Financial Domination

Amber and Nika - Rinsing Tips (Making it Super Fun)

This clip was up for a short time and we got a customer complaint about how cruel it was and “psychology damaging” it is for Beta’s to be treated this way.  We decided to take it down and make it meaner.  We put back in a mean section that we took out.  That’s what you get for complaining.  Watch it again freak and cry us a river! 

This clip is meant to be a fun!  A beta deserves to be rinsed and exploited.  The point of the video is that it doesn’t have to be screaming and beatings.  It can be super fun for both the beta and its key holder.  It is really meant for key holders to watch.  We think it is a super gift idea for a beta to give this to his key holder.  The clip discusses some super fun ideas to get the most you can from your beta in a rinse and to make it as humiliating as possible.   Perfect timing for Valentine’s day!

 And for the “fan” that complained:  This beta, like all beta’s, has a penis less than 6 inches.  This makes him a beta and in mandatory chastity.  His keyholder can exploit him as much as She wants.  The beta has no one to blame but himself.  It deserves it.  Tell your key holder you deserve more chastity time.  More chastity will fix your attitude.


Jennifer and Sasha - Draining Training (Special Idiot Pricing)

This version is the basically the same as the other just with special idiot pricing.  Also included are verbal taunts, visual suggestions, and video inlays of many other girls mocking you and humiliating you.  This clip also has: Platinum, Amber, Lexie, Mia, Natalya, Ivory, Riley, and Ava!  These are small video edits including countdowns, money counting, Hand job stroking, and bitchy humiliating taunts.  This is a great clip to buy on a date night when you are home alone.

Jennifer and Sasha - Draining Training

Danny’s chastity coach Jennifer continues his relentless exploitation by teaching Sasha how to drain his accounts at the computer.  They really dry him out good.  Contains a highlight from another findom clip.

Kat - Young Girl Bullies Old Male into Debt Contract

I got the old fool good! This was so much fun! My idiot cash cow chastity slave says he wants a total power exchange (TPE) relationship, so I decided to really push him. Debt contracts are in fashion right now and girls are signing pigs into contracts for the summer. I decided I wanted a 30K contract paid over 3 years. With interest, its monthly payment is around a grand a month. All that money goes into my savings for my future! Once he signs the contract, he legally owes me the money! The idiot still must tribute and spoil of course with additional credit card debt. Don’t feel bad for the old worthless fool. It was a great saver and can easily carry the additional debt contract load. I feel one more debt contract should get him into a nice slow negative drain where I will have it all before, he knows it.


In the clip it takes a little convincing, but he does agree to a debt contract. You must buy the clip to see how much I got him for! I like him to humiliate himself by gooning for me. It is so funny watching an old worthless loser goon on his knees at My direction. I have him on a strict chastity regime, edging and gooning every couple of days but so far, no orgasms in over 3 months! It got so worked up and frustrated by the teasing and edging, the pig exploded with cash at the end. I am so excited about this contract. This is a great way for a girl to lock a pig into long term debt that he legally can’t get himself out of. (24:02 long)


Macy and Raquel - Macy takes her slave to Beta Exploitation Specialist

Macy brings her slave to the Edging Salon. She’s come to Raquel to seek council. Macy’s slave’s been drying up. He’s stopped spoiling her like he used to. Raquel is a Beta Exploitation Specialist and quite credentialed. She gives Macy’s beta the once over. Then, she coveys to Macy the list of services the Edging Salon offers. Each service is designed to aid Female Dominants in getting the most out of their betas. Macy’s beta is already in chastity and invested into his life of servitude deeply, but Raquel knows that Macy can be getting more out of the beta and makes a few suggestions. Raquel suggests they raise the interest rates on the beta’s five-year debt contract. They also will liquidate his assets and send him to live in the beta barracks that house fifty males each. If the male doesn’t make significant improvements within the first few weeks, Raquel suggests gelding it. (7:51 long)



Nika - Crabby Princess uses her Loser for Foot Worship and Cash

Nika ignores her chastity boy while he worships her feet. She lets out a big bored sigh. “I’m crabby,” she says. The worshipping boy is silent. Nika plays with her chewing gum. “I said I’m crabby.” Her boy knows this is going to be bad. “Fix it.” Nika wants her beta boy to make her less bored and crabby. She starts fucking his throat aggressively with her feet. Still bored. Nika wants a Benji. Her boy knows its not a tribute or rinse day, but Nika wants one hundred dollars anyway just because she is in a mood. The beta boy gives his Princess one hundred dollars from his wallet. Nika clutches the bill and goes right back to gagging him with her feet. Nika still isn’t happy. She wants another hundred. Still not satisfied, Nika demands a third, then a fourth. Nika is upset that her beta did not just offer the full four hundred dollars his wallet to her the instant she mentioned she was crabby. He’s displaying selfishness, which is an ugly quality for a beta. As a punishment, Nika marches him straight to the ATM. She wants a drain now, where she will take out the maximum withdrawal. Nika started out crabby, but now she’s furious. A beta boy should always obey his Keyholder and do his best to keep her happy. After the drain, Nika expects to be driven to her boyfriend’s while her beta pulls some extra hours at work. (13:43 long)



