes that Lizzy has lost consciousness while pinned under her ass. Lizzy’s small body is now completely limp. With a morbid fascination, Natalya plays with the girl’s limbs while she is out cold. Natalya is disappointed that she has apparently broken another playmate and throws a bit of a tantrum when she realizes that Lizzy won’t wake back up. (5:29 long)


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Lizzy and Natalya - Rides Lesbians Face while Waiting for Alpha Male to Show Up (1080 HD)

1080 HD Natalya is getting all worked up thinking about the nice date that her boyfriend is taking her on later. She’s so excited. Her boyfriend isn’t around, but her submissive friend, Lizzy is. Natalya doesn’t want to wait for her boyfriend to arrive. She decides to call Lizzy in and use her face before her boyfriend gets there. Lizzy obediently helps Natalya out and lays on the bed where she is told to. Natalya may or may not be aware that Lizzy wants to be more than friends with her. So, hearing Natalya talk about the nice date that she has planned with her boyfriend is actually heartbreaking for Lizzy.

Natalya confesses to Lizzy that sometimes her Dominant boyfriend doesn’t take his time to get her off first, like a nice guy should. This is maybe where Lizzy can have a place in Natalya’s life.  Lizzy lays on the bed passively while Natalya takes charge. Natalya thinks and talks about her boyfriend while riding her lesbian friend’s face. Lizzy doesn’t seem to enjoy being sexually used by Natalya like this. Natalya is rough with her and doesn’t seem to be thinking about her at all while riding her face. “God I just can’t wait for his dick!” Natalya screams out as she climaxes while using Lizzy. When she’s finished, Natalya makes Lizzy get underneath the bed. That is the spot Lizzy has to be in when Natalya’s boyfriend comes over to fuck her. Lizzy needs to hear how a man with a nice cock can please a woman better than a lesbian ever could.  (6:01 long)



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Chloe and Lizzy - Teaches slave girl How to Fluff her Boyfriend (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe is training her slave, Lizzy, to take care of Chloe’s boyfriend’s sexual needs. Chloe loves her boyfriend, but sometimes she just doesn’t feel like giving him a blowjob every time he wants one. Lizzy is a great helper, and this is another way that Lizzy can help Chloe out. Chloe wears her strap-on, so that she can teach Lizzy how her boyfriend likes to have his cock sucked. Chloe wants Lizzy to do just as good a job sucking him as she would have done. If Lizzy doesn’t do a great job pleasuring Chloe’s boyfriend, then she will be punished. Lizzy sucks Chloe’s strap-on like she fears her. Chloe’s great boyfriend does not deserve subpar head. Lizzy’s got to prove to Chloe that she’s a great cocksucker before Chloe will give the slave girl over to her boyfriend for his use. Chloe’s boyfriend really likes deepthroat. Sometimes all the chocking and gagging can be a lot of work, and that’s why it will be Lizzy’s job from now on. Lizzy’s going to have to remember not to get emotionally attached to Chloe’s boyfriend. She is just the fluffer. Once Lizzy has finished with her job, she will have to kneel in the corner and listen to Chloe get fucked. She has to remember that Chloe’s boyfriend is not her man. She is just there to be sexually used by Chloe’s boyfriend when Chloe doesn’t feel like giving head. (7:43 long)


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Lizzy and Natalya - Lizzy Punished for Using Natalya’s Human Ashtray and Hairbrush (1080 HD)

1080 HD Lizzy enjoys a cigarette while taking a little break. She is not allowed to smoke inside, but Lizzy can’t help but bend the rules because she is very addicted to smoking. Lizzy borrows Natalya’s human ashtray without asking Natalya for permission to use it. Even though she knows that it’s probably not ok to borrow Natalya’s things without asking, she just can’t help but sneak in a smoke. Lizzy enjoys the cigarette and uses the ashtray slave’s mouth with indifference. The ashtray slave is just an object to all the women in the household.

