Financial Domination

Amber - Please Your Boss and Your Keyholder

Being a hot girl is hard sometimes! I have to get my nails done every two weeks, get my hair done every three months, facials on a weekly basis, buy sexy lingerie, take selfies CONSTANTLY, and ALWAYS look hot in case a hot guy comes around. With this long list of chores comes A LOT of expenses! Do you really think your same minimum wage job is going to be able to cover all of these growing costs???? NO, ITS NOT! That's why I think it's time I had a word with your boss to increase your working hours. I don't care if you're maxed out on your work schedule, ask for MORE overtime, there's PLENTY of you to go around and I'm sure we can work something out... Better yet, let me do it since I'm sure you'll find a way to fck it up. Besides, I'm WAY BETTER at negotiating than you are! (Yes, I actually call his boss) lol

- Amber

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Ava - Poor Virgin Cuck Tribute Session

Ava is wearing sexy blue lingerie and heels awaiting the arrival of her boyfriend. Before he gets there its tribute time for beta. He crawls over to Ava and sits by her bedside and hands her cash. $200. Half of his pay. He is in engineering school so he is poor. But once he makes over $80,000 that means she will get $40,000 a a year. Ava wants more. She would get  100% of his check. Ava negotiates with him. If he gives her 100% then she will give him a surprise! And because he is dumb and no one surprises him of course he agrees. He goes and gets the other half of his paycheck and crawls back to Ava. He gives Ava the money and then Ava gives him his surprise. A bedazzled lock and key for his chastity! AWW SOOO CUTE!!!!

Ava teases her beta. Rubs her ass and sexy feet all over his chastity. And tells him about how he needs to watch every second of her getting fucked. He is a cuck. Ava is the key holder! He must watch and drool over the crazy sex Ava is going to have tonight.

  • Princess Crystal


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Ava - You Want Out of Chastity But I Want MORE

Dani keeps giving Ava more and more money in hopes that he will be let out of chastity. Dani hasn’t jerked off in 3 weeks. Ava makes a deal with him. If he gives her 60 % of his pay then she will let him out. Ava knows how to get him good. Flaunting her big tan ass in his face. That will make him so weak for her. Once he becomes weak he will do whatever she says. Dani is on a collar and leash on his knees almost in tears because he can’t bare to be wearing chastity any longer! He doesn’t know what to do. He works so many hours, barely eats and devotes everything to Ava but its still not enough for a Goddess like her.


“A happy Princess means a happy beta!”


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Chloe – Pay Pig Humiliation and Rinsing Q and A

Chloe opens her fan mail and decides to answer questions from her simps. While she is answering questions, she makes her slave edge! She answers questions about an edge and release schedule, fin-dom questions and how he pays his own bills.

The answer to the edge and release schedule is 5 days edging and 10 days in TIGHT chastity! LOL!!!!

Losers don’t get to touch Princesses like us. Chloe lets him edge himself and won’t allow him to stop until its super painful and about to cum all while chanting mantras about how worthless he is.

  • In this video there are visuals and voice overs during the clip to keep you wanting to edge yourself as well!




  • Princess Crystal


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Chloe – I Said I Want More Danni

Chloe found out her friends slave gives her 50 % of his pay check. Chloe wants 50 % too. Danni doesn’t think he can afford it because of his bills. Chloe knows how to manipulate him. He is in chastity and she has the key. The faster he gives her 50 % then the faster he could MAYBE get out of chastity. Taunting him with the key and making him kiss her ass really makes Danni want to  negotiate.  Princess rubs her foot against his cage and his balls. That’s a sure way of having Danni give in. She is too tempting and at this point he will do ANYTHING for his princess.


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Amber - Victor is Cuckoo for Converse

OMG this is one of my dumbest in person session slaves I own.  Victor is a freak for converses.  Smelly dirty converses!   I found out about his converse obsession and quickly began to take advantage of him.  He must pay to sniff.  He must pay to lick.  He must pay period.  Victor is a converse freak pervert that I use for cash.  This clip shows Victor paying to sniff.  That day I made sure I wore my converses all day without socks, so they were extra stinky.  Victor is cuckoo for converse!


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Simp Boy Tribute and Foot Training (Part 2 of 2)

Boy hands over tribute and is instructed to take off my stockings. I’d been wearing them all day long and I thought it’d be funny to watch boy obey my every command as his keyholder. I taunt and laugh at how pathetic he is, especially since his cock is locked in chastity. I let boy kiss my feet for my amusement, teasing that my feet were his FIRST KISS EVER!!! A poor virgin boy who has only ever kissed the feet of a hot bratty girl, what a SIMP! LOL. As I sit and count boy’s weekly tribute to me, I go over some simple positions for him to memorize…..”VULNERABLE!” boy learns quickly to spread his legs and keep his hands locked behind his back. I continue to count my tribute as boy licks the sweat off my feet (AKA his new girlfriends LOL). He’s NEVER had a girlfriend before, so I think the thought of being in a relationship with my feet excites him. I examine him chastity from time to time to make sure its secure and uncomfortable for him. Boy has no idea what he’s getting himself into as I casually mention the possibility of FINALLY letting him out of chastity…. For a PRICE, that is. I make sure the possibility of release is JUST outta boy’s reach….. how frustrating for him HAHAHAH!