Kat and Nika - Bikini Goddesses get Feet Worshipped while Sunbathing

Kat Soles and Nika Venom look so sexy in their bikinis. They enjoy some foot worship by the pool while sunbathing. Their slaves are kept underneath their chairs so that they can tan while enjoying foot worship. The girls talk about boys and relax while putting the slave’s mouths to work. When the girls get too hot, they take a dip in the pool and leave the beta males in the scorching sun. The beta males cannot complain. Attention from hot girls is scarce, and betas are very replaceable. The girls take the betas wallets and head to the mall for a spree. The betas stay behind. (10:20 long)



Nika Venom - It’s a Wallet Rinsing Month

Nika Venom has got her dummy beta male waiting on her hand and foot. She enjoys her lollypop while he kneels before her in chastity. Nika is thinking about dramatically changing her hairstyle to attract a new Alpha. She runs some ideas by her beta, asking him what he would like if he were an Alpha. Of course, the beta will pay for her new hairstyle, and she also wants new brand name shoes. She likes a certain type of sneakers so much she wants to get them in multiple colors. Beta is a little whiny because he knows it’s a wallet rinsing month. He really can’t afford to give Nika all the presents she wants in addition to the through rinse. He just hasn’t budgeted for it all.

Nika compares her beta to her boyfriend. This really deflates the beta’s self esteem and gets it riper for spending. Betas spend easiest when their self-esteem is low. A beta must always remember that it can always buy on credit. Nika’s beta complains that it hasn’t gotten its seasonal release. Nika reminds her beta that life is never fair for a beta, and hers is showing a bad attitude. Life is unfair for a beta from the start, but a good beta shows a good attitude about it regardless.

Nika teases her beta’s chastity with her shoe. She reminds him it’s his rinsing month. On a rinsing month a beta must contribute even more financially to display its devotion for its Princess. Nika helps herself to everything in its wallet and tells him that he will be rinsed again on payday. Nika tells her beta that she and Kat did a little research into his finances and discovered the money he’s been stockpiling in his rainy-day fund. They want that. They are going to take it from him and, they are going to take him to the Edging Salon for more reprogramming.

Then Nika’s beta massages her feet and smells her socks while she talks on the phone with her boyfriend. She can’t wait to get her nails done, and go shopping, and go out with her boyfriend with the cash she just collected from beta. Nika makes her beta worship her feet. She gags him a lot. A beta must always remember to be grateful to have a Princess to contribute to. It gives a beta purpose and meaning in an otherwise meaningless existence. This video may seem shocking and cruel, but betas must always remember that their only purpose is to provide for girls. There’s one more thing Nika needs from her beta. She needs it to start swallowing her boyfriend’s cum for her. All the talk of fucking her boyfriend has gotten Nika so turned on. She can’t wait to fuck. Beta’s wallet harder, that is. (18:57 long)


BP - You will give Her half your Pay

Amadahy, Mia, Jennifer, and Taylor have decided that it’s payday. Danni has been paying the girls monthly, but they just learned he gets paid bimonthly. Mia wants one whole paycheck every month. Danni has been withholding from the Princesses because he wants to keep most of his pay for himself. The girls are not going to let him get away with that. They know that they are entitled to half his money. All the Princesses make Danni lick their dirty high heels. Danni tries to bargain with the girls. He tells them that he will give them half his pay if they agree to allow him out of chastity once a month. Is that a joke? The girls keep Danni in chastity for a reason! He can’t buy his way out! The girls are so mad that they decide to spit all over Danni’s face. Danni is so humiliated. The girls spit in his mouth and make him swallow. They all surround him and laugh. Since Danni is being noncompliant, the girls decide to march straight to Danni’s female boss. They know that if they ask nicely, she will direct deposit all of Danni’s pay into Mia’s bank account for the girls. Stupid. He should have agreed to half when he had the chance. (17:50 long)


Karma - Russian Findom take an American Hostage

Lady Karma has taken an American hostage. She insists on speaking in Russian, even though the hostage does not understand what she is saying. Karma slaps the hostage in the face over and over for his stupidity. She speaks in English, “Where’s the code?” The hostage still does not know what she is talking about. Karma starts punching the bound hostage. He is terrified. Karma insists that the hostage understands Russian and is just acting stupid. After several minutes of beating the hostage finally understands that the Russian Findom just wants the code to his ATM card. She covers his head with a bag and leaves him bound and helpless while she heads out to go shopping with his card and PIN. (8:13 long)