Just as Lizzy is putting her cigarette out on the ashtray’s tongue, Natalya storms in. She can smell that Lizzy is smoking. Natalya has warned Lizzy several times not smoke inside and to not use her things without asking! She is very mad at Lizzy. She’s especially mad because Natalya also found a red hair in her hairbrush earlier. You know who doesn’t have red hair? Natalya. You know who does? Lizzy. Natalya was looking for Lizzy to yell at her about using her hairbrush without permission but couldn’t find her because Lizzy was hiding away with her human ashtray, smoking!

Natalya is so mad. She holds Lizzy down and punishes her with a spanking from the hairbrush that she never should have used. Natalya tells Lizzy that she is actually being very generous to correct her bad behavior with the hairbrush spanking. She makes Lizzy thank her for giving her a proper punishment to set her straight. Lizzy cries and thanks Natalya for the spanking. She understands its for her own good. Natalya spanks Lizzy until her ass is as red as the strand of hair she found in her brush. Then, Natalya makes Lizzy kiss her black boots and thank her for the lesson.

After the spanking, Natalya wants to smoke a cigarette. She uses the same human ashtray that Lizzy is not allowed to use. She keeps Lizzy on a collar and leash nearby and makes her light her cigarette. Lizzy has to watch Natalya enjoy a cigarette but is not allowed to have one herself. Instead, Natalya blows second hand smoke in Lizzy’s face. If Natalya finds Lizzy breaking the rules again, she will be forced to serve as Natalya’s ashtray herself. Lizzy definitely does not want to be a human ashtray. It would be even more degrading than her current position. She promises Natalya that she will do better to follow the rules. Natalya puts her cigarette out on the ashtray slave’s tongue, then drags Lizzy out of the room by her collar and leash. (15:06 long)


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Chloe and Lizzy - Rich Brat Dunks Poor Girls Head in Dirty Mop Bucket (1080 HD)

1080 HD Lizzy is cleaning the kitchen floor on her hands and knees. Chloe comes in and yells at her. She isn’t happy with the job Lizzy has done cleaning the other rooms. Lizzy apologizes to Chloe, but that isn’t enough to make it right. Lizzy offers to re-do the other floors in the house. Chloe still is not happy. Then Chloe notices that Lizzy is wearing makeup. Lizzy’s been preening herself to make herself look prettier, instead of focusing her attention on cleaning the floors. Lizzy admits that she’s tried to make herself look pretty because she was hoping that, after finishing all the chores, she could go out with Chloe. Chloe laughs. She NEVER wants to be seen in public with Lizzy. Lizzy is POOR. She doesn’t have nice enough clothing. Chloe would never want to be seen with a someone who dresses rags like the ones Lizzy wears. It would be embarrassing.

Chloe decides that she needs to teach Lizzy a lesson and wash the makeup off her face. Lizzy has been lectured by Chloe before about this very same issue. Today Chloe is going to make the lesson stick. Chloe wants Lizzy to wash the makeup off her face in the bucket of dirty mop water. Lizzy is reluctant to stick her head into the bucket of very dirty water. Chloe helps Lizzy by pushing her head into the bucket. She holds her face down in the dirty water. Lizzy blubbers and cries when Chloe lets her come up for air. Chloe dunks Lizzy’s face into the dirty bucket repeatedly. She wants to make sure the girl gets all the makeup off her face.

The dirty mop water washes most of the makeup from Lizzy’s face, and her tears take care of the rest. Once the makeup has been removed, Chloe makes Lizzy kiss her feet. While Lizzy is humbled, Chloe surprises Lizzy by giving her a big wedgie. Lizzy is startled by the wedgie and screams. Chloe has somewhere to be, so she leaves Lizzy a sobbing wet mess in the kitchen. She reminds her to have the floors sparkling clean before she gets back. Lizzy grabs the sponge and gets back to cleaning Chloe’s kitchen floor. This clip features a bonus highlight of Chloe and Lizzy in another great clip! (7:58 long)


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