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Amber - Complete Femdom Power Exchange (4K)
This clip starts during a good wallet fuck by Amber.  Amber has let her old fool out of chastity to goon for her.  She loves to watch the old fool humiliate himself in front of her.  She feels incredibly empowered with the absolute control she has over it.  She repeatedly counts his tribute right in its face.  Arrogantly counting the hundreds she ripped from him just minutes before.  The old fool goons as she counts the money.  This has the effect of connecting physical pleasure (gooning) to financial rinsing. Amber controls the stroking.  Ordering the fool to goon and stop to show her control.  Amber realizes now she can make it do whatever she wants.
Amber wants it to help her pray to Goddess to better utilize it.  Amber and the old fool both pray for its destruction.  They both want it.  The more it is destroyed physically, mentally, financially, spiritually, and emotionally the better Amber will feel about herself and her beauty.  How hot must she be to be able to extract so much from this old fool? Amber prays to Goddess to give her the emotional strength to decimate Andy.  When it’s the old fools turn, he prays for his own destruction!  Amber is amused.  She has the fool so desperate for her that he will pray to Goddess for his own humiliation and destruction.
Amber wants to see how much control she has over it.
Amber asks it, “Do you trust me?”
Fool replies, “Of course Princess!”
Amber tests him by handing him a handful of pills.
“Take these.  Don’t think just take them.”
The idiot takes them, and Amber has him wash it down with her morning waste she saved in a bottle.  The idiot gags a little, but he washes the pills down its throat.  Amber is amazed with herself.  She can do anything to it.  Anything.  Complete total power exchange.
The fool praises Amber, “Amber is beautiful and loved!”
Amber replies, “Andy is ugly and hated!” and slaps it right across its stupid ugly face.
As Andy praises her, Amber replies with what people think of it and emphasizes it with a slap.  Andy is being destroyed.  Andy is in a completely vulnerable state for Amber.  
Amber quickly utilizes this new cut into its brain.  She tells Andy she plans to increase its tribute and will do max ATM cash withdrawals the rest of the week.  Every day she will take the utilizeed old fool to an ATM and do a full max withdrawal on it.  Amber wants to see how much control she has on it!  The fool is in a euphoric state.  He is in a complete total power exchange relationship.  It is completely vulnerable to Amber and will just do whatever she wants.  Amber knows best and his life is meaningless without her utilizeing him.  
This clip is a great view of a complete and total power exchange femdom relationship.  Pure femdom.  Andy is 99.9 percent gone.  Amber still wants that .1 percent.  The gagging must stop!
The clip is rendered in such a way to make you feel like you are in a submissive euphoric state.  Color graded and sound effects to have you experience what it is experiencing during this traumatic attack on its soul.
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Kat - Old Fool Goes into Further Debt for Princess

Princess Kat can get whatever she wants from her old fool. He is so much older than her! The Princess likes to use the old man for cash. She demands a tribute every week. Kat is very excited this week to receive her tribute. The old man gives her a stack of cash. Kat greedily counts. He’s short! The Princess is very upset. The old fool tries to explain why he doesn’t have the money, but Kat does not care about his excuses. Kat decides that the fool can borrow the money he owes from her. The following week he will need to pay it back with interest. Kat is very excited to start collecting interest from her debt slave. The interest will ensure that he is buried in debt. Kat is so amused at her cleverness that she decides to let her old fool out of chastity. She wants to see him goon and humiliate himself. She unlocks her old man and tells him to start stroking. The old fool must do whatever the young girl instructs. Kat expects to be entertained. She giggles at the old man. When she is finished playing with him, the young girl locks him back up. (13:58 long)



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Nataya and Riley - COVID is No Excuse for Lack of Tribute

Another slave has lost its job due to COVID. This really annoys Natalya and Riley. Slaves have a responsibility to make tributes whether or not they are employed. The girls do not care that there is a pandemic and global recession. They deserve money. The girls decide to make their jobless loser edge for them. After increasing his frustration with an edging, he will be locked back into chastity for multiple months. They scold the loser for not saving more. Once he receives his government stimulus, they will take the whole check. The girls make the loser edge to their asses. He deserves to be edged and denied. He apologizes over and over for losing his job, but also complains that the situation is not fair. The girls whisper in his ears, “Beta’s have to pay.” Soon the beta is repeating the manta, softly. “Betas have to pay.” The girls will not allow the beta to stop edging. It must edge over and over. The slave starts to beg to be locked back in chastity. It almost has an accident but manages not to cum without permission. The girls lock him back up with a throbbing erection. Now the slave must go look for another job. The girls do not care what he will have to do to get them their money. (11:38 long)


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