Ass Worship

CD - Relaxing Ass Worship Turns into Face Fuck and Grinding (1080 HD)

Cameron loves to sit on Marcello’s face.  Even when she is not using him to cum she likes to sit on his face so she can relax.  Cameron likes to read while Marcello gently licks her ass.  Cameron ignores Marcelo as he laps at her ass while she reads.  It is empowering for her and it puts Marcello in his place.  Cameron is a very horny girl though.  It doesn’t take long before she decides she wants to cum.  The ass licking has turned her on.  She orders her cuck to lick her pussy.  Cameron starts rubbing her clit with her hand while Marcelo licks her pussy. Marcelo is very frustrated sexually because of the chastity tube.  He knows Cameron is very greedy financially and sexually. She loves having orgasms and denying Marcello any.  Cameron gets more and more turned on.  Cameron then decides to mount her cucks face.  Marcelo knows Cameron will use his face to rub her to orgasm.  The clip ends after orgasm 1 but she stayed on his face for another after the camera turned off!  (8:47 long) 

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CD - Pussy and Ass Worship Comes With A View (1080 HD)

Cameron enjoys some oral attention while enjoying the view from her suite. She also moves over to the couch while her cuck continues to worship her.  The cuck just gets his chastity tube teased and nothing else. Cameron’s ass LOOKS AMAZING in this clip.  Ass worship fans will LOVE LOVE LOVE this clip! (9:29 long) 

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Savannah - Bratty Rich Girl makes the help Lick Ass and Smell Farts (1080 HD)

1080 HD Savannah is not very nice to the help, but really, why should she be nice to someone she’s clearly better than? While tidying Miss Savannah’s room, her house servant asks if she needs anything else for the day. Savannah replies that she’d like to have her ass licked. She’s been gassy, and she wants to make sure that all the stink is licked clean off by someone who doesn’t really matter. The servant does as Miss Savannah instructs. He really hates this part of his job. It’s very humiliating. The help licks Miss Savannah’s asshole until it is squeaky clean. Just when he thinks he is finished, she starts farting again! Savannah holds his head and farts right in his face, over and over. He is very disgusted and she is very entertained. More gas means he needs to start licking her clean all over again! Savannah can’t possibly go out in public smelling like farts. Savannah only farts on the servants. When she’s having sex with her boyfriend, she doesn’t want to stink. Savannah’s servant makes such a fuss, over just a little tummy gas. She doesn’t understand why he’s making such a big deal. He’s there to clean, so she’s really only asking him to do his job. (14:52 long)

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Daniella - Mommy Enjoys a Snack while Son Eats Pussy

1080 HD Daniella enjoys a delicious snack while her son, danni, eats mommy’s pussy. After a while danni complains to mommy that his tongue is getting tired. Daniella is trying to teach danni discipline! She doesn’t care if he’s experiencing discomfort, he is not allowed to stop until mommy tells him that its ok to. After a few more minutes, danni starts complaining again. Daniella has had it! She tells danni to get on his back. She’s going to teach him a lesson in perseverance by riding his face until she’s finished. “Do a good job and make mommy cum!” Daniella tells her son. “No!” Danni cries out from beneath her. Daniella tells him to shut up. She’s trying to climax and the whining from the little brat isn’t helpful. Daniella rides her son’s face, aggressively, until she has her orgasm. Little danni is, of course, locked up in chastity for his own good. When Daniella has finished, she wants a bit of relaxing ass worship. Daniella tells her son to lick her ass until she falls asleep. Danni does a good job pleasing her, and soon mommy is calm and sleepy. Daniella settles into her pillow, snack in hand, and starts to doze off as danni continues to be a good son. (8:38 long)

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Harley - Cuck Sucks Thong and Licks Ass before Date (1080 HD)

Harley’s about to go on a dinner date. She’s really excited because she’s seeing her boyfriend, who’s been away on business for almost a week! Harley’s boyfriend is superior to her cuck in pretty much every possible way. For example, her boyfriend is easy on the eyes. The cuck, on the other hand, is not very good looking. Harley’s boyfriend has a great job, he makes a lot of money. The cuck has a lot of credit card debt, but that isn’t the same as having a good job and making money. Harley’s boyfriend is an amazing lover. He’s very well-endowed. No woman would ever want to have sex with the cuck. His inferior dick has been locked into chastity so that Harley can be more comfortable around him. Harley powders her nose while the cuck sucks on her thong. She puts on her lipstick. Harley misses her boyfriend so much when he’s away for work. It’s so nice of him to think to take her out to dinner with the cuck’s credit card. Harley tells the cuck to lick her ass. She wants to be nice and clean for her boyfriend. The cuck does as its told and licks Harley’s ass. Harley continues to primp for her boyfriend while the cuck does its job. She puts on mascara and plays with her hair. Harley does a quick inspection of the cuck’s chastity. She wants to make sure that it stays on good and tight while he’s home alone tonight. Harley bounces her perfect butt up against the chastity, hopelessly teasing the cuck. The chastity appears to be holding up nicely, so Harley lets the cuck go back to licking her ass. Harley tells the cuck that he shouldn’t feel too bad about staying home instead of going to the restaurant. A lot of young, attractive, people go to this place, it’s kind of a hotspot. The cuck wouldn’t fit in a trendy upscale place like the restaurant they are going to. It would only make him feel worse about himself to be surrounded by cooler and more successful people, especially because the crowd will mostly be younger than he is and already at a better place in life. The cuck also shouldn’t be too upset about not being able to fuck Harley like her boyfriend does. The cuck could never satisfy a woman like Harley, so it’s actually nice that she would never let him embarrass himself by trying. The cuck can please a woman in one way and one way only. He can be very generous with his credit cards and fall further into debt, so that Harley can enjoy everything in life a girl like her is entitled to. And he’s also somewhat decent at cleaning her asshole. Harley reminds the cuck that she is going to cum while fucking her boyfriend tonight. She never doesn’t climax with her boyfriend because he is a great fuck. The cuck doesn’t deserve to cum, so he’ll be home alone in chastity. When Harley feels as though the cuck is sufficiently sexually frustrated, she leaves to go finish getting dressed for her date.   (11:02 long)

