Ass Worship

Edyn - Nice Relaxing Ass Worship Lulls Princess to Sleep (1080 HD)

1080 HD Edyn applies her lip gloss while her slave worships her ass. The ass worship is very relaxing for Edyn. She sexts with her boyfriend while the slave licks. Edyn is very demanding. She has certain things she likes and isn’t afraid to tell the slave when he is doing something wrong. It’s his job to please her, so he better do it right! Edyn’s boyfriend is on his way over to fuck her, and it is the slave’s job to get her clean and ready for him. Edyn loves when her boyfriend fucks her ass, so the slave is going to have to do some more cleanup once her boyfriend is finished. The ass worship is so relaxing, Edyn decides to take a little nap while waiting for her boyfriend. The slave licks while his Princess is gently lulled to sleep. (11:36 long)


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CD - Bikini Bitch Makes Cuck Lick Ass (1080 HD)

Cameron loves to make Marcello suffer during his chastity.  Cameron comes back from the pool and needs Marcello to rub lotion on her amazing body.  The cuckold has no choice but to do as she says.  Marcello is in great discomfort from the chastity tube.  Cameron is tired of all the heavy frustrating sighs coming from him.  She slides down her bikini bottoms and has Marcello lick her ass.  Marcello is in agony.  Cameron is so cruel! (5:18 long)

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CD - Cuckold Gets a Taste from Both Ends (1080 HD)

Cameron loves the taste of food but does not want the calories.  She has developed a solution.  Cameron chews her food until it has very little taste.  The, she spits the calories into her cuck.  This way she can go on eating as much of whatever she likes and never get fat.  Her Bull would not be happy, if she gets fat.  After the cuck has received all the waste from Cameron’s mouth, he must attend to her other end.  The cuck licks her asshole with long slow strokes.  He must keep his hands behind his back while he cleans her.  Cameron reclines and relaxes.  She tells the cuck to lick her until she falls asleep.  Once she is asleep, she needs for the cuck to clean the whole kitchen.  (8:34 long)

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CD - The Sad Life of Cameron’s Ass Rag (720 HD)

Cameron uses her ass rag, Marcello, to clean herself after using the toilet.  She primps and apples her makeup in the vanity mirror while the rag does it’s job.  As She applies mascara, Cameron informs Marcello that Her boyfriend is on his way over.  They will definitely fuck before they go out.  Marcello protests that he does not want Cameron’s boyfriend to cum in his mouth again.  Cameron’s feeling generous to the little rag.  She tells it, “He can cum in a condom and then I’ll just pour it into your mouth.  Don’t complain.”  Cameron checks it’s chastity.  The cuck’s balls are big, but not nearly big enough.  Cameron teases the poor cuck with her perfect tush for a few seconds.  Well, enough teasing.  Her ass still isn’t nearly clean enough.  The pathetic cuck is really just a rag for her ass and her boyfriend’s cum.  (7:58 long)

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CD - Step-Brother Complains About Chastity then Dropped with Whip and Forced to Lick Ass (720 HD)

Cameron’s step-brother hates his chastity.  His balls are huge and red, but ‘sis’ says they are still “not big enough.”  Her measurement with a caliper confirms, the balls could still get a lot bigger. The chastity needs to be on longer.  Step-brother wants nothing to do with any of this.  He pleads for his release.  The step-sister decides to give the little whiner something to really complain about.  She turns the boy’s body to the wall and beats him with her flogger.  He just won’t shut up, even while being beaten.  This really pisses Cameron off, and she beats him even harder.  She really does not give a fuck about him.  Eventually, the pain is too much and he drops to his knees.  He begs to lick his step-sister’s ass.  She allows, and instructs her step-brother on how to lick her ass.  He does a pretty ok job.  He licks her ass in two positions.  While he licks, she reveals her plans for the evening.  Step-brother is to serve her and her friends dinner, naked, in nothing but his chastity.  He wants to wear an apron.  Cameron says no.  She wants her friends to see his tiny penis.  He is really embarrassed, but doesn’t want another run in with the whip.  He thanks her for locking his cock up and allowing him to serve.  (11:01  long)

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CD - Slave Buys Wrong Toilet Paper and Gets Treated Like Toilet Paper (720 HD)

Cameron’s cuck can be so forgetful.  She’s told him how much she hates cheap toilet paper, and yet the dummy still buys the stuff on sale.  It’s WAY too rough on Cameron’s bottom.  But, it’s ok.  “You buy the wrong toilet paper, you get to BE my toilet paper,” Cameron tells the cuck.  Cameron commands the cuck to get down on his knees and lick her ass.  The cuck is disgusted because Cameron has just gone #2.  Cameron does not care, she forces him to lick her clean.  The cuck actually does a pretty good job, and Cameron decides she will no longer need for him to buy toilet paper.  He will be her toilet paper from now on. (4:42 long)

