BP - Best of 2016 Ballbusting

This clip contains all of the top selling ball busting clips from 2016.  Just the best parts!  All the kicks, cries of pain, laughing, giggling, celebrating, smirking, and agony there is. 

BP - Ballbusting Tournament East Coast vs West Coast (Highlight)
Alexa Amadahy and Lindsey - 21 Kick Birthday Party (highlight)
Alexa and Lindsey - Lindseys First Ball Busting Workout (Highlight)
Amadahy - Oiled Goddess Ballbusts Nude (Highlight)
Amadahy Cali and Kenzie - Kenzie Tries Out for the Ballbusting Team (Highlight)
Amadahy Christina and Khloe - Cock and Ballbusting Double Feature (Highlight)
Amadahy and Kendall - Ballkick Male Tied to Corners of Room (Highlight)
Alexa and Sasha - Bound slave takes Hard Ball Punching to Earn Orgasm from Dream Duo (Highlight)
Jennifer and Sasha - The Last Unicorn is Captured and Ballbusted (Highlight) (long)
Amadahy Jenna and Jennifer - Ballbusting The Pig Into Bacon (Highlight)
Amadahy and Jennifer - Ballbusted until Out (Highlight)
Amadahy Jenna and Jennifer - Restrained Ballbusting Attack (Highlight)
Jennifer Kendall and Sara - Play Break the Piggys Balls (Highlight)

This is a great clip to jerk off to or to watch thinking this what you deserve happens to you!  Enjoy!


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Charlotte - Get Up I’m Not Done Kicking You

Charlotte has just turned 21. She wants to have a ballbusting slave instead of a piñata for her birthday party. She wants to see if her piggy slave can hold up to the task of being ballbusted by all her party guests, so she decides to test him out. Every time her piggy slave buckles, she makes him get back up so that she can kick him more. “Get up I’m not done kicking you!” Charlotte yells at the stupid pig. Charlotte’s friends are going to love this party game, that is, if the pig even makes it to the party. Charlotte may completely destroy his scrotum on her own before her girlfriends even get a crack at his sack. (7:46 long)



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BP - Mr Higgins takes a Beating from Brats

Brats, Ivory Soles, Kat Soles, Kaylee, and Goddess Platinum hate the school janitor, Mr. Higgins. He’s so stupid and fat! The girls decide to trick him into going into the basement. Once in the basement they start to beat him up. The girls push him around and make the janitor strip out of his clothes. The girls kick the moron in his balls over and over while laughing. He cries out in pain. What an idiot! He’s too nice and too stupid to fight back. “Stop us!” They say while beating him. The moron does nothing but cry out in pain. The janitor falls to the ground and the girls kick him with their boots. The girls ride the janitor like a pony. They pummel him with their tiny fists. Then, they trample him. The girls tell him that they are going to beat him and do whatever they want to him or else they will tell people that he’s tried to touch them. They order him to come back to the basement every day after school so that they can take their anger out on him. The janitor hides his face and rolls around in agony. It doesn’t matter that he isn’t the pervert that the girls say he is. People will believe the girls and not the janitor. The girls make him stand and they fire paintballs at him. The janitor has no choice but to go along with the abuse. (18:33 long)



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Platinum - Ballbusts and Beats an Old Slave

Goddess Platinum looks amazing in her black boots. She shows them off before ballbusting her old slave. The ballbusting slave is covered in bruises and welts. He is beaten often. Platinum kicks him in the balls as hard as she can. She hates the old man. All the girls do. Platinum doesn’t even want the old man to look at her while she kicks him in the balls. When the pathetic slave drops to the ground Platinum beats it with a whip. “Oh, it hurts so much!” It cries. Platinum just laugh and hits him harder. “Remember me in your nightmares,” she says while grinning. At the end of this clip is some footage of Platinum doing a runway catwalk. She models so that all the losers at home can see how completely unworthy they are. (14:25 long)


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Jennifer and Sasha - The Last Unicorn is Captured and Ballbusted

