Ass Worship

Alexis and Ember - Humiliate and Degrade Little Danni (Part 1) (720 HD)

On the last day of fetcon at 3 in the morning, Princess Alexis told Mistress Ember about little slave Danni and all the horrible things they did to him this fetcon.  Ember could not wait to play with the little idiot.  Danni’s size really brings out the cruelty of the girls.  They have complete power over him.  They can physically overpower him and beat him up.  This clip is an epic emotional, physical and verbal beat down.  The girls spit in his face and humiliate him.  Ember is going to turn him into her puppet.  Alexis wore a latex dress to the fetish con ball and she was really sweaty.  She pulls up the skirt and just sits her sweaty as right on his face.  She makes him lick her sweaty musky ass.  Danni tries to turn his head but he is over powered by the mean girls.  The girls are sitting on top of little dani and he can barely breathe.  He has no choice but to lick her ass.  Alexis turns around and rides his face with her bare pussy.  She spreads her pussy lips and makes a tight seal over his mouth and nose.  Then Alexis takes his virginity.  Well sort of.  Lol.  She shoves his chastity tube inside her pussy.  He loses his virginity but can’t feel a thing!  LMFAO!  Ember makes him watch as his chastity tube goes inside Alexis.  The girls have been drinking and are especially cruel in this clip.  Goddess Ember sits on his face after m asking him smell her panties. (12:41 long) 

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Daniela - You are Toilet Paper to Us (Ass Licking) (720 HD)

Daniela continues to humiliate her daughters cuckold.  She makes him lick her ass hole.  Daniela tells him that so Isabella can have more shopping money, they will now be using his tongue to wipe their asses with.  (4:48 long) 

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Amadahy - Ass Worship and Human Toilet Training (720 HD)

This clip is amazing.  Amadahy makes the old chastity cuck worship her ass while she puts on her makeup and primps in the mirror.  The clip also has a small simulated human toilet scene. The cuck is tied by his wrists in the basement and a funnel is placed in its mouth.  This is how old cucks end up.  Since it is now out of money, the only thing it is good for is being used as a toilet.  (SIMULATED HUMAN TOILET) A Brat Princess classic!  You want to own this clip! (9:01 long)

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Amadahy - Bitchy Findom Spoiled While Shopping (720 HD)

Amadahy loves to be spoiled while shopping.  The ball kicking slave is put to use in between ball kicking videos.  Amadahy enjoys foot worship while lying on her stomach.  Amadahy’s ass looks absolutely amazing in this clip.  Ass addicts have to get this clip.  The slave then gives Princess Amadahy a hot oil massage.  She tells him to take her shorts off so he does not get oil on them.   Ass addicts will just die when he rubs oil into her ass.  It is absolutely amazing!  Amadahy then rolls on to her side and makes the ball kicking slave lick her ass.  Amadahy loves ass worship and squeals in delight while enjoying being rimmed.     (13:34 long) 

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Amadahy - Rim Me While I Shop (720 HD)

Amadahy loves shopping online with her cucks credit card.  She also loves a nice relaxing and humiliating rimming.  The cuck is on his knees and licks her amazing ass while she shops.  The cucks is locked up tight in chastity so he knows he can’t enjoy this at all.  Amadahy verbally humiliates her cuck while texting her fiancé.   The cuck is such and idiot.  After the rimming she flips the cuck over and sits right on his face while she shops.   (8:04 long)


Amadahy, ass worship, bikini, face sitting, smother, financial domination

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Amadahy and Lexi - We Love Having our Asses Licked (720 HD)

Amadahy’s favorite thing about female domination and male degradation is ass worship.  They love hot guys and objectifying ugly losers like the idiots in this clip.  Both girls make the losers kiss and lick their asses and suck their thongs.  The girls also love when the cucks are in debt.  The higher the debt the sexier the cuck is.  The slaves obediently lick the girls asses hoping to please them.  Absolute female domination!  The girls know how to use losers like this.  They are objectified into being lowly ass lickers.  (8:20 long)


Amadahy, Lexi, ass worship, ass licking, brat girls 

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Amadahy - Loser Trained to be the Ladies Room for a Night (720 HD)

Slave Robbie finds out that Amadahy is taking him back to the club to be used as a toilet tonight.  He is such a loser he does not try and defend itself.  Amadahy tells the cuck how great her boyfriend is and how terrible he is.  The cuck is meant to be a toilet.   Amadahy has the cuck lick her ass before she shows him how the girls will use him as a toilet.  The cuck is placed on his back, mouth open, and compliant.  Amadahy removes her panties and squats her over the toilets mouth hole.  She SIMULATES using him as a golden toilet.    (13:54 long)


Amadahy, chastity, chastity key on belly chain, ass worship, ass kissing, simulated human toilet, face sitting, queening, verbal humiliation, human toilet fantasy talk, and verbal humiliation. 

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Amadahy - Lick my Ass or I will Beat You Some More (720 HD)

Amadahy loves to make beaten slaves worship her.  This one has been beaten and dressed up as a rein deer. The slave is told how she plans to r*ape his wallet for gifts and cash.  It looks so stupid with his candy can antlers.  He has no choice but to do what she says.  This is an amazing ass worship video you just have to own! (9:19 long)


Amadahy, ass worship, ass licking, financial domination, and brat girls

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Amadahy - Beaten Cuck Licks Ass (720 HD)

Amadahy is tired after the beating she gave her young cuck.  She lies down and has the beaten cuck lick her ass.  While being licked, Amadahy receives a text from Lexi!  She just got fucked by her boyfriend.  Amadahy mocks the cuck that while Lexi’s boyfriend was fucking the shit out of her, Amadahy was beating him.  Lexis boyfriend got fucked while the cuck got beaten.  Life is so fair Amadahy explains.  She keeps the cucks head where she wants it by trapping him with her heels.  She reads a book while the cuck gives her a relaxing ass licking.  The cucks chastity key hangs from her ankle while he obediently worships her ass.  Amadahy is very cruel with her verbal humiliation.  This clip is amazing.  Ass addicts, porn addicts, and humiliation junkies have to buy this clip!  (8:43 long) 


Amadahy, ass worship, ass licking, verbal humiliation


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Christina - Amazing Ass Worship and Thong Sucking by Chastity Slave (720 HD)

Princess Christina loves to humiliate the old male slave.  What can be more humiliating then thong sucking and ass licking?  In this clip you really see how Christina likes to relax and enjoy the old fools tongue.  The old slave has no choice but to comply since he is locked up tight in chastity.  First she has him suck on her thong and then lick her ass.  First it licks her ass as Christina’s hot round ass hangs off the edge of a chair.  Next he worships her ass with her lying on her stomach.  She holds its head firmly in place with her heels.  Christina gasps at pleasure as the slave dutifully laps away at her asshole and crack.  There is some #2 toilet talk in this as well since the slave had been used this way before the clip was filmed.  (10:04 long)


thong sucking, asshole licking, ass worship, toilet talk, and verbal humiliation

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