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Savannah - 2 Number Twos (1080 HD)

1080 HD Savannah’s toilet slave is kept naked and tied up beneath her toilet chair. He has to wait around in this position all day, until he is needed. Savannah enters the room she keeps him in. She settles onto her toilet. Savannah goes number two into the slave’s mouth. The slave has a hard time handling it. He struggles to swallow it all. After the slave gets it down, he has to lick Savannah’s ass clean. Then, she tramples the toilet slave’s full belly and lectures him that he’s doing a pretty good job as her human toilet, but she wants him to be able to handle more girls. Her goal is to share him with her girlfriends when they come over, he should be able to handle all of her friends’ bathroom needs in addition to her own. Savannah leaves for a while. She comes back several hours later and needs to go again. She goes number two in the slave’s mouth for a second time. This one is even harder for him to get down. There’s a lot more. He chokes a little bit. Savannah farts a few times. When she’s done going, she again has her toilet slave lick her clean. The toilet slave licks Savannah’s ass until she feels completely clean. Then, she leaves the room, leaving the toilet slave tied up and waiting for its next use. (Implied toilet slavery. Simulated toilet slavery. (12:45 long)


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Harley - Ass Worship while Blowing Gum Bubbles (1080 HD)

1080 HD Harley’s boyfriend is late. She decides to use her cuck while waiting. She texts while the cuck licks her ass. Harley blows some bubbles and snaps her gum. She’s mad that her boyfriend didn’t text her to tell her he was going to be late. That’s inconsiderate. The cuck doesn’t fully understand the hurt of inconsideration, because he’s never experienced consideration, but he tries to be sympathetic and make his Princess happy. But he isn’t making her any happier. He’s being a bore. His ass licking has become very routine and predictable, and Harley’s frustrated that he isn’t trying harder to please her. Harley’s boyfriend surprises her by sending a really sweet text. The text sends Harley off on a bit of a rant about how great her boyfriend is. It’s actually tiresome to compare him to the cuck, because he’s just so much better than the cuck in pretty much every possible way. Harley just can’t stop gushing about how great her boyfriend is in bed. Like, his dick is huge, and he knows a lot of great sex positions. The cuck’s in chastity. All he’s really good for is ass licking, and he’s not even, like, all that great at it. Harley hopes that her boyfriend likes the lingerie the cuck just bought for her. Oh no! They bought it all in black, but Harley’s boyfriend just texted that he prefers red. Harley and the cuck are going to have to go back to the mall and buy all the same lingerie sets, but in red. The cuck starts working a little harder on Harley’s asshole. She just ignores, texts, and snaps her gum. (11:05 long)

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CD - Selfish Slave Complains about Ass and Pussy Worship (1080 HD)

This clips shows how little Cameron cares about the comfort of her slaves.  The cuck is forced to lick Cameron’s ass with his arms behind his back.  This is very difficult for the cuck.  It is very painful for the cucks neck.  Cameron ignores his agony and accuses him of being selfish.  There is an extra scene where it shows the cuck finger fucking and licking Cameron to yet another orgasm.  The cuck is very rarely getting out of chastity to cum while Cameron cums many times a day.  The cuck needs to think of making his Mistress happy and to stop thinking about himself.  (10:26 long)

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CD - Relaxing Ass Worship Turns into Face Fuck and Grinding (1080 HD)

Cameron loves to sit on Marcello’s face.  Even when she is not using him to cum she likes to sit on his face so she can relax.  Cameron likes to read while Marcello gently licks her ass.  Cameron ignores Marcelo as he laps at her ass while she reads.  It is empowering for her and it puts Marcello in his place.  Cameron is a very horny girl though.  It doesn’t take long before she decides she wants to cum.  The ass licking has turned her on.  She orders her cuck to lick her pussy.  Cameron starts rubbing her clit with her hand while Marcelo licks her pussy. Marcelo is very frustrated sexually because of the chastity tube.  He knows Cameron is very greedy financially and sexually. She loves having orgasms and denying Marcello any.  Cameron gets more and more turned on.  Cameron then decides to mount her cucks face.  Marcelo knows Cameron will use his face to rub her to orgasm.  The clip ends after orgasm 1 but she stayed on his face for another after the camera turned off!  (8:47 long) 

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