Jennifer has captured the last unicorn and now she has to destroy its balls.  She has to.  “Unicorn you’re mine!”  The unicorn is tied securely to the ball kicking chair.  It can’t move a hoof.  Sasha and Jennifer have a great time giving it full force ball kicks as hard as they can.  The unicorn cries out in agony while the girls laugh and laugh.  The unicorn makes sickening sounds and whelps when the kicks are delivered. Sasha Foxx kicks as hard as she can and grunts like she is returning serve at Wimbledon.  The unicorn cannot move at all.  It is completely tied down.  The girls are extremely sadistic in this clip and show it no mercy.  The clip ended early because of a catastrophic kick.  The clip is about 6 minutes long but we filmed it with 2 cameras so you get angle 1 first and then angle 2. This is one of the cruelest clips we have ever done.  (12:27 long) 


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BP - Ballbusting Party for Three girls and Two slaves (1080 HD)

1080 HD Ivory, Kat, and Mariah are having a party! The girls have some wine and start dancing. Ivory, the party host, leads in a slave on a leash. The girls get a whip and start to whip the slave for some light entertainment. They sip their drinks while taking turns beating the slave. The girls dance around while beating him. Then, they decide to ballbust him. Each girl gets her turn kicking him as hard as she can! Mariah holds the slave still while Kat kicks. Then, they take a break for some snacks. Whatever falls on the floor the slave has to eat. The girls tease the slave by twerking in front of him. Part 1 (10:32 long)

The girls make the slave hold their bowl of chips while they tease him with their dancing. Then they want to kick him some more. They make the slave stand up so that they can get direct hits to its testicles. The slave falls on all fours and Kat kicks it from behind. They need to make sure that every girl gets a turn. He’s being uncooperative and not letting every girl get all her kicks in. Mariah beats it with a whip for insubordination. The girls toast, then Ivory gets another whip. The girls sing along to the music while beating the slave together. Everyone’s favorite song comes on. The girls all giggle while Mariah beats the slave harder. The girls surround the slave and tease him more with their dancing. Mariah rides the slave around the room like a pony. Then Kat takes her turn riding him. Ivory whips the slave while her guests ride it. Part 2 (10:36 long)

Ivory makes the slave hold the bowl of chips while she kicks it. It cannot drop the chips no matter how hard she kicks. If it spills the chips it will face something even worse. This is very hard for the slave to accomplish. Kat goes next. The slave almost drops the chips. The girls cruelly taunt it. They all get a turn kicking the slave while it struggles to hold the snack bowl. The girls take the chips away and hold him still so that Mariah can kick him harder. They sing along to the music while the slave drops to the floor in agony. Kat gets a whip and beats him while he’s down. They command the slave to get up. It cannot. It tries to crawl away. The girls yell at it. They beat it harder. They make it spread its legs so that they can kick it more. The slave is surrounded by the triad and cannot get away. Wherever he goes pain follows. The girls want to kick the slave in the balls more. They get him back up on his feet and make him stand. The slave falls to the floor but the girls just drag him back up by his collar. Part 3 (10:15 long)

Now the party is in full swing. The girls are all laughing and dancing. The slave continues to try to crawl away as they beat it, but it is trapped. The girls look at all the damage they have done to the miserable slave’s body. They have really gotten some good wrap around the ribcage. There’s no way he can like that! The girls make the slave stand so that they can kick him in the balls more. The slave drops it cannot get back up. The girls change tactics and sweetly coax him back to his feet. One final kick and he really cannot stand any more. The girls go to the basement to get a second slave, the fat one. Ivory leads the fat one in. They use the old slave as a chair. The fat slave is happy to be invited to the girls’ party. It smiles as the girls dance in front of it, but then, the kicking starts. The slave’s smiles turn to grunts of pain as the assault of boots to testicles begins. The fat slave has to hold the chips now while they kick it. The fat slave drops the chips. The girls make him eat all the slipped chips from the floor. They crunch the chips with their shoes. Both pathetic slaves clean up the bowl of spilled chips with their mouths. Part 4 (11:25 long)

 (Complete clip length: 42:06)


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Macy - I will Kick your Petty Broke Balls

