Financial Domination

Sablique - Home Rental Comes with Beta Ratings

Sablique has been doing amazing with her new rental. SHE IS BOOKED OUT THE REST OF THE MONTH! The money just keeps piling in.  All her clients have been leaving good reviews for the most part. Slave Fluffy is so nervous hearing her read through them. He knows if there are any complaints that it’s his fault and he will be punished. He must have been guzzling a lot because one of the reviews says best cum dumpster beta.!!!! Many of them think he is the greatest beta. He keeps getting 5 stars! He has been putting in so much work.

“BETA BITCH, best at serving. Can fit anywhere and anything can fit in beta”


If it weren’t for Sabliques great idea for this Airbnb then his life would suck and he would just be a begging beta on the street waiting for a purpose.


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Ashley Edmonds - Mocks Sap Husband after Settlement

She got him!!! The judge sided with her and agreed that he is such a loser. They humiliated him and now everything is HERS! The judge even agreed… if the money isn’t in the account on the first then he will get 100 ball kicks! Ashley makes fun of him. He is almost in tears. She makes sure he knows what a bozo he is. He is so sad because he knows shes fucking other men and just left him with nothing or no one. She owns him. All of him. ESPECIALLY HIS TONGUE!


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Amber and Scarlet - Here are Some Rinsing Tips

Scarlet got a new sugar dummy. And she wants tips from the pro AMBER! She wants to drain him good and she knows Amber can do it. Amber has great tips and will give her good ideas. First thing she tells her is to tell him, yell at him, speak it into existence!!! TELL HIM ! Shes going to take it ALL! Drain every last penny from the bank account. EVERY LAST PENNY!

Findom lovers will LOVE this clip. Amber tells her all the ways she can get him good. Its funny cause he’s ugly!!!


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Scarlet - Beta Shopping Rinse HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED

Scarlets feet are so sore from shopping. It was a long day of rinsing beta. She got the CUTEST lingerie for her and her boyfriend to use tonight. Beta is so pathetic. Scarlet even takes pics of him holding all her bags! SAY BETA!!!!!! Its never enough though. She wants MORE. Maybe another debt contract. He wants to spoil her and make her happy but he is already working 3 jobs. Maybe he can take out a loan. She wanted to rinse him more but they met the daily limit. So, looks like tomorrow he will get rinsed again! That’s what he deserves for being a pathetic loser.


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Ava-Shared - Max Financial Ruin Rinse in a Day

This doesn’t just have to be a fantasy.  This is the goal of a Beta Fin sub.  A deep rinse.  You won’t be ruined completely but this will be a huge blow to your financial situation.  I am greedy, demanding, bratty, bitchy, and hot.  This combination is what you want.  This combination makes you weak. This clip will give you jerk of material for months while you rebuild your finances for the next rinse.  I take you through a day rinse.  First, I dry you out at an ATM machine ripping through your cards with max withdrawals and cash advances.  Then we go to the mall.  I want shoes and bags.  I hit you hard there and max out a card or two.  Then we go to a bank and a soak up what’s left and rightfully mine.  The clip has ATM sound effects, BP audio cut ins, words, and video cut ins.  Jerk to it!  Jerk to it and think this doesn’t just have to be a fantasy.  (20:21 long)


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Ava - Valentine’s Day Rules for Betas

This is a great video for Beta’s who have known their status for a long time and are currently working to increase their gooning and porn addiction.  It is also great for someone who is new to their truth and are just being black pilled for the first time.  The clip will humiliate you and put you in your place.  Learn your rules and responsibilities during Valentines Day!  This is great poison for simps that still think they have a chance, (spoiler alert: You don’t!), and also cuck pay pigs who need a reminder.  Brat Princess audio cut ins, graphics, and JOI throughout!

Financial domination, mesmerize, ass addict, femdom POV


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Ava - Ego Destroying Findom Mind Fuck with Built in After Care

This clip is for findom curious and findom resistive beta’s.  The clip hits your brain from multiple areas.  The clip constantly reminds you of your shortcomings as a male and how natural it is for you to stroke and send to pretty girls.  Numerous brat princess audio cut ins keep reminding you as you jerk.  Encouraging you and yes demanding that you give in to Ava.  The clip has a built-in aftercare!  At the end after you have been hit with a lot of truth, Ava makes you feel better about what you face going forward in your life.  She helps you through this.  There is a lot of truth in this clip.  Truth hurts.  This clip will hurt you if you are not ready for it.  The viewer should brace themselves emotionally before jerking to it.  Let the poison fill your brain.  Jerk to it and let your sexual desire change your brain and make you accept the truth of your position in life.  The after care at the end will give you a pick me up to allow for future sessions.  The clip should be watched over and over until the after-care part is no longer needed.  Your acceptance as a beta loser will eventually come.  It just takes time!  Buy the clip, jerk to it, and begin serving Ava today!

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Amber - Boy Brian Humiliated and Rinsed

In this dreamy clip Ambers slave BOY gives her what she wants.


Debt will make your life more fulfilling.




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Natalya POV - Get Fucked up and Clip Binge 4K


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Ava - Findom Poison Booster

There is nothing wrong with needing a Findom Booster every now and then.  Even the most beaten down beta who has a very strong gooning addiction can still need help with knowing its place.  If you have doubts about being rinsed by pretty girls, this is the clip for you!  Your number one role in life as a beta is to provide.  A strong gooning and Brat Princess Ava addiction will make your life more meaningful.  You get up and go to work every day and it seems what’s the point?  Why am I doing this?  You feel like a cog in some large machine whose purpose you don’t even know!  Give in to Brat Princess Ava.  Follow her.  Submit to her.  Tribute her. Spoil her.  Make her happier.  Watching this clip every now and then as a booster of poison to keep you stroking and spending like you are supposed to do. Find meaning in life!  Spoil Brat Princess Ava!  Watch her grow more and more powerful every day!  This clip features Ava in a skintight body suit.  Has numerous walk behinds, face bouncing, and poses over 3 different moods.  There are numerous audio cut ins keeping your thoughts in line and reminding you of your primary role in society.  Pay her!  These simple words are repeated to get it deep into your brain. Get noticed by Ava!  She might give you your own beta name of her choice and even your own pin code to keep you from spending your own money!  

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