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Kenzie - Cums after Boyfriend Leaves (1080 HD)

Kenzie’s boyfriend was over earlier in the evening, and he very ungenerously left after cumming without Kenzie having an orgasm too. It’s ok, he’s hot enough to get away with being self-centered and occasionally treating girls like a douchebag. But now Kenzie wants to get off. That’s why keeping a cuck can be handy. With the cuck secured in tight chastity, Kenzie is free to use its tongue for her pleasure. She relaxes and reclines while the cuck does its best to provide for her the orgasm her boyfriend didn’t. She is very direct and dehumanizing in the way she speaks to the cuck. He is only there to get her off. Kenzie is demanding and makes the cuck work hard to make her feel good, no laziness! The cuck licks Kenzie until she cums. After she climaxes, Kenzie casually gets up and goes about the rest of her evening.  (11:21 long)

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Edyn - Slave Cleans Ass after a Trip to the Bathroom (1080 HD)

Edyn finishes in the bathroom. She enters the bedroom and starts to put on her lip gloss. A slave’s gotta do what a slave’s gotta do. It’s been preprogrammed to crawl to Edyn and lick her clean after every flush. Like a Pavlovian dog, it hears a sound and knows it’s meaning. Flush means lick. This slave hates this part of its job. It tries to avoid the dirty work by kissing Edyn’s plump butt cheeks.  She gets stern with the slave, “Clean it,” she says.  The slave gets to work. He’s still licking too gingerly, though. It’s his job to really get in there. No Princess wants to leave the house without a clean bottom. Edyn focuses on getting her lip gloss just right for all the hot guys that’ll be at the club tonight. Edyn takes the slaves head and really shoves it in there. It’s got to be clean. And he’s got to suck on the thong, too. Can’t have a clean behind with dirty panties. Edyn really admires herself in the mirror. She’s going to totally command the club with her makeup so on point. Her rear better be as on point as her front, because she’s totally bringing someone hot home from the club with her tonight. Edyn inspects her bottom. She feels clean enough to go to the club without panties! Then, she inspects the slave’s chastity. The chastity looks nice and secure. She’ll have no worries about him getting out while she’s dancing the night away with someone else. (6:54 long)

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Harley - Drinks Tea while slave Worships Ass (1080 HD)

Harley enjoys a cup of tea while a slave kisses her ass. She pulls aside her thong and tells the slave to lick. The slave licks Harley’s ass. Harley ignores the slave and enjoys her tea while the slave Worships her ass.  (11:32 long)

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Harley - Cuck Cleans Ass to Earn Scraps from Dinner Date (1080 HD)

Harley is getting ready to go out to dinner with her boyfriend. Harley’s boyfriend is amazing in pretty much every possible way. He’s handsome, he has a great job in finance, and his cock is huge. Harley’s boyfriend is pretty much the exact opposite of her cuck. The cuck works very hard at his underpaid job, he’s middle aged and overweight, and his little pin dick is best kept under lock and key. Harley and her boyfriend have found him useful in paying for things, though. Even though the cuck makes much less than Harley’s boyfriend, they stretch him beyond his financial means to pay for their lavish dates. Tonight, they are going to go to a restaurant that probably wouldn’t even let someone as unattractive and underdressed as the cuck inside. Harley is wearing new lingerie that the cuck has paid for, and also has a sexy new dress and heels for the date. She primps and puts on makeup in front of the bathroom mirror. Harley reminds the cuck that it can’t really afford all of the fine food and expensive wine that she and her boyfriend are about to enjoy with its credit card, but they are going to make him pay for it anyway. She tells the cuck that if is licks her ass good enough now, later she will bring him back scraps from the dinner date. After dinner, Harley will bring her boyfriend back to her place. He’s going to fuck her really good with his huge cock while the cuck sits in its chastity cage in the corner, watching. It will be good for the cuck to watch. Maybe it can learn something. Harley instructs the cuck to get into her ass really deep and clean her really well. The scraps are sure to be really good tonight, so he’s going to want to lick her ass well enough to earn them. When Harley’s ready to head out, she inspects the cuck’s chastity. She teases the cuck with her ass for a few minutes before sending it away to put clean sheets on her bed. (10:22 long)

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Edyn - Princess Licks Ice Cream slave Licks Pussy and Ass (1080 HD)

Edyn relaxes and enjoys an ice cream while her slave worships her pussy. He seems to be taking a long time and Edyn wonders if the slave is enjoying itself too much. She checks its chastity to see if it is distracted and dripping pre cum. Edyn needs the slave to hurry up and do its job. She won’t leave the house until she has been worshiped clean and Edyn refuses to allow a slave to make her late for her plans. Edyn puts her leg up on the dresser so that the slave can clean her ass. The slave cleans Edyn until she is finished with him. She pushes the slave away when she is done and goes about the rest of her day.   (7:28 long)

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