Macy is very wealthy. Not every girl can afford a house full of live in male slaves. Macy just adores her expensive furs and leather boots. She wears them to display her status. A slave washes Macy’s dishes in the sink (by hand despite the available dishwasher machine) while she removes her fur to prepare to administer punishment. One of her slaves has forgotten its place. Macy uses her tall, black, boots to remind him. She kicks him in the testicles directly. She does it over and over. Macy wears a sexy body suit to tease her subordinate with her spectacular body while she punishes him. The domestic washing the dishes looks on nervously. Macy may kick him next just for her own fun. She’s wealthy enough to do whatever she pleases. Macy kicks the slave in the testicles until it falls at her boots. She reminds the slave that if it does not want to feel pain it will need to do better in meeting her expectations. After it’s atonement Macy dismisses the slave to fold her laundry. (7:06 long)


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Lilah Macy and Natalya - 100 Ballkick Welcome to the Sorority

The girls are welcoming Princess Macy to the sorority house with a ballkicking party! Ballbusting is one of Natalya’s favorite sports and the Brat Princess sorority wins nearly all the games because of her. To entertain their new sorority member Natalya displays her impressive skill. The male lumbers patiently in the doorway waiting for his balls to be kicked. He knows that having his balls kicked is one of the few ways he can make pretty girls happy. The girls count Natalya’s kicks while the sorry looking male stands and takes them. Macy enjoys watching Natalya so much she decides to give the male a few kicks herself. Macy’s got some solid kicks! The sorority might want her to play on their collegiate team this year or at least join them for casual meets. Princess Lilah takes her turn. Princess Torie was in this same sorority when she was in college and Princess Lilah is her legacy. Female Supremacy and hard kicks hardwired are in Lilah’s DNA. Each girl has her own ballkicking style. They take turns so that its fair since everyone enjoys it so much. The girls take a short halftime at 50 kicks to rest their legs. When they come back, they come back even harder. The girls were being fair at first but as they finish him off, they start to bicker over who gets a turn. After a little squabble, each girl gets a share of kicks in. The final kicks are each girl’s hardest yet. The male drops in agony on the 100th kick, administered by newcomer Macy herself! The girls go wild with joy!!! What a wonderful reception in Princess Macy’s honor. (14:09 long)


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Ivory and Kat - Ballbusting Endurance Test ends in Trip to the ER

Ivory and Kat’s beta needs to work on his ballbusting endurance. The girls want to monetize the beta as much as they can, which includes making ballbusting clips that they can sell on the Internet. The beta does not wan to be kicked in the balls for the girl’s profit, but they do it to him anyway. It really, really hurts to get kicked in the balls, but the girls make him take it for them on camera. This is not really what the beta signed up for, but a beta has no power and must do whatever his Princess wants. The slave tries to use a safe word, but the girls ignore him. This isn’t BDSM play this is real and the beta really has no choice. The beta begs to be locked back into chastity, but the girls aren’t done yet. They kick the beta in the balls until he needs to go to the hospital. A real ballbusting session doesn’t end until the beta needs stitches. (8:19 long)


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Macy and Raquel - Macy Revisits the Beta Exploitation Specialist for Ballbusting (1080 HD)

1080 HD Macy returns to beta exploitation specialist, Raquel, for more pointers and advice on how to best utilize her beta male. Raquel suggests that Macy start leasing her beta out to a porn production company. Beta’s aren’t especially versatile for porn, but they can be used to make ballbusting videos. Raquel offers Macy 15 percent for the usage of her beta. Macy asks for 20. Raquel agrees to give Macy 20 percent. A deal is struck despite protests from Macy’s beta. Then the beta must unlock itself from chastity. Raquel wants to see how the beta does with some ballbusting, since that is the only kind of content he will be used for. Kind of like an audition. One hard kick from Raquel sends the beta flying to the ground in agony. She makes him get up and then gives him a knee. What follows are a flurry of kicks from Raquel as Macy’s beta writhes and screams. What a show! His suffering is sure to entertain. Macy laughs. It’s like she’s just won the lottery. A display like this is sure to earn her money. Raquel explains that this is just a test, but the production company that she is going to sign him to makes videos that are typically like 20 min long. There have been some incidents on set, so they are going to need to get him to sign a waver next. Raquel has also received some booking requests from wealthy sorority houses in the area looking for a beta male to ballbust as entertainment at parties. Macy agrees to have Raquel book her beta for both the porn shoots and the live entertainment at the wealthy sorority. (8:14 long)


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