Face Slapping

Chloe and Sasha - Femdom Lawn sports Badminton with Human Shuttlecock (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe and Sasha play badminton on the lawn with a human shuttlecock. The shuttlecock has to run back and forth between the girls. When he arrives, he gets slapped in the face. The face slap is his signal that he is to go to the next girl. There is no scorekeeping. The only loser is the slave. It’s a win-win for the girls just to watch the idiot run back and forth to get slapped. The game ends with a speed round. In the speed round the girls slap the shuttlecock in the face as hard and fast as they can. The final face slap literally knocks the slave over. (4:58 long)


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Jennifer and Mia - Face Slap Abuse Extreme (1080 HD)

Mr. Woodman is being held accountable. He has to learn how to properly greet a Princess. Whenever a Princess comes in the room he has to kiss their shoes.  The girls make him crawl around and kiss their shoes and they slap his face hard to remind him.  The face slapping in this video is INTENSE.    Mr. Woodman is humiliated by the girls. Then they unload vicious face slaps on him.  This is the most extreme face slapping we have ever done.

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Jennifer and Lola - Woodman Gets His Face Slapped By Angry Students (1080 HD)

Jennifer hates Mr. Woodman.  She first makes him crawl over and kiss her shoes.  The girls enjoy controlling the older male with their shoes.  Then the slapping begins.  Jennifer slaps the math right out of him.  She hates math and she hates Mr. Woodman.  They know he is a pervert and can slap him as hard as they want.  Jennifer really goes hard on Mr. Woodman.  She uses an alternate hand face slap technique.  She slaps full force alternating with both hands which sends Woodman’s head back and forth.  Minion Lola just laughs as Jennifer beats up her teacher.   (6:49 long) 

Jennifer, Lola, face slapping



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Crystal and Jennifer - Face Slaps for a Toilet Slave (1080 HD)

Crystal and Jennifer have to deliver punishment to a lowly toilet slave.  This toilet slave is backing up and that is not tolerated.  The idiot fat human toilet stands there as Crystal and Jennifer slap his face as hard as they can.  Jennifer face slaps as hard as she can.  Crystal holds his head while Jennifer slaps his face.  The slave is powerless against the girls.  This clip is amazing.  The girls make fun of his fat belly how it is all full of their waste.  The slave grunts as Jennifer give his face a robust slap workout.  The slaps reign down and the ugly toilet slave just takes it. (9:08 long)

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Jennifer - Vicious Slaps for her Least Favorite Teacher (1080 HD)

Princess Jennifer really dislikes Mr. Woodman.  She hates him.  In this clips Jennifer slaps the cr*ap out of his stupid ugly face.  She slaps him too many times to count.  Mr.  Woodman has to take it.  Jennifer was especially crabby this day.  She takes it out on Mr. Woodman. Face slapping fans will LOVE this clip! (8:09 long) 

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Amadahy Jennifer and Taylor - Teacher Face Slapped by Students (1080 HD)

Mr. Woodman is in big trouble.  The girls want to play Brat Princess Face Tennis.  This is where the girls use their teachers face as a tennis ball.  Their hand is the racket.  The girls slap Woodman’s face and make him kiss their feet before he crawls over to the next girl.  Amadahy, Taylor, and Jennifer slap Woodman’s face over and over.   This is a must buy for Brat Lovers.   (12:15 long)

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Taylor – Face Slapping and Shoe Licking Humiliation (1080 HD)

Taylor is getting out of control.  She is so spoiled by her step dad but it’s not enough!  She slaps her Step dads face as she tells him how things are going to be from now on.  She even makes her step dad lick the bottoms of her shoes.  (4:15 long) 

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Christina Kourtney and Remi – Face Slapping Spitting Humiliation (1080 HD)

Remi is furious at the male slave.  Remi begins to slap the males face as she lets him know how stupid and ugly he is.    Christina then begins to slap his face and spits in his mouth.  Kourtney then lets him have it.  The girls verbally destroy the male and slap him in his face.  Then Christina sits on his chest and slaps his face over and over while the other girls cheer her on.  Christina even wipes her  sneakers off on his tongue.  Christina just slaps his face over and over.  Then Kourtney tramples him while Christina spits in his mouth.  The verbal humiliation in this clip is EXTREME!  (11:31 long)

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Jennifer - Face Slaps Her Teacher over a Hundred Times Hard (720 HD)

Jennifer has Mr.  Woodman wrapped around her finger.  He has to give her money each week.  This “allowance” better not be short or else it gets a face slapping.  Insolence will not be tolerated.  She is tired of the back talk and decides to slap Woodman’s face.  The teacher is helpless as the bratty student slaps him without mercy.  Jennifer power slaps the teacher over and over in this face slapping epic.  Face slapping fans have to get this clip. Jennifer is a complete spoiled brat in this clip.


Jennifer, face slapping, disco shorts, spandex, thigh high socks, socks, bratty school girl, teacher abuse, trample, and back hand slaps



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Christina and Mia - Humiliate and Slap their Teacher (720 HD)

Mr. Woodman was told by the girls to get them out of doing a project for another class.  Mr. Woodman was unable to get her out of doing the assignment.  The other teacher was very suspicious.  Princess Mia stands on the slave’s chest and stomps.  She is literally stomping mad.  She then slaps the teachers face while she verbally berates him.  They then allow the teacher pull down her socks so he can worship their feet.  The teacher is forced to lick their feet and suck their toes.  The girls feet are very sweaty from being in socks and shoes all day.  The girls continue to humiliate him as Mia slaps him while he worships her feet.  The girls talk about the nerds in their class and how pathetic they are.  (10:43 long)  

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